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Facebook has the most advanced social media advertising network. It is also the most effective part of many companies’ social media strategies. Facebook ads can be quite complicated, however, particularly if you want to go deeply into detailed targeting. Many companies and entrepreneurs find it easier to ask for professional assistance once they choose to advertise on the platform, turning to one of the Facebook ad management services.

Advertising on Facebook as a business owner or marketing team, whether or not you’ve got unlimited funds, is easier said than done.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may easily blow through thousands of dollars, with nothing to gain from it. This is not possible for many projects and businesses.

Facebook Advertising Platforms & Agencies

For advertisers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who truly care about saving time and money, there are several Facebook advertising platforms and agencies to think over for your small business.

Check out the next seven marketing management services, which will help you in Facebook advertising. Which one to choose and what platform will be the most appropriate for your project depends on your products, the audience you wish to attract, and other factors.

To decide what is the most efficient online advertising platform for you, consider the variants below:

Facebook Ads Audit & Optimization


Service’s provider: TemplateMonster

Facebook Ads Audit & Optimization service by TemplateMonster provides businesses with the opportunity to easily gain both leads and customers over the popular social media channel. With this Facebook service, you will be able to optimize the Facebook campaigns on your page and manage your overall audience easily.

The TemplateMonster’s team also will analyze the Facebook page results and provide you with an action plan. These recommendations include easy to implement steps so you’ll be able to improve your business Facebook page performance immediately. The Facebook Audit Report in PDF will give you a summary of your page’s performance and recommended improvements. Your Facebook page will receive an overall audit score to illustrate what is the present status of your Facebook page.

Through precise audience targeting, the service will show if your Facebook ads are being served to those people who are most likely to order your services or buy your products. They will also analyze efficiency and test different ad elements to optimize ad performance and drive growth.

TemplateMonster’s service will closely and accurately track conversions and events for each of the clients’ Facebook ad campaigns.

TemplateMonster Facebook Ads Audit & Optimization Features:

  • Account-level audit
  • Campaigns and ads audit
  • Ads destinations analysis
  • Recommendations

Price: $179

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Facebook Advertising


Service’s provider: Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing specializes in social media management and marketing. They provide social media services, website design services, and search engine services. Lyfe Marketing creates and manages top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. They use relevant social media marketing services to assist companies to grow and meet their goals.

Their Social Media Marketing Services will assist your project to grow brand awareness, relationships, website traffic, and leads. Facebook management services are services designed to improve and maximize the potential of Facebook advertising without actually having to do the work. Lyfe Marketing believes that when you assist a company to do their Facebook management for you, it gives you an opportunity to focus on other parts of your business that need your attention.


Lyfe Marketing service includes:

  1. Facebook strategy development
  2. Content creation for Facebook
  3. Facebook page growth
  4. Facebook reporting

Price: $400-$1000 per month

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AdEspresso Marketing Services 


Service’s provider: AdEspresso

AdEspresso was founded in Milan, Italy, which is what you’d expect for a Facebook ads brand name. AdEspresso may be a good option for micro-budgets where ad spends is smaller than $3,000 per month. They provide some optimization rules like pausing underperforming ads or allocating budget to the most effective ads, which help of the Campaign Budget Optimisation tool.

Talking about Facebook advertising and marketing tools, this one is, by far, among the easiest and most straightforward. It just takes several minutes to get started, the learning course is minimal, and the results can be astonishing for your digital marketing success.

While AdEspresso includes many functions, it is also powerful analytics tools.

With a wide range of training tools, all of which are available for free, you’ll never find yourself lost and searching for answers.

Some of the AdEspresso features include:

  • Platform introduction
  • Automatic Post Promotion
  • Unlimited Ads split testing
  • Powerful simple analytics
  • Pixel conversion tracking
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Excel export functionality
  • Import existing campaigns
  • Advanced options for experts
  • Google analytics integration
  • Best practices’ templates
  • Email notification system
  • PDF Reporting
  • Education
  • Synchronization CRM
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion
  • Campaign Approvals

Price: $58-$499 per month

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Service’s provider: Voy Media

Voy Media is a full-service Instagram and Facebook digital marketing agency. They offer Facebook Ad, retargeting campaigns, Instagram Ads, mobile advertising, eCommerce ads, and consulting. While this list appears to go with much of the services that more sophisticated agencies offer, Voy Media offers more than other agencies. This includes paid advertising, the activation of your audience with targeted posts, and the use of relevant KPIs to confirm that your company results grow.

This approach includes important performance marketing strategies and tactics like developing custom audiences, creative A/B testing, and optimizing, and scaling campaigns using proprietary AI software, which is what they find sets them apart.


Voy Media Service Features:

  • Full-Service Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Facebook and Audience Network Retargeting
  • Dedicated Ad Account Strategist
  • Ad Video Design and Creatives
  • Custom PhotoshootsDesigns (Images) and Copywriting team – No Additional Cost
  • Custom Audiences and Dynamic Product Ads
  • 1 on 1 Strategy Consultations
  • Influencer Marketing & Outreach
  • Real-Time Analytics

Price: depends on the ad budget from 9% to 20% (or $2000).

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Marketing Your Business On Facebook with CyberMark


Service’s provider: CyberMark

CyberMark is a Facebook advertising service. Their focus is on optimizing advertisements to assist their customers in generating better results. Cybermark services include audience identification, the creation custom, and lookalike audiences, building campaigns, and landing pages that convert.

Their initial goal is to drive better ROI on their clients’ paid social ads. After two years of the countless tests and experiments and a large amount of money spent on digital promo, they discovered that creativity is the most important factor for social growth.

CyberMark created Social Design Systems as the core link between the brand and the ad campaign. They also provide weekly maintenance and optimization for Facebook ad accounts. This ensures that brands maximize spend by constantly tweaking the performance of their ads to gain more visitors and achieve better results.

CyberMark manages campaign set up, ad creation and demographic targeting, refreshing ad creative regularly, optimizing bids, and improving the use of your budget.

They recommend the most effective use of Facebook ads to obtain your particular business goals.

CyberMark Service Features:

  • Creation of a landing page
  • Call tracking
  • Audience targeting
  • Facebook advertising copy and images
  • Set-up of multiple advertising campaigns
  • Weekly maintenance and monitoring to get the best ROI
  • Monthly performance reports

Pricing: charges an individual fixed management fee

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Exposure Ninja Facebook Ads Management


Service’s provider: Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja offers one of the most original and highly strategic solutions for marketing in social media networks. Like other agencies, they also see the benefits of social and the importance of brands participating on Facebook not only to drive business but stay top-of-mind. In their case, their principle is the serious and accurate research they perform and insights uncovered, all of which drive content creation and decision-making for their clients.

Their service range includes setting up, managing and optimizing the ad campaigns, creating the text, design all graphics, install the tracking pixels, split-test audiences, and keep an eye on the all-important analytics. And with these services, clients get to experience what makes Exposure Ninja sought-after. They can produce the right social media campaigns that generate results.

Exposure Ninja Features:

  • Creating the Ads
  • Measuring and tracking
  • Scale-up
  • Free website marketing review

Pricing: charges an individual fixed management fee

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True North acebook Ads Agency


Service’s provider: True North Social

True North Social will create and manage your Facebook ads for you. They will create ads that drive the most effective and quality traffic to your site and see the best return on investment. True North Social ensures that only the right audience is targeted, and they find the search queries that cost you less while delivering you more.

They insist you should choose the advertisement on Facebook for its massive user base, affordability, and exceptional ad targeting options. With Facebook targeting, you can show ads to people according to demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences, and behaviors. You can demonstrate ads on the Facebook mobile news feed, a desktop news feed, right column, Audience Network, Instant Articles, Messenger App, and Instagram. True North Social can assist you in understanding which works best for your products and services.

Their services include audience identification, the creation custom, and lookalike audiences, building campaigns, and landing pages that convert.


True North Social provides a professional digital specialist who will help create your social marketing plan. Once your ads go live, True North Social analyses your performance, continuing to optimize the ads throughout the length of the campaign.


  • ROI focused result
  • Month to month contract
  • Facebook Insights
  • Build a custom audience
  • Facebook ad management

Pricing: charges an individual fixed management fee

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Finding the Most Effective Online Advertising for Your Brand

For most brands, a mix of Facebook ads is necessary. Try experimenting with multiple ad venues to determine which ones produce the best results for you. Experiment with different services and platforms. By continually observing your results and making adjustments to your strategy, you can make the best out of each service and bring the most people to your brand. Don’t have time to control and manage all your social media efforts continually? Choose a Facebook advertisement service and hire an expert in social media management.

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