In a very short period, Envato Elements has become the darling of creators, designers, marketing agencies & small businesses. They must have done something right. Though few also say that Envato Elements is killing the competition by offereing huge top quality collection of digital assets in unmatchable pricing. Therefore it is quite obvious to see if there are any serious alternative or competitors of Envato Elements.

Why Envato Elements became so popular?

Envato Elements competitors & alternative

Let’s figure it out:

  • Envato Elements offers almost every type of digital asset. You will find everything you need for your projects. Apart from images, audio, videos it also keeps graphics, WordPress themes, plugins, fonts, logos, tutorials, 3D, graphic & video templates, web templates, presentation templates, infographics and much more. You can also create thumbnails for videos, articles & social media. It’s really huge. Tell me now, where you’ll get all these?
  • Envato Elements was designed, keeping in the mind about the real needs of professional bloggers, designers, webmasters & small businesses by the WordPress themes, plugins, fonts, infographics.
  • Envato Elements has a collection of more than 2 million digital assets. Moreover, thousands of latest digital assets are being added every week.
  • None of the platforms offers such a creative package with the widest type of collection which Envato Elements offer.
  • Recently Twenty20 has become the part of Envato, which in turn hugely benefits the subscribers. Because Twenty20 has brought a BIG Collection of 50 millions of photos.
  • Once you become Envato Elements subscriber, in addition to its 2Million+ digital assets, you will also get access to 50Million+ photos.
  • One can download unlimited assets in its subscription. If anybody has opted for a monthly billing plan, still unlimited digital assets could be downloaded.
  • Its collection of WordPress themes, plugins, fonts, 3D and many other such tools distinguishes Envato Elements from other traditional sites, which have kept themselves limited to images, music, videos & graphics.
  • Envato Elements subscription comes in unbelievable pricing of $16.5/month for yearly billing. The same subscription will cost you $33/month, for monthly billing.
  • It’s a one-stop-shop, caters to the needs of most of the digital assets.

Seeing is believing, you must first browse the library free of charge, in order to understand it.

You can access the complete collection of Envato Elements, without opting for the plan and see how useful could be for you.

At the same time, there are many other platforms to explore, which have their own strengths.

We are listing down the leading 5 competitors & alternative of Envato Elements. Let’s check them out!

Best 6 competitors & alternative of Envato Elements

Leading competitors & alternatives of Envato Elements-

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Creative Market
  3. Motion Elements
  4. Template Monster
  5. Story Blocks
  6. Motion Array

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock Thumbnail Generator

Without any iota of doubt, I can safely say that Adobe Stock is the best plaform for images on any subject matter, be it graphic images, scenic, citie, places, technology or even for editorial content.

However Adobe Stock can’t compete with Envato Elements as it is not an apple to apple comparision. Still, Adobe is placed at number one here due to unparalled collection and its completeness.

Adobe Stock is surely one of the best collection of digital assets, which comes from Adobe itself. Every one knows, how closely Adobe is associated with the imaging/visuals technologies. Stock from Adobe is a professional stock digital assets service, fully integrable with Creative Cloud platform.

Adobe Stock boasts of having over 100 millions of stock images, over a million videos, over a million editorial and huge collection of vectors, templates/3D & premium collection.

  • Adobe stock comes with Annual license plans starting from $29.9/month for 10 assets/month. Furthermore, the annual commitment plan is $199.9/month for 750 assets per month. Check the complete plan details here.
  • One can get images, video footage, 3D, templates, vectors, music/audio tracks, and editorials. Until 2019, it was not a complete package as music or audio tracks were not offered by Adobe Stock. But now, it has become almost complete with the inclusion of music/audio.
  • If you want to go for Adobe Stock, you need to couple this with an audio website like Sitestripe.
  • Therefore it is clearly visible that Envato Elements is a great value for the money, for the complete set of digital assets.

2. Creative Market

Creative Market - Envato Elements Competitors & alternative

Second of the Envato Elements competitors is Creative Market, both have good collection of web themes & templates. Creative market is a marketplace of independent artists around the world, who create top quality designs. Both Envato Elements & Creative Market offers many things in common. Both are great platforms for photos, graphics, templates, web themes, fonts and add ons.

  • Creative Market is the Biggest Marketplace for almost every type of digital asset.
  • You need to understand the power of this platform, as it provides the marketplace & opportunity to a highly talented pool of designers. When such a BIG talent pool of designers gathers at a single platform, they truly create the most sought after collection.
  • Creative Market has the upper hand when we talk about the number of collections & types of collection. Creative Market has more than 4 million products and 30K+ shops/sellers & more than 6.7 million members. Which is huge!
  • Creative Market has kept the individual pricing model, where every design maker collection has its own pricing.
  • There is no subscription model as such, but the credit plan. You can buy a credit plan suitable to your needs, and pay from it for individual or collection.

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3 . Motion Elements

Motion Elements

Motion Elements has a much more number of digital assets than Envato Elements. However, Motion Elements doesn’t keep a few digital assets viz – WordPress themes & plugins. It also offers a great collection of digital assets for people of Asia, however, at the same time Envato Elements has a huge global collection.

Motion Elements boasts of more than 3 million digital assets,which includes music & audio tracks, video footage, animation, GIFs, templates, after effects, motion templates, 3D etc. It also has Premiere Pro templates, Apple Motion templates and BGM music tracks which makes it very attractive for creators. It is claimed to be Asia’s biggest collection of digital assets.

One thing which kaeeps it apart from competition is its unique AI search tools. For instance, with AI search tools, one can use visual search for images & videos and audio search for music files.

It is truly worth considering for use in your projects.

As a majot competitor, It has one Big advantage over Envato Elements, you can also join it as free account & download 5 digital assets every week, from its collection of thousands of free digital assets.

4. Template Monster ( ONE Web-development membership)

Template monster - Envato Elements competitors & alternative

I admire its collection as simply a gold-mine for professional bloggers, webmasters, designers & small business owners.

It not only competes with Envato Elements, but at the same time compensate it. You may have both of them and you won’t regret it!

Template Monster not only provide most of the digital assets provided by Envato Elements, but also what it don’t. However, two major elements music and videos are not there on Template Monster.

The new one helpful and powerful service is ONE Web Development Membership. You can obtain all top-notch items you require just within ONE membership. This is a perfect solution and the possibility to save real money. There are two plans to pick up from: monthly and yearly, which will appear very soon. Make annual payment $17/month which means only $199 a year and enjoy plenty of desired goods for free. Each of the items is free to access, so you can check it out right now. 

Purchasing ONE membership you have access to a great amount of items:

  • Download any multipurpose themes and templates based on WordPress, Joomla, and other powerful CMS. 
  • Also, you can build your own online store with E-commerce themes( including WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify)
  • Looking for plugins? Here they are. All plugins for your project are there, even JET plugins for Elementor. 
  • The websites will be full of graphics items with ONE ( such as PSD files, logos, corporate identity, and other). Use them for all your websites.  


Purchasing from ONE membership, you get several unique features. So, let’s explore them together. 

  • Free download is available now. All it takes is just to purchase ONE subscription and download an unlimited number of products for the projects. 
  • No using limits.  Your projects need to use the same product twice or even more? So, just do it! 
  • Benefits for ONE member. Any exclusive item by Template Monster that is beyond ONE membership is accessible discount of 50%. 
  • Extra services. Website maintenance to SEO work is glad to help you and save your time.  While you refine the projects, extra services do their best. 
  • Don’t forget about 24/7 technical support. The professional support team will resolve all your problems at any time of the day. Just trust the experts. 

5. Story Blocks

storyblocks vs envato elements - competitors & alternative

This one platform from Storyblocks covers three unique libraries for images, music and videos. In subscription plan you get unlimited downloads from 115,000 HD videos, 400,000 images, and 110,000 audio tracks.

  • Only few of the premium digital assets providers are close competitors to Envato Elements, Storyblocks is one of those few.
  • In addition to images, music & videos, Storyblocks covers after effects templates, vectors, & illustrations. Unlimited download is applicable to all of these assets.

6. Motion Array

Envato Elements vs Motion Array - Envato Elements competitors & alternative

Guys let me introduce you to the best-ever helping-hand & heaven for video content creators. I assure you, there is no one like Motion Array.

Motion array has done a great job of offering a great variety of meaningful resources. It is a marketplace for various types of creative resources. It offers templates (including Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve templates), presets, audio effects and video footage, plugins, tutorials, and much more.

Though Motion Array has kept the subscription fee a bit higher than the Envato Elements fee, it literally offers the great value to Top class video creators, production houses, and content creators. Motion Array Premium Pro comes in around $20.8/month when billed annually, however, monthly subscription will cost you $29.99. Moreover, it’s free plan provides access to a good number of resources.

  • Motion Array has a much smaller overall collection than Envato Elements. Important to realize, that, as of date, it has a collection of only 516K+ digital assets. But it offers more than enough & laser-sharp focussed tools for video content creators.
  • Though Motion Array provides a good number of templates, it lacks in images or photo collection.
  • Owing to the unavailability of many categories like WordPress themes, fonts, etc, It’s not an ‘apple to apple’ comparison.
  • You may join Motion Array for free and start using the assets in your projects. Moreover, opt for Pro plan/subscription for Professional After Effects & Premiere Pro templates, stock music & videos.

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