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SEO tools: Broken link checker & WordPress plugins

If you are running a website, you may not realize, how badly brocken links are affecting website SEO, until google punish it. Whenever you see a 404 error, it indicates a broken link. Be careful in making the link or slug and do not make any change in it, if there is a valid or substantial reason to do that. If you change the URL, the earlier one become a dead link, if any website is pointing traffic to your dead link, it will going to impact SEO of both sites. Thus identify all broken link ASAP and remove it from all of your pages. Below mentioned tools may help you to identify all broken links.

best broken link checker for wordpress

Free tool

  • Check the health of your website in Google Search Console.
  • Check in coverage section.
  • Visit regularly.


Free tool

  • Broken Link Checker simply provide you information of all broken links.
  • It not only provides broken links info, but also the page URL of all pages, where it is mentioned or linked.
  • Simple layout of website and clutter free design.
  • Scan upto 3000 pages.
  • Commercial/paid version available, but free tool is enough for most of the websites.

3. SiteChecker

site broken link checker


  • Basic tool analyses whole website by auditing it.
  • Not only broken links, but it check the issues with entire website
  • Free tool allow to check any and every individual page and find the issues.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs link checker tool

Paid- starts from $99

  • Most comprehensive package for your website audit and monitoring.
  • Not suitable for low budget websites
  • Provide you info on backlinks, do-follow and no-do-follow links.
  • 7 days Trial available in $7.

WordPress Broken link checker Plugins

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