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Must-have Content Writing Tools & Website

If you want to learn proven key methods to enrich your content writing, it is advised to make certain that you use few key online tools or website/s for various purposes. Consuming great writing is similar to listening to a terrific singer. After all, writing for your intended audience is a valuable part of content advertising. Intelligent content creators, bloggers, marketing professionals, and webmasters do not do their job manually! In fact, this is not possible for most of them to even survive without some top-notch, best-in-class website or tools for content writing/creation. In order to get their job done quickly & effectively, they need some tried and tested tools. We are enlisting here top-quality tools for content writers, and digital content creators.

How to strategize the use of content writing / creation tools & website:

Firstly, get the broad plan you would like for your content to be created and promoted. If you attempt to supply high-quality content on a normal basis that aids your target readers solve their problems, then they are going to see you as a credible and reliable source of information. If you enjoy creating beautiful visual content in a really brief quantity of time, you will love to own leading digital content creation tools. Distribution Tools Once your content is made, you have to get it in the hands of students. Digital content is tough to organize and categorize.

Using auto blogging software is now the most popular way of creating automated content among internet marketers. Moreover, the usage of content re-optimization enables the user to concentrate very specifically on targeting specific keywords throughout the further blocks of text. Its goal is to supply you with a simple method to create your written email content that could then easily be ported over to an HTML-friendly format.

Your content may be the secret to unlock unlimited visitors to your site. And you must interact with every tool, which can empower you to unleash your true potential.

Broadly, we can divide the Content writing tools and digital content creation tools or websites into the below-mentioned categories:

  1. English Content writing tools and website
  2. Digital content creation tools
  3. SEO Tools
  4. Productivity Tools

Best Content writing tools or website/s

1. Grammarly

To autocorrect the grammar and vocabulary of the sentences. It also checks plagiarism for your article or content. First, you have to signup to Grammarly free and then install the chrome extension on your PC. One of the must-have content writing tools.

You need to go for the Premium version if you want access to the plagiarism checker. It must be noted here that Grammarly is probably the best plagiarism checker. Premium & Business, both plans are available within $15.

In order to develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills you may read – 15 Incredibly Useful English Language Learning Websites

2. Hemmingway

Hemingway editor along with Grammarly is a great combination for bloggers and truly provides the easy pass in order to make your content error-free and readable. Hemmingway app is available in both desktop and web versions.

3. WordAi & Spin Rewriter (Article rewriter tool)

Both are among the best paraphrasing/article rewriter tools. Paraphrasing tools are also known as article rewriters or spinners. Article rewriter & Article generator both are equally helpful for bloggers & content writers.

If you want to learn more in detail about paraphrasing tools or article spinner, check this article – Superbly Helping English Paraphrasing tool/Article Rewriter tool.

4. Articleforge

Best available unique content generator or auto-writer. It creates unique articles in seconds. Useful for webmasters, marketing professionals, students & teachers, etc.

Up to an extent, content is SEO-optimised and you may customize it by putting SEO keywords while creating the article.  The content has to be convincing and Copyscape. Conventional content has flooded the world wide web and is beginning to feel stale.

5. Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine has the capability to create a strong and excellent article and it’s using any keyword to create super-spun articles. Possessing high excellent content leads to a greater conversion rate and more product sales. If you would like to delight in excellent content for your site then you must utilize Kontent Machine.

We suggest you go for both Article Forge & Kontent Machine.

6. Articoolo

Another great auto content creator on any given topic. Go for either Articoolo or Aticleforge to create the perfect article on any given topic.

Article Forge & Articoolo are two leading Article generators. To know more about the Top 5 Automatic Content Generators, you may read Best Article Generator | Automatic Content Writer / Creator

7. Plagiarisma

To ensure uniqueness, simply run your site through a leading plagiarism checker like Plagiarisma. It searches a billion text & articles across the internet.

8. Copyscape

Copyscape is the greatest free plagiarism tool available on the internet to keep track of your contents to being copied. It is among the oldest and popular plagiarism checker websites. Copyscape isn’t a content removal tool. Basically, Copyscape scans the web for instances of a bit of content.

9. Plagiarism Checker X 2019

Plagiarism Checker X 2019 is an impressive application that may be used for checking along with locating the material which has been copied inside text documents along with webpages.

Best Websites and tools for digital content creation

These websites and tools are useful in video making, thumbnail, presentation generation etc which help bloggers, webmasters to own the created content without any difficulty. By using these tools in an appropriate manner, one can

1.Envato Elements

Using best-rated digital assets and safeguarding themselves from copyright infringement or violation claims is a must for content creators. Envato Elements is a must-have tool for content creators as it provides almost all kinds of digital media assets with the best commercials among equals.

You may see the influence of mid-century design at Envato, particularly in print, kind, and pattern design work. Whichever style of internet design you select, stay with it and be proud of what you have. Needless to say, logos work best when they’re totally unique, custom-made for the need, and part of a bigger branding undertaking. Stock Vector Graphics may be one of the most useful resources that designers like yourself can use however they aren’t the exclusive element that makes up a superior design.

Digital assets offered by Envato Elements include images, audio (music & sound effects), stock video, graphics, fonts, logo, graphics, vectors, web & cms templates, and many add-ons.

There are very few platforms, which can offer this many digital assets on a single platform and with an unbelievable price tag like this.

To know more about other websites for royalty-free images, music, video, and other digital assets, check 5 first-rate Websites for Royalty-free Images, music, videos.

2. Online video maker/editor


Video generation software enables you to quickly produce quality videos merely by inserting some pictures and text into the program. 

One can experience incredible online video making and editing with WeVideo. When you signup with Wevideo, experience the great editor features. Once you use it, you’ll know, how straightforward and easy to operate this video creator/manager is. One can make video layouts, thumbnails, introductions from the gave load of eminence-free advanced resources. It is a shockingly simple online video editorial manager for makers. One can create video templates, thumbnails, presentations from the provided stock of royalty-free digital assets

With a free account, one can get five minutes of video time in a month, 1 GB of storage, and 480p output video quality.

A paid account offers genuine advantages, which include WeVideo watermark removal, a lot bigger digital assets resources library, better video resolution, and better video resolutions and advanced editing features like screen recording, and significantly more useful features.

3. Video Editing software –

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 (for beginners)

Overall Best video editing software under $100. User-friendly and best video software for beginners.

Cost- $99 – Buy from here

4. Bundle of Camtasia & Snagit

(Screen capture, Screen recorder & Video Editor)

These two Techsmith tools are way ahead of the competition. Camtasia comprises the capacity of a screen recorder and video editing in a handy method. With Camtasia, a single license can activate the item on Windows along with Mac. On the other hand, Snagit is a leader in Screen Capture Software.

Whether you’re experienced or making a video for the very first time, it is likely to provide you, all you should make a video of premium quality. If you are making training videos with Camtasia, you are going to learn tricks and ideas to help save you time and create videos that look great!

Camtasia presents advanced tools if you’re prepared to spend the opportunity to learn to use them. Camtasia gives Educational content creators the capacity to share their content on various platforms.

The computer software can record your webcam and screen at the exact same time, so you can obtain a presence on the monitor. It allows individuals and businesses to get their point across by creating crisp and effective videos. The tool includes an extremely large learning curve.

TechSmith Snagit screen recorder permits you to make your document utilizing simple characteristics that are simple to follow and update. It’s a significant means to annotate the screen captures that you’re making to generate a point, to point out specific features of whatever it’s you’re trying to illustrate. If you’re looking for something professional with an insane quantity of features and a group of support staff that may help you proceed through those features and will willingly pay for it, Snagit is your option.

Get Camtasia & Snagit, both as a Bundle Offer on Techsmith.

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SEO Tools

1. Submit your site to all search engines at Entireweb

You may submit your site for free at all search engines for free.

If you’re submitting your website on website directories that have a high spam rating, you might end up building bad backlinks for your site. A search engine is a prominent approach to submitting a site directly to google to boost the promotion of the site. When you submit your site to directories, it is going to get indexed in the search engines.

Submit to popular directories as it brings traffic and also the sort of backlinks that will actually boost your website’s optimization approach. Search engines consider the range of backlinks you’ve got and directory submission will provide your website the necessary backlinks. Backlinks are among the biggest indicators when ranking your videos and are among the most essential steps of video SEO. You need a good deal of quality backlinks as a way to generate more website traffic.

2. On page SEO from Yoast SEO Plugin

3. Pre Post SEO

Prepostseo’s 95 free online tools on a single platform are helping millions of bloggers, students, marketing agencies, webmasters, SEO experts. It offers tools, which include plagiarism checker, word counter, paraphrasing, domain authority checker, backlink maker, and much more very useful tools for free.

Productiity Tools

1 . Rescue Time

Ensure productivity. Safeguard yourself from productivity leakage sites

When you’re scheduling time for a job/task, keep a little buffer of 5-10 minutes before you start with this. You are able to stop by with treats from time to time. Rescue Time can help you keep an eye on the time that you spend online. So before you may find out how to prioritize your everyday work, you should find everything down in one spot.

You’ve got complete control. Time management tips that may do the job for someone can be wholly useless for somebody else. In case you have some superior time management ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us. It provides you with a thorough analysis of how you’re spending your time on your laptop. You will have the ability to dictate the whole info and it’ll write it down for you.

2 . Lastpass

Protect & manage your passwords.

Lastpass is cost-free and also available in the paid option of just $3/month, which will store your passwords for you so you don’t have to remember them or type them in and encrypts them too, even if you buy a virus on your computer that you’re not mindful of this can secure your confidential data. You ought to expect this from a tool that you will utilize to run your business enterprise.

If you make a crucial file, take care to keep it in a secure place at which you can access it on each gadget. An essential file is an extra file that is going to be required, in addition to the password, to unlock your database. You may then choose which folder you want it organized in and you are able to add any extra notes that might be important for that site.

3. Redmorph app

Protect your data/content & ensure privacy.

Today privacy has turned into a precursor to security. It’s because people typically don’t care for privacy till they are in trouble owing to that. The supreme Privacy and Security Solution permits users to control and guard their privacy and security online. Alongside privacy features, additionally, it keeps security also seriously. The real-time protection scans apps which are installed. You’ll also have scanning and real-time protection as is the norm for these sorts of apps.

At the moment, it is just readily available for Android users. Users have to take control over their online info. If you’re an average smartphone user who only wants all apps to carry out the way in which they are intended to, then it is possible to skip this one. It also includes a tablet-specific interface that is rare. You may check the portal for the availability of a free trial.

We may update this list on regular basis.

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