Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tool for Blogs Content

Plagiarism is the illicit copying of someone else’s work, and it could literally be an incessant issue for bloggers. If you’re publishing ingenious content on your blog, you need to simply make sure that you aren’t inadvertently copying someone else’s work. Duplicate content can adversely impact your site’s visibility amongst search engines as well. As a user, you have to rely on online Plagiarism Checker tools for detecting the degree of plagiarized content.

Plagiarism Checker Tools

Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism can usually be divided into 5 types:

  1. Direct plagiarism: Copying someone else’s work verbatim (i.e., word by word) without giving credits.
  2. Self-plagiarism: Producing or copying an assignment influenced by your own prior work.
  3. Patchwork or Mosaic plagiarism: Quoting someone’s work without changing the language (of original work) or quotation mark while keeping the structure identical.
  4. Accidental plagiarism: Abruptly forgetting to cite the actual work, misquotation, etc.
  5. Outsourcing: Paying essay mills, hiring article writers, friends, bloggers to write down on your behalf.

We’ve tried to balance this list by comprising the best tools for plagiarism detection. Be sure to pick the one that suits your bills.

Importance of plagiarism checker tools

The main objective of plagiarism checking your content is to circumvent having duplicated content or conception from other published works. Utilizing a plagiarism checker could surely assist you to avoid mistakes when it involves paraphrasing.

You can utilize a plagiarism checker to assist you review against multiple sources. An online plagiarism checker could provide you an extensive report of plagiarism and also the entire plagiarism report.

When do you need Plagiarism checker tools?

You can also utilize the result from a plagiarism checker to assure yourself, client, or boss that the content you’re providing them is 100% original. Hence such content doesn’t contain any stolen thoughts and concepts from other authors.

It also can prevent you from copy and pasting, utilizing a bad citation, and even the slightest form of unwitting plagiarism.

Will a great plagiarism checker for Academics & Students, equally work well for bloggers, websites and business content?

Not necessarily! However, few plagiarism checker works equally well both for academic content and business blog content.

It all depends on what types of wide range of databases accessed by the tool. Just for the sake of saying one claim that it access the database of Billions of files. Important to realize that if majority of those billions of plagiarism checker tools access the academic, research and learning content, then surely its not made for bloggers and business content.

At the business level, content professionals might use plagiarized content over and above producing their own. So there is the availability of plagiarism checkers which can help to extricate the plagiarized content.

Plagiarism detection software functions as a protector for serious business writers and original content, to safeguard their inventive writing from literary thieves.

Why choose the paid ones when several free tools are available?

Free plagiarism checkers are often convenient, but they might have some sort of serious disadvantages in comparison to paid plagiarism checkers.

To point out, one of the most dangerous thing of using the free plagiarism checkers is that, some of them may steal your content and sell it somewhere. Consequently, your own content can be published, well before you can. Notably, such act can leave a question mark on the ownership of such content. Further, you can be penalized by Google for copying the your own content, that is used by someone else!

After knowing this probably you won’t even think of using the free tools for detecting plagiarism.

Additionally, most of the free plagiarism checkers:

  • Do not catch all plagiarism
  • Shows lots of advertisements, that really makes it ugly.
  • Have usage limits
  • Have no customer support
  • Publish, store or might sell your work
  • Reserve certain attributes for the paid version

Though it cannot absolutely find the mistakes it can help out up to some extent. The plagiarism tool can perfectly detect plagiarism when the text is entailed of seven or more than seven words but it can’t work well with the text of tinier words.

Are plagiarism checker tools costly?

Pricing for paid plagiarism checkers and writing tools could vary depending on a couple of pivotal things: the number of pages that require to be checked, the unit of words that require to be scanned, and the user numbers. Most of the solutions charge either an annual or monthly fee. Prices could start from $20/month (for between 72K – 800K words and 200 – 3,000 pages) up to $100 or more per month over 100K pages.

Things to consider before subscribing for plagiarism checker tool:

Integration: Some plagiarism checker software proffer product extensions which could be integrated with Apache Open Office, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Google Docs, etc. It accredits users to ascertain plagiarism and consolidate suggested edits deftly while performing on the document.

Data protection: When looking for plagiarism detection software, check out the product’s data retention and sharing policy. Your documents, which may be confidential, shouldn’t be passed on to 3rd parties or made public without your permission.

Whitelisting: Some plagiarism detection tools permit the users to define resolute sources (like specific databases or websites) which could be expunged from the checklist.

Handpicked posts for you:

Best online plagiarism checker tools

1. Pro writing Aid

This platform known as the Pro writing is the only one that can offer its users a world-class style and grammar checking facility along with deeper reports to help them to write something powerful. This platform offers a unique collection of articles, suggestions, videos, and also quizzes, which can easily make your writing a joyous and interactive experience.

This software also offers reasonable prices which can attract a large number of users, without any extra expenses on the advertisement.

Features and Advantages:

  1. Helps the users to improve the quality of their writing efficiently with the 1000s of spelling, grammar and readability improvements within very short time.
  2. Provides some new and unique features than the other software available for editing.
  3. This editing tool can show you the elements like, vague wording, variation in the length of the sentence, repetitiveness, passive voice, over complicated sentence and much more.
  4. This tool not only helps you in improving your grammar but also improve the clarity and power of your writing.
  5. The in-app explanations and suggestions can help you to strengthen your skill in writing.
  6. Provide a writing which is clean and error-free.


  1. Sometimes it suggests very simple things for correction.
  2. There is no sentence re-phraser, which is an important criterion for many bloggers.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checkers for your blog/business content?

With the help of this editing software known as the pro writing aid, you can get much-improved writing, as there will be no grammatical or spelling mistakes. The app pro writing aid can help you in creating your own style guides and dictionaries.


  1. Monthly subscription – $20/month.
  2. Yearly subscription – $70/year.
  3. Lifetime subscription – $399- Lifetime access.


2. Grammarly Business

This platform offers its users constant communication, speeding up the time of production, and also can improve the satisfaction level of the customers, with an AI-powered writing assistant which can reduce the costs while helping the teams of its users to win. This plagiarism checking tool also helps by reducing both our time and money while writing without compromising its consistency, clarity, style, and brand perception.

Features and Advantages:

1. Creates guides of multiple styles to keep the communication of every team clear and also on-brand.

2. Engage the customers with real-time feedback, which can help the users to keep team communication styles easily.

3. This software can speed up the process of writing by inserting the winning snippets.

4. Can easily manage the account of your team and allow everyone to enjoy the special benefits of Grammarly Premium.

5. Can keep your data and words safe, so you can trust them with your important data.


1. Grammarly does not track the advanced word count.

2. Though it’s a good grammar and spelling checking tool, it will not offer any feedback about your work.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checkers for your blog/business content?

With the help of grammar and spelling checks, Grammarly also checks the problems like article missing or repetitive words, which can make your writing experience an easy one.  Its advanced help regarding the safety of the writing can easily attract a large number of customers.


For a team of 3 members, its monthly charge is- $37.50 per month.

Link: Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

3. Unicheck

This unique plagiarism checking tool helps to achieve authenticity by combining both the intuitive design and the technological experience. With its incredible assistance of clear layout and extensive toolset can easily make your text really authentic. This tool is trusted by many academic institutions globally for its unique but easy-to-use features.

Features and advantages:

1. It offers a plagiarism prevention tool, which can encourage critical thinking.

2. This can detect similarity and spot the text modifications with ease.

3. It is available in LMS as a standalone solution, or also via API.

4. This software prevents contract cheating.

5. While checking papers, you will get an original report within just some minutes.

6. Can speed up your work with some helpful advice.


1. The checker only displays the meaningful matches and does not display the common phrases.

2. The service is non-refundable.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checkers for your blog/business content?

Unicheck makes sure that the highest point of data protection with encryption algorithms. The files which are uploaded by the users to run checks for similarities are not stored in the database, which can make the texts really safe and secure.  Also, the users can get instant access to the API of Unicheck, which makes this software really attractive.


Its price is – $15.00.


4. Copyscape

The checker known as Copyscape provides the world’s most powerful and also popular online plagiarism checker and, therefore is trusted by millions of website owners. This tool provides an expert solution in the field of the prevention of content fraud and content checking.

Features and advantages:

1. Copyscape prevents any kind of duplication of the content.

2. Checks the originality of the new content.

3. Offers the chance to track down the perpetrators in case of plagiarism.

4. Helps its users to understand the rights and laws that regulate online plagiarism.

5. The Copyscape forum offers the chance to share your questions and suggestions with people who are facing the same problems around the globe.

6. Its technique of work is very easy and simple.

7. This tool conveys the services it’s offering instantly.

8. The price of this tool is not very high.


1. No Verification – There is no option to confirm whether all of the described sources have been checked completely or not. 

2. No sign-ups for free – Usually, many tools offer free scope to join for a month or so. But Copyscape doesn’t offer that, so the users have no idea about where they are actually investing.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

Copyscape inserts the website URL to both finds and locates the duplicate content very easily, which makes this software very popular among many users. Also, the easy process of using this software attracts many writers around the world.


Copyscape Premium price: 3¢ per search (200 words) with 1¢ extra 100 words. Copyscape Standard price: $4.95/month for 10 pages, with $0.25/month per extra page.



This special software for checking plagiarism has a unique AI-driven copy editing process for those users who care about the content.  From the spelling check, clarity of grammar and vocabulary to the additional correction of the writings can make this tool a very enjoyable experience for many users.

As the corrections of this tool are based on the messaging and terminology of the users, the experience of writing becomes consistent within the entire company.

Features and advantages:

1. Writer can edit your documents, emails, web copies, support tickets, the UX of the product, and many more.

2. Writer does not store your writing after processing it, and are not used to train the AI models, which makes your data very secure.

3. With the help of, you can easily control where the suggestions will show up.

4. The admin can toggle the global settings here for how and where to check the content.

5. offers accurate suggestions and good customer support.

6. With the help of, you can publish your dictionary across the entire company.

7. Easy to use and offers a style guide for different brands to build the expectation for the content of its users.


1. Not suitable for use in all kinds of devices.

2. Don’t have various English language versions.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

The Writer tool offers accurate results. Though a new tool in the market, Writer will help you to check the following factors in the content like overuse of passive voice overuse, use of repetitive words, long sentences that needs to edit and also the spelling and punctuation errors, thus making it a really popular option.

Price: can be available for free to use for 14 days. After that, the price will be:

For starters – $11/month.


6. Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke offers the highest quality of proofreading specifications, which includes not only the simple spelling errors but also the other mistakes in grammar, word choice, and style errors as well.  This software has some unique linguistic capabilities of helping its users. Hence this software is widely used by professional writers, students, executives, bloggers, and also governmental employees.

Features and advantages:

1. It is one of the best proofreading and grammar checking tools.

2. While checking the grammar, punctuation, spelling, & writing style, it also ensures that every document, email, or any other text written by you is effective and also error-free.

3. It is an all-in-one solution for its users – as it has a translator and dictionary along with the built-in templates. 

4. WhiteSmoke software offers a mobile app compatible with both ios& android, also a writing solution that is web-based, along with both the premium & business versions.

5. WhiteSmoke offers the members of the affiliate program various kinds of benefits and scopes to succeed.


1. There are no updates.

2. A lot of the already existing “style guides” look like they are canned responses rather than analyzing the structure of the sentence that are present in the reviewed document.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

With this software, the process of checking grammar and spelling errors within any kind of document has become very easy. That’s why many users really love this software. It offers the service of checking the emails automatically, thus saving a lot amount of time and labor for the users.


1. Price of its Web version- $5.00 per month.

2. Price of the Premium version- $6.66 per month.

3. Price of the Business version -$11.50 per month.


7. Quetext

Quetext makes your writing experience much easier with contextual analysis, smart algorithms, and the correct placement of words. In addition to this, the accurate DeepSearch technology helps the users to complete the task within some minutes. This software helps its users to find plagiarism within just one click and thus saves a good amount of their time.

Features and advantages:

1. Quetext is one of the best and most popular plagiarism checker tools with its Colorgrade Feedback, DeepSearch technology, and also the Citation assistant.

2. It can check 25000 Words in a single pass and the amazing feature like multiple files upload can do your task fantastically.

3. The in-house technology of Quetext, along with the innovative algorithms, can make it much faster to go through millions of documents within minimum time.

4. This tool enables you to find out the text easily, which can be an exact match of your text.

5. The users can also spot the ‘fuzzy’ or the near-exact matches in different colors.

6. You can easily spot and remove duplicate content very quickly.

7. The top-notch technology of Quetext ensures the integrity of the work of the users.

8. The PRO subscription can be canceled at any time.


1. It has no grammar checker.

2. The size of the database is limited.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

With its amazing technology Quetext has conquered the heart of many users. As easily spot the matches; hence it can save a lot of your time, thus making your job much easier. It offers an interactive Snippet text to help its users.


Checking 100,000 (200pages)-$9.99/ month.


8. Copyleaks

This unique plagiarism checking tool can help the users to paraphrase the content, detect plagiarism, and also similar texts with the help of AI-based algorithms.  They offer the user an amazing experience with the help of advanced AI and Machine learning technology.

Features and advantages:

1. Offers an easy-to-read and also easily-understandable report.

2. Can detect the different similarity types such as the similar, identical, and paraphrased text very easily.

3. Copyleaks can alert the users when the methods like the “White Ink” and “Character Replacement” are being used.

4. Can scan text in 100 languages or more.

5. It has military-grade 256-bit encryption and also an SSL connection which makes sure that the contents of your document and your account are always secure. 

6. Copyleaks is a completely self-service platform, meaning that only you have complete control over your own account and only those with whom you share it.

7. It has the ability to scan raw text, documents, URLs and also connect with APIs.


1. Viewing the result of the analysis becomes a bit laggy.

2. Sometimes, this tool reports very short fragments of the general language as the plagiarized one.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

This plagiarism checking tool known as Copyleaks is very fast, automated, and also accurate, which can offer the users a seamless experience. This tool has become really popular as it can compare the texts online and help the users to find out similar results to stay protected against plagiarism.


1. For Academic purposes the price is- $9.16/ month (300K words).

2. For business purposes – $8.33/ month (300K words).


9. PlagiarismcheckerX

This tool, PlagiarismcheckerX, can help you to check the plagiarism in your blogs, research papers, assignments, and also the websites. This tool can do all its tasks with better speed and also 100% accuracy. You can also check your entire content within just some seconds.

Features and advantages:

1. This Software is developed to examine the popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word Documents (Docx, Doc),  plain text, and also the Rtf, Pdf, and it is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista.

2. This is available in 7 languages to help the users.

3. With the Bulk Search feature of this software, you can easily scan a complete batch of assignments with just one click.

4. This tool provides the scope of comparing the texts of two documents side by side to check the similarities.

5. Using this PlagiarismcheckerX tool, you can easily extract the keywords with their occurrence and the density ratio.

6. This tool offers an easy user interface to help the users.


1. Plagiarism Checker X is slower when you want to compare it with the other companions.

2. This tool is available only for the Windows platform.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

This tool offers the facilities like better data privacy protection. Also, it doesn’t need the uploading of your data into any kind of online servers. Hence, your data stays safe as it is stored inside your machines, which makes this tool really a popular choice.


The starting price is – $39/year.


10. Linguix

Linguix is a plagiarism checking tool, which is controlled by the efficient AI that helps you to find out the similar substance in your content and also gives you the perfect sentence structure, suggestion, and style about vocabulary, and also the accentuations. This is a brilliant composing collaborator tool that assists you in creating smooth sentences by revising those sentences and making them easily understandable.

Features and advantages:

1. The Linguix offers its users the chance to look at the substance drafted by them before and also in sorting out all of the slip-ups that the users have made within the article.

2. Linguix offers an element where you can easily search for the accurate meanings of any word. 

3. This tool allows its users to get the data regarding the Viewers Specific Statistics to get the information about distributing the contents for the focused crowds.

4. This software helps you in the tasks of tallying your words, understanding time, the normal length of the word, and the last comprehensibility score.

5. Can coordinate with various platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, Medium, Gmail, and many more.

6. Offers references for Non-Native speakers.


1. There are no mobile options and also has limited browser extensions.

2. There is no plagiarism checker.

Why can it be considered as one of the best Plagiarism Checker for your blog/business content?

Linguix is a very efficient writing and content editing tool which uses both AI and machine learning technology to help its users in optimizing their writing skills. It offers a free version that has a basic spelling and grammar check, thus making it very popular among users.


Beginning from: $18.95/month

Free Trial: Also Available


Comparison Table:

Name of the toolsDatabase checkedRemarksPricing
ProwritingAid Offers world-class style and grammar checkingMonthly rate 1100 INR
Grammarly Business16+ billionGood for business purpose for enhancing writing skills  $37.50 per month
Unicheck Good for educational institutions$15.00. Completely AI-powered, good for personal use$11/month
Copyscape Good in comparing two pieces at  a time$4.95/month for 10 pages
Whitesmoke Works on all web browsers$11.50 per month (business version)
Quetext Good for plagiarism checking as it has color grading$9.99/ month.  
Copyleaks The mobile app is included$9.16/ month (academic purposes) $8.33/ month (business purposes)
PlagiarismcheckerXScan multiple search engines With the database of over 16 Billion indexed web pagesOffers easy user interface$39/Year
Linguix9M typos databaseOffers readymade templates$18.95/month

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, plagiarism detection software can easily scan your writing to look for any kind of copied content. These software use AI and machine learning in order to scan the text against publicly viewed websites.

So, be a student, an editor, or a writer who wants to submit a text-based article, these software help a lot. After that, the software can analyze it against all kinds of publicly displayed posts on the search engines to protect you from plagiarism. It can also pick up the situations where you may copy your own words for content.

Depending on which tool or software you are using, it can help you to find out highlight the texts that appear to be plagiarized.  Hence, these tools are really helpful if you want an error-free and protected experience while creating content.

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