Alternatives & competitors of Shutterstock

10 Top-notch Alternative & Competitors to Shutterstock

Many a time, a fitting image or video wonderfully explain the things in a buttery manner, when words won’t do much to express the same. Moreover, when these digital assets are coupled with words, it creates an impactful appeal. Indeed, that is the power of using the right medium of expression in the right place. Markedly, Shutterstock is a wonderful source of premium quality of images, videos, music & graphics. Similarly, there are many other similar websites & sources of premium digital assets, which are good alternatives to Shutterstock. With this in mind, we are going to enlist the best of the alternative & competitors of Shutterstock.

Firstly, let’s understand the key points about Shutterstock. Later, we shall move to list the best of the Shutterstock alternatives, be it premium, cheaper or free.

Shutterstock overview

Shutterstock is the world’s biggest marketplace for digital media assets. Irrespective of your profession or business, you will surely find the best of the collection here. Important to realize that Shutterstock consists of over a Billion digital assets.

Another key point is that Shutterstock has over a million contributors to sell their stuff here. Also, they have customers in more than 150 countries.

They have two pricing models. On-demand and Subscription. The on-demand plan comes with an enhanced license.

Shuterstock: Key Points

  • Biggest collection of over a Billion digital Media Assets. To your surprise, its collection is bigger than the next 5 competitors put together.
  • Shutterstock is most popular paid site on internet with maximum number of visitors.
  • Most rich content covering a much larger number of possible categories & keywords than the competition.



  • Individual subscription plan – starts from $49/month, with 10 images.
  • Team plan starts from $379/month.

Music/Audio effects

  • Unlimited subscription- $16.6/month
  • Individual download (Standard license) – $49
  • PremiumBeat– Standard license- $49 & Premium license- $199–


  • Subscription plan starts from $159/month for 10 clips.
  • 5-clip pack or SD, HD & 4K clips comes in $299, $359 & $599 respectively.
  • Separate Premium categories Elements & Select: Elements video starts from $79/clip, on the other hand, Select video costs $399 per clip.

Moreover, Shutterstock also provides vectors & editorial content.

The best part is that Shutterstock will almost never disappoint you, irrespective of the keyword you search for. Credit goes to its massive high-quality collection.

Best Alternative & Competitors of Shutterstock

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Dreamstime
  3. Gettyimages
  4. DepositPhotos
  5. Alamy
  6. iStockPhoto
  7. StoryBlocks
  8. Pond5
  9. 123RF
  10. JumpStory
  11. Envato Elements
  12. Picjumbo
  13. Freepik
  14. Pixabay
  15. Pexels

#1. Adobe Stock

The first & most eligible Shutterstock alternative, coming to my mind is Adobe Stock. There are many reasons for this obvious choice. In fact, most of the experts would agree with me to term Adobe Stock as the best alternative to Shutterstock.

Adobe Stock as best alternative to Shutterstock
Source: Adobe website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

Adobe Sock has a great Collection of Over 200 million top-class digital media assets. This is one of the most relevant collections. Additionally, there are a new and enhanced 2.4 million+ premium digital assets.

Adobe itself is the most prestigious name in visual technology solutions. No other player on earth is close to Adobe Stock, in terms of technological advancement.

Adobe has kept it plain & simple with credit pack pricing. However, only for standard images, you have an option to opt for a subscription model.

Areas of improvement:

  • Pricing.
  • Nothing substantial improvement needed.


Adobe has adopted credit pack pricing for all digital assets. Additionally, there are three Subscription models specifically for standard images.

  • The credit pack starts from $49.95 (for 5 credits) and goes up to $1200 for 150 credits. Where 1 credit can buy a standard image or template or 3D. Similarly, an HD and 4K video clip costs 8 & 20 credits respectively. Check the complete pricing details below.
  • There are three standard images subscription packs, 10 images in $29.99/month, 40 images in $79.99/month, and 750 images in $199.99/month. Important to realize, that here, Standard images include high-resolution photos, vectors, and illustrations.

Check Pricing details here.

Why Adobe Stock a good or best alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Apart from Adobe’s own positives, what do you think, if you get additional access to Photolia, Pond5 & Stocksy? Important to realize, that in 2014, Adobe acquired, Fotolia (one of the best platform for high-quality images then) and later became Adobe Stock.
  • Similarly in the year 2017, Adobe Stock collaborated with Pond5, in order to access its rich video content. As a result, Adobe Stock became one of the best platforms for digital media assets.
  • Additionally, as per the June-2017 collaboration between Adobe Stock and Stocksy, Adobe Stock users can access the lifestyle images of Stocksy in Creative Cloud (CC).
  • The subscription model is great value for money.
  • When it comes to handling the digital assets for teams, creatives, and small & medium companies, Adobe Stock is the best choice. No other player can match the Adobe expertise when it comes to managing unlimited users with a single console, single billing, seamless integration, team license history, and many more features. Get more details here for companies, teams & creatives.
  • Similarly, for Enterprises, Adobe has added many more additional features. Admin can manage & track user profiles, licenses, and usage. Specifically designed AI-powered smart search makes it really easy and saves time.
  • Images can be directly imported from Adobe Stock to Adobe XD. As a result, it saves a lot of time in first downloading & then using it by providing additional info in Adobe XD.
  • Similarly, it really makes it super-easy to use Adobe Stock images, while using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • It’s a great tool for UX designers, graphic designers.
  • Rich content for almost every category or segment.

#2. Dreamstime

Though formed in the year 2004, Dreamstime has gained much popularity in the previous 5-6 years’ time. It is truly the worthy alternative to Shutterstock after Adobe Stock.

Dreamstime as an alternative to Shutterstock
Source: Dreamstime website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • The whopping userbase of around 30 million, access over 130million photos here on Dreamstime.
  • Great collection

Areas of improvement:

  • Sometime you may find the issue with the website.
  • Ease of setup could be improved for a better experience.


Two types of pricing:

  • Credit Pack: Credit pack works for all types of digital assets. The credit pack starts from 11 credits pack in $14.99. Beyond 2000 credits, you may customize your own pack.
  • Subscription plan: Subscription plan for images starts from $25/month for 5 images. Similarly, there are two other subscription packages for video footage and extended license.

Why Dreamstime a good alternative to Shutterstock

  • Top-class content with over 150 million collections.
  • Great source of professional stock images & illustrations.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Reasonably priced digital resources.
  • The World’s biggest community of users always keeps a check on the performance of the Dreamstime.

#3. Gettyimages

GettyImages is the synonym of most premium Images for over 25 years. I am sure, you would be in sync with me to consider GettyImages as the most premium alternative to Shutterstock. Its focussed audience includes creative professionals, media, and corporates.

Important to realize, that Gettyimages, formed in year 1995, is the oldest of the lot. Also unlike most of the players, its not a microstock company, but its a stock one.

Getty Images as compititor to Shutterstock
Image source: Getty Images website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Best source for old & historic content. For instance, here you can get premium photographs and clips of prestigious events, including eminent sports events- The Olympics, entertainment, and celebrities.
  • Gettyimages make premium content available from the world’s most of the leading media & entertainment houses.
  • Images & videos come with two types of rights, standard editorial & custom.
  • Therefore, such a premium content & licensing model are the reason for high-cost digital assets.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • Not everyone can afford Gettyimages.


  • Images & video clip with standard licensing may cost you in the rage of $125 to $500 per asset.
  • You may save a good amount with Ultrapacks.

Why GettyImages a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • It provides the most premium collection of historic events, sports, media, entertainment, celebrities, etc.
  • Gettyimages, provide the best of the editorial content.
  • Most of the content is curated content.
  • Ultrapacks makes it easy to buy premium assets at a discounted price.
  • There are many options to choose for images/video with a standard or custom license.

#4. DepositPhotos

The best thing about DepositPhotos is that it fills many gaps. It is among the top 5 providers of premium stock images, illustrations, editorial and videos. At the same time, it is very reasonably priced and affordable. Certainly, Depositphotos is the premium quality, yet cheaper alternative to Shutterstock.

depositphotos as Shutterstock alternative
Image source: Depositphotos website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Massive collection of over 150 million photos, videos, vectors, and editorials.
  • Great platform, not only for individuals & agencies but also for corporates, SMB & Enterprises.
  • Coverage of widest range of categories.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • There is a need to enrich a few categories including lifestyle & beauty.


  • Superbly simple pricing for photos and vectors with Subscription & Flexible plan. The subscription plan starts with 75 images download in $69/month and goes up to 750 images in $199/month. On the other hand, the Flexible plan allows the download of 10 images in $9.99/month. All these plans come with the standard licensing model.
  • Additionally, there is on-demand pricing. The Standard license plan starts from $49 with 10 downloads in a year. The extended license plan starts from $89 for a single image.
  • There are no subscription plans for videos, but the download packs. 5 downloads for SD, HD & ultra HD comes in $69, $239, and $729 respectively.

Why Depositphotos a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Great platform for both, premium images buyers, and sellers.
  • A modern looking website with great site experience.
  • Its subscription plan is the most popular reason, individuals & corporates/companies join Depositphotos.
  • Its newly launched flexible plan is quite aggressive & another big push by DepositPhotos to achieve further penetration.
  • They have specifically created a separate dashboard for Enterprises, where Enterprises will get a curated collection, clever search tool, sub-account management dashboard for unlimited users, high-resolution images with simple pricing & extended rights.

#5. Alamy

Alamy is another big name in premium images & footage providers. With over 200 million, quality authentic digital media assets, Alamy is among the top alternatives of Shutterstock.

Alamy as compititor to Shutterstock
Image source: Amamy website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

Just like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime and Gettyimages, Alamy is a platform, where probably you can always get, what you want. With inumerable relevant content, it covers almost every category.

  • Over 200 million top-class collections.
  • All of the content is authentic and real life, that makes it a lively platform.
  • Images licensing is either Royalty-free (RF)or Rights-managed (RM).

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • It would have been better if Alamy comes up with a package or subscription model of pricing.
  • Affordability is an issue.


  • Pricing is divided into two categories, Royalty-free & Rights-managed. Further, there are many options to choose from RF & RM, which suits your business.
  • Royalty-free assets range from $49 to $365. And Rights-managed assets can go up to $19,999.

Why Alamy a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Just like Shutterstock, Alamy search results in massive relevant content. Almost every-time, you search for, you will have enough premium assets to choose from.
  • Great platform for contributors or photographers, who sell their collection here. Alamy not only buys the top-class content but also guides the photographers or contributors about the ideal way of doing that.
  • Though Alamy is known as the platform, which charges high pricing. Still, it has kept the pricing in a way that it will always be in the reach of everyone. Pricing starts from $49.
  • Among the best for traditional photos. Moreover, this is equally great for the latest, trending, and professional images.
  • Alamy provides the maximum possible options to choose from different types of RF & RM licensing. It may save a big chunk of the amount for your business.
  • Great quality of support.
  • Over 150K quality photographers contribute to Alamy.

#6. iStock

Founded as a startup in the year 2000, iStockphoto, soon gained the momentum and later acquired by Gettyimages in the year 2006. Markedly, iStockphoto has already crossed Gettyimages, its parent company in terms of the number of visitors.

Source: iStockphoto website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Simple Royalty-free licensing, which allows you to use the assets multiple times.
  • Access free editor tool by iStock.

Areas of improvement:

  • A subsription plan for videos is much needed, just like its plan for images.
  • Extended licensing is much costly.


Shutterstock has adopted two pricing models, credit pack based & subscription based.

  • The credit plan starts from $20, which can buy single credit. Similarly, you can buy 300 credits in $2400. As can be seen, gradually with increasing value pack, per credit pricing decreases.
  • Subscription is of great value if you need images at regular intervals. However, available only for images. There are two subscription offers, Signature & Essential subscription. The Signature subscription provides access to all of the images. On the other hand, with an Essential subscription, one can access only essential images. Subscription plan for 10 images starts from $100 & $40 for Signature & Essential respectively.

Why iStock a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Among the leading players for high-quality digital assets with all varieties & themes covered.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • No need to pay extra charges for 4K videos, as these are available as the same pricing as HD videos.
  • All digital assets at iStock are comparatively cheaper than Shutterstock.

#7. Envato Elements

If you are a blogger, web-designer, graphic-design business, web-entrepreneur, or a business/enterprise, then Envato Elements is surely made to cater to your business needs. Be it images, videos, audio, templates, cards, logos, marketing stuff, fonts, themes, plugins & more, you will find everything here, that too with Unlimited Download Subscription plan.

Important to realize, that no other content provider on earth can match, what is offered by Envato Elements. Envato Elements is surely among top worthy alternatives of Shutterstock.

Envato Elements as Shutterstock alternative
Image source: Shutterstock website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Over 2.3 million digital assets with additional access to 50 million+ images.
  • It covers the widest range of digital assets, which are not covered by any other site or business until now.
  • Suitable for digital marketers, agencies, and businesses of all sizes.
  • WordPress themes, plugins, CMS templates, codes have made it useful for web designers & developers.

Areas of improvement:

  • Nothing much except the addition of content for some categories.
  • There are some keywords which don’t result in to the rich content.


  • Simple subscription-based pricing.
  • The individual plan for $16.5/month with annual billing. Students can get a 30% discount. There are separate plans for teams.
  • A specially tailored Enterprise plan for customized needs.

Why Envato Elements a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Superb all-around content and digital assets from the reputed house of Envato.
  • Apart from its own stuff, additionally, you will also get access to over 50 million images from Twenty20. It is so because recently, the stock images portal Twenty20 was acquired by Envato.
  • A single subscription in just $16.5/month for unlimited downloads.
  • It can be used not only for images/audio/video, but you may create all marketing content with it.
  • Addition of thousands of new content every week.
  • Access to Premium Tuts+ for courses & tutorials.
  • A single commercial license for all digital assets with broad commercial rights.
  • Great use for graphic designers, as it also provides fonts, brushes, layer styles, actions & presets, and more.
  • Saves cost for businesses with business email templates, presentation templates, logos, and infographics.
  • Discounted pricing for students, businesses, and enterprises.

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#8. StoryBlocks

Storyblocks was spot-on when it tried to resolve a BIG problem with its inception. When its founder came across the so heavily charged video footage, he was shaken & then he decided to make it by himself and started selling it on eBay. Surely, he understood, what creatives want!

With this in mind, Storyblocks came into existence by offering affordable digital media assets. Further, it became the first player to launch the subscription model for video, music & images. Therefore, it can be considered a cheaper alternative to Shutterstock.

Image source: Storyblocks website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Subscription-based service with over 1.5 million digital assets, including images, music, videos & graphics.
  • All digital assets comes with Standard license.
  • It also offer the solution to companies and there is a provision for API. To clarify, an API can make it easy and smoothen the process of accessing the entire content.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • In order to compete with Shutterstock, Storyblocks need to add a significant collection of images & videos.
  • Important to realize, there are many categories & keywords, which are not properly or entirely covered.


  • Simple price format with Basic & Unlimited plan option for audio and video.
  • Only video, content is available with two plans. The Basic plan with 5HD videos downloads in $8.25/month & Unlimited plan with $16.58/month with yearly billing. However, the monthly billing option is also available.
  • Similarly, for audio-only, the Basic & Unlimited plan with the yearly billing option comes in $8.25/month & $12.41 respectively.
  • Unlike audio & video, images are available only with an All Unlimited plan (for images, audio & video). That comes in $29.08/month with yearly billing & $65/month with monthly billing options.

Why Storyblocks a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Reasonably priced subscription plan with both, limited and unlimited downloads. Plans are available for both individuals and businesses.
  • Hassle-free & easy to use platform.
  • No need to stall your project, just because of the budget issues. Just get the content of your choice at a cheaper price, than most of the sites. Also, no need to doubt, as it is legit, not a scam.
  • All of the content comes with standard license. To point out, its standard license allows the use the content without any restriction on production budget & distribution. Moreover, once you download the content, you can keep and use it, forever.

#9. Pond5

Have you forgotten Pond5? It is popular for its top-class premium video content! Additionally, it is among the players, that keeps the widest range of digital assets. Surely, Pond5 is not to be missed as a Shutterstock alternative for premium video content.

Pond5 as a Shutterstock competitor
Image source: Pond5 website Homepage

Features & Advantages:

  • Great collection of video footage, images, music, audio effect, 3D objects, after-effect templates, vectors & illustrations, photoshop PSD, editorial and more.
  • Its ‘Media of the Moment’ category shows the trending video content. Easy for you to identity such content.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • Pricing could have been a bit better or affordable.


  • There are two pricing models, membership & individual product-wise.
  • Membership plan comes with 10 downloads/month for a membership fee of either $199/month or $999/year.
  • In addition to membership, users can also pay by buying the credit packs.

Why Pond5 a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • In this list of Shutterstock alternatives, other than Envato Elements, Pond5 is the only player, that keeps such a widest range of assets.
  • Important to realize, that with over 17 million videos, Pond5 is the largest marketplace of Royalty-free video content.
  • It has such a great video content that Adobe Stock has collaborated for providing access to Pond5 content from Adobe Stock Creative Cloud (CC).
  • Capable of catering to the need of all of the digital media assets.
  • Pond5 also provides the adobe plugin, which helps the creatives to do their work at a faster pace.
  • Important to realize that Pnd5 acquired stock images company PIXMAC & strengthen its photo collection.
  • Amazon also provides the price guarantee for products, which means Pond5 will match the price if the same product is available anywhere at a lower price.
  • Highest quality video assets in HD, 4K & 360-degree format.

#10. 123RF

Started in the year 2005, with its growing massive collection, 123RFhas become one of the leading digital asset providers. In fact, with the massive collection and great customer support, 123RF has the potential to be considered as a Shutterstock alternative.

123RD a cheaper shutterstock alternative
Image source: 123RF website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Massive collection of over 110 million digital media assets, with the addition of over 90,000 content from its community of 300K contributors.
  • It primarily targets the affordable pricing segment audience.
  • Great corporate admin dashboard to control, manage, and collaborate.
  • All of the digital content is available with simple royalty-free licensing. Moreover, editorial and extended licensing are also available at a higher price.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • Frankly, some of the 123RF reviews on internet & Quora seems to be unrealistic ones, as some of them didn’t come as an obvious review. Also, they already started comparing 123RF with Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Gettyimages, Alamy, Dreamstime, and already placed it as among the top 5 players, that too 3 years back. Such writing may confuse the audience.
  • There are many categories & keywords, where 123RF needs to put in more efforts and enrich the content.
  • Ease of use could have been better.


  • There are two types of pricing offered by 123RF, on-demand (credit packs) & subscription-based.
  • Credit packs start from $39 and in return, you will get 40 credits.
  • The subscription plan starts with 10 downloads/month in $29/month or $290/year. Similarly, the best value plan with 750 downloads/month comes in $199/month or $1990/year. Important to realize that subscription is available only for images.

Why 123RF a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • 123RF is an amazingly cool & impactful website.
  • Over 100 million quality content is a big pool of quality content, moreover, they are adding huge content on a daily basis.
  • Its customer support is good and making it convenient for users.
  • Adobe Photoshop add-on & GoogleAdd-on are quite handy & made it easy for creators.
  • 123RF is ready to take a big leap with its plans for corporates. Its superbly designed dashboard is quite helpful to manage the users and work-flow.

#11. Freepik

You know, what is the most amazing thing about Freepik! Freepik is the world’s most popular website for images & graphics, period… It is much more popular than even Shutterstock & Adobe Stock.

For images & graphics, surely Freepik is a worthy alternative to Shutterstock.

Freepik a similar website as Shutterstock
Image source: Freepik website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Best free website for images, vectors, illustrations, icons, and PSD.
  • Freepik online editor to edit templates.

Areas of improvement/Cons:

  • There is a daily download limit of maximum 10 downloads/day in free account.
  • In Premium account there is a capping of 100 downloads/day.


  • Free access & downloads of assets are allowed.
  • In order to access exclusive content and to increase your daily download limit from 10 to 100, there is a Premium Account fee of 2.5/month, with yearly billing.

Why Freepik a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Unbelievable free & ultra-low-cost collection of over 7.3 million graphics and images.
  • Premium access account in just €2.5/month with yearly billing of €29.99.
  • Priority customer support with a premium account.
  • Unlimited downloads with premium subscriptions.
  • Great collection of icons, vectors, illustrations.
  • Rich content on contemporary or trending keywords or topics.

#12. JumpStory

Jumpstory is another great alternative to Shutterstock, due to its high-performing collection. To point out its most appealing feature, that is its better & meaningful search results.

Image source: Jumpstory website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Over 25 million high-quality collections of images, video, and graphic content.
  • Effective search tool to deliver the most relevant content.
  • There can be unlimited users per account.

Areas of improvement:

  • Sometime you may feel that the quality of resources could have been better. However, considering that Jumpstory is a relatively new player, they might add the required content for a few categories soon.
  • Unlike other sites, you can’t see its stock, without opting for a plan or trial. So, you can’t make a comparison with other sites without subscribing. That’s a bit unfair.
  • On some photographer forums, it is said that some images are the same as other sites like Pexels.


  • Plane & simple pricing of $25/month with unlimited downloads.

Why Jumpstory a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Along with high-quality content, you will also get a photo editor & a smart tool to remove image backgrounds with ease.
  • Unlimited use of assets with one license.
  • One of the most economical package.
  • AI-powered search for appropriate search results.
  • In case you are busy and could not find out the best of the images, videos
  • If you are a blogger or a small business, then Jumpstory is a great solution for you.

#13. PicJumbo

I was really in awe, why am I considering the PicJumbo here in this list. How can a player enter this club with less than even a million content?

Picjumbo is a comparatively new player, but the most exciting one. There are only stock images available here. But, the way it has presented itself as a solution, with Free & paid top-quality images, that is quite impressive. This is the most affordable Shutterstock alternative, specifically for images. Its amazing collection is just like the feeling of fresh air.

There is an interesting story about – how it came into existence, that surely you’ll like. This is about one photography & coding enthusiast, whose photographs were rejected by many websites. Who was trying the things, when he was just 14 years old, ended up with opening his own website, just to sell his own photo stuff.

That’s how PicJumbo came into existence. As can be seen now, today it is loved by thousands of bloggers and websites.

Image source: Picjumbo website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Free access to all quality, high-resolution images.
  • Exclusive access of premium content & 140+ curated collections for members.
  • Largely covered categories are – business, people, technology, food and more.

Areas of improvement:

  • The addition of graphics could really make it a much better player.
  • Lack of content in many categories.


  • Firstly, you need not pay a single penny, in order to use the images.
  • Secondly, if you want to go further with more of top-class & premium stock, then you may opt for the Most Affordable Subscription plan by any competitor, that too with amazing images.
  • There could be two probable reasons to pay for Premium Membership. First,

Why PicJumbo a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • It is a superb collection with free access and affordable paid options.
  • No scrap quality content, but the entire collection is of the top quality & handpicked.
  • Its Premium Membership is also a kind of support to great work by this guy & his noble initiative ‘PicJumbo Project’.
  • 50+ Latest premium stuff in your mailbox every month.
  • Very soon, it may really become BIG, the way people supporting it & also using its stuff.
  • To point out, the biggest utility of PicJumbo is its hundreds of collections, which is of great use for professionals.

#14. Pixabay

Firstly, when you visit Pixabay, you won’t believe that such a quality resource is just free of charge. Pixabay will make you amazed with its rich content, that’s why we’ve considered Pixabay as one of the great alternatives to Shutterstock.

pixabay as compititor to shutterstock
Image source: Pixabay website screenshot

Features & Advantages:

  • Major covered categories are business, technology, nature, wallpaper, flowers, food, business, office, love, computer, money, and many more.
  • Over 1.7 million digital assets.

Areas of improvement:

  • More conent is needed to cover many categories & keywords.


  • It is completely free.

Why Pixabay a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • It has covered all major types of digital media assets, including images, graphics, videos, and music.
  • You may search the images with an advanced image search.

#15. Pexels

Though Pexels is a free resource, still it keeps a high-quality collection, created by quality photographers. It is a good free alternative to Shutterstock for images and videos.

With over 18 million visits per month, Pexels is one of the most visited website for images & videos.

Image source: Pexels website

Features & Advantages:

  • You can create your own collection on Pexels.
  • Search images by colour.
  • Great contributors driven platform.

Areas of improvement:

  • More video content is required.


  • Free access.

Why Pexels a good alternative to Shutterstock?

  • Pexels is a good source of free images, which is supported by quality contributors.
  • Quality photographers upload their content here to gain easy popularity and donations. A good photograph may easily get even a million views, thousands of downloads, and also the donations. That is the reason for many superb quality photographs here.

Summary & verdict

Consider this list just for your knowledge and reference, as this is not an everlasting list. All of the players tend to change their strategy, product line, and performance over a period of time. Accordingly, their competitiveness will have to change. But, there are some consistent players of this segment, whom we can rely upon. For example, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Gettyimages, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, Storyblocks, and Envato Elements are the all-weather favorite performers here.

To sum up…

there are a few recommendations, I can make for ideal Shutterstock alternatives in different requirements:

  • If you are looking for better Shutterstock alternative in terms of most premium quality, variety & manageability, go for Adobe Stock. For SMB, corporates & enterprises, this is an ideal solution.
  • 150 million+ mega collection is available with Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, Gettyimages, Alamy, and Depositphotos.
  • If you want better customer treatment along with a parallel collection of images & illustrations, my choice would be, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, and Jumpstory.
  • Two great Shutterstock competitors for better or equivalent real-life collection are Alamy & GettyImages.
  • For quality digital assets in mid-range affordable pricing, go for Storyblocks, 123RF, and Jumpstory.
  • Best of the images collection in the lowest possible budget is available on Freepik & PicJumbo.
  • If you need the most possible resources within an affordable range, surely you should go for Envato Elements. As it also keeps a rich collection of WordPress themes & plugins, templates, top quality tutorials, fonts, logos, templates, and many more top-quality digital assets. Additionally, you will also get access to over 50 million collections of images at Twenty20.
  • There are four free resources from this list – Pixabay, Pexels, PicJumbo, and Freepik.

Thanks for reading.

Your feedback would be highly appreciated!