Best Online Thumbnail & banner Maker for youtube video and blogs
Best Online Thumbnail & banner Maker

Apart from content itself, thumbnail is the most crucial selling part of your Youtube videos, articles and blogs. Superb quality Thumbnail along with headline could prove to be the killer combination for your online product. This is the first impression of your creation. Therefore, you must be extremely careful in choosing the top quality thumbnail, which suits the subject line and content. To generate top quality thumbnail online, you may take help of quality thumbnail maker for your youtube video, blog post, article, website, banners etc.

Always remember these important points:

  • Always ensure that thumbnail you are using is made from royalty free image, audio, video or any other digital asset. In case of copyright infringement violation, heavy penaulty may be levied on you. In that case Google will punish your content heavily or you will be asked to remove your content from internet.
  • Secondly thumbnail should represent your content in most effective manner.
  • In case if giving credit is required, always try do that in good faith, even if you are getting it from site like Unsplash, Pixabay etc.

8 Best online Thumbnail maker for Youtube, blog & social media Ads

Check these best of the online thumbnail or banner maker tools for youtube videos, blogposts and social media ads/campaigns:

  1. Crello
  2. Canva
  3. RelayThat
  4. Adobe Spark
  5. Placeit
  6. Stencil
  7. Bannersnack
  8. Snappa

1. Crello

Crello -  online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

In a very short span Crello is counted among the leading online thumbnail/banner maker.

You might have curiocity, why I picked Crello over Canva.

Well, mainly for two reasons: Professional graphic quality even with free templates and more eye-catching content. Try tomake thumbnails for your blog or video, it will surely impress you. However, Canva has an edge over Crello, when we talk about the type of stuff you can do with these thumbnail makers.

Through Crello, you can create adorable professional designs for your Youtube video, blogs, social media posts and digital advertizing. Crello is an amazing platform, where one can easily get eye catching content.

Crello has both free and paid collection for you. Once you create the design online, it can be easily downloaded and ready for use in your project.

Crello pricing online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

You may have a look at features of Crello-

Free Account availability & BenefitsYes.

– Thousands of ‘watermarked’ templates & stock images
– However, it is advised to use ‘unwatermarked’ templates and imges for effective campaign & marketing.
– Crello allows you to upload your own images(upto 100) and a font.
– Stock images access in $.99 each
Paid Account– Two options- Advanced & Pro in $7.99/month & $19.99/month respectively, as seen above.

2. Canva Pro

Canva - online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

Without any doubt, Canva is the most popular thumbnail generator for all type of social media & website ads, banners and thumbnails.

There are hundreds of free template available for use. It’s completely hassle free platform.

Features Remarks
Free Account availability & BenefitsYes.

– Thousands of templates & stock images
– However, it is advised to use ‘unwatermarked’ templates and imges for effective campaign & marketing.
– Crello allows you to upload your own images(upto 100) and a font.
– Stock images access in $1 each
Paid Account– Canva Pro comes in $12.99/month, on yearly billing you can expect further discount.

3. RelayThat

RelayThat is the most affordable and excellent thumbnail/banner maker, which is specifically designed to save your crucial time, yet delivers impactful thumbnail images.

AppSumo, which is a unique platform, which undestands bloggers & small business needs, made it possible to buy this product in unbelievable pricing, with has a price tag of $1200.

Be learned that, not always AppSumo comes up with this offer. As of date, RelayThat is available on AppSumo in $49, which is just unbelievable!

Features Remarks
Free/paid Account availability & BenefitsNo, RelayThat is a Paid Software.

RelayThat doesn’t offer any free version.

AppSumo has made it really affordable for creators, bloggers and small business owners by offering huge discount on RelayThat.

RelayThat is available at AppSumo in $49.
Features & advantagesOne Time Purchase (Perpetual lisence)
– 5 work-spaces.
– Unlimited Image downloads.
– More than 3million copyright-free photos and icons for use in banners/templates.
– 2000+ smart thumbnail/banner layouts

Why to go for RelayThat:

  • Excellent effortless thumbnail & banner generator in just $49 as a one time cost and use forever.
  • RelayThat is a great Digital Asset Management (DAM) & Social Media Management tool.
  • Very useful for Facebook, Youtube, Inastagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • You may upload custom font of your choice.
  • With 60-days money back guarantee, RelayThat is a Not-To-Be-Missed deal.
  • Cut-down your design making time by more than 90% in most of the cases.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark - online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

Adobe Spark offers the vast collection of digital assets to choose from. With Adobe’s cutting-edge technology, you can use Adobe spark for not only for banners/thumbnails, but also for videos.

You can create your account on Adobe Spark and chose free or paid model. In free plan, only limited quantity of digital assets are accessible.

5. Placeit

Placeit - Logo & Banner Maker

Placeit is a great platform for designers from Envato. Envato Elements & Envato Market are the big names for finding digital assets. Small businesses, startups, bloggers and creators find it very useful to create thumbnails, banners, videos, logos and mockups.

It offers one of the best & most comprehensive package for creators,that makes it most unique platform for digital assets.

There is no free trial available, but you may try Placeit for a month by paying fee for one month only. This will provide enough time to understand this platform for widest range of top quality creations.

Downloadable format: PNG, mp4, PDF vector.


  • Subscription model of pricing.
  • $14.95 per month or $99.95/year.
  • In this subscription you will get unlimited mockups, design templates and videos.
  • In addition, you will unlock the offer to get 50% discount on any of the logos.

Why to go for Placeit:

  • On this single platform, creators can create all marketing content.
  • As a freelancer, you can even sell the designs, that you have created on Placeit. Placeit allows you to have a right to use your designs at any platform, be it for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Huge collection of Ad & Social Media templates.
  • Professionally made designs.
  • No specialization needed, anyone can create great designs.
  • Over 30K+ templates.
  • Drag & drop video maker.

6. Stencil

Stencil - online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

Stencil is one of the finest and fastest tool to create thumbnails, banners etc for better presentation of video or post. It uses one of the biggest collection of more than 2 million images to choose from. Hence you get opportunity to create more effectively.

You may have a look at features of Stencil-

Free Account availabilityYes. Free account limits 10 images creation in a month. Limited collection will be accessible
Paid AccountThere are two plans- Pro & Unlimited in $9/month & $12/month respectively. Both provides unlimited access to its assets. Unlimited plan has some extra features.
Creative Commons (CC0)No attribution required. Photos can be used for both personal or commercial purpose.

7. Bannersnack

Bannersnack- online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

Bannersnack is another professional quality banner or thumbnail maker for you. You may sign-up as a marketer, business owner, developer or designer. Accordingly, Bannersnack help you to create designs.

Paid plan has three options – Starter, Pro and Plus. Check details here.

8. Snappa

snappa - online youtube & blog thumbnail maker & generator

At Snappa, you can create professional quality graphics quickly. Alongwith Graphics, social media images/thumbnails, you can also create infographics. You will be very satisfied with Snappa, when it comes to resizing. You can import your own font and use it at Snappa.

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