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Who is Ajit Doval?” is not a right question to ask now in the year 2018, because he has done enough to people know him. Instead one must ask another question – ” What’s new extraordinary story about Ajit Doval’s stupendous acts?”.  As the heading suggests, this article is about selected popular Ajit Doval videos, where Ajit Doval speaks his heart out about his dream of strong India, Ajit Doval story as a spy in Pakistan, his witty and inspiring answers during various Q&A sessions. Ajit Doval Videos.

What has been changed from 2013 to 2018 as far as India’s defense and attitude towards other countries is concerned, ask Pakistan and Kashmir, they know the answers!

Nehru could not have even distantly imagined that one day India will proactively go on to dare China for a fight on the land of another country and even forced China to go back to their own territory and yet defended that country successfully, we all know Doklam issue. While Chacha Nehru couldn’t even save the thousands of square kilometers. Credit goes to Narendra Modi’s Bold leadership and Ajit Doval’s conviction.

Ajit Doval is among the Greatest Defence Strategists, India has ever seen. Not only strategist, but he is the master of operations too. So his skillset combination is very unique, which makes him lethal for opponents.

You must watch these selected videos of Ajit Doval:

  • Ajit Doval exposes Sonia Gandhi, how Cong Government leadership’s SeriousNess on INDIA’s Safety, and abolished – POTA

Exposes UPA policies.

  • Ajit Doval replies questions on Dawood, Yakub, media with the witty reply

Great Q&A session by Shri Ajit Doval with wit and humor.

Ajit Doval on Biggest weakness of Hindus:

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Ajit Doval’s Offensive defense by Ajit Doval warns Pakistan “You do one more Mumbai, you lose Balochistan”

Ajit Doval Telling His Analysis of Shivaji vs Afjal Khan’s Fight in History

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This will be in huge national interest if we can make people aware of true nationalist Ajit Doval’s views which is now becoming the Doval’s Doctrine.

Your views on this topic would be highly appreciated.

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