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Superbly Helping English Paraphrasing tool/Article rewriter

Paraphrasing or rephrasing is an important academic skill, which is used to rewrite or rephrase the content in your own words. Mastering this art shows one’s ability to understand and articulate well in easy-to-understand language. In today’s world, we have many wonderful online tools/websites which are making our life easier. English rephrasing tool or website or spinner assists you in the rewording or restating the article, essay, mail, or any other text content with a high degree of uniqueness. A good free or paid English Paraphrasing tool is easy to use and reword the text into an easy and effective read. We have selected some best quality, only paid, English Paraphrasing Tool or article rewriter, or article spinner which you may find useful.

Online English paraphrasing is becoming more and more popular due to mainly two reasons. Firstly the prominence of English over other languages. Because of this, English has been widely used globally in almost every space like – academics, business, marketing, content writing, and blogging. Secondly, people want everything readymade and hassle-free in today’s fast life.

How to paraphrase or rephrase:

While doing paraphrasing one needs to change the sentence structure and language of the text in order to deliver more clarity. At first glance, the paraphrased article may look different from the original one, but both deliver almost the same message. One must use different words while rewriting the article.

Paraphrasing or rewriting by using software or online tools is immensely helpful for academic and professional writers.

Who should use a paraphrasing tool or article rewriter:

Anyone who needs to write for whatever purpose should take the help of an article spinner or rewriter.

Typically it can be used by bloggers, content creators, marketing agencies, and students to avoid plagiarism or copyright claims and deliver impressive articles or posts.

These automated tools are great for English rephrasing. But at the same time try to develop your own skills in the English language to rephrase them by yourself.

Before enlisting the top 5 Spinners/Rewriters, we would like to recommend a few important apps/websites/tools:

Article spinners or paraphrasing tools are used by a number of bloggers along with webmasters to provide a new shape to content that they copy from different sites or content that they made in past but now they need to give it a new appearance.

Which one is best in class – free or Paid Paraphrasing tool!

This is a valid question to ask if a free article rewriter or paraphrasing tool is available, then why unnecessarily go for paid paraphrasing tool/article rewriter!

A number of the higher-end spinners utilize heavier-weight materials to attain the desired design appearance. On the other hand, the totally free spinners are somewhat more of a challenge to create truly human-sounding content.

Free paraphrasing tools usually don’t guarantee text uniqueness and best quality human readability. On the other hand, most of the paid paraphrasing tools or article rewriters score high on both of these parameters.

Usually, stakes are not high for students, who are spinning the text for their routine assignment submission or for some similar stuff. But marketing agencies, research scholars, bloggers, and SEO content writers can not take the risk of copyright violation.

My answer to this question would be that definitely, you must try all leading free paraphrasing tools/article spinner. This will help you to understand free English and other languages paraphrasing tools and the quality of the spun text. Also, check the uniqueness of spun text on Grammarly, which is a must-have and best available tool to check plagiarism.

Hence it is advised to bloggers, content writers, and marketing professionals to go for Only Paid Article rewriter/spinner or paraphrasing tool.

Also check Must-have English Writing, Content Creation websites/tools

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 English Paraphrasing Tool/Online Article Rewriter or Spinner.

At the bottom of this post get the links for the free or paid trial of these article rewriters and compare them to make a quick and most meaningful choice.

Best Quality Paid English Paraphrasing Tool/ Article Rewriter or Spinner:

#1. Frase

It is one of the most useful AI Writing Assistant tools named for AI-generated Automated Content Creation & Optimizing.

FRASE is already popular among Content Creators.

Pricing: It is not free, Pricing starts from $44/month. However, you can thoroughly check this tool for just $1 with a 7-day trial.

FRASE is really an amazing tool, because of the following reasons:

  1. Automated Paraphrasing: Frase uses AI to generate an altogether new-looking paragraph with delivering a similar message, yet effectively. Simply highlight the paragraph and generate a new passage. It’s that simple.
  2. Frase is the most comprehensive tool for writers, as it doesn’t only one or few parts of writing, but it is a Fully Fledged tool for Content creators, Blog writers, and Academic writers.
  3. It is among the most capable SEO and content optimization tool with End-To-End Workflow management.
  4. AI Writing Assistant – Frase AI makes content creation more efficient and effective which will solve one of the most critical problems for writers, which is writer’s block.
  5. It not only creates Automated Content Briefs & Header but also FAQ Generation for the article or blog.
  6. No worries about using the Content Editor, as it’s very simple to use.
  7. Check your content score.

If you are looking for Paraphrasing or Article Rewriting, this is surely among the topmost Serious Players in this segment. Its Beauty lies in Automated Paraphrasing of any targetted Paragraph.

#2. WordAi

WordAi is the best spinner in the true sense. The fourth version of WordAi is claimed to be one of the most powerful and fastest article spinners available.

Fortunately, you currently have a tool that could take on the world’s main supercomputers. It’s highly praised and cited among the very best tool for rewriting content. If you’re using any other spinning tool, you need to manually change spintax.

Once you put in your content and hit Spin Now you’ll get back spintax. When you spin content with WordAi, on top of the outcomes you will observe the complete spintax. The content is largely much like original content but still unique. Generating content for your online marketing activities may be one of the most daunting tasks that you undertake.

Moreover, you have the exact four inputs below the content area plus an extra one which makes it possible for you to choose whether you want WordAi to create a title for the content. The user needs to learn how to use the system to master it.

In general, when you look at the text, it is very much human-readable that nobody is going to doubt the use of any text spinner. You merely put in your article text and WordAi will simply check and identify the language of the text. Else you may choose the language you would like to have WordAi rewrite.

Have a look at an example, of how WordAi automatically converts the sentences:

The most intriguing reason to go for WordAi is that it understands the correlation between the words and usually rewrites or spun the text completely by changing almost all keywords, that too without changing the overall meaning.

Key points about WordAi:

  • Supports four languages including English.
  • It is the only spinner, which can create completely unique content with a high level of human readability.
  • WordAi understands that the same word can have different meanings in different sentences.

You may join WordAi here with the free trial of 3 days.

Signup for monthly & yearly subscriptions.

#3. Spinnerchief

Apart from its desktop version, Spinnerchief is now also accessible on its web version. This is the only spinner, which offers the service on both platforms.

Best Paraphrasing tool - Spinner Chief - Top class article spinner rewriter
Spinnerchief – Article rewriter/spinner

There are four versions of Spinnerchief, specifically designed for your customized needs.

  • You can access the free account of Spinnerchief for basic-level article spinning.
  • Spinnerchief Elite version offers many advanced features, which include API advanced account, basic NLP, cloud thesaurus, part of speech, swap paragraph, SEO writing, custom cloud/grammar AI and many more functions. All these add-on features help you to create great human-readable content.
  • Spinnerchief Ultimate version provides all features available in the Elite version, plus many more advanced features. These advanced features include translation spin, paragraph and sentence swap spin, super spin, spin tree, etc.
  • Spinnerchief Team version is just a team version of its Ultimate plan plus the Team spin feature.

Key points about Spinnerchief:

  • Supports 20+ languages.
  • More than 200,000 users interact with cloud thesaurus and enrich it.
  • Spinnerchief Ultimate version delivers the content with a much higher degree of uniqueness than most of the competitors.
  • The only spinner comes with a team version which also uses team thesaurus, helping the entire team

Spinnerchief subscription plans

Unlike other paraphrasing tools or article spinners, Spinnerchief offers various types of customized payment plans for Elite, Ultimate, and Team versions. You may choose any one of the plans as per your convenience –

Spinnerchief Elite$175 one time fee
Spinnerchief Ultimate
$197 one time fee
$69 per year
$34 per month
Spinnerchief Ultimate
(Team version)
$397 one time fee / $177 per year (3 users)
$599 one time fee / $297 per year (5 users)
$999 one time fee / $397 per year (10 users)

#4. Spin Rewriter

The most talked-about feature of Spin Rewriter is its ability to analyze the whole article in order to understand the correct meaning of a word. As a result, Spin Rewriter intelligently produce the article, which you wanted to express.

This process of article spinning by Spin Rewriter is known as Emulated Natural Language or ENL.

Spin Rewriter integrates with nearly every search engine optimization program. Now that you know exactly what this tool is about, let us look at the way that it works. It’s highly praised and cited among the ideal tool for rewriting content.

Spin Rewriter has the option to get in touch with the WordPress site so you can immediately publish your spun content. You also have the option to not just rewrite 1 article but multiple at an identical moment. You just feed an article into Spin Rewriter and click each word to receive synonyms.

Key points about Spin Rewriter:

  • Spin Rewriter 9.0 is the latest version of Spin Rewriter.
  • It uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology, which analyzes the correct meaning of the content which is to be spun.
  • More than 125,000 users worldwide.
  • Preferred by SEOs and Bloggers.

Spin Rewriter comes in two options $197 per year and $47 per month.

#5. The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner, once finish the article rewriting, you are going to have an article that’s been totally spun. It rewrites a 500-word article in only a few seconds since it’s coded efficiently. So, in the event that you only need 2-3 articles, there is not any immediate benefit. In other stipulations, it’s manual article spinning. When you are pleased with the spun article you’ve created, after that you can use The Best Spinner to produce up to 1000 unique versions of the article you simply created. If you’re writing a completely new article from scratch, the Best Spinner has a quality that will help you do that even faster as well.

It isn’t tricky to spin a short article and the program includes plenty of features. When you are pleased with the spun article you’ve created, after that you can use The Best Spinner to produce up to 1000 unique versions of the article you simply created. If you’re writing a completely new article from scratch, the Best Spinner has a quality that will help you do that even faster as well.

Key points about the Bestspinner:

  • 92K+ users worldwide.
  • Automatic complete sentence rewriting.
  • 7 languages covered.
  • As a bonus, you will get 10 super spun articles worth $1500 & 1.7GB of high-quality reusable images for your articles.

#6. Chimp Rewriter

This rewriter will make the practice of getting links back to your site a great deal easier. Chimp Rewriter employs the ability of paraphrasing to shield you from the frequent problem of being accused of plagiarism.

Chimp Rewriter/Spinner

Key points about Chimp Rewriter:

  • Create content using cutting-edge AI tools.
  • Spinner cum content creation assistant.
  • 31K+ marketers trust Chimp Rewriter.

Try it for free for a period of 14 days without registering a credit card.

Download its latest version – ChimpRewriter Setup (Version 3.5.6200) & check its pricing page to

Free/paid trial offers available from the top 5 Article Spinner:

Article spinner free trial offers:

WordAifree trial of 3 days
Chimp RewriterFree trial of 14 days without entering credit card detail
SpinnerchiefYou may try its free version, but it does not offer most of the advanced functionalities available with the Ultimate version.

SpinnerChief charges $7 for the trial of Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate version
Spin Rewriter Free trial of 5 days
The Best SpinnerBestspinner does not offer any trial pack.

But its fully-fledged paid version comes with the lowest price tag (among the listed 5 article spinners)of $47 per year.

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