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5 Best online Article generator | Auto Content creator

Writing new quality articles takes time, it is not an easy task at all to write on daily basis, even for writing enthusiasts. Lots of people have entertained the concept of being a perfect professional writer, and quality articles need time to research, think, innovate and write unique and interesting content. Here is a great writing assistant solution for content writing in the form of online article generator software or auto content creator. The online content generator has the potential to bring significant traffic to your site.

More quality content means more opportunities for your site or blog to obtain online traffic chiefly from search engines. It is highly effective and can be a tremendous income generator if you are disciplined in content writing and stick to it.

One of the simplest ways to generate income by content writing is to begin a blog or by getting paid for writing assignments.

If you detest writing articles and you believe you can’t afford to employ other people to write for you then you may use an article generator. By utilizing an article generator it is simple to make an article on various subjects with just a few clicks.

Only a few clicks on the auto article generator website or software and you’re free from end-to-end content writing!

We shall also discuss how an article generator can help you to unleash your content writing and/or earning potential or both. Now we move on to the list of Top 5 Online Auto Article Generator/content creators.

What is an Online Article Generator or Automatic Content Writing tool:

Article generator is a software or online platform, which automatically writes the content for your website with just a click of a button.

When you start writing a post, you spend the majority of your time finding ideas, finding related info, and generating your story. Also prior to making your article live for your users make sure to inspect grammar mistakes in your article.

Whatever is required for hassle-free & top-class post writing, could be easily done online with an Automatic Content generator.

By merely typing in the relevant search phrases in the tool, it is going to generate articles for you.

Once you put the article heading or related keyword, it will take a few seconds, to search its vast database, and immediately deliver the content online. It is irrelevant if you manage a site or have a personal blog, it is possible to always use an article generator to create readable and distinctive content instantly.

Now coming to the framework on which AI writing tools work, there are various methods used by article generators. The evolution of GPT3 has dramatically changed the scenario of professional and academic content writing. GP3 was launched by OpenAI in May 2020. That was truly a landmark day in the history of automatic article generation.

How online auto article generator/creator can help you to unleash your Content writing & earning potential

Quality content is just one of the essential elements of any online advertising campaign.

The auto content creators can do wonders for your blog, business, or profession by providing quality content. Writing tools are intended to inspire your writing in some manner. You need to spend time with your online article creator and probably need to brush the generated content with some relevant edits.

Article marketing is a significant traffic generator for your site. It is highly effective and can be a tremendous income generator if you are disciplined and stick to it. If you’re just getting started with marketing your business on the internet, the most truly effective strategy is a mixture of blogging, email, and article advertising.

Here an excellent article generator comes into the picture and provides a consistent article for your business.

You may check the free trial links of Article Generator (if offered by them) at the bottom of this post. We strongly recommend testing the Article Generator by yourself and deciding hands-on.

Do read this ‘Ranked listing’ of all notable Auto Article Generator Software tools:

Top 5 Automatic Content Generator / Online Article Generator

#1. Jasper

#2. Closerscopy

#3. Article Forge

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator
Article Forge: Online unique Content Generator

The articles generated by Article Forge aren’t just worded and placed to earn sense but in addition, pass Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors. When you wish to make a new article, you merely click on New Article where you’ll be shown various options to start content creation. It does happen sometimes that articles don’t point out obvious crucial facts, resulting in inaccuracy and misinformation. For instance, a story currently running on another website may be important, accurate, and provide valuable analysis, yet might include a typo or two.

Your WordPress Blogs could be easily linked along with choosing a post scheduler on it.

The advantages of flexible work are getting to be impossible to ignore. One of the largest and most apparent added benefits of online scheduling is that it’s online! You have the capacity to utilize Article Forge API should you desire. Deciding upon the degree of balance given to any problem or topic is quite a lot of judgment calls.

A big bonus with Article forge is the unlimited content delivery of excellent articles.

Pros & Cons:

– Undisputed Best Content Generator.

– Writes content within 30 seconds most of the time.

– Passes Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors.

– Supports you just like a private professional writer.

– Ideal and most economic auto content creator for bloggers, marketing professionals, webmasters, and researchers.

– Powerful tool to create an unlimited number of articles in any given duration.

– Near-perfect article generator.

– Best of the league

– Almost every time, it passes the Google search engine plagiarism test
– Most of the time, Article Forge won’t find and add images or videos. It largely depends on the topic.

– If you are creating only 2-3 articles per month, then it is a bit costly for you.

Subscription Plans:

Article Forge subscription comes in two plans, monthly and yearly. Charges of monthly plan & yearly plan cost you $47/month & $24.75/month respectively.

You can try Article Forge for free for 5 days, in addition to this, you can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#3. Articoolo

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator
Articoolo: Unique content generator

Initially released in 2014, Articoolo is an excellent tool for beefing-up pages which are lacking in content. Articoolo has made the work of producing content online a very simple and hustle-free job.

To begin with, the standard of content it creates is remarkable. It is going to then find related content based on sentiment and main search phrases and reconstruct everything into a coherent bit of text. You will afterward find related content dependent on the sentiment and the key search phrases and reconstruct everything into a coherent bit of text.

If you’ve ever had problems with writing articles for the blog, marketing, or affiliate marketing requirements, Articoolo can quickly create a draft of an article on the desired topic, which is generated programmatically or by AI. Sometimes it is better than a similar article on the very same topic, and other times it may get worse. The most significant thing is that you don’t have to do anything, you merely will need to put in the subject, and the amount of the article which you want, the rest will be carried out by Articoolo. Even in the event, you ask for the exact topic 100 times. The one thing you’ll be asked for is topic and length, and that’s it.

When the write-up is made by Articoolo, it goes through a practice of rewriting and rephrasing. It will supply you with the article which you want, imitating only the human brain, and it saves lots of time too. Stick to these easy steps and you will be on your way to brilliant articles in a small percentage of the moment.

Pros and Cons:

– Second only to Article Forge in terms of all major aspects which matter most.

– It includes references and data for the generated article

– Top-quality human readability

– Excellent quality content.

– Passes plagiarism & Copyscape test

– Easy to operate
– Limited number of articles in a plan

– Max length of an article with Articoolo is 500, while Article Forge can create content up to 750 words in a go

Subscription plan:

Articoolo has two types of plans offered, Pay per use & Monthly Subscriptions.

Pay per use with three fixed plans, out of which the $99 plan comes with great value and delivers 100 articles, beauty of these plans is that. Three monthly subscription plans, out of which the $49 plan seems to be most beneficial with 100 articles.

#4. Article Builder

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator
Article Builder

To begin with, the standard of content it creates could not be ignored for sure. Spelling and Grammar checker built-in that will help you create expert content. It is possible to easily inject additional content into your current article to make it even more unique. As you start to develop the content on your website pages, you will discover that you’re often changing a lot of your very first instinct decisions.

It is possible to request an Article Builder to create the content material of your subject of interest. You only want to send email correspondence to them regarding the content material you need and you might have a content topic covered with the unique content material of your interest. By publishing articles you’ll be able to set a positive reputation for your blog/services/business online.

The database of Article Builder is updated on daily basis. This is used by a number of thousands of online marketers, SEO agencies, and people who require original content.

Article Builders’ quality might not be as great as its competitors like Article Forge, as articles are pulled from several diverse sources. On the other hand, you may have to do a little editing in every article.

Pros and Cons

– Vast collection of all major topics. Even if you can not find content on a specific topic, you can send a mail request for the same.
– Great for content ideas.
– Great auto article creator for Autoblogging and content writing on WordPress.
– API for developers.
– Content quality is not at par with leaders/competition.

– It usually delivers the content with 75% of uniqueness.

Subscription Plans:

The software includes an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. It comes in discounted monthly billing of $37.

#5. Article Generator Pro

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator

Article Generator Pro is a simple and easy-to-use online content generator. It creates the content most suitable for generating essays, research papers, academics, students, and also for bloggers & websites.

If you want to use the content for SEO and monetary gains from the website, then we advise you to choose anyone from the top three, not this one.

It creates unique content and is also claimed to pass the Copyscape test. Unlike SEO Content Machine & Article builder, it is extremely easy to handle. Content could be spun completely i.e. 100%, and that makes the spun article unique.

Pros and Cons:

– As simple & easy to operate as Article Forge & Articoolo.

– Creates well-spun & unique content, which passes the Copyscape test.

– Great content generator tool for academic writing like essay writing & research paper, small paragraph writing, reviews, etc.
– Not much useful for you, if you need content for SEO writing & commercial use.

Subscription plans:

There are intelligently designed three plans – monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans for $19, $99, and $199 respectively. You may choose the same as per your utility.

#6. SEO Content Machine

Online Auto Content creator - Best Article Generator

The standard of content SEO Content Machine creates is good. SEO Content Machine regularly analyzes your search engine marketing content to understand what’s effective and what is not. Regularly updated content is thought to be one of the greatest indicators of the relevance of a website, so make sure to be sure it stays fresh. You may also generate content specific to your nearby region.

When you make a report, you’re given the option to create an exceptional or readable article. Another way to make a post is SCM’s Article Downloader. To begin with, you have to choose which format you would like your articles to be exported in.

It is a tool that makes content creation extremely easy and fast with good results. It also gives you the ability to scrape articles without any spinning involved.

SEO Content Machine offers one thing, which others don’t! SCM can create content in almost all languages. On the other hand, the rest of the auto content/article creator tools can handle 5-6 languages only.

Pros & Cons:

– Covers almost all major languages (48 languages), the biggest positive of SEO Content Machine. No other online content generator is able to create content in so many languages.

– Multiple sources of content from the internet.
– Content is not perfectly human-readable.

– Most of the time, a lot of edit work is required.

– Most of the time content could not be used directly in your post.

Subscription plans:

SEO content machine has a couple of different pricing structures that you are able to pick from. The recommended plan is Perpetual, which comes with Lifetime access & 1 year of free updates for $147.

SEO Content Machine offers a monthly plan is $27/month, a Quarterly plan for $28.50/3 months (50% Off on $57), a Yearly plan for $118.00/year, and a Perpetual plan for $147 with Lifetime access, which comes with 1 year of free updates. But there is a catch in the perpetual plan – second year onwards, updates are paid and cost $80 a year. Still, this is the best deal one can get from SEO Content Machine.

You may try SCM yourself with a free trial of 5 days.

Wait, it’s not over….Check your article or content, if it passes Plagiarism & Copyscape test

Always check your prepared content, whether it’s plagiarized or not, whether it passed the Copyscape test or not!

A must-have tool for all content writers, considering the heavy penalty from Google, once they notice a copyright infringement or plagiarism. Moreover, it may negatively impact your site in google rankings or even face the worst-case scenario.

Check on these sites for plagiarism:

  • Check the originality of your articles without any cost.
  • Grammarly: This is the best plagiarism checker site. Grammarly has access to billions of articles. Apart from helping you in English writing, it also detects Plagiarism. You need to opt for a premium or business plan. These plans are available for under $15/month.
  • Quetext: Most simple design. Easy to operate.

You may also check some top-rated plagiarism checker tools by us.

Free/paid trial offers are available from the top 5 Article Generator:

Article ForgeFree trial of 5 days along with the 30-day money-back guarantee, no strings attached.

Signup for offers here and create your account.
ArticooloNo free trial offer from Articoolo, but it allows you to create one article on any topic for free.

You may create your account here.
Article BuilderNo free trial offer, but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t get, what you are promised, claim your amount within the stipulated time for a guaranteed refund.

Get started here.
Article Generator ProThough, it shows the option of Trial but is inactivated, as of now.
You may check here.
SEO Content MachineSEO Content Machine offers 5 days free trial.

Go for 5 days free trial here.

Don’t be confused with the below-mentioned names as they all have almost the same meaning with a bit of variation. Check other common names of online Article Generator

  • Automatic Content Generator
  • Content Writer
  • Automatic Content Creator
  • Content generator
  • Unique content creator
  • Online content creator
  • Content Writing Generator
  • Online Content Generator
  • Article creator
  • Article creator software
  • Text Generator
  • Essay generator /creator
  • Auto content creator

FAQ on Article Generator

What is an automated content generator?

An automated content generator is a software or an online tool, which uses its intelligence and searches for the most relevant content over the internet. Further, it auto-spins or rewrites it, by using its intelligence. It not only searches the relevant content but also structures the sentence. Moreover, it also designs the complete article.

What is an AI-powered content generator?

AI content generator is by and large the same thing, but differs by the degree of using its own intelligence. These tools are developed by using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. The more advanced the tool is, the more accurate, relevant, and fast it will be.

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