Best Alternative and competitors of Canva

Incredible Alternatives & Competitors of Canva

If you’re searching for the best alternatives to Canva, you’re at the right place. In this article, we will enlighten you on top free and paid alternative & competitors to Canva that you can use to make the best graphic designs.

About Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool based in Australia that was launched in 2013. It’s a feature-packed software that gives you a lot of options for photo editing, graphic design, image creation, and much more.

It can be used to straighten images, crop them, add messages to them, add icons and stickers, add accents and texture, and much more. These are the basic features Canva provides to make image editing and designing easy for you. Its true beauty lies in its ability to design projects from scratch, in addition to the basics.

However, Canva also has certain flaws despite all these amazing features. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Limited editing capabilities for uploaded images
  2. No support for videos
  3. Inability to check only for images and illustrations that are free

Hence, this makes us look at other alternatives for Canva. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Quick Comparison Table: Best Alternative & Competitors to Canva

Before you go on to study each tool in detail, let’s take a look at a quick comparison table of all the tools:

Tools Best feature Price
Pixelied – Feature-packed
– Easy to use &
– Learn Pre-built templates
Free; Pro plan starts at $7.95/mo
Visme – Wide range of features
– Millions of stock images
– Intuitive interface
– Very useful for Business & Professional use
Free; Pro plan starts at $15
Crello – Multiple choice for design size and format
– Eye-catching templates & designs
– Variety of templates
– Vast image library
Starts at $7.99/mo
Pixlr – Clean interface
– Affordable Video support
Free; Pro plan starts at $4.90/mo
Relaythat – User-friendly
– Drag-and-drop editing
– SEO capabilities
Free; Pro plan starts at $25/mo
AdobeSpark – Clean interface
– Make short animated videos
– Animation effects
Free; Paid plan starts at $9.99/mo
Design Wizard – Easy to use
– Redesigning
– High-quality images
Free; Pro plan starts at $7.42/mo
PicMonkey – Stylish designs
– Touch up tools
– Powerful editing
Starts at $7.99/mo
Fotor – Smart filters
– Easy picture collage tool
– RAW file converter
Starts at $8.99/mo
BeFunky – Affordable
– Vast image library
– User-friendly
Free; Paid plan starts at $6.99/mo – Huge library of templates
– Instant download for any format
– Effective designs
Free; Pro plan starts at $8.00/mo
Lucid Press – Powerful editing
– 24/7 customer service
– Animation effects
Free; Pro plan starts at $10/mo
Tyle – Automatic designing features
– Quick and easy
– Easy to learn
Free; Pro plan starts at $31/mo

1. Pixelied

Pixelied is mostly similar to Canva, but it has more to offer! It comes with thousands of pre-built templates and icons, an insane amount of stock images, and a lot of photo-editing tools that also include one-click background removal.

Pixelied has multiple features that set it apart from other DIY graphic design software on the market and make the artist inside you go crazy! With the help of its mockup editor, you can create amazing product mockups for your company. Furthermore, you can also easily move between workspaces, each of which has its specific assets, layouts, and crew members, thanks to its workspace function.

Why opt for Pixelied as Alternative to Canva?

Your company needs a platform that can perform a wide variety of graphic design tasks. Moreover, Pixelied will most definitely help you to unleash the inner designer in you.

2. Visme

Visme is one of the most flexible Canva alternatives that allows its users to design everything from engaging presentation and infographics to images, graphics, videos, and much more. The tool offers a great variety of templates that are easy to use; with millions of photos and thousands of icons, as well as more than 50 data widgets and charts. It is also to add video or audio and edit or customize.

Visme’s Basic Plan is free, but the Complete Plan includes unlimited designs, additional storage, and pro features such as the slide library.

Why opt Visme as Alternative to Canva?

With Visme, you get to access a large image collection, infographics, and templates that are easy to use. It is a versatile and yet easy-to-use tool.

3. Crello

Crello stands out in this list of best alternatives to Canva because of its Animation Maker suite.  This tool allows users to make use of its beautiful animated templates and elements to add life to their images and videos.

These animated templates comprise vertical and square video styles, Instagram stories, and Facebook stories and cover videos, all of which will help to set off your business. Crello also offers a vast template and image library, which includes illustrations, as well as a variety of choices for different web content layouts and platforms.

Crello is free to use, but main features such as Animation Maker are reserved for Pro subscribers.

Why opt for Crello as Alternative to Canva?

Crello is the best choice if animated images are what you’re looking for. With Crello, you get to experience a great blend of illustrations and stock photography to use in your designs.

4. Pixlr

Unlike other graphic design tools, Pixlr shines when it comes to photo editing. Pixlr makes photo editing simpler, quicker, and smarter than ever before, making it a viable alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Have you ever tried and failed to delete unwanted objects or people from an image, or to blur out an unsightly background with accurate pixels? We’re sure most of you have been there. Well, the AI CutOut feature lets you delete backgrounds with just one touch. It is a great help for people who don’t have perfect vision or steady surgeon techniques.

Glitter, light streaks, dust flecks, and much more can be used to add accents or textures to your images with Pixlr.

Why Pixlr?

Pixlr is a great choice if you’re looking for a picture editing and graphic design app that you can use on your own.

5. AdobeSpark

Adobe Spark is a powerful tool by Adobe that works best for your graphic designing projects. It is certainly not anything like Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, but it does the job very well as one of the most effective alternatives to Canva.

The interface is simple and clean, with streamlined integration into new projects. In most common sizes, you will be able to design graphics for your social media.

You can also create effective and responsive sites as well as animated videos of short duration through Adobe Spark. In the editor, the design tools are easy at first but are pretty good under the surface. There are curved text, engaging effects of animation, simple icons, and Adobe Stock images.

Why opt for AdobeSpark as Canva Alternative?

The branded stories element is what sets Adobe Spark apart. You add fonts, logos, and colors, and it will design a simple collection of effective templates for your brand alone.

6. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a special tool for the creation of static graphic designs and short videos. For most social media assets, the tool offers templates and several documents and presentation projects.

You can choose from a sluggish graphic editor to a video editor within the tool. These two editing spaces are different. The Design Wizard’s design features recall the terminology of Adobe tools, like ‘artboards’ and ‘layers’.

Why opt for Design Wizard as Canva Alternative?

The Design Wizard is specifically designed for people who have to develop basic visual assets without getting in too far. For several topics, industries and niches, the templates are varied and quite standard.

7. PicMonkey

Next on the list is PicMonkey, which is one of Canva’s toughest alternatives. You can choose from many templates, but PicMonkey is a great tool to use to create from scratch.

The editor has a wide range of design tools. The photo retoucher is the most noteworthy of all editing functions. It works mostly like Photoshop, but it is more user-friendly.

The pattern and effects tools are another fascinating features that PicMonkey offers. You can use it not just for the background but also for shapes in your design.

Why opt for PicMonkey as an Alternative to Canva?

For anyone who wants professional visual graphics to be designed, PicMonkey is one of the best options to choose from. It is particularly suitable for users that require photo retouching and graphic design tools.

8. Fotor

Fotor provides advanced editing capabilities for your pictures within a Canva-like design interface. This enables the users to quickly edit photos and generate web designs with them. For users to learn and increase their abilities with their tools, Fotor has also created several video tutorials on their official website.

Users may begin with a Basic subscription plan of Fotor that offers a few editing capabilities and pro designing features.

Why opt for Fotor as a Canva Alternative?

Fotor is one of the best tools if you want your images edited and retouched. It is also great when you want your web and social media images to be created from a template.

9. BeFunky

BeFunky is another tool in the list that is great for rich graphic designing and photo editing. It includes an image editor, a graphic designer as well as a collage maker. However, its design application is quite different from that of Canva.

It features a user-friendly interface. The new design in BeFunky can be created from scratch or you can pick a template and then edit it.

The BeFunky app is available for you to use on your smartphone.

Why opt for BeFunky as an Alternative to Canva?

BeFunky comes with many edition options in the photo editor such as effects, frames, text editor, touch-up, and much more. The templates are classified, making your work much easier.

10. is commonly used to create some premium graphic designs and documents. It aims to create templates that are easy to edit and beautifully designed so that the work is smart and quick. It operates with a team not only of designers, but also of writers, marketers, lawyers, and coders.

With, you get access to a 50,000+ Designs and Forms library that is available in many different formats, such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Publisher, Excel, and so on. It offers images, colors, fonts, layers, customizable layouts, and much more.

Why opt for as Canva Alternative?

This tool is a one-in-all solution for designing templates and creating documents. It offers designs that are not just beautiful but effective.

11. LucidPress

Lucidpress is a platform for designs and brands that enables non-designers in your firm to design and circulate their marketing collateral themselves. Lockable templates safeguard your brand and allow colleagues to create small design edits and adjustments, thereby making your creative team easier to work with.

Why opt for LucidPress as Canva Alternative?

LucidPress is a powerful platform that is trusted by more than 8 million LucidPress users worldwide. With this tool, you can wave rogue branding a goodbye permanently!

12. RelayThat

From landing pages to ads and social media posts, RelayThat is a great graphic design tool for those who can’t invest a lot of time.

You just have to upload your company’s assets RelayThat will take over from there. It will recommend different sizes and formats for various platforms. It is a great tool to use if you’ve tried Canva and felt the need for more template choices or tried design suggestions.

RelayThat will recommend more and more custom picture templates for you as you will keep adding more pictures and colors to its library to choose from. It also has image SEO features, which will make your photos rank higher in organic search results.

Why opt for RelayThat as alternative to Canva?

It is the ideal choice when you’re designing pictures for a variety of websites, advertisements, and social media platforms.

Moreover, if you’re not a designer and just need a simple tool to help you choose the right colors and text formatting, RelayThat works best.

13. Tyle

Canva is great for creating photos for various social media platforms, but it is lacking in features for creating social media videos. Owing to a lack of time and money, many brands miss out on the peak engagement that video on social media platforms provides. This is where Tyle comes in.

Tyle’s intelligent photo and video editor helps you to create outstanding content and regular social posts in no time. Everything you have to do now is picking a template and insert your media and text. Following that, you can very easily edit at each step to customize the video according to your taste.

The best thing is that you don’t need to film your video or take your pictures to create a social-media-worthy video. Inside the native tool itself, you get to access millions of free stock images and video clips. You can now shift your focus to just the text and leave the graphics to the professionals.

Why opt for Tyle as Alternative to Canva?

With Tyle, you get to boost your companies’ and brands’ engagement by creating high-quality video content and other social media posts. You get to save extra time as the smart editor will alter your design for you without you having to make countless tweaks.


It is vital to choose the right design tool based on your needs. You must select the tool that best fits you now that you are aware of the top best alternatives of Canva. All of the tools mentioned above are efficient in their ways. Neither of them is good or bad; rather, it depends on how you use them that decides whether they are good or bad.

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