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Speeding up your website may not only help in ranking, but it may open up the door of fortunes for you. Ask webmasters, who have enough content and pages, that how significantly website acceleration helped to increase the revenue. Website accelerator work in a way that it.

Best web application accelerator to optimize & speed-up website

  1. NGINX
  2. Stackpath CDN
  3. Microsoft Azure SignalR & CDN


NGINX is the wold leader in providing open source server load balancing and website acceleration solutions. To point out that NGINX is now acquired by leading security solution company F5 and now became its part. However both will remain the separate entity & offering load balancing solution separately. Important to realize that NGINX is trusted by more than 400 million websites, that’s huge!


Who can use NGINX website accelerator – Medium & large Businesses, Enterprises, where web operations are critical & they can pay per instance and budget allows to go for solutions like software load balancer, web server etc.

For more details, you may contact NGINX support.

If you are startup or small business, then probably this is not suitable for you.

2. Stackpath CDN

Stackpath has potential to improve the site performance significantly. It may reduce the delivery from 200ms to even 20ms. It may not happen in every case, but hope you got the message.

Stackpath has grown big in previous 2 years and growth skyrocketed. Reason may lie in its products & solutions, which are designed for need of businesses of all sizes, big to small.

Stackpath CDN only

It’s CDN & is designed for professional websites like Blogs, freelancer’s portals, which get average visitors.

EDGE Delivery bundles

Edge solutions are a big hit for Stackpath. These are for you, irrespective of your business size. Useful for startups, small & medium businesses. Moreover, Stackpath Edge Delivery also caters to need of Enterprises for large cloud properties, applications & platforms with cutting-edge requirements.

Check it’s EDGE Delivery bundles-

EDGE Delivery 20EDGE Delivery 200 EDGE Delivery 2000
Designed for professional websites, blogs with average trafficFor Small & Medium business, digital stores & Rich content SaaS propertiesThis is for enterprise level advanced requirements

3. Microsoft Azure SignalR & Dynamic site acceleration CDN

Microsoft Azure Signal IR & dynamic site acceleration CDN can help you in web optimization.

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