Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

10 Best Digital Asset Management Software (DAM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software or service is now gaining the momentum. It has already become a crucial part of organizations and businesses. Digital Asset management Softwares helps in storing, organizing & managing the complete range of digital assets These days marketing deptt, businesses, designers, webmasters uses innumerable digital assets and store at various places and forget after sometime about them. They simply can’t manage the assets without the help of DAM.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Digital Asset Management Software is a great tool to systematically manage your entire collection of digital assets. DAM creates the repository and does the cataloging of images, audio, videos, graphics and all other type of digital assets. It uses mata tagging of digital assets. Digital Asset Management software makes it easy to store, manage, share, edit, upload, download and track the assets.

DAM basically does these important functions:

  • Store the assets.
  • enable users to organize them by catagorization, mata tagging
  • Preview the assets and thumbnail viewing
  • import/export of assets
  • minimize or stop the duplication
  • auto backup & syncing
  • Admin may block some assets from accessing or provide the selective access.

Best Digital Asset Management Software

Below listing shows the leading DAM software:

  1. Libris DAM
  2. Widen Collective
  3. Image Relay
  4. Bynder
  5. Brandfolder
  6. Canto
  7. Cloudinary
  8. Asset Bank
  9. Panopto
  10. pCloud

Out of the DAM softwares, Libris is the global leader with thousands of topmost brands are using it and already modernized the processes with it.

Bynder is another great DAM, which is being used by many global brands like Cannon & Spotify.

Some other most widely used DAM softwares are Brandfolder, Widen Collective and Image Relay.

I have been using Cloudinary for years and really found it handy.

There are other digital asset management softwares you may try like pCloud, which also provide you to store on their cloud and manage.

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