Best NGINX Training courses & Tutorials - Beginner to advanced level

Best NGINX training course & tutorials | Beginner-Advanced

NGINX has got a boost as it is taken over by F5, it is now part of NGINX. NGINX is implemented as a high performance web-server, load balancer and reverse proxy.

Best online training course on NGINX

Course outline

  1. NGINX Courses directly from NGINX
  2. Udemy

1. NGINX University

NGINX has an online training & learning portal, NGINX University.

It is the best place to learn about NGINX Load balancing. Needless to say, NGINX courses also add value to your resume.

NGINX is the wold leader in providing open source server load balancing and website acceleration solutions. To point out that NGINX is now acquired by leading security solution company F5 and now became its part. However both will remain the separate entity & offering load balancing solution separately. Important to realize that NGINX is trusted by more than 400 million websites, that’s huge!

NGINX has a learning arm, NGINX University, which is providing key courses on load balancing and increasing website performance.These course are very helpful by learning & value of this course by putting in resume. As per Gartner peer insights, max 94% people/organizations showed their willingness to recommend NGINX Plus, which is highest in this category.

NGINX offers two type of courses –

  1. Instructor led online courses
  2. Self-paced E-learning courses

Check list of complete courses

Two leading courses, we suggest for you. However, you may go for any course, fit into your requirement and budget.

NGINX Core (For beginners)

Useful for all kind of professionals –

  • New professionals to NGINX
  • Going to handle your first NGINX project
  • Honing your DevOps skills

For all of them NGINX Core will give you a solid base to start the learning. 

NGINX Advanced Load Balancing (Advanced learning course)

Useful for those who need a deeper understanding of NGINX load balancing

  • System administrators
  • DevOps, and solution architects

2. NGINX Fundamentals : High Performance Servers from Scratch from — Udemy

Popular Udemy courses with good ratings are easily accepted, as experienced professionals, who come forward by themselves to train through this platform.

This course on NGINX Fundamental has got 4.7 out of 5 ratings, with over 13K students enrolled.

  • This course provides hands on approach to learn NGINX.
  • It is a simple, clear course, which coers the fundamentals of NGINX server.
  • By completing NGINX fundamentals course, one can easily learn to install, configure and tweak NGINX to create secure, high performance web servers from beginning.
  • On completion you will get verifiable certificate of completion.

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