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Youtube video promotion websites & services for fast views

If you are a Youtube creator or Youtube video campaign manager, then it is obvious that you might be looking for the most effective Youtube video promotion service or sites. Not only you can do this by working on Youtube with the changed approach but also by using some super effective tools/services from video promotion sites/websites, which can help you in getting youtube AdSense monetization approval and multiplying the Youtube views, subscribers and earning. By mastering the techniques of Video Optimization one can easily understand that how they can promote youtube videos effectively in order to get lots of Youtube views and make money with Youtube videos/channels with both organic and paid promotion.

Most of the youtube creators/YouTubers join Youtube to earn money online. For so many years youtube has helped people to create/access the greatest public collection of quality videos on the planet. Creators want to earn at least a decent amount of regular & real income from their Youtube videos. As a result, quality creators are looking for reliable and top-rated sites/websites/tools or best Youtube video promotion service to boost youtube views.

How to start & create a successful youtube channel

How to boost youtube videos?

You can boost your Youtube video, by two ways:

  1. Organic Promotion of youtube videos
  2. Paid Promotion of youtube videos

1. Organic Promotion

That’s the key!

If you want to be a leader of a few niches on Youtube or want to make a living on Youtube videos, then you can not spend much on paid promotions. Ultimately this is Google God, whom you should make happy, by creating SEO friendly videos and understanding the google & youtube algorithms.

First understand the ‘critical aspects’ of organic promotion of Youtube videos. Thereupon we shall list the Tools for Youtube Organic Promotion.

Critical aspects” of Organic Promotion of Youtube video

  • Firstly Content is the king, which makes a Youtube video successful in the true sense. By all means, try to create high-quality content only.
  • Narrower you go into a topic, chances of success will go up.
  • Regularly posting the videos will boost your entire channel statistics. Once you become regular with Youtube, see the magic.
  • Once you create the video, first and foremost factor to achieve the great organic growth is to spend good time in research and plan SEO friendly Video Title, tags and Thumbnail Image.
  • Use call to action in your video and attract more comments in order to engage with your audience. Users like the videos with comments and this motivate them to also react on your video. Use this opportunity by replying them, likewise don’t forget to say thanks and you may like their comment. Always filter spam comments.
  • Remember once you respond to audience action in any form, they will get notification and chances are high that it will convert into another view count for your video. Reply to comments promptly – usually within an hour or two. You may introduce another relevant video of your channel in the comments if the audience’s comment relates to it.
  • Use an attractive and relevant logo for your channel, it creates a brand recall value of your channel.
  • Create your Youtube Channel’s social media profile on major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and in effect, increase the reach of videos in all possible ways.
  • Create a blog website to support your youtube channel.
  • Learn the hack of the youtube video business directly from the master, Youtube’s own video creators academy.
  • Once your channel gets the Adsense monetization approval, you will be able to create the post and share with the Youtube community.

Must-have tools for Youtube organic promotion

  1. Tubebuddy – Useful for management of your entire Youtube channel through Chrome extension. Helps in video optimisation, tagging, heading and all aspects of it. You can Join/signup Tubebuddy only with your Google account which is linked to your Youtube Channel/s in order to manage & promote videos super-effectively.
  2. VidIQ – Great Chrome extension for video optimisation. This is another major Youtube Channel management portal like Tubebuddy. There are many unique features VidIQ offers. One can use both Tubebuddy & VidIQ and later decide, which one works best for them.
  3. Crello – Excellent thumbnail & banner maker. Helps in delivering great conversion rate.

All these Youtube video promotion tools & websites are ready to be used for free. For additional features, you may subscribe for its paid plan whenever you want.

1. Tubebuddy:’s Alexa Global Rank 11,332
Downloaded Chrome Extensions 6,18,315 users
Averge Rating by Users 4.6 out of 5
By 6,615 users
How to promote Youtube video

About Tubebuddy:

  • Tubebuddy is a browser extension, which adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube’s website. You can see all Tubebuddy functionality and recommendations right inside your Youtube channel.
  • Works within Youtube to optimize and grow your channel.
  • One can streamline the daily workflow on YouTube, which allows more time to make quality content.
  • One can create embed codes with the full list of options for adding videos or playlists to the website.

I suppose you are already having a Youtube channel and if you are quite serious to take this channel to the next level, then definitely you must join Tubebuddy.

One of the most important factor to grow your Youtube channel, that most of the people don’t even realize, is video optimization.

You can not get views by just creating and posting the content, instead, your top priority should be to rank in the top 5 of the Youtube/Web search.

In order to achieve it, one needs to spend the time to learn the SEO friendly tags, ever-changing SEO keywords, topic planning, social media management to promote the video & many more related skills.

You should certainly learn the basics of SEO, but mastering the SEO skills needs investment of money and time both. There is a risk – if you lose focus from digging deeper into creating your content, either you will take the much longer time to succeed or probably you are moving towards naming yourself as time-pass Youtuber. Indeed, very few people are lucky enough to have unlimited time in their kitty.

The most important fact for you-tubers is that they should be extremely focused on creating quality content, which will work.

Why to join Tubebuddy :

  • To become a successful Youtube entrepreneur.
  • This great tool has the potential to manage your entire videos, in order to make yourself available for your most important task – to create the content!
  • This single platform can equip you with royalty free images, video & audio clips, GIFs which can be incorporated in the videos.
  • You can add emojis to your titles, tags, and descriptions in order to make it more trendy.
  • Publish to all your social media platforms from here.
  • You can perform bulk updates to videos such as, adding annotations/cards to all of the videos in just a few clicks.
  • Get the video title from topic planner.
  • Generate quality custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers.
  • One can get the Youtube channel’s subscribers list.

How to join Tubebuddy:

  • Go directly to Sign in. You need to login only with your Google account, through which your Youtube Channel is linked.
  • Once you login, click at +Add Channel, and this will take you to channels managed by your Google account.
  • Select the Channel, which you would like to manage through Tubebuddy.

Install the Browser extension:

Which plan to choose?

You can immediately start with Free plan, but there are many limitations as you can see here, what you get with the free plan.

Once you go with it, later you can move to any of the paid plan.

The most beneficial and recommended plan is STAR, which is the most popular too. You should start with this plan to get the optimum results.

First, you have to get an account with Tubebuddy, and then install the Chrome/Firefox Extension to see the Tubebuddy insights.

Tubebuddy Youtube Video Promotion

2. VidIQ

VidIQ Alexa Global Ranking 17,348
Downloaded Chrome Extensions 831,222 users
Average Rating by Users 4.5 out of 5
By 7,300+ users

About VidIQ

VidIQ is a strong competitor of Tubebuddy and in a word both of these websites offer by and large the same services for Youtube video promotion. Both are proven great tools to manage and optimize the videos to grow your channel.

Like Tubebuddy, you need to install the VidIQ Chrome browser extension. To point out, VidIQ lets you know that where are you lacking in each video from Video Optimization & SEO perspective. It also reveals the analytics of other people’s videos. In addition, it also gives you the information about the most critical aspect of a video – Keyword score, which is calculated on the basis of search volume, keyword rank, use by the competition etc. In recent times, it has become more popular.

Why to join VidIQ:

  • Unleash your channel’s video marketing potential and helps you to build a loyal audience and always work on a strategy keep you on track.
  • Maximize your organic reach.
  • Build brand awareness and improve brand recall value.
  • It helps you to know what’s working.
  • Understand Your Competition in a much better way.

How to join VidIQ:

  • First log-in to VidIQ with your e-mail address.
  • Once you logged-in, as directed on portal, link your Youtube channel with it.
  • Add Chrome browser extension.
  • Start working on your videos.

Recommended plan:

You may start with the free plan, and later you can move to its most popular – Boost Plan.

VidIQ helps you to uncover the secrets to success behind your key YouTube videos. This learning will help you to become a conscious & aware Youtuber. Once you know, why only a few videos become successful, then surely this will help you to achieve new heights.

VidIQ & Tubebuddy comparision

What is common in VidIQ & Tubebuddy:

  • Youtube certified, hence we can rely upon them.
  • Both give in-depth analysis of a video and help with video optimization techniques.
  • Offers Free plan.

What is the difference between VidIQ & Tubebuddy:

  • With Tubebuddy, one can log-in only with Gmail account associated with Youtube channel. Further, you need to provide your consent for partnership with Tubebuddy and they can access your personal information. Few people may have an objection to it, but most of the Youtubers seems to be fine with it. While with VidIQ, you can log-in with your any of the e-mail account.
  • With Tubebuddy’s browser extension, one can see all the TubeBuddy’s features inside the Youtube site, while VidIQ stats/analytics can be visible just at the right side of each youtube video.
  • VidIQ paid plans are a bit expensive than Tubebuddy plans.

3. Crello

In a very short span Crello reached on top. Through Crello, you can create adorable professional designs for your Youtube video, blogs, social media posts and digital advertizing. Crello is an amazing platform, where one can easily get eye catching content.
Crello has both free and paid collection for you. Once you create the design online, it can be easily downloaded and ready for use in your project.

Crello is highly useful tool for thumbnail & content creation for your websites, blogs, articles or Youtube video promotion. It offers easy & effective professional quality graphics for your projects.

2. Paid Promotion

Reliable and widely used websites for Youtube video paid promotion service:

  1. Google Adwords: Most widely used content promotion service on web.
  2. Facebook boost: Easiest and commonly used promotion method by advertisers of all sizes.
  3. To be sure by choosing reliable Youtube video Promotion Services on Fiverr.
  4. Tube.Biz is arguably the best Youtube video marketing platform, which ensures that your video will not be penalized by Google. It
  5. Sparxit Solutions for Youtube video marketing services.
  6. Socialproof: A lot of viral videos are popularized through social networks. If you’re struggling with choosing the very best investment choices, seek the services of a financial advisor. You must give it a try for your couple of Youtube videos.

1. Youtube Advertising/Google Adwords

If you want to promote your business with Youtube, you can do it now with your Google Ads account. Google Ads is an advertising platform used by businesses running ads on Google and its advertising network – which includes YouTube also.

Google recommends Ad campaigns starting with a daily budget of $10.

See you youtube, how it works.

For any help, you can talk to them at provided numbers.

By such promotions, youtube mainly targets businesses running marketing campaigns. And if you own a Youtube channel, you too can promote your channel.

You-tube does not commit any subscribers in return for money spent on campaigns. But you can decide the targetted audience and nothing is fake in Google Ad campaigns.

2. Facebook boost

This is surely the easiest way of Youtube video promotion service or any other content promotion. Publishers are trying this platform on a regular basis.

One can reach out to more people with easy-to-do promotions and boosted posts, as mentioned here :

  • Go to the Facebook page of your Youtube channel/Blog.
  • Identify the post, you want to boost.
  • Click on Boost button.
  • Define your audience.
  • Set the budget.
  • Choose the period of Boosting the post.

To boost a post, you need to click the Boost button below a post, as seen in this image:-

How to make money by Photoshop Photo editing

Facebook campaign is more suitable for Blogs, but not for Youtube videos.

Given that, Facebooks is competing with Youtube in the video segment directly, Facebook does not allow Youtube posts to capture your complete Youtube video thumbnail rather, it captures the half thumbnail image & video description together. Due to this reason, Youtube video campaigns on Facebook are not much effective.

But if you run the blogs to support your youtube channel, then while creating a blog post on Facebook, complete thumbnail will appear. However link clicks will happen to Blog portal and there is no guarantee of youtube views.

Apart from all this, people also complain that a good number of actions on Facebook promotion appear to be irrelevant. For instance, few profiles, which are reacting on promotion, seems to fake.

Still, youtubers using Facebook more often to boost their videos.

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3. Youtube video Promotion Service from Fiverr

Youtube video promotion websites
Youtube video promotion service from Fiverr

In the hope that you are looking for quality Youtube video promotion services from qualified professionals in many areas, Fiverr offers a great solution for them.

Few services offered by genuine Professionals at Fiverr for Youtube video promotion:

  • Video Marketing
  • Youtube video promotion service of any type.
  • Music video promotion.
  • Real and organic Youtube video promotion service
  • SEO backlinks for Youtube video promotion service
  • Embed Youtube Video To Million Followers of a person
  • Youtube video promotion service in a targetted Geography

You can check here a lot of options being provided on Fiverr, check here

How to promote Youtube Videos on Fiverr
How to promote Youtube Videos on Fiverr

Let’s have a look on some major and popular services offered by professionals on Fiverr for Youtube video promotion:

Real and organic Youtube video promotion service:

Check these Top three Organic promotion campaigns for Youtube videos:

Youtube Music Video promotion:

Check these Top three professionals:

Similarly one can find the youtube video promotion services, as per their exact requirement.

How to join Fiverr:

  • You can join Fiverr, with your Google, Facebook or any other mail account.
  • Get started by searching for specific service you are looking for.

4. Social Proof

In the rare instance that you aren’t happy with the service offered by SocialProof, they supply a 100% money-back guarantee with youtube views order. The service is good if you’re just concerned in regards to the numbers on your Instagram, youtube, Facebook and other social media sites. Because customers cannot physically test out a product on an on-line shop, it is logical they would rely on visuals & previous customers who have bought and tried them out. In addition, other users are in a position to provide a thumbs up or down to reviews they find useful.

There are a lot of ways to acquire customers from Social Proof. There’s attentive customer support prepared to answer any questions which you might have prior or after purchase.

Celebrity social proof typically requires the shape of a celebrity by means of an item and promoting it on social networking or in public.

The aerage youtube video view time, Socialproof have maintained is ranging between 90-99%.

You can create your account here and check your favorite youtube video promotion plan.

Also check them

Apart from these tools, one can also give a try to below mentioned two Youtube video promotion websites, which can help you in getting views and subscribers. If you want to use these websites for Ad-sense approval, then you need to understand that youtube can easily track the video/channel, if it is getting the views & subscribers inorganically.

It’s always better for you that first, you start with anyone from Tubebuddy & VidIQ or both websites for youtube video management & promotion. Creative Youtubers are very happy with these tools and more than a million Youtube creators have already joined these platforms.

In order to get Youtube AdSense monetization approval, one can safely take help of Tubebuddy/VidIQ and few above-mentioned Youtube video promotion services offered on Fiverr, as they promote it through blogs or websites, where only interested people will click or subscribe.

Lastly you can try these two websites – and for fetting views and subscribers.

Leading websites, where you can pay & get views/subscribers:

Website About How to start Alexa rank – 22,964

Here one can buy Youtube views, subscribers, shares, comment etc.

They offer a lot of options for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Furthermore Subpals charges much lesser amount than competition.
For instance, Subpals charges $45 for 10,000 views for Youtube video promotion service
To begin with, register at
by entering Your Youtube Channel URL or ID, to get started Alexa rank – 48,934

Firstly Viboom kept it plain and simple and sells views mainly.

Secondly they usually charge $30 for 1000 views. Price may differ with the targeted country/audience you choose.
To begin with, register at Viboom and create a campaign by entering the video URL, and choose the campaign as per your budget.

Though these two websites help in the Youtube video paid promotion, you can not live on promotions only. Instead, your channel needs to be in self-sustainable mode and due to this face, we suggest you to join Tubebuddy and/or VidIQ and as per their recommendations gradually grow your channel to reach on new heights. Also one can try the services offered on Fiverr.

If you are working hard and enjoying the art of video creation, then by using appropriate website/tool, one should take his /her business to new heights.

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