Best Managed Wordpress Hosting provider in India
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Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India

In the digital world, a website plays a pivotal role in any business to scale new heights. Living in a world guided by technology, you might have encountered the word ‘WordPress’ too often and if you are looking to unbox this mystery, you are at the right place! For every WordPress beginner, this excerpt is a comprehensive guide that describes the website hosting lifecycle alongside introducing the best-managed WordPress hosting in India.

Managed WordPress hosting in India

Be it an aspiring entrepreneur, an avid blogger, or even a seasoned professional, this blog gives an in-depth representation of why it is best-suited for you. Before we kick-start this exciting journey, the tables give a glimpse of what we would be talking about.

10 best Managed WordPress Hosting providers in India: A Comparison

Bluehost Unmetered Unlimited 30 Days – Money back Mumbai $19.95/mo. 1-hr concierge call
Kinsta Unmetered Unlimited Not disclosed Mumbai $25/mo. WordPress Pro available
15 30 GB Not disclosed Mumbai $199/mo. Phone support*
FastComet Unmetered 80 GB Not disclosed Mumbai $111.19/mo. 24/7/365
WPMU DEV 1vCPU 25 GB 30 Days – Money back Mumbai $10.0/mo. 24/7 online support, chat
GoDaddy 5 Websites 50 GB Not disclosed Singapore 649INR/mo. 24/7 online support, chat
SiteGround 1 Website 10 GB 30 Days – Money back Singapore $6.99/mo. 24/7 online, chat, phone
WP Engine 1 Website 10 GB Not disclosed Singapore* $240/yr. 24/7/365
Flywheel 1 Website 5 GB 14-Day demo sites Sydney* $13/mo. 24/7 online support
Milesweb 1 Website 1 GB 30 Days – Money back India 200INR/mo. 24/7/365

*WP Engine has a data center in Singapore that caters only to premium dedicated hosting plans

*Billed at $150/year includes 2 months free from Flywheel

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A lot of us would be able to create and run a WordPress-powered website. However, very few of us can create Nginx files or apply OS system upgrades to our own servers via SSH. With this level of complexities involved, you require a person or agency with proficiency in network management skills.

Addressing a bug in the OS or clearing malware from the system is just the basic level of activities that keep your website up and running almost 365/year. A step further, taking website backups, and performing other high-level tasks on your server is what happens in the backend. If you are asked to manage all these, you are bound to make a mess and this is where a competent web host company comes into the picture.

Why its most preferred?

Over the last few years, managed WordPress hosting in India is one of the most preferred choices for individuals, startups, and even reputed brands. It is a tailor-made plan that caters to your specific needs only. As the server composition as per a single client, it gives a surety of safety, performance, and uptime. Additionally, you do not have to worry about technical glitches as there is a dedicated team of experts to ensure you have a seamless experience.

For the amateur & tech geeks, managed WordPress hosting is a web host that provides concierge services to ensure every server-related task is taken care of. This bundled security check includes website uptime, scalability, managing backups, WordPress updates, speed, and security.

For an end-user, managed WordPress hosting is an all-inclusive package that offers enhanced allied services apart from hosting services. As this service is specifically optimized for WordPress websites, it gives a better outcome when compared to other web hosts. In simplest terms, it empowers you to perform your core online work in a hassle-free way.

Why to choose Managed WordPress hosting?  

Have you ever thought about why does a modern-day smart TV doesn’t crash anytime however your PC might crash on different occasions? The answer is – while the TV does a specific task, a PC performs a plethora of actions that makes it prone to accident.

Likewise, managed WordPress hosting has a specific task – runs WordPress! Best-suited for small to medium enterprises, high traffic blogs, and companies that aim to save manpower and time, it is the best optimal performance as it’s fine-tuned for the CMS.

Managed wordpress hosting benefits

The above infographics highlight some of the key elements that make managed WordPress hosting an obvious choice for you.

Automatic & Manual Backups

Big or small, losing precious data is the ultimate fear of every organization. While other platforms charge for every additional change in the package, managed WordPress hosting offers absolutely FREE automatic backups.

If you compare with shared hosting, backup plans are included in the higher plans, and in a VPS; you have to set your backup system at extra cost.  Moreover, you can always get manual backups at a click of a button.

Single-click Staging Environments

Yes, you read it right! The more downtime you force the more business you tend to miss out on. At the same time, testing is one element that is a continuous process. New feature enhancements, PHP versions, plugins, and updates to work upon, the job is quite tedious.

Managed WordPress hosting brings in a concept of single-click staging environments that makes reduces testing to a child’s play. With a single click, you can clone the entire data of your website while the development site is accessible with a test URL. You can also access it through all standard methods like phpMyAdmin, FTP, SSH, and more. Finally, you can implement all changes to the production, right from the dashboard.

Premium DNS – Minimal Lookup Times

The Internet is all about connecting with the online world and the faster you are, the more you get! DNS – Domain Name System is like a phonebook for the Internet. When you type a website name and click, ‘enter’ this phonebook is scanned and the website pops in front of you.

Premium DNS with managed wordpress hosting in India

Managed WordPress hosting offers premium DNS that is lightning faster and saves your crucial business hours. While shared DNS doesn’t offer premium services, the VPS method has its own price slabs.

Managing Dashboards is Fun!

With shared hosting providers, the back-end dashboard is a hard nut to crack as it has no idea about the software integrations. As a result, most of them provide a plethora of options to work on that make actions confusing and time-consuming.

Managed WordPress hosting offers a seamless experience and everyone with little or even no knowledge of the dashboard can work easily. Everything is so organized, you just can’t ask for more! With detailed metrics, performance status, you are at ease while you manage the show.

Pros & Cons of Managed WordPress hosting

Even the season of spring has to go to let the summer season come in! The point we are trying to make is – every product or service comes with its own set of highlights and limitations. You need to be smart enough to gain most of the brownie points through the distinct features of the product.

Although Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most satisfying services, still it has some issues that pull them down in the global market. A detailed insight into the top 5 Pros and Cons is listed here for you.

pros and cons of managed wordpress hosting

Top 5 Pros

Enhanced Security: For every business, the security of data is of prime importance. With technology advancing at a brisk pace, hackers are finding ways to attack the system. Notably, it offers immaculate security features alongside offering security enhancements at regular intervals. So be it a malware attack or a hacker intrusion – your data is safe!

Automatic Backups: Having a stringent backup model is the backbone of every IT system. A standard managed hosting comes with an automatic backup plan at no extra charge. Be it a natural calamity, human failure, or negligence, automatic backups are here to save your day.

Integrate SSL Certificates: Getting an SSL certificate involves multiple communications between the certificate and the hosting provider. With managed services, the entire process is completed after a few clicks. More than time-saving, it makes the overall process look easy and is accessible to all site owners.

User-friendly site management: If you are looking for a clean interface wherein everything is coordinated and located at a central place, opt for managed service today! This helps you to save your precious time as don’t keep switching between multiple sites.

Improved Performance: While in shared hosting, you get a distributed speed, managed WordPress hosting service provides better uptime and is much faster. Alongside speed, you get a bounty of advantages as it also optimizes your server. You also get considerable performance improvement in global server locations, CDN, and more.

Top 5 Cons

Expensive Service: For startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, having a managed WordPress hosting service might be a costly deal. Pricing is an issue as the services that you get are premium in nature. However, compared to the premium benefits, the pricing is justified. Therefore, if you are on a small budget and want to expand maybe after a year or so, this might be the wrong option.  

Low flexibility with plugins: If you are keen to explore the countless plugins and aim to get add-on functionalities, it might not fit the bill. The simple reason is security and performance issues. Moreover, it is more focused on securing the site and hence it restricts cache plugins as most of them are open-source or third-party software.

No emails or domains: When it comes to offering premium WordPress solutions, a service provider can match the quality of Managed WordPress hosting services. Known for creating the best managed hosting platforms, it may not provide add-on services including email and domain name. Therefore, if you have a small budget and looking for a wholesome package deal, opting for an affordable web hosting provider is a good choice.

.htaccess not available: This is a distributed server configuration file used for executing the web apache server. However, since a majority of the managed hosting service providers use NGINX (open source software for web serving, caching, and more) that offers maximum stability and high performance, .htaccess is not used.

Only WordPress: Obvious and limited – as it’s a WordPress-based server, it will support only WordPress-based sites. If you are looking to explore other platforms like Drupal, or Joomla, you cannot run it on the same server.

Valued at USD 32.12 Billion in 2017 to a projected market size of USD 76.2 Billion by 2023, the global web hosting market will be growing at a 15.9% CAGR. The ever-changing dynamics of website usage and the increase in smartphone users have fuelled the need for improved website performances.

Although Covid-19 had a global catastrophe effect, the global web hosting services market witnessed a surge in online shopping. Discounts by web hosting companies to small and medium businesses and demand for streaming services and consumption of online content saw huge growth.

While North America is the hub of most of the hosting providers, here is a list of the top 5 countries that dominate in having the data centers.

1 United States of America 39%
2 Germany 9.8%
3 Russia 7.5%
4 Netherlands 6.0%
5 France 3.2%

As per the number of hosted websites, below is an interesting data that captures the most popular global WordPress hosting providers:

world's most popular managed wordpress hosting providers

( is owned by Automattic)

As per market share, we highlight the top 10 technologies in the world. With around 230, 745 domains across the globe, WP Engine is quite popular for providing managed WordPress hosting solutions for critical projects. With performance, intelligence, and integration solutions being the USP, it is widely deployed for online campaigns, content hubs, and eCommerce extensions.

Top Hosting technologies

As the global market is expected to reach up to USD 171.4 Billion by 2027 – these statics is a clear picture of the web hosting industry.

The Story of Indian Managed WordPress Hosting Market

India has a market share of 1.9% of the global server locations. Below are some of the most popular managed WordPress hosting providers ranked as per rating and their market share.

Indian Managed wordpress Hosting Market

List of 10 best Managed WordPress Hosting providers in India

By all means, this is the most interesting part of this article as we pick the best providers in India on the basis of different factors. As one of the most fastest-growing destinations for data centers, India has a key role to play in the years to come. Ranking on various key parameters, this insight will help you to filter your requirements and choose the best, Managed WordPress hosting partner for you!


One of the most popular hosting names within the Indian shores, Bluehost is one of India’s leading domain registration and web hosting company. The Build managed WordPress hosting plan starts from $19.95/month, alongside giving 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox -free for 30 days.

 Offering unlimited space and bandwidth in all the plans, the WP Pro plan starts at $29.95/month that includes SEO features, social media integrations, and email marketing features. It also gives a 1-hour onboarding concierge call with a WordPress expert. 

  • Notable Features: Integrated admin-panel, 1-hr concierge call
  • Why to pick: Staging environment, CDN enabled, unlimited disk space
  • What we miss: mixed support reviews, datacenter selection
  • Best for: Medium & Large scale enterprises


One of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers in India for mid-size companies; Kinsta has evolved as a dominant player in the market. Powered by the Google cloud platform and their premium tier network, Kinsta offers a fully managed platform, free migration, ultimate speed, and high-security plans starting at $25/month. If you go up the pricing plans, Kinsta is one of the best fully managed WordPress hosting providers in India.  

  • Notable Features: 1440 daily uptime check, Automatic scaling
  • Why to pick: Focussed on WordPress, Premium Solutions
  • What we miss: low visitor visit on basic plans,
  • Best for Smaller businesses


Known as one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting service providers, Pagely uses Amazon’s servers that give them an edge in terms of speed, security, and advanced features.  

 Although it has the most costly plan in this list – starting at $199/month, it offers premium features and brings utmost flexibility, scalability, reliability.  It comes loaded with WP-CLI, staging, SSH, Git integration, and a lot more – ideal for large enterprises.  

  • Notable Features: Developer-centered solutions
  • Why to pick: They have access to Amazon’s advanced features
  • What we miss: costly plans, limited support for basic plans
  • Best for Tech companies, Developers


If you are looking for optimal performance and security at a decent cost, FastComet managed WordPress hosting plans are a smart choice. Starting at $111.19/month, it offers 24/7/365 support including security and backups.
The renewal charges start at $139/month, so again the price is on the higher side but it has a very strong global presence alongside having a data center in Mumbai.  

  • Notable Features: FastCloud hosting platform
  • Why to pick: Free managed migration & priority support
  • What we miss: costly plans, limited money-back guarantee
  • Best for: Medium & large enterprises


One of the new entrants in the world of managed WordPress hosting service providers in India, WPMU DEVoffers an all-inclusive bundled range of premium plugins, services, and themes in a single membership plan.

 It provides premium features including one-click staging environments, automated migration tools, automatic backups, CDN, and a lot more. The monthly plan starts at an affordable price of $10/month and is one of the best budget WordPress hosting service providers in India.

  • Notable Features: Buy a membership or only hosting
  • Why to pick: VPS platform, Containerized server resources
  • What we miss: have to buy whole membership in the starting plan
  • Best for: Small, Medium & large enterprises


With nearly two decades of experience, GoDaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs across the globe. With a high focus on managed WordPress hosting, it offers a reliable server performance that is complemented by modern technologies and security features. Starting at 649INR/month (Pro 5), it is one of the best fully managed WordPress hosting providers in India. With feature-packed plans, GoDaddy is always a ‘look upto‘ player in the industry.

  • Notable Features: Reliable server performance
  • Why to pick: Latest technologies, enhanced security features
  • What we miss: a lot of upselling -need to be careful, tough to migrate
  • Best for: Small, Medium & large enterprises


Offering a modern, green-friendly infrastructure with lightning-fast speed is a Bulgarian company – SiteGround. With over 2,000,000 domains worldwide, it is one of the best budget WordPress hosting providers. Starting at $6.99/month, it offers standard hosting features and the highest plan – (GoGeek -$14.99/month) is one of the best-suited packages for developers and enterprises. Very important, GoGeek is officially recommended by

  • Notable Features: Functionality designed for everyone
  • Why to pick: Cheapest managed WordPress hosting plans
  • What we miss: Not ideal for the huge volume of traffic
  • Best for: blogger, non-tech, and even developers

WP Engine:

Rated as one of the fastest amongst the top WordPress hosts, WP Engine is ideally suited for both beginners as well as the developer-friendly WordPress community. While the monthly package starts at $24, if you buy annually, it comes at $240 ($20/month).  The renewal package starts from $300/year.  

  • Notable Features: Brand name & reputation
  • Why to pick: CDN for all plans, free access to themes & Genesis framework
  • What we miss: high cost, add-on options are costly
  • Best for: Medium & Large enterprises


One of the new entrants in this segment, Flywheel has scaled up in real quick time. Rated as one of the fastest-growing WordPress hosting service providers in India, it works great for bloggers, SBUs, designers, and much more. With a perfect blend of basic & standard features and a decent pricing structure (starting $13/month), Flywheel is a fairly good option for starters.  

  • Notable Features: easy-to-understand interface
  • Why to pick: Automatic backups and no overcharges
  • What we miss: additional server features are expensive
  • Best for blogger, starters


Packed with features, Milesweb is one the best budget WordPress hosting service provider in India with plans starting at 200 INR/month. With a 99.95% uptime guarantee, it is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the web hosting industry. Established in 2012, it offers an unconditional money-back guarantee alongside reliable managed WordPress hosting solutions. 

  • Notable Features: Install WordPress in 1-click
  • Why to pick: Cheapest managed WordPress hosting plans
  • What we miss: higher monthly packages are expensive
  • Best for: blogger, starters, entrepreneurs, Micro agencies

Wrapping up…

This comprehensive study might be helpful for you to understand this technology and how it adds value to your business. While every provider has its own set of USP and improvement areas, we list down the top 5 contenders based on their features and benefits.

Top 6 contender for Managed WordPress Hosting in India

Furthermore, the preparation of this list is a real-time analysis as it collates the key parameters of every single provider in India. So get going and select the best plan for you!

Think about the tasks you do on a daily basis to manage your business or blog website. As an owner of the website, I am sure you are fully occupied with a lot of work. Which may include meetings, travel, marketing, promotion, designing & defining content plans. Such activities are much more important than thinking about hosting & website management.

I hope, this post may help you in finalizing the right choice from the Indian perspective.

What is a Managed WordPress Hosting Service?

Managed WordPress hosting is a carefully designed hosting for websites, which run on the WordPress platform, along with a bunch of services that matter for businesses & bloggers. Such services help you immensely with hassle-free management, security and speed up your website.

It powers the website with performance optimization and many other additional services resulting in faster site loading.

Why you should get Managed WordPress Hosting?

Well, there are many reasons:

  • Much better & enhanced support from highly skilled professionals;
  • Auto-backup on regular periods;
  • Highly secured environment;
  • Continuously monitoring of website;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Better DNS system, faster DNS reduces the TTL (Time to live), results in faster page loading. Thus it improves user experience and SEO.
  • Globally distributed data centres;
  • Premium CDN, which reduces webpage loading time dramatically at all geographies.
  • Relaxation & liberty (up to an extent) from day-to-day site maintenance;

Most importantly, it lets you focus on your core business, be it managing marketing, business meeting, content creation, and much more.

Which in turn helps you in growing your business at a much faster pace, without worrying about the website performance.

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