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Holi: Give it a much-needed life & Celebrate with a Bang!

Enough is enough, everyone has contributed to making Holi a serious affair – ” I don’t like colours”, “Come on! we have grown up!”, “I have office work to do, I can’t play”, “We don’t know How to celebrate ”  blah blah blah

Mind it, till 80’s men & women of all age groups gather and celebrate Holi, so it’s not ‘only children’ festival. If you agree with me then you have to do a “Prayaschitt or Compensate for few or many Holi-less years” which is making this Holi a Holi, which we used to celebrate earlier.

Holi Celebration Date 2019

  • Holika Dahan: 20th March 2019
  • Holi: 21st March 2019, Thursday (You need to take off for Friday and get 4 days off)
  • Panchang: 30, Phalguna, Shukla Paksha, Purnima, 2075 Virodhakrit, Vikrama Samvata.

Get colors & accessories well in time!

No ‘Save Water’ slogan please this time on our beloved Festival. We are fed up of such campaigns by those who want to destroy our traditional festivals.

So the slogan is to save water the whole year but please give life to this festival of joy and colors.

I am full Holi enthusiast and writing this article to awaken naughty child within you, which should act like “Midas Touch” or “Paras Patthar” – whoever you will touch on this festival…. your joy will act as a catalyst for others as a reason to celebrate the Festival of Colours.

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Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash

Invite all of your friends, relatives, and neighbors and do visit their house. Enjoy with organic scented colours, offer homemade sweets, Thandai & Lassi and encourage the younger generation to get Pichkari well in time, balloons and much more stuff. 

Wear white Kurta Pajama or Festival of colour specific  T-shirts to give it a josh.

So act fast & either go to the market or buy from e-commerce platforms these accessories & colors and gift Pichkari to young members of your family.

Don’t harm anybody and spread positivity.

One book which is filled with Masti of 80’s, would surely boost your parents/grand-parents enthusiasm  – Hari and Friends – A Holi Adventure: A nostalgic, coming-of-age story set in India of the 80s

Another one is in Hindi by Legendary writer – Munshi Premchand

Holi Ka Uphaar  (Hindi, by Munshi Premchand)


Is Bar Holi Mein  (Hindi, By Ramdarash Mishra)


Gift-items for Children in your family:

Festival of colours – T-Shirts:

  • Tshirts for Men:

  • Unisex Tshirts for Women:
  • Organic & Harmless Colours:

  • Natural colors made by plant/tree leaves:
  • Natural/Organic Colours made by differently abled (Divyang) people:
  • Herbal Colours made from turmeric, fruit/vegetable extract, herbs/medicinal plants:
  • Balloons:

    Other Holi Accessories, which you may like:

  • Cap attached with Multi Coloured hair and an eye mask
  • Funky Colourful Wig and Fancy Dressing:

Hope you will bring hundreds of smiles on this day, which your family/friends will never forget.

And yes don’t forget to play the Landmark song – “Rang Barse”.

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