Best Elementor WordPress Plugins

Best Elementor WordPress plugins to create Killer sites & Dominate

Is your WordPress website also embellished with an Elementor page builder? And now you are on the hunt for some of the best Elementor WordPress plugins to add an extra layer of features and functionality to your website. You have found the right place.

Elementary page builder gives you the freedom to choose and design your WordPress website from scratch. Drag-n-drop features keep complexities aside, and you build the desired website within a matter of few minutes.

You don’t necessarily need skills & hands-on with coding! Outsourcing developers and designers aren’t mandatory! Simply access the ready-made template and appreciate the styling capabilities that Elementor WordPress page builder brings for your website.

The best part about Elementor (Pro) is that you can embed further addons, widgets, and functionalities with this online page builder. And take the excellence of your website a notch higher.

Elementor Plugins

If you want your website to dominate the competition in this digital age, read on as we bring you some amazing plugins that make your Elementor tool a one-stop solution for your entire website need.

These Elementor plugins cut unnecessary website building costs, ease out the management process, and bring flexibility to the user’s hand. 

Perhaps the challenges and shortcomings you are currently dealing with on your website can be resolved with some of the Elementor WordPress plugins.

You are still unaware of the real potential of these famous page builders if you haven’t yet added some amazing addons to your WP website. It can upgrade the level of your Elementor Tool too.

Pre-requisite for Third-Party Elementor WordPress Plugins

You need to have two-Plugins, in order to use the third-party Elementor WordPress Plugins:

  • Elementor Free version Plugin: This is the most advanced WordPress Page Builder plugin. Indeed this has gained so much popularity, that WordPress theme designers also keep Elementor in mind. And also keep the provision for Pre-built Elementor Templates. Important to realize that Elementor has the most number of WordPress active installs. Its 5 Million active installs are much more than any other page builder. Free version comes with 40+ basic widgets and 30+ templates.
  • Elementor Pro Plugin: Elementor Pro unlocks the real potential of Elementor. It comes with 50+ powerful widgets, allows website customization with dynamic content. Moreover it allows you to add motion effects and animations and empowers you with 300+ specially designed templates. It not only loads faster, but also enable it with using code anywhere. Also in case of any need of technical support, you can contant them as Premium support is enabled.

Must be remembered that you also need to have Elementor Pro to use many advanced third-party plugin feature.

Why need Plugins for Elementor?

Demands are endless, but you aren’t bound to stick to limited options. Most probably, You are looking for some specific features for your website, that can either solve some purpose or raise its level.

  • Particularly, you are stuck due to limited options provided by your existing WordPress theme.
  • Moreover, adding numerous block layout & template plugins is not a good choice. By all means, it is not advised to use so many plugins. Because it may affect plugins manageability, site speed, SEO negatively.

Thankfully, you have some stable, secure & quality options to make it happen. You are already sorted abovementioned issues, if you use Elementor WordPress plugin.

Point often overlooked, that without hiring a developer or website designer, you can DIY by using Elementor/Pro/plugins. Surely, some top-class third-party Elementor plugins can add terrific features and upgrade the structure of your website.

How can Top-Notch Elementor Plugins do wonders for your website?

If you want your website to stand out in the ever-changing digital world, start using Elementor plugins. The benefits this single tool can shower on your website are inexpressible. This versatile solution fulfills the dynamic requirements of your website.

Such as you can structure the desired layout, create catchy landing pages, embed advanced tools/features, and enhance the overall appearance of your website in no time. Addons can get most of mentor plugins’ standard advantages.

What to choose from Free & Premium Elementor Plugins?

The first thing you need to look for when selecting the free and premium Elementor plugin is ease of use. Features and overall functionality must be beginner-friendly.

However, the next things you must consider are the theme and helpful widgets that improve your website’s appearance and functioning entirely. In addition, you can also look for unique features in Elementor plugins. Perhaps this may help you build a unique website.

Can I use Third Party Elementor Plugins without using Elementor Pro?

The answer is Yes & No!

You can install certain third-party plugins if you are using the free version of Elementor Plugins. However, few advanced features that you aspire to install can be accessed via Elementor pro only.

Hence, in order to utilize the complete set of features, most of the third-party plugins need pre-installed Elementor Pro. Though, limited functionalities can be accessed with Elementor free version.

In a nutshell, not all, but you can use some sort of third-party Elementor plugins without Elementor pro access. But it’s worth noting that if you want to install Elementor pro, you will be needed to spend some amount.

Let’s have a look at the top-rated and best Elementor WordPress plugins that you must start using right away.

Key Observations on Best Elementor WordPress Plugins for specific purposes

Best Free Elementor WordPress Plugins

#1. Anywhere Elementor

Anywhere Elementor is a free plugin that you can use to save self-created templates. The plugin is a perfect solution for a custom-designed website because you can also use a similar design for another post.

Simply copy the shortcodes and paste them down at the asked field to create a similar design for another post page.

Using the plugin, you can also create multiple layouts. Also plugin is compatible with themes including Ocean WP and Generate Press. Here are the key features and advantages of this free plugin.

Features & Advantages

  • Design on your own as no coding is needed
  • Most Versatile and Flexible Post widget
  • Multiple Layout Modes: Select between List, Carousel, Grids, Slider & Smart Grids
  • Powerful Query Control
  • Supports custom post types
  • Design custom fields

What is Unique About Anywhere Elementor?

On one tap, you can design a theme, create layouts, attractive landing pages from scratch. Titles, dates, comments, featured images and custom fields can be managed from one place. Moreover, you can also transfer the designed page across the site using shortcodes.

Price: Free

#2. Droit Addons

Droit Addons has lots of style settings that make it a worthy item for an Elementor WordPress website. The plugin is widely used for its features that allow you to create multiple tabs inside a page.

You can consider this addon for modern layout building that makes your website appealing to the eye entirely. It is difficult to believe that the plugin is free because its features work like any premium tool. 

Features & Advantages

  • Create stylish tabs in unlimited numbers at your fingertips.
  • Create a Fully responsive page layout
  • 43+ widgets and blocks bring an added fun
  • Advanced caching ability speed up page loading time and promote enhanced user-experience
  • Customization options are also available
  • Premium versions come with extra features

What is unique about Droit Addons?

Using Droid Addons, you can add FAQ, timeline, table, teams, infobox, image carousel, Twitter feed, share button, alert box, animated text, news ticker, and much more on your website. 

Price: Free

#3. Live mesh Addons

If you are looking for a simple and well-detailed website, start using Livemesh.  The plugin has always been in the limelight for its simple and easy-to-use features. Though the plugin isn’t that dynamic, nevertheless, at no cost, it offers you a lot of what you need to build a stunning website. 

Features & Advantages

  • All widgets come with both dark and light versions
  • Get access to stunning designs.
  • Mobile-optimized designs.
  • Regular updates.

What is unique about Droit Addons?

Animation effects and lightweight design are the key features that make this plugin quite popular among users.

Pricing: free

Best Premium Elementor Plugins for WordPress

#1. Envato Elementor

Your route to a professional-looking website perhaps goes through Envato Elementor because it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the desired website.

Ready-made themes and access to premium stock images and customized features – makes Envato Elementor the best thing to upgrade the overall website’s appearance on the go.

Features & Advantages

  • Provides you access to creative digital assets in Millions
  • Access to 50M+ additional stock photos is also offered
  • Courses & tutorials to ensure you build a website with ease
  • Subscription can be cancelled any time
  • Students can receive 30% off on subscription
  • Enterprise can access custom licensing

What is unique about Envato Elementor?

Not only website templates, but you can also choose Graphic templates, Video templates, Stock photos, and web templates separately to create a stunning website.

Price: Individual plan from $16.50/m

#2. Ultimate Add-ons

Here comes a fantastic Elementor WordPress plugin tool to wipe off your tensions on website building and designing. The Ultimate Addon works smoothly with the Elementor WordPress plugin. You can access a huge list of templates ready to install on your website.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits and features of Ultimate-addons that you can never leave unnoticed-

Features & Advantages

  • Regular updates give access to new widgets and features,
  • No coding knowledge is needed. Easily design website
  • Highly Optimized & Lightweight
  • Built with high coding standards and modular architecture
  • Keep your websites light and fast
  • Take complete credits for the website and rebrand it

What is unique about Ultimate Add-ons?

It offers animated backgrounds that interact with users and engage them with your website for a long time. Style forms, menu widgets, woo-commerce widgets, video widgets, schema widgets, and table widgets are also offered. In addition, you can also copy an entire website and use it for another domain.

Price: Subscription plans start from $55.

#3. CrocoBlock Plugin

Your journey of website building with Elementor can become more convenient with the CrocoBlock plugin. Both beginners and expert web developers can use this ultimate toolkit.

The plugin extends the overall functionality of the Elementor tool, and you create a dynamic website like never before. Wishlist buttons, tables, popups, and well-structured content make your site visually rich. 

Features & Advantages

  • Design Basic Elements and Mega Menu
  • Add Advanced filters and Booking forms
  • Everything for WooCommerce
  • Dynamic content and Listings
  • Visual effects and Animation
  • Catchy PopUp builder

What is unique about CrocoBlock Plugin?

Create a custom e-commerce page and add interactive visuals to your website. You can also build attractive WP forms.

Price: The subscription plan starts from $0 and goes up to $750/lifetime.

Best & Most Advanced Elementor Plugins for high-end features?

#1. Designer Powerup

Designer powerup gives your website a designer edge because this powerful Elementor plugin comes with advanced capabilities. You experience enhanced functionality, faster workflow in Elementor Editor and save time.

The toolkit also provides you with the option of adding custom CSS if you want to add some additional things to your website in your own way.

Features & Advantages

  • Change element spacing with drag-n-drop features
  • Create layouts on your fingertips
  • Faster Prototyping features
  • Create eye-catching section breaks
  • Create blob shapes or any desired shape live

What is unique about Designer powerup?

You can create advanced gradients, multiple shadow layers, apply filter effects and transitions that give your website a fully upgraded look. In a nutshell, you can build a totally unique website from scratch.

Price: Starting plan is $15 USD

#2. PowerPack

With unique widgets and extraordinary features, the PowerPack plugin for Elementor page builder is one of the best things that your WordPress website must have. This tool focuses on creativity and enhanced usability so that in less effort, you receive more.

The plugin comes with tons of styling options and fancy dividers so that you build the website of your dream on the go. Let’s have a look at the unique features that make this Elementor WordPress plugin an incredible thing. 

Features & Advantages

  • 70+ Unique Elementor widgets are offered
  • Receive regular updates on the latest features and options
  • Build lightweight and fast loading pages
  • Pick from pre-build templates
  • 3d Background effects

What is unique about PowerPack Plugin?

Exclusive SEO widgets are also offered, allowing users to build an attractive website and a wonderful experience that attracts and retains customers.

Price:  Starts from $39

#3. Dynamic

Dynamic Elementor WordPress plugin helps you build a powerful plugin in no time. The plugin enables you to create a website out of your imagination with easy-to-use features and time-saving tools.

There’s no barrier that can’t be broken at Dynamic plugin because this incredible thing brings enhanced website building capabilities and design utterly at your hands. Take a look at the core benefits and features that this tool brings to you. 

Features & Advantages

  • Create 360-degree slider, and ACF flexible content
  • Advanced masking let you create a next-level website
  • Animated Off-canvas, text and lots of animated features are available
  • Dynamic templates are an added benefit
  • Create panorama and parallax effects on a few clicks

What is unique about Dynamic Plugin?

Blog effects, SVG distortion, SVG Morphing, and transition are some unique features of Dynamic Plugin that you can’t leave unnoticed. However, the premium tool allows you to add custom javascript to your website too.

Price:  Starts from €59/year

Most Complete Elementor Plugins

#1. Plus Add-ons

Dive into the awesome collection of powerful Elementor widgets that help you build a fantastic website in no time. Plus, add-ons can be a one-stop solution for you because it is a complete suite of tools and features that you may wish to use on your website.

You create a unique and good-looking web page in a minute because features have been beautifully inscribed on the portal. Don’t worry; the custom-designed page won’t take a longer time to load.

Pages created using Plus Add-ons hardly take 0.5 seconds to load properly, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Features & Advantages

  • You can create animated text and image Cascading
  • Flip box, Parallax Background, and Bodymovin Animation are also available
  • Build Blog website, Wood Commerce website, headers and popups easily
  • Get access to 18+ page templates and 300+ blocks, and 120+ powerful widgets

What is unique about Envato Elementor?

No Feature is absent. Crafted for both beginners and experts

Price: Starter plan is $39/website.

#2. HT – Mega Absolute for Elementor

HT – Mega Absolute is an all-in-one solution for Elementor users since this single plugin covers everything you need to build the desired website. To simply put, the plugin includes social media integration elements, content elements, post-based widgets that make your website look dynamic.

In addition, you can also customize third-party pages like WooCommerce, booking, calendar, and forms with the plugin to enhance the overall style of your website.

Features & Advantages

  • Attractive header and footer builder
  • Styling support is available for third-party WordPress plugins.
  • Each widget you choose comes with pre-set styles.
  • 15 categories/template delivers easiness in task
  • Free WooCommerce theme and access to helpful WooCommerce widgets
  • Premium version is also available to offer you more benefits

What is unique about HT – Mega Absolute for Elementor?

The plugin also provides you access to some incredible features such as Flip Boxes, Image Comparisons, fancy Panel Sliders, Image Magnifiers, Video players, Popovers, and more.

Price: Free & Premium

#3. Master Addons

Master add-on is a dynamic toolkit to design a website in your own style. You create attractive pages, well-designed header, and footers, and add numerous features and options in your Elementor tool that enhance the overall beauty of your website.

An eye-catching site is a key spell to retain viewers for a long time on a website, and Master addons are one of the best ways to do it. 

Features & Advantages

  • Design a website at your fingertips
  • 30+ page building elements provided
  • 5 form integration
  • More than 100 quick-start layouts
  • Create catchy heading tabs, call to action button, infobox and much more.
  • You can also add Custom CSS

What is unique about Master Addons?

Create toggle content, entrance animation and animated gradient background. The tool uses only the latest coding, which is advanced, and optimize your website the way it should be in a competitive age.

Price:  $29/yearly (free plan is also available)

Comparison Table 

Plugins Unique Features Utility Price
Anywhere Elementor Transfer structure using shortcodes Layout, theme, form builder Free
Droit Addons Focuses on the smallest section of a website Layout, theme, form and page builder Free & Premium
Live mesh Addons Animation effective and lightweight design Mobile optimized theme builder Free
Envato Elementor Choose Graphics templates, video templates and stock photos separately Custom website builder $16.5/month
Ultimate Add-ons Create animated background and design features Seo-optimized website builder $55
CrocoBlock Plugin Exclusive SEO widgets Design basic elements and add visual effects on website It starts from $0
Designer Powerup Prototyping and Blob Features available Craft Multiple Layer, add shades and adjust gradient on the website $15
PowerPack SEO widgets A  web designer tool $39
Dynamic Create 3d, Panorama and Parallex effects An advanced website builder €59/year
Plus Add-ons For both beginners and expert users A complete package $39/website
HT – Mega Absolute for Elementor Create a fully animated website from scratch A website builder and designer Free & Premium
Master Addons Create entrance and background animation A website builder and designer $29/yearly

Final Words

Ultimately, we are ready to wrap up some best options that you can choose. If you are a beginner and want to build an attractive website at no investment, you can think about free options, such as Droit addons and Livemesh addons. In addition, you can also select freemium alternatives like HT Mega Absolute that provides you free tools, but you will be required to spend a few amounts to access further benefits. If you are a developer or an experienced person, going with Designer powerup and the Dynamic plugin makes brilliant sense since you will be exposed to fantastic features and functionality for your Elementor plugin. 

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