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Best sites – Royalty Free Background video | Digital videos

Video marketing has already become one of the most critical aspect of the digital marketing strategy of the organizations. This is the time to use the effectiveness of video marketing for branding and image building. The copyright owner decides whether they wish to permit you to use their videos. By good fortune, many video production businesses and individual producers & composers create videos. And these could be used in YouTube videos, marketing campaigns and for brand building mainly and charge a fee/subscription. Let’s have a look on Best websites, where you can find top-notch royalty free video content/footage and digital videos.

All videos are extremely safe to use from these leading sites! Videos arrive in various resolution from SD to HD and also in 4K, and are appropriate for expert use. Simply do a search for it, and when you click the video of your choice, it is going to say in the identifying information to the bottom if it’s Creative Commons-licensed. You can make your own video or seek the services of an agency to create a video for your site, but nevertheless, it would be a costly affair. Whether you’re making your first on-line video, web collection, corporate video or an epic movie, music is going to be among the most important components of your project.

Article Outline

1. Why Royalty fee charged by Video creators or producers

2. What you get with Free sites

3. Top sites for complete digital assets (royalty free images, music and videos) at single platform

4. Best sites for Royalty Free background video footage & digital videos

Why Video creators or producers charge Royalty fee

Quality videos comes with a heavy price due to extremely high cost in making high quality videos.

There are lots of costs involved with building a video, from equipment to post-production. Your options concerning music & videos ought to be made dependent on a few critical things.

Websites offer top quality royalty free music and videos with a fee, which is known as subscription fee.

Usually, there aren’t any hidden costs apart from subscription costs. You need to follow the instruction provided by them.

You should get the royalty free digital assets, because you need to safeguard yourself from any notice of copyright infringement. This may literally create trouble for you.

Therefore, just focus on your business and use only royalty free assets in content creation.

What you get with Free video sites

All content is totally free on most of such sites and prepared for use in your projects. There are many sites, which offer royalty free music, audio tracks along with video footage and digital video collection. You may download them and use in commercial projects absolutely at no cost.

Usually majority of these video footage sites offer you watermark-free videos. In some sites attribution is required, which you need to check with each site and it’s terms of use.

Before, we start with listing of top websites for royalty free video footage & digital videos, lets look at our listing of top sites for complete digital assets, which includes images, music and videos. These sites are one stop shop for all type digital assets.

Top sites for images, music & videos at single platform

(one stop shop for all needs)

These websites offer almost all type of digital assets –

  1. Envato ElementsOne of the best & Overall most comprehensive platform for almost all type of digital assets. Envato Elements subscription comes in most affordable package of $16.5/month in annual plan. Useful for small businesses, bloggers, webmasters etc.
  2. Pond5 – One of the largest and most premium collection. Membership plan cost you $199/month & $999/year with 10 downloads/month.
  3. Gettyimages – Gattyimages boasts of a collection of over 200 million assets. It’s a bit costly with download of 5 high-resolution assets in $2375/-, which makes $475 per download.
  4. Shutterstock – All images are reviewed and accepted by experienced editors to be sure the excellent control. For users seeking to buy photos in prepaid images pack, they begin at $49 for 5 images . Plan start with $49/month for 10 photos/month.
  5. Storyblocks – It has three parts – Storyblocks, Audioblocks & Videoblocks. The key consideration to keep in mind is that Audioblocks content is made by artists, for artists. Storyblock videos are sorted into various categories. Complete access of audio, video and images with Unlimited All access in $29.06/month for yearly plan.

Best sites for Royalty Free background video footage & digital videos

Top sites for Royalty free music digital videos
Top sites for Royalty free music digital videos
  1. Pond 5
  2. Filmsupply
  3. Adobe Stock
  4. Videohive
  5. Overflightstock

1. Pond5

If you’re on the lookout for rich video footage for your projects, Pond5’s broad budget and big collection is a great option to locate what you require. Pond5 membership library has something big to offer you, in terms of top quality videos. It offers 35+ million videos, which includes around 500K HD & 4K videos.

You will be free to continue to concentrate on creating great content. Out of shareable content, videos have gained most and its internet viewership has reached on an all time high number. Additionally, websites also provide you other methods to earn by doing work, particularly for their site.

The charges supplied by the website are quite fair and reasonably priced. It is possible to either opted to buy credits from $30 for 3 credits or you are able to subscribe for a month-to-month discount.

Background music is the fundamental ingredient, or you may say the main catalyst that spices up video contents. Therefore on this platform once will get the pack of excellent music and video both.

2. FilmSupply

Filmsupply will allow you to boost up your productions and receive the very best value for the money, all at the very same time. This agency sells footage in the shape of video packs, that you can purchase on demand.

Filmsupply was launched, keeping in mind about the promotion of their video content creators. In addition to this, their next major role is that businesses can purchase the set of original films/works.

3. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has assets and resources that you will surely love to use. It is a great option when you’re looking specifically for the great visual.

You can get the great video content on Adobe Stock site. As video become increasingly more prevalent online, the should download totally free HD videos increases. Digital video is excellent for simplicity of use, but you can use it for numerous other purposes.

It has a special library of images as a result of Fotolia acquisition. It also has an auto keyword tool that works well. Consider it, anyone which uses Adobe Photoshop has simple access to a vast library of images along with videos. Adobe Stock is a new standalone service which integrates with Creative Cloud to supply world-class images in an easy-to-use application.

Credits make an outstanding complement to an Adobe Stock plan so that you don’t lose out on the content you will need. You’ll also have to use credits to buy any video (which isn’t included in any subscriptions). Most videos are between 50-100 credits for the resolutions you will need.

If you register for Adobe Stock, you must create or use a current Creative Cloud account. For instance, you could launch Adobe Stock right from inside Photoshop and select any video you believe you need to work with. It has lots of benefits, but certainly designers utilizing Creative Cloud are the individuals who can secure the absolute most out of it.

Bear in mind you now may also try Adobe Stock for free! Free account will allow you to get 10 free adobe stock images.

4. Videohive –

With VideoHive you can get stock footage to finish your work for only a few dollars per clip. In general, if properly executed, a video may add a whole lot of value to the vast majority of sites. People viewing and commenting on your videos are much more likely to provide you with constructive feedback.

Videohive comprises of 800K+ video film. Out of these recordings around 105K recordings are accessible on Envato Elements under Unlimited arrangement. Envato has made an incredible gathering of HD/4K recordings.

5. Overflightstock

As a result of drones & aerial photography, people have the chance to capture some pretty incredible and unbelievable moments which were much harder to record only a couple of years ago.

Mastering hovering doesn’t only permit you to have better control over your aircraft, but also enables you to shoot better aerial videos and pictures. Overflightstock is the major player for aerial photo-graphy & video-graphy. Overflightstock is a superior site for substance designers. It offers the top notch video film from pretty much every country.

Filmpac & Story & Heart are also good sites for top quality royalty free videos.

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