That’s Why Congress is unpopular in India! (Anti-Hindu/national)

We have tried to figure out the points as a reason for growing suspicion in people’s mind about the Congress Party of India. 2014 election was the landmark election & this election will have a long-term impact not only on Indian Politics but also on the fate of masses. Now is the time for to the point analysis – why Congress is unpopular & why people think it’s not a natural fit for India. People also claim that Congress is an anti-national party and often jokes India, it acts against Hindu faith and population.

These are the reasons behind unpopularity of Congress Party :

  1. The absence of internal democracy within the Party.
  2. The innumerable number of scams by its politicians.
  3. India lost its land & strategic areas in Congress rule to Pakistan (Kashmir), China ( Ladakh ).
  4. (It is claimed and assumed that) Nehru denied the permanent seat in United Nations, for which even he recommended China.
  5. 1977 emergency by Indira Gandhi.
  6. Distorting Indian history & demonizing the Hindu gods, culture in History books.
  7. Manipulating Indian history in favor of non-Hindus.
  8. The suspicious death of Nationalist

    The suspicious death of many potential & popular Nationalist leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee etc. It was also then understood by many political pundits that who all got benefited from these deaths.

  9. Native Hindus of Assam, West Bengal, J & K are either being converted or thrown out of these states.

  10. Congress let happen the Exodus of more than 5 lac Kashmiri Hindus & Sikhs from Valley.
  11. Congress made Ajit Jogi (converted Christian ) the CM of Chhattisgarh & a Missionary YSR Reddy the Andhra CM, both states are Hindu majority states. Both leaders had given cushion to missionary activities in their states.
  12. Hindi Film Industry, where you can remember the positive significance and role of Hindu culture & gods till ’80s. But after the ’90s era, most of these films were used to make the mockery of Hindu religion. It showed sadhus & gods/ goddesses in bad taste. But at the same time respecting Christian & Islamic symbols, in a very positive manner in most of the films/movies. The movies where Hindu gods are treated in bad taste, being termed as secular movies.

    The reason behind this is influencing FTII, CBFC, recruitment of officials like Leela Samson as CBFC Chairman who was opposed to Hindu symbols and cleared the anti-Hindu movies, money infused by Churches, Underworld money/influence and support of Congress to them.

  13. In 2004 when Congress came to power as UPA-1, India just gained the momentum after global recession & registered the highest growth rate country had known – 8.1% in 2003-04. Considering this trend, India was expected to continue the momentum and even expected to beat even 8.1 growth rate. Unfortunately, the period of 2004-2014 is termed as LOST DECADE. India lost the momentum completely in the previous 10 years of UPA.
  14. Many Congress leaders hurt Hindu’s feelings, the are many incidents – one, I can recall – as many leaders echoed Ambika Soni’s claim that Hindu god Lord ram was a fictional character. Congress allowed DMK & other agencies to break ” Rama Sethu ” – a Heritage site in the name of better transport.
  15. Because of Congress Policies, farmers suffered most & most no of farmers committed suicide in its tenure across the states.
  16. Christianizing the Indian & Hindu symbols like Doordarshan Logo, CBSE Logo, coins etc.
  17. As stated in Constitution, reservation should be applicable to Hindus only because of the caste system & untouchability. But Congress started and encouraged the reservation to converted Dalits also so that way can be created for conversions.
  18. It is a common belief that Congress owns the Indian Media directly or indirectly. And trying to creating a rift in society by manipulating with the news.
  19. Congress promoted English at every level but made tough for Hindi, Sanskrit and vernacular languages.
  20. Congress leaders role in 1984 Sikh riots.
  21. It is assumed from many sources that huge black money is lying in Congress politicians Swiss bank account.
    One such revelation was made by International magazine Business Insider that Sonia Gandhi was world’s 4th richest politician in the world with around USD 4 Billion. Gandhi Family’s undue involvement in cases like DLF – Vedra link, Herald case, relation with Quatrochi and many other such cases came into light.
  22. Contemporary poor leadership.
  23. Congress leader’s  “no-connect with grassroots ” image.
  24. No resolution of Bangladeshi immigrant issue till 2015 – when Modi govt came into power. It is assumed that around 5 crores Bangladeshi’s have entered illegally till 2015 and changed the demography of adjoining states. For electoral gain AADHAR card was issued to masses before the 2014 election.
  25. Congress is now seen in all new avatar and now halting the growth of the country by stopping the functioning of Rajya Sabha i.e. Parliament.
  26. Mother of all scams – Indian Banking Scam is much bigger than any other scam. This scam was so deep that the potential of this scam is still not completely known. How people like Neerav Modi, Vijay Malya, Mehul Chauksey any more got taxpayers hard-earned money as a favor from government.

Your valuable comments are most welcome & surely will encourage us to come up with more article with Discover mind. 

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