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Top 9 CodeCanyon Alternative for Themes, Plugins & more

There is no doubt in the fact that a growing number of freelancers and web design agencies are shifting towards working with ready-made designs and tools for web development. The community of webmasters sharing ready-to-go designs, plugins, and other web development tools grows rapidly. Today, this is no longer an issue to find web design solutions that can match your new online project and boost its performance. One such platform is CodeCanyon, which is Numero Uno in its true sense in its category. Here we shall enlist the leading alternative and competitors of Codecanyon & similar websites.

CodeCanyon is one of the largest marketplaces where you can sell and download scripts and components for a variety of languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET,  and Java. The variety of designs, skins, and functional elements for web development is no less amazing. However, this is not the only place where you can find some useful stuff for your site or contribute your own products. There are plenty of cool CodeCanyon alternatives. 

If you are looking for more places where you can buy and sell web development solutions, then our handpicked collection of the top 5 CodeCanyon alternatives should come in handy for you. 

So, let’s get started & check Top 10 CodeCanyon Alternative & Similar Websites.

#1. TemplateMonster

Template Monster as Codecanyon alternative
Template Monster website screenshot

The first & leading undisputed alternative of CodeCanyon is Template Monster. TemplateMonster is one of the largest digital marketplaces in the market. This is the place where you can upload your own webdesigns, graphics, plugins, and tools, as well as download webdesign items shared by other web design agencies and freelancers. 

The inventory features a wide choice of ready-made themes suited for all popular CMS and eCommerce platforms. If you browse the gallery, you will find not only thousands of WordPress and HTML templates, but also themes compatible with the latest versions of Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, PowerPoint, Keynote, Must, and more. You can also find startup tool kits and professional graphics suited for a range of micro-niches.

The prices vary depending on the product that you choose. The cost per theme starts from about $13 (for landing page templates) and can grow for as much as $139 (for a PrestaShop theme). Every vendor sets the price of his products individually, using TemplateMonster recommendations. Additionally, the marketplace features functional admin panel templates for your site, JS plugins, extensions that are compatible with the themes from the marketplace, and more.

Template Monster One Pricing
Template Monster Pricing

Apart from the possibility to sell web design stuff independently, web designers and agencies can offer their products as part of the ONE by TemplateMonster. Subscribing to ONE for $14.10/mo, a person gets access to over 10k digital assets suited for building quality web design projects. ONE Membership is a great chance for an end-user to download an unlimited number of premium web design stuff from the marketplace. Including their products in the subscription, Webdesign studios can also get wider exposure for their works and broaden their client base at the same time.

#2. Codester 

Codester, a similar website as Codecanyon
Codester website screenshot

It is another CodeCanyon alternative. This is a marketplace where you can buy and sell premium PHP scripts, app templates, themes, and plugins to launch competitive websites and applications. Codester has one of the fastest review policies in the market. They accept scripts and code, themes, plugins, and app source codes suited for different software and purposes. 

The prices also vary depending on the products that you want to sell. For example, the price tag may vary from $4 (for an HTML landing page) to $200 (for a financial solution platform). 

Over the past few years, the platform served over 0.1 million customers. Although they do not offer a subscription service similar to ONE, Codester can be a great platform to let a wider audience know about you and try your premium web solutions. 

Some of the most popular categories of products include WordPress plugins and themes. WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market. More than 500 WordPress sites are built daily. This results in a growing number of web designers and developers making stunning web designs and tools for WordPress. So, if you mainly work with WordPress and have some tools and designs to share with the community, then you are free to join Codester.

#3. WrapBootstrap 

Wrapbootstrap, a Codecanyon alternative
Wrapbootstrap screenshot

Bootstrap is an HTML5 and CSS3 framework that’s used for the development of websites and web applications. Due to the huge demand in using Bootstrap for web design, there became a need to launch a marketplace selling Bootstrap-based web solutions specifically.  

If you create themes and templates based on the Bootstrap framework, then you may be interested in joining the WrapBootstrap marketplace. This Codecanyon alternative was launched in 2012 and has managed to reach widespread adoption among web developers. If you are looking for a place to sell your Bootstrap products or you look for a gulp of inspiration, then the marketplace is definitely worth your attention. 

The marketplace was launched to solve the need of designers to upload and sell their own works based on Bootstrap. The marketplace lets sellers choose from several usage licenses, each of which lets them earn a specific percentage from each sale. The average price of the theme at WrapBootstrap makes up $25-$35. It may be lower or higher depending on what type of products you sell. WrapBootstrap lets you choose from different types of Twitter Bootstrap templates that you can filter by means of tags like Business, Corporate, Chat, Dashboard, etc. 

#4. Codegrape

CodeGrape is another remarkable CodeCanyon alternative marketplace on this list. This is a community of web designers and web developers where one can buy and sell ready-to-use scripts, themes, plugins, graphics, and mobile applications. 

Codegrape a Codecanyon alternative
Codegrape website screenshot

CodeGrape features a collection of about 16K scripts and themes in the inventory. The choice of ready-made templates includes WordPress. Bootstrap, Muse, Joomla, Magento, and other popular categories of products. The marketplace welcomes webmasters to join and become authors for a generous commission of 60% revenue generated from each sale. To help authors achieve more visibility and boost sales, the marketplace features collections of designs and tools that share similar characteristics. This lets new authors get on the same chart with expert designers and get noticed by more users. 

CodeGrape is beneficial to both designers and developers looking for ways to generate more revenue, as well as end-buyers searching for high-quality web design products for their online projects. If you have nothing to do with web design and development, then you may be interested in the CodeGrape Affiliate Program. The rules and conditions were made simple and beneficial. They welcome bloggers to join and promote CodeGrape products for up to 30$ commissions. 

The terms of the Affiliate Program are the following:

  • A person gets a 30% commission of the first cash deposit of a person who clicks on the referral link, signs up or completes a purchase at CodeGrape.
  • Every affiliate partner can also grow his or her affiliate empire to generate the maximum revenue. 

#5. Inkthemes

This great Codecanyon alternative is also a similar website to Template Monster. Important to realize that Inkthemes designs the thems & other resources, which have powered 20,000+ themes in 95+ countries.

Inkthemes one of the similar websites as Codecanyon
Image source: Inkthemes

Another key point is that Inkthemes is a big player in making, due to its outstanding customer support. Customer support is key for any serious player.

Inkthemes has over 2500, top-quality WordPress themes & plugins, PHP scripts, templates and code, Graphics, flyers, and more. If you want to see the richness of this platform, have a look at the categories of this marketplace.

Inkthemes have really made it easy for you to make your decision to finalize a theme or plugin at a faster pace. To explain, Inkthemes has made it easy for you to first try before you buy.

When it comes to pricing, you may buy a Single product or go for a subscription pack. Following are the pricing plans:

Inkthemes pricing
Source: Inkthemes pricing
  • $79 – Single product in $79 with 1-year support & 1 site license. For 10 sites license comes in $99.
  • $147 – All Products Membership Plan for 2000+ themes with 1-year support.
  • $499 – All Products Bundle Plan for 2000+ themes with 2-year support.
  • $999 – All Products Bundle Plan for 2000+ themes with 3-year support & more benefits.


MOTOCMS is a convenient and functional website builder that was launched in 2008. Over the years, it has transformed into the last-generation website builder on HTML, which lets both beginners and expert webmasters create versatile layouts in the drag-and-drop mode, without the need to make any coding modifications. MOTO CMS builder is put in the core of 2500+ professional website templates. There are ready-made templates suited for 60+ multiple business categories and micro-niches. 

The inventory includes themes that are compatible with different versions of MOTO CMS – MotoCMS HTML, MotoCMS 3, and MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce. Additionally, this CodeCanyon alternative offers reliable hosting and extra services like logo design, theme installation, GDPR audit, eCommerce integration, and more. Thus, MOTO CMS has become an all-inclusive web platform where a customer can find a professional web design and order extra services needed for the quick site launch.


Unlike other COdeCanyon alternatives that are mentioned on this list, MOTO CMS doesn’t accept web designs from third-party webmasters. However, they have a program that’s intended to help customers who make websites for their own clients. As part of this offer, a customer can benefit from:

  • Loyalty program;
  • White label;
  • Pro support;
  • The possibility to make bulk purchases at a cheaper price, etc.

MOTO CMS also welcomes you to join their Affiliate Program to start earning a generous commission while promoting MotoCMS products.

#7. Alkanyx

As a Codecanyon alternative, Alkanyx is a place where you can find many free and paid resources. Alkanyx covers software on Web apps and components, Mobile Apps, Desktop, and more.

Alkanyx - Codecanyon Alternative
Image resource: Alkanyx website

In other words, you can find premium scripts, plugins, templates, themes codes, programming resources for all types of websites.

Also, Alkanyx lets you use many useful free resources.

#8. CodeClerks

CodeClerks is another alternative to Codecanyon. This platform is easy to go marketplace for buying and selling any type of script & web resources. Important to realize that this is equally useful for non-core-technical users.

Image source: Codeclerks website screenshot

One can buy or sell the service or software here on CodeClerks. For instance, have a look at two software/services:

One is WordPress error solution quick delivery for $10. A very simple service, which is really in high demand by non-technical website owners & webmasters. Another one is Mp3OraXtr Mp3 Search Engine PHP Script for $29. To clarify, this is the sale of software.

Both of these services have their audience. Similarly, there are hundreds of other key software/services, which are being sold here.

CodeClerks covers software Apps, Bots, Desktop, Enterprise, Plugins, Web, and more. To point out the categories covered by this marketplace, are CSS, General Programming, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Other, PHP, Ruby, WordPress, and more.


A Codecanyon alternative, HotScripts is one of the biggest collections of scripts & programming resources.

Screenshot: HotScripts website

Important to realize that HotScripts is not a marketplace, but a nicely compiled directory. With this in mind, you can not do a purchase here, but it routes you to the websites that are listed here.

In fact, HotScripts is a great utility for developers, web designers, programmers, and webmasters.


These are some of the best CodeCanyon alternatives available in the market today. As you can see, the modern-day web lets you choose from a bunch of marketplaces and web developers’ resources. This is not an issue to find a place where you can sell your creative web designs, applications, code, and script. This is neither a problem to find a place where you can order professional web development services or a ready-made design that would be a perfect fit for your web resource. 

Now, we’d like to hear from you. Have you tried any of the CodeCanyon alternatives that we mentioned above? Are there more stunning web platforms and marketplaces offering similar or even better services?  Please let us know your opinion as you drop us a line in the comments.

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