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Bulletproof security tools to protect business & blog website

Website security is one aspect, which is commonly overlooked by small business owners, startups, and bloggers. Business owners and their people work all the time to make the website perfect for online business, SEO, enhanced traffic. But, what about its security? Hacking & malware are not alien to us. We all know that most personal & business laptops are at risk. What happens if your website is got deleted, and you are shocked to know that you have not provisioned its backup. Let’s check some bulletproof security measures for your business website, WordPress/blog sites run by small businesses, startups, bloggers & individuals.

We have seen many cyberattacks, where entire website content got infected and locked. Further, they demand money in the form of Bitcoins, in order to not get tracked. Such attacks are happening with never seen before recurrence. If it already happened with you once, again it may happen. Beware, our online activities are also being tracked, but hardly people know about it.

Many bloggers and businesses have not taken the proper backup service for their websites. Your entire data could be lost due to many reasons.

Choosing a cheap hosting service may have its own impact on your site.

Similarly, there are many security threats and solutions, we need to address, in order to running a website.

Check the lines below to ensure bulletproof security for your website.

website security

Security tools to protect Business & Blog Website

Content plan

  1. Threat starts from your Laptop
  2. High Quality Hosting
  3. Ensure the best & regular backup of website
  4. Malware & security protection
  5. SSL for your website
  6. Choosing a secured e-Commerce platform

1. Securing the entry point – Laptop

A laptop is the entry point for most malware or hacking threats.

Follow these measures:

  • Operating System with auto update enabled
  • Anti-virus with auto-update, auto-scan
  • Strong password
  • If you can afford, try to keep separate laptops for business and home. Enable high security on your business laptop.
  • Avoid downloading from unsecured & unknown resources.

2. High Quality Hosting

Don’t settle for a cheap hosting provider.

Be learned that, if you are running a business or a medium to high traffic blog, you are indeed harming your own business by opting for cheap hosting.

Mind it, if the world’s number 1, online retailer & Cloud service provider, Amazon’s website could get down, think about such cheap hosting providers. Be very careful in choosing a secured and reliable Website hosting provider. A hosting provider should also be financially stable and have a globally distributed large network of secured data centers/cloud.

Choosing a high-end hosting provider may crucially help in improving your website SEO.

If it is a WordPress site, you should go for Managed WordPress Hosting.

We suggest anyone of the following for fully managed hosting, they have set high standards in website Hosting:

3. Ensure the best & regular backup of website

You may be lost your website data due to many reasons. It may happen due to human error, malware, serve crashes, coding problems, and many other reasons.

We suggest backup your site with any of these leading Backup providers:

  • Backupbuddy
  • UpdraftPlus
  • VaultPress by Jetpack
  • Boldgrid Backup

4. Malware & security protection

For malware and security protection, there are some expensive solutions that can dramatically enhance the security of eCommerce or business websites.

Go for Sucury or Sitelock. Both are the world’s leading web security providers.

5. SSL for your website

SSL ensures a safe data transfer between a website server and user. Having SSL for your website ensures that data will be secured and in encrypted form.

6. Choosing a secured e-Commerce platform

If you run an online business or eCommerce portal. Ensure, it is from a secured platform like Big Commerce or Shopify.

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