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WordPress Business Plan Review

Is wordpress business plan worth it? Review, pros & cons

One third of the internet traffic is generated by websites running on WordPress platform. It has become such a big and versatile platform, that most of the bloggers & businesses don’t even think about anything else. When someone want to create a professional website, first question arises about […]

Business credit builder

Smart tools to build business credit & loan eligibility score of a company

Organizations can’t improve the credit rating of the firm overnight. Surely you must follow best fianncial & accounting proactices, standardization of processes along with other important business aspects. But there are certain practices your company must incorporate, that can help you build a good & reliable credit score […] vs wix, for blogging Which is better - WordPress or Wix? vs wix, Which is better – WordPress or Wix?

Before you start reading this post, Remember this is a rare review and comparison of & Wix, website builders. Most comparisons available on web search results point to – comparison of WordPress as a platform & Wix, which is indeed the comparison of & Wix, not the […]

Best duplicate file finder, cleaner & removar

Best duplicate file cleaner / remover for Windows PC

Just like plastic, the growth rate of generating garbage data is exponential. Garbage data, which consists of a high percentage of duplicate files, is capable of reducing your productive time significantly. Your device performance might be touching a new low, as its memory, storage and CPU burdened with […]

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized & premium service, that is provided by only few hosting providers. It is now became a much favorite & more acceptable service for nusiness & blog websites. Here comes Namecheap in Managed WordPress Hosting, and really offering the services with differentiation. See, […]

Best websites for Technology/technical hd Images and clip-art

Best websites for background Technology images & clip-art

While writing an article or designing a website for business and blog, getting a most appropriate image become the most common challenge. A best fitting image with a qualily content leaves such an impact on reader, that it can easily increase the visitor engagement. There are hundreds of […]

Website security tools software for small business, startup & wordpress website

Bulletproof security tools to protect business & blog website

Website security is one aspect, which is commonly overlooked by small business owners, startups and bloggers. Business owners and their people work all the time to make the website perfect for online business, SEO, enhance traffic. But, what about its security? Hacking & malware are not alien to […]

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