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Website web design tools & resources

10+ Free & Premium Web-Design Resources & tools: Are They Capable of Easing Your Work?

As a web-designer, you can have hundreds of brand-new ideas. However, not of them gets a chance to be realized. What is the reason for such a situation? Sometimes, you do not have enough tools to make your dreams come true. I think that there is no need […]

Botkeeper review - Automated Accounting reviews & alternative

Botkeeper review | Alternatives & Competitors | Reviews

For most of the business owners, accounting is another form of headache or undeniable liability. Businesses want to focus on core business, but many times, unmanageable accounting becomes the reason of failure. What happens if a top performing player has to get into the logistics & transport related […]

Best global communities for entrepreneurs and startups

Top-notch Global communities for Entrepreneurs & Startup

Networking is one of the crucial factors in the early success of new startups. Networking doesn’t mean to be only within entrepreneurs, but with entire startup eco-system. You need to get updated with market trends, government policies, relationship with venture capitalists & angel investors. Sadly, there are very […]

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