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Top 6 websites for royalty-free background music videos images

Today’s audience is looking for more and more top-quality content. in other words, they are not ok if the content is ‘just ok’. Creators/bloggers are keener on creating long term, distinctive, eye-catching content. As a result, creators need top-rated websites for royalty-free digital assets for commercial or business use. These royalty-free digital assets could be stock images, background music or audio track, video templates, logo, graphics, vectors, plugins, fonts, etc for videos. Royalty-free background music, images, and video footage are mostly used in youtube video making, blogging, content creation, and marketing projects. Therefore, we are presenting here some top-rated copyright-free digital asset resources for use by bloggers, video creators, webmasters, and marketing professionals.

Usually, creators look for websites, where they can get premium-quality royalty-free stock images, background music, and videos. And they do not think beyond these three assets, while zero in on a particular website or provider. For instance, apart from a trio of images, music, and videos, there are some other worth considering high utility stuff also. This stuff includes readymade thumbnails and templates, fonts, themes, plugins, graphics which can make your video and blog look great and saves your time. You must think from the holistic approach to all the needs of your site.

What should we look in a quality resource:

  • High-quality digital assets.
  • Creator driven platform
  • Complete or near complete package, by and large covers the digital assets for the category. Multiple website’s subscriptions for similar digital assets is not advisable.
  • Large, wide range collection.
  • Unique content
  • Regular update & addition of music, videos, images & other assets


1 . All digital assets on a single platform (Paid license)

2. Stock images, vectors, graphics, illustrations (Paid & Free license)

3. Premium audio tracks, beats, music (Paid license)

4. Top-notch video content (Paid license)

Top 5 Websites for Royalty Free Background Music Videos Images

I. All digital assets on a single platform (Paid license)

Royalty free images, music and videos

Paid license

  1. Envato Elements
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Pond5
  4. Gettyimages
  5. Storyblocks

+ Adobe Stock – As Adobe Stock doesn’t offer Music & Audio effects, I can’t place it here as a platform, that provides all digital assets including music, images & video footage. If Adobe Stock would have offered music/audio-effects, I had to place Adobe Stock at top.

1. Envato Elements

I would say that Envato Elements is killing the competition with unbelieable offerings in throw away pricing, if you compare with any of the leading player

One of the best & Overall most comprehensive package, which comes in $16.5/month, one can get access to more than a million digital resources. Digital resources include –

  • Stock photos
  • Video templates & Stock video
  • Music tracks & sound effects
  • Graphic & presentation templates, e-mail template, infographics
  • WordPress themes & plugins
  • Design assets, fonts, 3D, icons, Logos & add-ons
  • Courses & eBooks

Important to realize that Envato Elements is a comparatively new name in stock images, music, and videos subscription service. Certainly, this has already beaten many big names in becoming a leading cost-effective one Stop Shop for Creators and Designers. It is truly one of the top sites for images, music, video and other digital assets.

Another key point is that Envato Elements and Envato Market, both are different. There is a possibility that some items are available on both platforms or exclusively on any of the platforms.

Envato Elements is offering the superb & overall unmatchable, value for money, collection of assets for creators. Indeed, it is not to be missed offer, as you are getting top class assets including music, video in affordable price range.

Know, why Envato Element is one of the best & a must have tool for webmasters, designers, small businesses and marketing agencies.

Join for free and explore Envato. Check plans from here.

2. Shutterstock

It’s huge. On Shutterstock, one can find 240+ million royalty-free background images, stock footage clips, and music tracks.

In images section, you can get everything you want, viz – photos, vectors, illustrations, editorial, objects etc. It also provides the plugins for various platforms.

Shutterstock offers customised pricing plans, which may suit to consumers and businesses with requirements of various sizes.

Shutterstock’s Value-priced annual plans varies between $29 (10 images/mo) and $199(750 images/mo). Prepaid image packs are available in US$ 229 (25 Images) & $49 (5 Images).

You may signup here.

3. Pond5

Another great platform for almost complete digital media products. Pond5 boasts of one of the largest and most comprehensive collection. You may choose from more than 35 million digital assets. It is highly probable that you’ll find all the quality content you need on Pond5.

It’s vast collection offers royalty free 4K & HD videos, images, background music, audio tracks, sound effects, AE templates, 3D models, illustrations, vectors. 

Membership plan cost you $199/month & $999/year with 10 downloads per month. In both of the plans, unused downloads carry forwarded to next month. You may also check its custom credit packs.

Signup and check it’s membership plans.

4. Gettyimages

Gettyimages is the supplier of stock images, editorial content, video, and music for business and consumers with an archive of over 200 million assets. You can surely find something you are looking for, from such a huge collection. Gettyimages offer unrivaled editorial coverage, as they claim.

Check it’s video & images plan/pricing here and a separate plan for music/audio tracks. One can access of Unlimited royalty free music in $49, sound-tracks in $10 and right managed music in custom pricing.

Signup to Gettyimages here.

5. Storyblocks

Along with background images, music & video assets, Storyblocks also offers a great collection of after effects. It offers after effects for business, logo Reveal, typography, presentation, slideshow, promo, cinematic, titles, photo, apple motion templates.

In all it offers following:

  • Images, vectors, & illustrations
  • 4K video Footage & After Effects Templates
  • Music, Sound Effects, & Loops

Storyblocks has sub websites,

To access the unlimited Storyblocks assets of all types, you have to pay $65/month or if opt for annual plan $29.08/month. Check its plans and pricing.

You may signup on Storyblocks here. Enterprises may check this page.

Two sites Need special mention here

Though Adobe Stock & iStockphoto does not offer all types of digital assets, still liked by huge audience. To point out, both sites don’t provide background music and audio tracks. However, can not be ignored to team-up with this league.

Adobe Stock

Every one knows, how closely Adobe is associated with the imaging/visuals technologies. Adobe Stock is a professional stock digital assets service offered by Adobe, which can be fully integrated with Creative Cloud platform.

If you are using Creative Cloud, then this is one of the best utility for creators like you.

Adobe stock comes with Annual license plans starting from $29.9/month for 10 assets/month and the highest plan is $199.9/month for 750 assets per month.

One can get images, video footage, 3D, templates, vectors and editorials. But, it’s not a complete package as music or audio tracks are not offered by Adobe Stock.

Create account with Adobe. Check it’s plans here.

iStockphoto (by Gettyimages)

iStcokphoto started in year 2000, as a startup by 6 members. It has grown big now and supported by 160K+ contributors globally. In year 2006, iStockphoto was taken over by Gettyimages and since then it has been running as an autonomous company under Gettyimages umbrella. Important to realize that iStockphoto has become more popular than Gettyimages.

iStockphoto provides background images, videos, illustrations and vector graphics. However they mention audio, along with these assets, but iStockphoto just route its audio/music visitors to Gettyimages.

Check its plan and pricing here.

If you want to go for Adobe Stock or iStockphoto then you need to couple this with any website like Soundstripe, which offers great royalty free, quality music.

Free websites/resources

None of the website offers all royalty-free digital assets (images, music & videos) on a single platform. These are free to use in your projects.

Please do let us know, if you come across any free platform which provides royalty free music, videos, images & other type of digital assets on a single platform. We may check and include the same in this post.


So far best free website for background images & videos, while music/audio is missing.

Though it also has a Pro (paid) plan, still it offers a huge collection of free images. If you have a Flickr free account, you get 1,000 of your favorite full-resolution photos and videos, shown with ads.


Here one can find Free background images & videos (music/audio missing)

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II. Stock images, vectors, graphics, illustrations (Paid & Free license)

Noncopyrighted Images

Paid license:


Getty Images, among the world’s biggest photo agencies owns iStock. All the iStock free stock images arrive with a typical user license and have specific rules about the way you can use them. iStock’s library is extremely searchable and rich enough as to guarantee you will find what you’re searching for. You are able to explore millions of royalty free high-quality iStock images at quite quite reasonable prices.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements keeps things incredibly simple when it has to do with licensing. Items on Envato Elements are made by independent designers who’ve been hand-selected by our team for their capacity to create exceptional content. All the items on Envato Elements include simple business license, so that you may use them in your projects with confidence and ease.


Gettyimages has collection of more than 200 million digital assets. It is an obvious choice for designers. Check its plan and pricing here.

Alamy stock photo agency is just one of the oldest and biggest stock photo agencies on the net. You can download images with a credit score package or subscription. Used by millions, Including a number of the world’s very best photographers, you’re guaranteed to come across an image that satisfies your needs here. Royalty free Images are individually priced based on the license required.

Flickr Pro offers a very economic plan with unlimited access in $4.99/month. A Flickr Pro account could be your very best bet, provided that you keep a watch out for the privacy settings.

Free resources:

  1. : Pixabay is among selected few websites for stockimages, which you would surely love for your projects. Markedly Pixabay also allows easy accessibility to camera search, which lets users explore images depending on the camera used to take them.
  2. Unsplash – Unsplash website has a great user-interface which is likely to make your job of searching desired photographs a lot simpler. It is among only few websites, which has such a large collection of high resolution images.
  3. – For quite a long time, Flickr is one of the most important image libraries online. Though it also has a Pro (paid) plan, still it offers a huge collection of free images. If you have a Flickr free account, you get 1,000 of your favorite full-resolution photos and HD videos, shown with ads.
  4. – Burst from Shopify is among the ideal Pixabay alternatives which you are able to visit for stunning stock photos. It is built under shopify and permits you to download the absolutely free stock images via an extensive collection.
  5. Picjumbo – A website made by professional stock photographer, PicJumbo is the ideal place to locate high-quality, commercial-ready, royalty-free stock images free of charge.
  6. Kaboom Pics – Kaboom pics is well suited for an internet designer or artist as it has an advanced color search utility to meet your preferred pallette.

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III. Premium audio tracks, beats, background music (Paid license)

Royalty free music and audio tracks

When it comes to making video making, first name, which comes to our mind is Youtube. Youtube has an audio library of background music and sound effects for video making. You’re totally free to use these music tracks in your video productions provided that you abide by the rules of the particular license.

The tracks you’ll discover in YouTube’s Audio Library aren’t exactly geared towards cinematic storytelling. And it is possible to find increased quality tracks elsewhere.

Based on the project, you might be able to discover the more appropriate royalty free music for video making, from top music sites. And that will provide you with the full variant of the track, and a quick version too. Let’s explore them.

Paid license

Motion Elements

Huge collection of more than 500K+ premium quality music & audio tracks, which could be used in project videos, films. It comes with two plans – Starter @ $19/month, upto 3 downloads & Professional @ $59/month for 10 downloads.

Motion Elements also has superb quality collection of Premium video footage, video templates & images/graphics.

Like Envato Elements, Motion Elements also has complete collection of premium digital assets.

You may also use it for free, you need to signup with free account & use upto 5 free downloads/month, use more by inviting friends. Check


One of the absolute most important elements in building a video project is deciding on the best audio or soundtrack. And Audiojungle is full of such tracks, it boasts of 900K+ royalty free music/ audio tracks for making excellent videos. Pricing is available in individual item & packs.


Soundstripe has turned into the most important site on this list for two reasons. Firstly, world class music, audio track library. Secondly, unlimited access in best of the class commercials. Music-licensing platform newcomer Soundstripe stays fresh by launching a site overhaul and a multitude of new capabilities. Very much affordable with two options. Standard plan comes in $9/month & Premium in $21/month, when you choose yearly billing.


If you’re on the lookout for a couple of excellent royalty free music tracks for video making or for projects, Pond5’s broad budget and big collection is a great choice to locate what you require.

Epidemic Sound

Listen to a number of the best tracks on the platform and you’ll soon realize they’re the ones that you would love to hear. One of the most favorite site for good royalty free background music nowadays is Epidemic Sound.


It’s a Shutterstock umbrella company for premium music, audio effects. Premiumbeat is a pay once & use forever website, which makes it a great choice for anybody who want top notch royalty free music & audio effects.

Free resources

YouTube Audio Library

Well known among Youtubers. If you creating youtube videos, you may choose free music/audio-effects available in its library.

Dig ccmixter

Did CC Mixer’s free music & audio effects are widely used in making ideos, films, video games and also in commercial projects.




IV. Top-notch video content

Royalty free Videos non Copyright

As a web-based video creator you would like to have royalty free video masterpieces, which superbly fits in your video. Such premium quality digital video footage would be able to make your videos considerably more captivating, impactful, and, subsequently, convincing. It is an important aspect of any video.

How you use each of the below mentioned website can and ought to differ, but I’m confident you will be in a position to find whatever you will need for a wide variety of projects. 

Paid License

  1. Pond5 – If you would like to be in a position to opt for the resolution, price, and content in your footage clips, then Pond5 is a superb option for you. Pond5 is acknowledged among the biggest stock video sites. There’s a broad array of high-quality video clips to pick from, in both HD and 4K resolution. Stock footage has plenty of possible uses in video production. If you’re on the lookout for a great deal of stock videos, Pond5 has the pricing range and subscription plans to create the most out of your financial plan.
  2. Adobe Stock – Handpicked content by professionals ensure the top quality footage. The regular Adobe stock plans are comparatively affordable in comparison to a number of the competitors. A good deal of the content on the website is more than 1 minute long, providing you with the freedom to further edit the video footage to better suit your project requirements.
  3. Videohive – Videohive consists of 827K top quality video footage, template etc. Out of these videos around 1.5 Lac videos are available on Envato Elements under Unlimited plan. Envato has created a great collection of HD/4K videos.
  4. Overflightstock (Overflightstock is a premium website for content creators. It offers the premium video footage from almost every major country. )

Free resources

1.Pixabay – Completely free – Completely free


No attribution is required. However, in good faith it is expected by Pexels that you mention and link to Pexels or the photographer.


No fees with unlimited downloads. They also claim that this will always be free, great news!

Many free cinematographs are being offered, at the same time most of the videos need to be purchased

There is another Video site for royalty free videos, In free plan – one can use Videezy videos for personal, educational, editorial, and commercial use with attribution. Pro plan comes with a certain number of credits. For a video used without attribution, need to join the Pro plan.

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