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Top 10 Blogger forum & community sites for Blog posting

Blogging is an incredible passion for those who love it! Blogging may be one of the greatest approaches to have a quickstart on-line presence activity. A website or a blog plays a crucial part in the strategic success of any startup or business. Blogging is among the best strategies to boost people engagement on your site. For many reasons, bloggers need a community of like-minded people or professionals. In such forums, they can discuss ideas and also they can promote their blog posts if it’s allowed there. A good blogger forum or community site has the potential to raise the level of your blog. We have identified the top 10 blogger forum & community sites for your blog posting and getting a good backlink.

Blogging & Blogger’s communities

Blogging has quickly grown into one of the most well-known methods of communicating, spreading information and ideas. Due to this reason, millions of people have joined the bandwagon of blogging.

In order to attain success, a blogger should determine new methods and tickle the just the perfect spot to produce the interesting blog content. For instance, joining a bloggers or webmasters forum could be a great idea to stay tuned with the latest ideas and promotion methodologies. But one shouldn’t stop here and must be looking for new ways to make his blog grow in every sense.

A blogger should not use forums and community sites for just blog posting exercise. Never do that for all blog forums & communities. There are some communities meant for blog posting and promotion, but leading blog forums & community sites are designed for bigger purposes along with effective promotion. Just blog posting on many platforms may get you blocked.

Blogs do not grow just by blog posting & promotion, also do these things

Every blogger desire for huge consistant traffic, but it simply not happen just by wishing. Following points must be noted in this regard and mentioned proven tools are highly helpful:

  • Content is the king, never forget this. Not only write the content but in order to deliver a quality content as output, read and grasp from top notch sources.
  • Regularity & descipline will take you to heights. Todoist is recommended in that regard.
  • Don’t waste your time on just browsing. Most of the time it is meaningless activity. Mind your productiity. You may use tools like Rescuetime to notice your productivity. Block websites from this tool, which are consuming your productive time.
  • There are many ways you can promote your blog. Don’t just think about promotion on social media, that is not very much effective, if you are just pushing the content.
  • Your website is the only place from where you can promote your content. Never forget the power of your own audience. If you’re a new blogger and you’re looking into expanding your email marketing then It is strongly advised you to use Convertkit.

If you would like to earn in six figures from affiliate marketing and blogging, you’ve got to understand that successful bloggers have at least two things in common. Firstly passion and second is they are in fact hard workers.

Leading Blogger Forum & Community sites

  1. Blog Engage
  2. Biz Sugar
  3. Mix
  4. Warrior Forum
  5. Reddit
  6. Digital Point
  7. Do Splash
  8. Viral Content Bee
  9. SEOclerk

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