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For most of the business owners, accounting is another form of headache or undeniable liability. Businesses want to focus on core business, but many times, unmanageable accounting becomes the reason of failure. What happens if a top performing player has to get into the logistics & transport related transactions & had to pull of the Olympics games, as he couldn’t focus. Similarly Botkeeper could prove to be handy for businesses to not let them loose the focus from core business. Botkeeper is a great combination of human intelligence and automation capacity of ai & machine learning. Its truly human assisted accounting bot. Check Botkeeper review, pros & cons, alternatives and competitors, ratings & reviews.

Botkeeper review : Pros-Cons, Alternatives, Competitors| Reviews

Content plan:

  1. What is Botkeeper?
  2. Botkeeper Financial Hub – What is the package?
  3. Pricing plan
  4. Is Botkeeper a Bot?
  5. Benefits
  6. Botkeeper review : Pros & Cons
  7. Competitors & Alternative of Botkeeper
  8. Botkeeper ratings & reviews on leading platforms

What is Botkeeper?

Botkeeper review | Alternative & reviews - Automated Accounting

Botkeeper is an intelligent, AI powered tool for bookkeeping and does the automated accounting. It is a human assisted automated process software, which is being monitored by skilled accountants.

Botkeeper automatically extract your data from both financial & other sources. It does expance categorization, pays biils and raises invoices, reconcile accounts and many related activities.

Botkeeper is a Google funded organization, hence they must have done something right to win over Google confidence. Similarly if the Google has invested in it, definitely they might have impressed with Botkeeper potential. This is also good for those, who want to use Botkeeper or already using it.

Botkeeper is a great tool for startups, small & medium businesses and and also enterprises.

For small business users and freelancers, Botkeeper is like a fully fledged team,who handles accounting for you. This is a great compliment for Botkeeper.

Recently it was in news for two main reasons, funding by Google arm and for launching first ever free bookkeeping service for freelancers.

Botkeeper’s set of accounting software is known as Botkeeper Financial Hub.

Botkeeper Financial Hub – What is the package ?

Botkeeper review | Alternative & reviews - Automated Accounting - Financial Hub

As shown above, Botkeeper Financial Hub is a complete end-to-end accounting solution for your business needs.

  • Dashboard –
  • Document Manager –
  • Financial report builder –
  • Scanbot –

Notably, it can be seen here, that how well technology is used by Botkeeper to make accounting completely manageable & under control.

Botkeeper pricing plan

Botkeeper has specifically designed packages for needs of startups, small & medium businesses, enterprises. Moreover, they have custom packages for your specific needs.

Earlier Botkeeper had 6 pricing plans starting from Free account, if you have Quickbooks subscription. which is changed now. Now there is no free plan.

Obviously, one can undestand that in initial phase of business, companies do offer such plans. Now Botkeeper is an established player and is in demand.

Earlier there were 6 plans, Free, Essential ($99), Simple ($299), Grow ($599), Scale ($899) and Enterprise plan (Price on request).

Now, Botkeeper has simplified its plans:

Plan name Starting Price/month
(paid annualy)
Basic$59– Designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses
– Monthly transaction & categorization
– Month End Reporting
– Financial hub
Pro$459– For businesses with a bit more than just accounting, i.e. Payroll entries, Billpay etc.
– Includes all basic features
– Weekly transaction and categorization
– Payroll Processing & weekly Bill pay via or QuickBooks Online
– Comprehensive AP tracking and reporting
Advanced$659– Suitable for bigger Businesses with comples bookkeeping needs
– Includes all features of Pro plan
– Invoicing via for up to 50 invoices and related payments.
– Comprehensive AR tracking and reporting

Is Botkeeper a Bot?

Sometime it is understood as a bot or a pure automated accounting software, which is not true. Moreover, it is the perfect combination of human intelligence & machine automation. It is one of the best human assisted, automated accounting software.

Botkeeper benefits

Get the answer below for your question – why to get Botkeeper for your business?

  • Organizations may rely on Botkeeper to help in handling the accounts. It not only make your entire system chaos free, also smoothen the process.
  • AI powered & intelligent automated accounting solution.
  • You save significantly with Botkeeper.
  • Reliable & super accurate accounting.
  • Both accountants and accounting bot are responsive.

Botkeeper review : Pros & Cons

While reviewing Botkeeper, it is quite interesting to learn about its advantages & where it is lacking.


  • Great management reports.
  • Supports, even if you scale your business/transactions.
  • Accuracy & flexibility.
  • Quick response.
  • Account managers make it easy & simple.


  • Botkeeper is comparatively new company and it may take some time to smoothen the transactions.
  • Sometime human assistance may take sometime to connect, however by and large, they have great support & quick human assistance.

Botkeeper Alternatives & Competitors

There are only few automated accounting software, which can be considered as competitor to Botkeeper. Every player has its own purpose & strong areas. Let’s have a look on Botkeeper alternatives & competitors-

  • Quickbooks
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Pilot
  • Xero
  • Accounting by Wave
  • Fresh Books
  • ZipBooks
  • Zoho Books
  • Sage Accounting

Botkeeper reviews & ratings on leading platforms

This is how Intuit Botkeeper Software has been given ratings & reviews-

PlatformBotkeeper Ratings & Reviews
Capterra4.5 out of 5 Star Rating | 60+ reviews
Product Hunt 5 out of 5 Point Rating | 8+ reviews
G2 Crowd 5.0 out of 5 Star Rating | 3+ reviews
Software Advice4.38 out of 5 Star Rating | 60+ reviews

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