RIPL Vs Canva: Which one is good for you & Why?

Over the past decades, visual content has become an extraordinary way to convey a message and catch the audience’s attention. The fact is, the human mind responds quickly to the visual content compared to the plain text. That’s why appealing videos and images become the essential tool of marketing.

Thus, to unleash the visual experience, marketers’ access to the designers and graphic designing tools helps to drive user engagement.

Canva and Ripl are the best graphic designing platforms that help users to create a fantastic graphic, brand, logos, charts, posters, etc.

Here, we’ll provide an in-depth comparison of both tools to help you decide which one to choose and why.



Ripl is again the best graphic designing platform that helps professionals to create highly optimized and enchanting videos to attract an audience. The platform is best suited on Android and desktops so that you can make the best graphic designs from scrap.

Whether you want to customize the videos and showcase your brand, you can freely create with the help of tools offered by this platform. The professionals can also add contact information and logos to make the video more impressive.

Graphic designing becomes easier with posters, logos, infographics, and presentations.


Canva is one of the best graphic designing platforms for artists, designers, professionals, and marketers. This tool helps to create extravagant graphic design and elegant logos within minutes. The platform provides you every incredible feature that you need to customize the graphic designs.

Additionally, the software also provides stock images and designing elements such as shapes, icons, and fonts. These tools will let you create beautiful designs.

Detailed Comparison of Features- RIPL Vs Canva

No doubt, both the platforms have their value and serve features to meet your expectations. But which is best over the best? If you’re juggling with the same, let us take a deep dive together at the features offered by both to know which one is worth having.

Images and Videos

Both the platform offers incredible video and images stocks that help the designers to create a significant impression. However, with Ripl, you get access to more than 500,000 premium stock images and videos to design their projects. Moreover, Ripl also allows users to upload images for their projects.

In comparison to Ripl, Canva offers exceptional image stock so that professionals and businesses can build unique valuable connections with the audience. Moreover, companies and graphic designers can access the premium stock images and of high-quality for free.

Besides that, Canva seems easy to access by the graphic designers and upload images. Plus, the software has video editing tools that further help to create high-quality videos. You can even access the pre-built templates and video stock without hiring any professional.


Here, Canva is a winner because the platform offers more catalog and image stock for free. Furthermore, Canva does offer video editing tools that help the users to create appealing videos within minutes and edit them too.

Graphics and Templates

Ripl does offer 1000 plus graphic designs and templates as far as graphics and templates are concerned. Moreover, they also recommend engaging templates categories so that you can choose easily according to the need, such as:

  • Arts and recreation
  • Food and beverages
  • Product and services
  • Marketing goals and many more.

However, with Canva, you can enjoy multiple design templates, including:

  • Education
  • Marketing material and blogging
  • Social media and social media posts
  • And many more.

Above this, Canva offers an extensive library of more than 50,000 graphic template designs that make your videos and images more presentable. By accessing these templates, you can prepare pictures, flyers, logos, posters, and many more.

Canva also offers free templates, graphs, and charts to create impressive videos. But you cannot enjoy these features in Ripl because they do not provide a free extensive library of graphic designs and templates.


Canva here once again is a clear winner. This platform does offer multiple graphic designs and templates for your websites and other projects. However, you will miss the features such as graphs, templates, and chart features in Ripl.

Social Shares

Social media sharing is of utmost importance these days. This helps to attract the audience on time and achieve attention. How about sharing your videos and images directly on social media platforms? Isn’t it great? Well, both the software offers you directly sharing their videos and brand assets on the social media platform.

Ripl offers social sharing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You may also save the post to your computer and schedule it to be shared later.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

You can either save posts to your computer or schedule them to be shared later. You can also go back and edit previous posts before resharing them. However, Canva offers the same feature of social sharing to share the designs on social media and third-party platforms such as Slack, Tumblr, MailChimp, and social media platforms.


Both the Canva and Ripl tie here. These platforms allow sharing designs and impressive templates directly to the social media platforms via third-party platforms.

Video and Images Quality

When it comes to the video’s quality and images, both platforms go hand in hand. Ripl and canvas offer high-definition quality pictures and videos. Also, the customizable features allow you to change the picture quality that suits best for your platform.

Canva also offers a video editor to create high-quality videos directly from the software and share them on the social media platform. The features you might miss in Ripl.


Though both platforms offer high-quality images and support HD videos, Canva is one step ahead of Ripl. It gives you a video editor option that helps to edit your video more easily. So, Canvas again wins here.

Mobile Apps

Whether you’re creating the images and videos to promote your brand on the most prominent platforms like social media, professionals always choose to have mobile apps to work conveniently. Thanks to both software that are ready to run on any device.

Ripl will allow the professionals to promote their videos and build from mobile versions. You may also make videos in a matter of minutes. You may also use the mobile version to develop your own designs and templates.

Additionally, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Like Ripl, Canva also offers a mobile app so that you can work conveniently.


Once again, both the software tie here. The mobile version of the app lets you access the interesting features in their mobile apps so that users can create videos easily.

Customer Service and Support

Customer support is the prime factor whenever anyone is considering graphic designing software. Ripl and Canva offer 24 hours email support to get the answers to their queries instantly. In addition, Ripl offers a ticketing system that helps users access the support quickly through blogs, articles, FAQs, etc.

However, Canva offers learning resources so that users can easily access and work with the platform via blogs, articles, and other teaching materials.


Canva and Ripl both offer multiple support, so here, both are winners. Both platforms also provide learning tools to easily access the platform and create the most appealing videos and graphics to share on social media platforms.


Simple and effective user-interfaceEasy to use interface
Exclusive library of 1000 plus templatesExtensive library of more than 50,000 templates and graphic designs
Social media sharing and comprehensive knowledge toolsSocial media sharing
50,000 plus stock imagesMillions of stock images


Doesn’t offer free plansDelay is responses from customer support
Lack video and images editorMay experiences glitches during order delivery

Alternatives to Ripl and Canva

There are many other alternatives available to Ripl and Canva, which are as follows.

Sr NoAlternative to Ripl and CanvaInterfaceVideo Editor toolsStock ImagesSocial Media SharingMobile Apps
 Adobe SparkClean user interfaceYesMore than one million stock imagesYesYes
 Design WizardUser-friendly interfaceYesThousands of stock images and templatesYesOnly a few devices supported
 SnappaSimple and cleanYesMillions of stock imagesYesYes
 CrelloClean user interfaceVideo editor tools availableUnlimited video and stock imagesYesYes
 PicMonkeyUser-friendlyYes1000s of templates and stock imagesYesYes

The Bottom Line-Ripl Vs. Canva

Canva and Ripl are both excellent in graphic designing software for beginners and business purposes. It has been proven to be effective in professional domains. This detailed comparison of both tools helps to pick up the best when to work. However, in overall comparison, Canva wins over Ripl.

With over one million stock photos, Canva provides the ideal platform. Moreover, the platform’s video editor tool helps create the best quality videos and directly share them on the social media platform. Also, the pre-built templates help to create impressive graphic designs. However, customer support response is a bit lazy, but overall, great for beginners, professionals, and business individuals.

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