Best NGINX Training courses & Tutorials - Beginner to advanced level

Best NGINX training course & tutorials | Beginner-Advanced

NGINX has got a boost as it is taken over by F5, it is now part of NGINX. NGINX is implemented as a high performance web-server, load balancer and reverse proxy. Best online training course on NGINX Course outline NGINX Courses directly from NGINX Udemy 1. NGINX University […]

Best graphic design tools

Best tools to create Graphics | Graphic Designer Software

Graphic designers need certain set of top-end tools, in order to create exception graphics. There are innumerable opportunities waiting for graphic designers to tap them. In internet world, the interaction with people, communities, custoers, business and government happen mainly in visual form. Visual impact can make or break […]

Membership plans for startups, small business and bloggers

Incredible savings for small business, startups & bloggers with essential subscription plans

Majority of Startups & small businesses have one tragic thing in common, cash crunch. As a result they have to manage with available resources. Always they used to ask, how can we save money from unwanted or unexpected expenditure? Well, there are two possible answers, I can see. […]

WordPress news & magazine themes | Responsive | SEO

10 Best WordPress News & Magazine Themes in 2019, which are responsive, fast & SEO friendly. Check these super impressive themes, which can help you SEO score & improving Google ranking. Fast, responsive & SEO-friendly WordPress news & magazine themes 1. Newspaper Number 1 selling wordpress news theme […]

BUzzsumo alternative & competitors

Powerful alternative & competitors of Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a brilliant tool to analyse the website data and suggest the keywords to be targeted, popularity of content, trending keywords etc. If you target the right keywords, it may change your fortunes. Buzzsumo help businesses in plan the content strategy in right direction. Similarly, there are […]

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