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Content writing and blogging is not an easy job, especially when you are regularly publishing the content. New bloggers used to pick the topics of their choice with limited and half knowledge. Whatever topic you choose, you need to put in efforts to create a quality content along with appropriate images, infographics, thumbnail, video etc. What if your all content will get negligible traffic in next 12 months, and then SEO expert will claim that topic & content heading was not chosen wisely. Your all efforts will become zero. Wise writer first put in efforts in deciding the topic, then does it in style. if you are doing this first step rightly, it’s like half battle won. Here we shall enlist top-notch content idea or topic generators for writing SEO rich content.

The best content idea generators

Let’s only talk about the top 5 ccontent or blogidea generators, as listed below:

  1. Answer The Public
  2. Hubspot Blog Idea generator
  3. Portent content idea generator
  4. SEMrush
  5. BuzzSumo
  6. Impactbound

1. Answer The Public (Content idea & strategy tool)

Such an amazing tool to draw your entire content strategy. Not only it provides you the blog or article topic ideas, but also the entire content strategy for that article. Once you search for a keyword, then Answer The Public provides comprehensive picture to strategize the content. For instance, it divides its research in – questions, prepositions, comparisions, alphabeticals and related.

With excellent way of infographic presentation, you can easily grasp from it’s research.

For instance, when entered a keyword ‘earn money‘, this is how, Answer The Public answered-

On keyword ‘earn money’ – It asked 115 questions on what, why, where, how, are, will, which, can etc:

On keyword ‘earn money’, it provided 50 propositions:

Similarly there are 44 comparisions, 499 alphabeticals and 20 related ideas generated for same keyword- ‘earn money’.

Check Answer the Public here.

2. Hubspot Blog idea generator

Hubspot Blog topic or heading idea generator

Hubspot is very commonly used as an advanced tool for blog content idea generation. You have to provide 5 clues/ideas or nouns and it will be ready with 5 free blog topic ideas. You can also get 250 additional ideas by providing additional info or create account and submit details there.

If you are running a business or own a website and looking to manage your content, marketing, sales and service through one place, it’s Hubspot. You must join it. It has already become the Big thing to consolidate your entire marketing strategy.

Get content ideas here.

3. Portent content idea generator

Portent blog content topic idea generator

Portent content idea generator is another free tool to create the content topic ideas. It delivers the content idea in an innovative manner, which will convince you to choose one with reasons.

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best tool for content idea research.

It can not only provide the content ideas, but also it can provide the ideas for country you choose. Moreover, it also provide other SEO relevent data like backlinks, numbers of shares on Facebooketc.

Check your content ideas on SEMrush here.

5. BuzzSumo

It’s not free. In order to try the fully fledged platform, you may start by signing up for 7days freetrial, without providing the credit card detail.

Personally, i have deeloped the liking for Buzzsumo for its excellent delivery of SEO content ideas with data,which can bring you huge traffic.

It provide large number of content ideas with enough data in order to choose the right one.

6. Impactbound

Impactbound comes from Impact, which is one of the biggest player in content creation platforms, affiliate portals etc. You must use it’s innovative content idea generator tool to see, the all possibilities in creating the content generation.

This is a free to use tool.

Let’s check, how to get the contenttopic ideas-

First write above dotted line, what your blog is all about!

Then get ideas for your article heading, To get new different ideas, press a button just below it.

Some other notable blog content topic or headline idea generators:

1. Contentrow Link Bait Generator

2. FATJOE title idea generator

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