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10 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins in 2022

Finding the perfect Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is difficult. There are a lot of great plugins to choose from, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard to compare apples to oranges like this, but we’ve got you covered! 

This article will highlight some of the best Google Analytics plugins out there based on your needs. Let’s roll over our sleeves and get started.

#1. Monster Insights

Monster Insight is one of the best Google Analytics for WordPress. Its seamless integration and impressive features offer an easy way to track your website’s data. The advanced tracking features help add Google Analytics reports on your WordPress dashboard without touching a single code. 

The user-friendly and tons of impressive features not only seamlessly help professionals but also giant corporations. 


  • Get Website’s Traffic details on WordPress dashboard.
  • Unlock advanced features, notably- event tracking, views, track form submission, and conversion rate. 
  • Track eCommerce website with Monster Insights. Get key data & reports on conversion rate, track transactions, order value, and many more.
  • Seamless Integration with WordPress and Universal Analytics.

Pricing: Free | Premium at $99.50 per year

#2. Exact Metrics

Another popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is Exact Metrics. With over 1+ million downloads and tons of packed features helps to monitor your website and build strategies. 

The beginner-friendly reports and data, advanced tracking features, eCommerce tracking, and custom dimension make it easier to collect data without any manual setting. 

It is also known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP).


  • Track your website data and view it on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Advance features show detailed reports of bounce rates, mobile analytics, organic searches, and social media sites traffic.
  • Allows real-time statistics, notably- number of visitors, traffic sources, returning visitors, traffic sources, and many more.
  • Unique features, including- enhanced link attribution to learn which links are getting more clicks, outbound link tracking, forms tracking, SEO score tracking, and many more. 

Pricing: Free | Premium starts at $99.50 per year. 

#3. Analytify

Analytify is another plugin to eliminate the need to track your website’s data manually. Just one click without any coding knowledge on your site helps to download reports and statistics of your website. 

The plugin offers premium add-ons for eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to view in your WordPress dashboard. You need to set up an advanced tracking feature manually to view your WordPress dashboard. 

Analytify allows custom templates to manage your UTM campaigns along with enhanced eCommerce tracking. 


  • Check Data of individual posts and pages.
  • Enhanced add-ons for eCommerce and UTM parameters.
  • Setup automated email reports and stats of your website.

Pricing: Free | Premium starts at $39 per year. 

#4. GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website. It’s lightweight, GDPR-compliant, and compatible with other WordPress analytics tools. 

One of the disadvantages is, you cannot see actual statistics on the WordPress dashboard- you’ll need to head to Google Analytics to view complete reports. The additional features are available in the pro version, while the free version is sufficient for beginners. 


  • Easily add Google Analytics tracking code to your website. 
  • Opt-out for sharing data and reports.
  • Enhanced link options to track specific links.
  • Advance options to disable users, track for a specific page or link, use custom code for a specific post. 

Pricing: Free | Premium starts at $15 one-time. 

#5. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics 

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin is specifically designed for WooCommerce. One of the most popular and best plugins for your WooCommerce website.

The plugin helps you track important metrics like conversion rate, see which product has a more incredible view to cart ratio or view to conversion ratio, track abandoned carts, impressions, clicks a product gets, and much more.

One of the key features is you can connect Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account. 


  • Optimize your online store using tracking features of Google Analytics and Google Merchant Centre. 
  • View 4 types of reports: Shopping, checkout, product, and sales.
  • Easily track impression, clicks, add to cart, product page, category page, and many more.

Pricing: Free

#6. WP Google Analytics Event

WP Google Analytics Events is a free premium plugin. It helps you set up event tracking in Google Analytics without the need to write code or hire a developer. 

You can use it to see how people interact with different elements on your website, such as which links they click the most or which CTA button performs the best.

You can easily set up events and track user clicks with WordPress. You can track how far down the page your visitor scrolled, as well as their behavior when clicking CTA buttons. It’s also possible to follow affiliate links and form submissions. 

The only drawback is to set up the events manually and configure them with Google Analytics.


  • Help you to track links and form submissions.
  • Set up events to track Call-to-action buttons.
  • Advanced features like tracking YouTube and Vimeo video views.

Pricing: Free | Premium starts at $79 per year. 

#7. Actionable Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin helps you use several essential features of Google Analytics, including eCommerce conversions and user ID tracking. 

In addition, it helps you to track ads conversion, Facebook Pixel, and several other custom metrics. It is easy to set up and saves you some time compared to the manual integration of the Analytics code. 


  • Provide a great variety of features of eCommerce metrics crucial for your store.
  • Detailed insight into your products and marketing efforts.
  • Automatic implement Google Analytic snippet. 

Pricing: Buy at $155 for a lifetime.

#8. WP Statistics

WP Statistics is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you track your website activity. It is effortless to use and provides you with lots of helpful information. 

With this plugin, you can easily see your content performance, as well as visitor interaction reports. In addition, it has a geographical location feature that shows where your visitors are from. 

One of the most significant advantages of WP Statistics is, you don’t need to configure Google Analytics as it keeps all your data on the WordPress site. On the other hand, the stored information increases the backup size of your website. 


  • View 9 types of reports: shopping behavior, checkout, product performance, sales performance, internal promotion, order coupon, affiliate code, internal version, and product list performance.
  • Setup email to get an update report of your website.
  • Filter your reports as per location, browser, keywords, and many more.

Pricing: Premium version costs $155 lifetime. 

#9. Google Analytics by 10web

If you’re looking for a pretty straightforward plugin that gets the job done, this one should be right up your alley. It’s simple and exactly what it has been designed to do, which means one less thing to worry about. 

The best advantage is that it is easy to integrate Google Ads and AdSense that helps you track paid campaigns and activity on your eCommerce website.


  • View your Analytic report on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Export reports in CSV format.
  • Helps to track paid campaigns and specific triggers for event tracking. 

Pricing: Free | Premium version starts at $3 per year. 

#10. Matomo

Matomo is a Google Analytics alternative. A significant difference between Matomo and Google Analytics is that Matomo does not share your data if you are opt-out. If you are running a website that advocates privacy, this plugin could be good for your site. 

Matomo allows you to track your website traffic quickly. It is very similar to Google Analytics, but it is free. This plugin can show you where your visitors come from, what keywords they used to find your site, and other metrics.


  • Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo shows real-time stats on your WordPress dashboard.
  • It helps to record sessions, A/B testing, supports heat maps, and form analysis.

Pricing: $9 per month

#11. StatCounter

StatCounter is a free Real-Time Visitor Stats is a helpful plugin for any blogger, knowing how many visitors are on their blog. The installation is speedy and easy; all the information you need to install it is given in the documentation. 

It works perfectly and can be used by everyone who wants to know about the number of visitors to their blog.


  • View recent visitor activity.
  • Filter using counter/state/city

Pricing: Free | Premium starts at $190 per year

Which is the best plugin for WordPress?

Before finalizing a plugin to track your website’s data, it is crucial to check each contender’s vast list of features. We have listed the best Google Analytics plugins, and we are sure you won’t go wrong by choosing anyone from this contenders list.

If you have any questions or missed out on any vital point or feature, do let us know in the comments below.

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