Best WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

Incredible WordPress themes for Tech Blogs in 2021

Technology has become one of the popular blogging niches nowadays. Unlike many other niches, people who love technology have different styles and tastes. And to fulfill their own creative needs they desire to have well-crafted and thoughtfully designed best WordPress themes for tech blogs. We have thoroughly checked and prepared the list of the best Tech Blog WordPress theme.

Tech Blogging

Well, do you want to know a secret to become successful in your tech blogging venture?

You do not need a programmer or experienced web developer to build a super crunchy blogging website. You only require a basic knowledge of WordPress and a killer theme and a reliable hosting service. 

There are thousands of themes available to use for your blogging website. But, if you are consistent and want to give your reader the best user experience, you should be very careful in choosing a theme for your tech blog. Remember one thing be choosey!

Be choosey- I mean using a theme that is optimized for tech blogs. Optimized means that the blog theme is specifically designed for the needs of the tech blogging site. Surely, it doesn’t look like a design of food, fashion, or any other type of theme.

Choosing a theme for your tech blog is crucial because it has to appear professional, optimized for SEO, with clean code, fast, and provide a great user experience. 

I believe you have seen many websites such as The Verge, TechCrunch, Engadget, and many other popular sites and wondering how you create websites like this? Well, here we are with the best WordPress themes to add to your tech blog site.

Why One Needs a specific theme for a tech blog?

Interestingly, most beginners get overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a theme for their WordPress website. There are hundreds of free & paid websites to choose from. Each theme looks amazing than the previous one.

On the other hand, WordPress is used to create all kinds of websites from blogging to an e-commerce store. That’s why choosing a suitable theme is crucial. For example, if you’re starting a blog on entertainment, then you would want a theme that looks engaging and entertains people while reading your blog.

WordPress comes with many features and options which can make your website slow. That’s why selecting the right theme according to your niche is crucial.

Handpicked posts for you:

Comparison Table of 16 Best Tech Blog WordPress Themes

S.No. Themes Mobile Ready Affiliate Marketing
1 Saasland Yes Yes
2 Techlink Yes Yes
3 Soledad Yes No
4 Networker Yes Yes
5 The7 Yes Yes
6 Newspaper11 Yes No
7 Thrive Theme Suite Yes Yes
8 TheGem Yes Yes
9 Herald Yes Yes
10 Jannah Yes No
11 Read & Digest Yes No
12 MagPlus Yes Yes
13 ReHub Yes Yes
14 InHype Yes Yes
15 Gillion Yes Yes
16 Saxon Yes No
17 Genesis Theme Yes Yes

Best Tech Blog Themes: Top 16 Listing

#1. SaaSland – Multipurpose theme

saasland tech blog wordpress themes

Saasland is a multipurpose creative WordPress theme for Saas, Mobile app, software, agency, and mobile app mostly related to products & services. 

With tons of loaded features, elements & blocks, and options make it is a user-friendly theme to create a dynamic and professional website in no time. Saasland provides you a dynamic, creative, and beautiful design. 

This beautiful theme gives a kick-start way to your tech blog start-up or projects of your user. 

Features & benefits:

  • Visual Site Builder: It comes up with the visual website builder “Elementor.” 
  • 250+ Element Block: Assembled with a huge collection of element blocks. Chose from over 250+ templates to create a stunning layout.
  • Build Shop- Sell Online: Woo Commerce is already integrated. Build your online shop, sell your product, and easily grow your business. 
  • Optimized for SEO: Rank well on search engines with an optimized SEO theme.
  • Blazing Fast Performance: The optimized theme performance gives you a blazing fast speed. 
  • Life-time update: Buy once and get theme updates for a lifetime!
  • Friendly & Efficient Support.

Best for Whom?

Whether you are new to tech blogging, start-up, agency, Saas, software, mobile app, or service-related website, Saasland can be a perfect choice for you.

Why Saasland is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The top-rated visual website builder “Elementor” makes it easy to build and design your website with ease. It provides 35+ pre-built demo to save your time and efforts in making designs and layouts for your viewers.

The theme is fully integrated with Woo-Commerce making it easier to build an online shop from day one of your purchase.

Price: The Saasland theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $59.

Link to Purchase:  Saasland Theme

techlink tech blog wordpress themes

The Techlink theme provides a responsive and beautiful design that appeals large audience. Each element and layout is planned meticulously. The theme makes sure to provide the highest possible detailed design to your website. 

Techlink offers tons of in-built features, elements, & blocks that give users real flexibility to use. Techlink comes with a modern, beautiful UI with robust UX that makes your website look professional and powerful without any difficulty. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Elementor: Easily add & rearrange elements using the Elementor plugin
  • Woo-Commerce: Fully compatible with this free plugin to make it easier & simple to build your online store
  • Powerful Admin: Customize your website design and anything with ease 
  • Blazing Performance: With modern UI and solid UX makes the website powerful & fast. 
  • Friendly & Efficient Support

Best for Whom?

The theme provides great results for digital agencies, tech-bloggers, mobile apps, & service-related websites. 

With robust & solid UX system and modern UI makes the theme powerful & super-fast to use. Moreover, the theme provides tons of elements, layouts, and features to make your website look responsive and attractive. 

The theme supports Woo Commerce, making it easier to build your online shop in an easier & faster way from the day you purchase. 

Price: The TechLink theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $69.

Link to Purchase: Techlink Theme

#3. Soledad Theme

It is a comprehensive multi-purpose WordPress theme. The flexible Soledad theme comes crammed with high-end goodies and is suitable for a wide range of websites. The visual page builder and advanced option theme make it easier to build a website. 

The necessary tools make your website engaging and attractive no matter which browser or mobile device is used to view. Also compatible with Toolset Types Plugin- custom post types, custom fields, and Taxonomies support.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully Customizable: Make your theme as you like. An extensive set of tools make the theme perfectly match the look.
  • Responsive Layout: The theme looks great even in mobile browsers, tablets, and desktop browsers. 
  • Search Engine Optimized: Smart design and XHTML valid code ensure maximum search engine visibility for WordPress sites. 
  • Touch Friendly: Browse easily on your tablets and smartphones. Huge buttons, unique design, and responsiveness give the feel of a desktop view on a mobile browser. 
  • 30+ Easily Customizable & beautiful designed elements.
  • Easy to create Multi-language website

Best for Whom?

The theme suits best for blogging, business, E-commerce, Food/Restaurant, Gaming & Anime, Magazine, News, Photography, Travel, and Video blogs. 

Why Soledad is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The fastest and easier theme ever for Blog & magazine. With optimized loading speed, a stable & smooth theme for high traffic sites helps to bring the best page experience for your users. 

With 1000+ options makes it one of the WordPress powerful themes to use. 

Price: The Soledad theme can be purchased with the regular licensed price of $59

Link to buy: Soledad Theme

#4. Networker

Networker from Codesupplyco is one of the finest modern themes for Tech Blog. Most probably, you’ll fall in love with this theme, which is clean-coded, fast, easy to learn, supports schema markup, and packed with impressive features.

Its advanced review feature makes it perfect for tech bloggers & reviewers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to understand and configure: You’ll find Networker easy to operate and configure as per your needs.
  • Dark mode works not only for great viewing experience but also for back-end editing. Simply amazing for those who work on creating posts in low-light surroundings.
  • Important to realize that it uses advanced technologies & optimized CSS code makes it fast & Google-friendly. In-built rupport for Schema markup and you just need to install ‘Schema’ plugin for higher ranking.
  • Mobile Friendly, suports AMP ‘Reader’ mode.
  • Notable Superfast menu, which doesn’t slow-down the site speed.
  • Multilingual & translation ready.
  • A light plugin with high conversion pop-up newsletter & cookie notification.
  • One-click easy demo installation.

Best for Whom?

Best for core tech blogging. Surely loved by those who produce the review content for electronic gadgets, accessories, apps, and digital marketing. Its clean interface makes it more appealing.

Why is Networker one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

Very easy to understand and work upon, Mobile & Google-friendly, clutter-free Tech blog theme with impressive review options. It is not only good for beginners but also enjoyed by seasoned Tech bloggers. Website loads fast even with Super-fast menu and light newsletter & cookies plugin.

Important to realize that its authors were among the first few, awarded by Envato for being ‘WordPress requirement compliant’.

Price: Networker theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $59 with unlimited updates.

Link to Buy: Networker

#5. The7 Theme

The7 theme is the most customizable WordPress theme available on the market. It provides creative and awesome designs for your website. No matter if your beginner or pro, a website owner, or a digital agency – The7 provides powerful design to everyone. 

The7 theme comes with seamless integration of WPBakery Page Builder and Add-ons. 1000+ design options help to craft design and customize the website of your dream. With the in-built design, the wizard makes it easier & simpler to create a boutique-quality design in few minutes. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Popular WordPress Plugins: The7 theme is compatible with almost all WordPress plugins including, Contact form 7, Gravity forms, All in one SEO pack, All in one calendar, All in one Migration, and many more.
  • Optimized for SEO & Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Headers: The7 theme provides unlimited header layout combinations for both mobile & desktop. 
  • Deep integration with Woo Commerce
  • Free Lifetime Update
  • 1000+ theme options & 250+ page options
  • 6 Premium plugins that will not nag about purchasing them

Best for Whom?

Can be suited for any type of website, whether you’re a pro or beginner, a digital agency, or a website owner. 

Why The7 is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The7 theme is a feature-packed theme. From sliders to design, not to mention all elements that provide uniqueness and help to customize your website. The themes option gives you an easy way to design your website, change background colors, images, and fonts, and it’s user-friendly. 

Price: The7 theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $39.

Link to Buy: The7 Theme

#6. Newspaper 11

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that is perfect for blogging and excellent for an e-commerce shop, store, WooCommerce, news, magazine, publishing, and review sites. 

The increase in performance and 80+ professional designs make it a ready-to-use unique demo that helps to build your website with ease. The theme comes with a premium page builder “tagDiv composer” specially made for a Newspaper theme. 

The Redbox Widget of the Newspaper11 theme helps to customize your website easily without the need for any coding. With 810+ pre-loaded templates help it easier to choose and make it unique according to your needs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • WooCommerce Prebuilt Shops
  • tagDiv Page Builder: especially plugin for Newspaper11 theme
  • 120+ Prebuilt Websites to begin with
  • 810+ ready to use elements and templates
  • Compatible with SEO plugins

Best for Whom?

News Website, News Magazines, Review Sites, etc.

Why Newspaper is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The pre-loaded websites it makes easier to choose the design for your website if you’re a beginner. The tagDiv plugin especially developed for the Newspaper11 theme makes it easier, simpler, and faster to design and increase performance. 

The Newspaper11 theme is integrated to give the best result on small screen devices. 

Price: The newspaper11 theme can be purchased at the regular licensed price of $59, with a lifetime update.

Link to Buy: The Newspaper Theme

#7. Thrive Theme Suite

This is not just a theme, but an All-in-one toolbox to create your unique and awesome WordPress Website that attracts your user and convert customers to lead. 

Thrive suite provides access to building a website, sales funnel, email list, scarcity campaign, online course, etc.

Thrive Theme builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder- that makes it easier and fast to build your website. It allows you to create and customize header & footer, blog post templates, sidebars, search pages, error 404s, and many more. 

Feature & Benefits:

  • Manage all from One Location: Thrive Suit makes it easier to manage all your brands everywhere with one centralized setting. 
  • Conversion in Mind: Thrive Suit doesn’t provide a professional look to your website. Instead, it helps to generate more leads and email subscribers.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The thrive suit provides mobile-friendly themes to make its functionality similar in desktop, tablet, or mobile. 
  • 100’s of Built-in elements & design: Choose your favourite design and customize them according to your way. Change icons, fonts, elements, colors, and many more.

Best for Whom?

Multi-purpose use themes are available. From blogs to a professional website, e-commerce stores, shops, and many more.

Why Thrive Theme Suite is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

Thrive Suit comes with a complete pack of premium ready-to-use templates, from landing page templates to element templates, etc.

With marvelous theme options to choose from makes it super easier & saves time to build a website. Simply- choose your theme, templates, colors, fonts, and more. 

Price: The Thrive Suit Theme can be purchased at starting price of $19/month or $228 annually.

Link to Buy: The Thrive Theme Suit

#8. TheGem

TheGem is developed with a modern creative design. With the ultimate toolbox elements, style & features, it helps to build impressive and high-performing websites in few minutes. Don’t waste time on coding- just enjoy the creativity!

With carefully designed and crafted 400+ stunning templates for your website make it easy to install and edit in Elementor or WPBakery. The in-built Gem Block plugin includes tons of pre-designed templates, which help to create pages with the speed of light. 

The Versatile setting of TheGem helps to edit the website header, menu & navigation. Use customized colors & fonts to make it as per your brand. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjust Everything: easily adjust the colors & fonts of your website to show your brand colors. Use google fonts or embed your own fonts. 
  • Customized Options & tools: The customization option helps to design the website as per your requirement. 150+ pre-made demo pages to look for the design.
  • Website Security: TheGem focuses more on security. The theme package comes with secured and efficient plugins to help the website load faster and help to reduce dependence on third-party plugins. 
  • High-Quality Support
  • Plugin Compatibility & Optimization. 

Best for Whom?

Multi-purpose use themes are available. 

Why TheGem is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

TheGem is a multipurpose WordPress theme. There are countless features available other than being a multi-purpose WordPress theme. 

With pre-loaded tools & elements helps to make customization easier. The security helps to secure your site from any vulnerable or virus attacks. 

Price: TheGem theme can be purchased at regular price of $59.

Link to Buy: TheGem Theme

#9. Herald

The Herald theme was designed and developed carefully with the magazine website in mind. With a fully responsive design that looks amazing & stunning on any browser on desktops, laptops, mobiles phones, or tablets. 

The herald theme is designed for news and magazines website. They fit perfectly with the advanced theme option to customize as per your needs. It offers almost 500+ variants of layouts, unlimited sidebar options, unlimited colors combinations, fonts, widgets, and many more. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced Options Panel: Easily customizable aspect of the theme with easy-to-use options.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: With the unique design options, make sure that the theme looks good on any screen. 
  • Fast Page Load & SEO:  The theme is crafted to ensure good SEO visibility and a great user experience.
  • 500+ blog & magazine layouts
  • Cross-Browser Compatible: The theme is compatible to run in any browser, whether it’s chrome, firefox, safari, IE8+. Yes! it works in IE. 
  • Fast-Friendly Support: Any issue, doubts, or need any help? Our friendly support can help you anytime. 

Best for Whom? 

News & News Magazine Blogs

Why Herald is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

With its 500+ in-built layout, it makes it easy to design your website. It provides a responsive design to make your content look stunning in any browser and device. 

With the custom Advance theme, you can achieve perfect custom to design the website as per your needs. 

Price: The Herald theme can be purchased at the regular licensed price of $69.

Link to Buy: The Herald theme

#10. Jannah

The pre-loaded demos of designs make it easier to start building your website with a one-click import button. Mix your fonts, colors, headers, and pages to make it look amazing using the theme options panel. 

It helps to make it look fresh at the world of desktops in today’s modern age of content marketing. It makes ut stunning with fresh layout options and modern sharing options. The responsive design not only adapts to all modern devices but also responds to any browser. 

Feature & Benefits:

  • Select & Share: With the real-world sharing option of native GIF and web push notifications.
  • High Performance with Blazing Speed: Some advanced development behind the scene gives Jannah a blazing speed to load the faster page and blazing website performance. 
  • 1,000+ Font Options: With 800 Google fonts and 150+ fonts help to find out one the suits your brand.
  • GIF support: No plugins, no extensions, or no messing around. Jannah supports GIF images natively to provide a superb user experience. 
  • Select & Share: With this feature, the end-user can control the sharing options. 
  • 20+ Pre-Loaded Demos

Best for Whom?

News magazines and bloggers. 

Why Jannah is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The unique features of the Jannah theme make it easier, simpler, and faster to build a website from scratch in few minutes. The pre-loaded demos and themes help to choose the one that suits your brand. 

The unique feature of Select & Share makes it easier for the user to select the key points to share without changing the window. 

Price: The Jannah Theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $60.

Link to Buy: The Jannah Theme

#11. Read & Digest Theme

With the stunning design of Read & Digest, a newspaper theme will turn your WordPress news to #1. Packed with a unique layout & design, this theme has all you need to grab the attention of your reader.

With 14+ homepage layouts, dozens of fonts & colors to choose from, make it the preferred choice for any news website. The website also provides the option of Social Media Integration and has some vintage style layout too. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Great Layout Collections: Create a perfect website for your publication with the choices from 8 distinct layouts and 3 beautiful blocks.
  • Fully customizable: Easily customize your site with a comprehensive admin panel, thanks to the powerful and intuitive interface. 
  • A collection of sliders: With 5+ variants of sliders for showcasing your articles. Choose your favorite one or simply use them all to highlight your best posts. 
  • Social Media Integration: Display your Instagram & Twitter feeds directly on your website. With an easy sharing option on your article for full social media integration. 
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin included
  • Social Share Codes
  • WooCommerce Integration

Best for Whom?

Lifestyle Bloggers and Magazines, Online Publications, Newspapers, Editorials, Writers, Travel Bloggers.

Why Read & Digest is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

Want to try your online presence more unique. Get read & digest and do it like a pro! This beautiful newspaper theme helps to make it easy to create a unique magazine website that stands out. 

With 14 beautiful homepage layouts, and 4 slider types, 12 layouts & blocks, read & digest comes with a wide array of custom shortcodes. The theme is fully responsive on any browser & device. You also get a vintage layout to try out.

Price: The Read & Digest theme can be purchased at the regular licensed price of $69.

Link to Buy: The Read & Digest theme

#12. MagPlus Theme

A top-selling, lightweight, and super flexible theme to make your newspaper & magazine website look more stunning. The theme provides 43+ epic designs & 270+ layouts to choose from for your website. 

The theme provides tons of features & elements to choose from and combines them as per your needs. Use any demo or make your own website from scratch. It’s easy to customize your website using MagPlus even a non-professional can do it. 

With 12+ header layouts to choose from and two super, Mega Menus makes the theme super easy to use. MagPlus fully support multi-languages. So, make your website using your local language. 

Feature & benefits:

  • 43+ Pre-built designs to import in just one 1-click.
  • Huge collections of widgets, sliders, headers, and footers.
  • SEO Optimized theme
  • 5X faster speed: Fully compatible with Facebook instant article, complete first-mobile approach. 
  • 30+ exclusive widgets option to choose from for your website. 
  • Popular Premium Plugins Free.

Best for Whom?

Bloggers, Magazines, News websites.

Why MagPlus is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The theme is very elegant and easy to use. The site loads faster with blazing speed without any interruption. With 30+ exclusive widgets, premium plugins, and 43+ pre-built demos make it easier to design a unique and manage a website. 

The designs look aesthetic and stunning along with the great support team to resolve any issues. 

Prices: The MagPlus theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $59.

Link to Buy: The MagPlus theme

#13. ReHub

The modern hybrid theme covers all the modern business models for online websites. With lots of features, there is no limit to customizing your website. 

The theme is developed using all modern and advanced functions which provide best practices for SEO. Each layout provides a different look than the previous one, and each has different functionality. With more than 30 special block of Elementor and WPBakery helps to build a website with blazing speed.

The theme also provides an option to add animations to any element in your website. It also has pre-loaded mobile layouts to choose from for your mobile sites.

Features & Benefits:

  • SEO Booster: The SEO booster helps to block special content.
  • 30+ Product & Post Layouts
  • Page Builder and Customizer: More than 30 special blocks for elementary and WPBakery with exclusive functions of the theme.
  • Animation Framework.
  • Special & Dynamic Chart Builders: The chart builders help to compare different products.
  • Advanced Affiliate Functions

Best for Whom?

Affiliate Marketing and Review Websites

Why ReHub is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The theme provides the best experience for Affiliate marketing websites and review websites. The theme has inbuilt features that help to make your website look more stunning and amazing. 

The website provides features such as chart builders, advanced affiliate functions, SEO boosters, etc., to boost your online stores. 

Prices: The ReHub can be purchased at the regular licensed price of $59.

Link to Buy:  The ReHub Theme

#14. InHype

All marketers look for a premium theme that makes their website stand out. The website design and theme can play a crucial role in the engagement rate of your website. InHype solves these questions by providing attractive designs to a new level. 

To increase conversion rates, leads, and engagement- the InHype WordPress theme provides an easy solution to target your audience with easy, simpler, and time-saving designs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Completely Handmade Demo Templates: Import all the demo with 1 click button and start building your website without any setting or technical knowledge.
  • Optimization for High Speed: The theme is optimized for SEO and page speed to attract new users
  • Exclusive 11 article layouts: The theme provides 11 layouts to choose from for your website.
  • WooCommerce Optimized: InHype powered with WooCommerce to make it easier to start your online shop or store.
  • Responsive layouts: The layouts look similar on every browser and device with perfect colors and pixels.
  • Unlimited Font Combinations
  • Smooth Animations

Best for Whom? 

Blogging, Business Blogs, Tech, Travel Blogs, Political, Personal Blogs, Magazines, News Blogs, etc.

Why Inhype is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

InHype makes it easy to create a dynamic website that people like to stop and read. This brings higher engagement, conversion rates and makes it look beautiful & stunning. 

The easily customizable option helps to edit the website at your convenience and provides unlimited combination options to change it. 

Prices: The InHype theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $59.

Link to Buy:  InHype Theme

#15. Gillion

Gillion is a multi-concept modular WordPress theme specially developed for blogs, magazines, publishing, shop, reviews, newsletters, etc. It is packed with some great useful features to help you create a website faster, simpler, and easier way. 

Gillion has 15+ high-quality fully functioning website demos that are ready to be customized as per your needs. It is perfect for the comprehensive niche blog that wants an elegant and unique look. It has 12+ pre-built demos that look super-cool and elegant for your next website. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful Options Panel: When you login into the admin panel, there are tons of options available to control, update, modify, or change the elements in your theme.
  • MailChimp Email Marketing: When you activate the theme, you will be directed to the MailChimp plugin, and start right away without any difficulty. 
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder: Build your website using #1 Drag & Drop Page Builder, Visual Composer Bundle in the one-off purchase price. 
  • Built as a Child Theme: If there is any update in the parent theme, there will be no change in your child theme- the data will be preserved. 

Best for Whom?

Fashion bloggers, Personal Blog, Tech Blogs, Lifestyle Blogs, Magazines, etc.

Why Gillion is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

The Gillion 50+ modular elements, tons of layout, tons of header & footer elements make it easy to customize. The powerful admin panel helps to control, update, modify, and change any element in your theme. 

The theme is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, Page Speed Optimized, and highly customizable. 

Prices: The Gillion theme can be purchased at a regular licensed price of $55.

Link to Buy: The Gillion Theme

#16. Saxon

Saxon provides an elegant and responsive WordPress theme that is ready and waiting to be transformed into your personal blog or magazine website. 

Build any website with ease and customize the site according to your brand. With 27 reusable homepage blocks, post layouts, and unique designs make it feel elegant and amazing. The powerful admin panel helps you to change and modify- the elements to give it your brand look. 

Make your homepage look unique by combining different homepage blocks with a lot of sections & categories. Everything is possible with the Saxon WordPress theme. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Drag & Drop Builder: With 15 homepage blocks in WordPress Customizer, simply add & sort with drop and drag within seconds. 
  • Modern Demos: Import the demo with just a 1-click button and customize without manual settings. 
  • Theme Setting Customizer: Customize the theme with real-time preview. Let Saxon make it easy for you.
  • Speed Optimized: The themes are SEO and speed optimized to attract and engage with your visitors in a more unique way.
  • Responsive & Retina Ready: Bootstrap-based responsive grid system to make it super speedy on any device. 

Best for Whom? 

Personal blog, magazine, files catalog, media catalog, news website, or any other.

Why Saxon is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

Saxon WordPress theme allows you to build a website more simply with just a few clicks. The theme is extremely friendly, fully customizable, responsive, and optimized for SEO. 

The support team provides email to email support for the customers. 

Price: The Saxon theme can be purchased at the regular licensed price of $59.

Link to Buy: The Saxon Theme

#17. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework allows you to create an amazing and unique WordPress website. Whether you are an advanced professional or a beginner, Genesis provides a secure and SEO-optimized framework to make your WordPress website look great.

The Genesis framework comes with in-built features like multiple layouts, breadcrumbs, navigations, and tons of other features too. With the 47+ child themes on the list to choose from, the Genesis framework provides a safe and easier method to customize them. 

With the Genesis customization tools, the non-developers can make a lot of changes in the appearance of their website without having coding experience. 

Features & Benefits:

  • E-Commerce: With the pre-styled for WooCommerce, you can easily set up your online store and shop. 
  • Mobile Responsive: The themes are optimized for every browser, device, and screen size.
  • Genesis Framework: Genesis helps to boost SEO and state-of-the-art airtight security. 
  • Theme Customizer: The customizer helps to easily change colors, fonts, and content, as well as, you can see preview live. 
  • Logo Customization: Upload your customized logo with just one click.
  • Community: Genesis provides the option to join with thousands of designers and developers who trust and build the site with Genesis. 

Best for Whom?

Bloggers, Business Website, News/Magazines, Personal Blog, and many others. 

Why Genesis Framework is one of the best Tech blog WordPress theme?

Genesis provides building tools to build a powerful website for WordPress. With prebuilt content and customize your website much faster. 

With 20+ full layouts to use or make your own and share with others.

Price: You can get Genesis theme free if you purchase hosting from Genesis with the starting price of $25/ month. And buy Genesis Pro at starting price of $360/ year.

Link to Buy: The Genesis Theme

On the Final Note:

On the final note

There are tons of beautiful themes available out there, and my list has only snapshots of everything you can use to make your website look amazing and elegant. But many themes work better for specific niches.

Whether you’re a freelance, developer, digital agency, or you want to launch your own website, WordPress has got you covered.

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