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Envato Elements Review: Why it’s Best for you?

If we recommend Envato Elements subscription as the best ‘value for money’ for almost all types of royalty-free digital assets. Would you believe it? Well, you should. There are reasons to make this statement, on which you may agree once you finished reading it. Envato Elements offers top-rated royalty-free images, music, videos, and many more types of assets on a single platform. Let’s review, why the Envato Elements subscription is best suited for you if you have a limited budget and you want top-class digital assets. We shall also compare Envato Elements with its close competitors. Furthermore, other topics which we shall discuss here at Envato Elements include – alternatives/competitors, free trial accounts, price comparison, what all you get, etc.

What do Agencies, Bloggers, and Webpreneurs need?

Generally, bloggers or marketing agencies prefer to go with a premium subscription for hassle-free use of royalty-free digital assets. At the same time, they feel that the premium subscription fee is quite high. Because of these reasons, they use websites like Unsplash, and Pixabay for free quality images, Youtube audio library for free audio clips & similar websites like Pixabay for free video clips.

However, designers and webmasters later realize that free resources have their own limitations. If you commit any mistake in using even a single digital asset, it may get your site into trouble. Besides, it is important to notice that Enato Elements sits somewhere between the free and expensive premium alternatives.


Envato Elements Subscription Review

We are going to review Envato Elements on the basis of benefits, package, comparison, competitors & alternative, pricing, etc.

1. What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a subscription service for downloadable digital assets, which has a very unique business proposition. Envato Elements offers almost all types of digital assets, which include images, music/audio effects, videos, tuts, graphics, etc. These are quite useful for bloggers, webmasters, and small & medium businesses, specifically when you have a limited budget.

By all means, such top-notch tools can create excellent repo of your digital & online marketing.

2. What do you get with the subscription?

what you get with Envato Elements subscription

Envato Elements provides more than 2,200,000+ downloadable digital assets. With this single subscription, In addition to 2.2 million, digital assets, you may also download over 50 million photos from Twenty-20. These assets include the following-

  • Stock Video & Video Templates
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Graphics & Graphic Templates (Icons, backgrounds, patterns, vectors, Print Templates, Product Mockups, Websites, UX and UI Kits, Infographics, Logos, and Scene Generators)
  • Presentation Templates
  • Photos/images
  • Fonts
  • Add-ons (Actions, brushes, and layers)
  • Web Templates
  • CMS Templates
  • WordPress (themes and plugins)
  • 3D

Along with 2.2+ million digital assets, subscribers will also get the opportunity to enhance their skills with Envato Elements Tuts+. Envato Elements Tuts+ provides the opportunity to access video courses, e-books, and tutorials.

3. Difference between Envato Elements & Envato Market

Envato Market Review
Envato Market
  • Envato Market is a marketplace of singular items, which includes Audio jungle, Themeforest, Videohive, Envato tuts+, etc, as shown in the image above.
  • While Envato Elements is a subscription service where shoppers have boundless access to 22,00,000+ downloadable items with the option of monthly or yearly fee payment.
  • Markedly, the individual item-selling service of Envato Market has a bigger share of digital assets. For instance, Envato Elements has 810K+ video footage/templates and at the same time, Videohive keeps a collection of 1.4 million + video assets.
  • Hence Enato Elements has everything you need to create excellent content at affordable pricing.

4. Subscription charges/pricing

Envato Elements offers these three types of plans:

  1. Individual plan
  2. Students plan
  3. Teams
  4. Enterprise

Let’s review all these plans of Envato Elements:

Individual subscription plan

  • Envato Elements subscription comes at an unbelievable price of $16.50/month when you go for an annual payment of $198. In case you opt for monthly payment, then you have to pay just double i.e. $33/m.
  • Hence it is recommended to go for the Annual payment plan. However, if you want to try it, then you may check & use it for a month or so.
Envato pricing& subscription plan
Link to Pricing page

Subscribing and paying with monthly payment options won’t restrict you from accessing the unlimited media download. You can access the complete set of assets with both payment options.

But there is a clear advantage in the Yearly payment plan. To explain, in a yearly plan, you will be paying just half of the amount which you pay with the monthly plan.

Students Plan:

Envato Elements review - Students subscription plan
Envato Elements review – Students’ subscription plan screenshot

Earlier there was no student plan. Recently, Envato Elements created this plan with a 30% discount on the normal subscription. Check the details here, whether you can get the benefit of this plan.

The student’s plan can be used for the following:

  • For your academic assignment & project work.
  • For freelance work done by students.
  • You may also use it to access the tutorials, and courses offered by Tuts+.

You can not use your personal email ID to get the benefit of the Student plan, as you have to verify your student email address with specific domains (check here the applicable domain’s detail & other eligibility criteria)

Teams & Enterprise plan

Envato Elements Review -Teams & Enterprise plan
Screenshot – Teams & Enterprise plan
  • If you have more than one member in your team, you may go for the Teams plan. You may add up to 5 members of your team to this plan and get up to a 35% discount on it. For a 5 member team, this plan will cost you $10.75/month per member. Check pricing for your specific team size. You may change the team size anytime after opting for it. All downloads are stored in a once central place.
  • If you are an organization/agency or have a team size of 6 or more, you have to opt for an Enterprise plan. Envato Elements may customize the plan for enterprises and also provide dedicated account management.

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5. What is free with Envato Elements?

You can create a free premium account with Envato Elements in order to access the limited quantity of certain digital assets.

  • One can access free files on Envato Elements under its single-use policy.
  • Under this policy Envato Elements free account allows the creator to create only one single end product from a free file for commercial use. For more details check here.

Envato Elements Free Trial

Let me clarify one important thing here Envato Elements does not allow a free trial. Instead, it has a provision to create a free account in order to access premium digital assets.

You will be able to do the following things in the free (not free trial) account of Envato Elements:

  • Free files under the single-use policy. Check the single-use policy & other details here.
  • Accessibility of complete collection, with free or no plan.
  • In a free account, you will get 12 free digital assets every month and you may create your own collection and be allowed to save & share it with others.

It simply offers the same Subscription plan for all types of users. In order to access the unlimited Subscription plan, you have to pay the fee.

6. Envato Elements Review: Comparision with its competition/rivals

Believe me, there is no competitor or alternative to Envato Elements! By now, you might have understood this. Most importantly, there is no single-player, which can offer the varieties or types of digital assets offered by Envato Elements.

Don’t go by just words, review Envato Elements by comparing it, with its rivals.

Check-in detail about the competitors and alternatives of Envato Elements in this post:
Best 6 strong competitors & alternative of Envato Elements

Let’s review & compare Envato Elements with its competition-

Template Monster vs Envato Elements

Template Monster review

Whatever you need to build a website, is available on Template Monster. Template Monster not only provides everything you need to build a website in one place but also and surprisingly such wonderful digital products come in the best affordable plan. One web-development membership plan costs you $17/month.

There are two spaces in digital products-

  1. Firstly, images, music/audio, video, graphics, fonts, Powerpoint, etc, which are used as part of visible content
  2. Secondly, WordPress themes, CMS, web templates, plugins, e-commerce themes, etc, work at the backside in order to build a website

While Envato Elements provide all assets, mentioned in point 1 and part of point 2. On the other side, the Template monster covers part of point 1 & all assets mentioned in point number 2.

Though they compete with each other, at the same time both compensate each other. If you have both, then in

  • Both offer affordable subscription plans. The Envato Elements plan comes at $16.5/month with unlimited access. On the other hand, Template Monster has recently launched its ONE Membership, available for $19/month.
  • ONE Membership provides up to 50% discount on products, which are not covered under this plan.

Adobe Stock Vs Envato Elements

Adobe Stock is surely one of the best collections of digital assets, which comes from Adobe itself. Everyone knows, how closely Adobe is associated with imaging/visual technologies. Adobe Stock is a professional stock digital assets service, fully integrable with the Creative Cloud platform.

  • Adobe Stock comes with Annual license plans starting from $29.9/month for 10 assets/month. Furthermore, the annual commitment plan is $199.9/month for 750 assets per month. Check the complete plan details here.
  • One can get images, video footage, 3D, templates, vectors, and editorials. But, it’s not a complete package as music or audio tracks are not offered by Adobe Stock. Rather, you need to couple this with an audio website like Sitestripe or Premiumbeat.
  • Therefore it is clearly visible that Envato Elements is a great value for money, for the complete set of digital assets.

Why choose Adobe Stock

  • Without any iota of doubt, Adobe Stock is much superior to Envato Elements in terms of the quality of stock images. Whatever project you are doing, you need the quality of images.
  • For instance, if you require premium-quality technology images for business or niche blogging websites, Adobe Stock gets a clear upper hand.
  • If you talk about the effectiveness of digital assets at Adobe Stock & Envato Elements, Adobe Stock is way ahead.
  • If don’t have the budget issue and you are looking for premium images, graphics, editorials & video footage, just go ahead with Adobe Stock.

Shutterstock Vs Envato Elements

Envato Elements vs Shutterstock
Shutterstock screenshot

As per my experience & hands-on, Shutterstock along with Adobe Stock are the two best platforms for top-quality digital assets.

Why choose Shutterstock over Envato Elements:

  • Huge collection of over a Billion top-quality digital assets, including 300+ million images, 1+ million contributors, 18+ million video footage, etc.
  • Try any keyword for any category, and you will surely get the best of the collection.
  • Best of the content for the Editorial & Entertainment segment.
  • Shutterstock is loved by bloggers, webmasters & businesses of all sizes & almost every segment.

Where Shutterstock is lacking when compared with Envato Elements:

  • Envato Element provides almost every kind of digital asset on a single platform for a mere $198 per year, which is not the case with Shutterstock. Shutterstock is very expensive and not affordable for everyone.
  • Ideal for bloggers, small businesses, designers & agencies, as it provides website themes, plugins, tutorials, web/CMS/WordPress templates any many other digital assets, which are not provided by Shutterstock.

Storyblocks Vs Envato Elements

This one platform from Storyblocks covers three unique libraries for images, music, and videos. In the subscription plan, you get unlimited downloads from 115,000 HD videos, 400,000 images, and 110,000 audio tracks.

  • If anyone of the premium digital assets providers is a close competitor to (or second to) Envato Elements, that’s Storyblocks.
  • In addition to images, music & videos, Storyblocks covers after effects templates, vectors, & illustrations. The unlimited download is applicable to all of these assets.
  • Storyblocks unlimited plan to access all available digital assets comes at $29/month for yearly billing, which is much higher than Envato Elements plan.
Storyblocks Vs Envato Elements Competitors
Storyblocks Subscription Plans
  • Where Stoyblocks is lacking – Storyblocks doesn’t have many types of digital assets, which are already offered by Envato Elements. For instance – web templates, themes, tutorials, fonts, logos, etc.
  • On the other hand, Envato Elements offers much wide variety of assets.

Creative Market Vs Envato Elements

If you review & compare Envato Elements with Creative Market, you can easily claim one thing! That, if there is anyone close to Envato Elements, it’s Creative Market. Both have a good collection of web themes & templates. CreativeMarket is a marketplace of independent artists around the world, who create top-quality designs. Both Envato Elements & Creative Market offer many things in common. Both are great platforms for photos, graphics, templates, web themes, fonts, and add-ons.

  • Creativemarket has the upper hand when we talk about the number of collections & type of collection. The creativemarket has more than 3.5 million products and 29K+ shops/sellers & more than 6 million members. Which is huge!
  • Creative Market has kept the individual pricing model, where every design maker’s collection has its own pricing. There are no subscription models, but the credit plan. You can buy a credit plan suitable to your needs, and pay from it for individual or collection
Creative Market Price subscription plan
Creative Market Credits
  • What is special here – They have various types of templates, a great collection of fonts, and web themes, which are eye-catching.
  • Where the Creative market is lacking – No availability of music, audio, and video footage. Which is one important part of bloggers’ & webmasters’ requirements. There are many other things like tuts+ or tutorials, logos, etc which Envato Elements offers.
  • None of any other competitors has such a comprehensive collection, that Envato Elements offers uniquely.

Motion Elements Vs Envato Elements

Motion elements - alternate for envato elements

Motion Elements is a leading digital assets provider platform. It boasts to have more than 3.5 million digital assets, which is really huge. This is Asia’s biggest platform for digital assets. While Motion Elements has a bigger video library, Envato has a much more effective distribution of its assets.

Though Envato Elements provide the best & affordable plan for designers. Motion Elements plan is not as affordable as Envato, yet it provides great value. Unlike Envato, Motion Elements plans to provide limited digital products.

The most attractive feature of Motion Elements is its FREE Access plan. Motion Elements is quite useful if you are looking for free access plan. It has plenty to offer without paying anything. The free plan offers the following:-

  • Free downloads.
  • FOREVER FREE PLAN – Early signups are going to be rewarded as a FOREVER FREE Plan.
  • Free Banner generator.
  • Free video converter

Its Free collection constitutes 4000+ free video stock library, music/sound effects, After effect templates, GIFs, Motion Templates, and Premiere pro templates.

5 digital assets/elements in a week, may simply be calculated as roughly 20-25 elements with a capping of a maximum of 5 in a week.

Motion Array Vs Envato Elements

Motion array has done a great job of offering a great variety of meaningful resources. This platform is a marketplace for various types of creative resources. It offers templates (including Adobe Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve templates), presets, audio effects and video footage, plugins, tutorials, etc.

Though Motion Array has kept the subscription fee, just below the Envato Elements fee. Motion Array Premium Pro comes at $16/month when billed annually. Moreover, its free plan provides access to a good number of resources.

  • Motion Array has a much smaller collection than Envato Elements. Important to realize, that, as of date, it has a collection of only 163K+ digital assets.
  • Though Motion Array provides a good number of templates, it lacks images or photo collection. This is a big negative on its part.
  • Owing to the unavailing of many categories like images, WordPress themes, fonts, etc, It’s not an ‘apple to apple’ comparison.
  • You may join Motion Array for free and start using the assets in your projects. Moreover, opt for the Pro plan/subscription for Professional After Effects & Premiere Pro templates, stock music & videos.

7. Envato Elements Review: Competition Price comparison

Below mentioned is the review of Envato Elements & its competitors’ price plan comparison-

Name of provider subscription pricing Remarks
Adobe Stock$199/m (750 assets)
$29.99/m (10 assets)
Adobe Stock is the best platform for Digital Assets except for music/audio effects. Search for any keyword/category, it provides one of the best collections.
Template Monster$17/month, billed yearlyTemplate Monster provides everything except music & videos.

It’s a complete tool for designers/developers. More than competing, it compensates Envato Elements.
It would be a killing combination
Shutterstock$29 (10 images/mo) & $199(750 images/mo)If you want a hassle-free single platform for all types of digital assets, go for Envato Elements. Otherwise, Shutterstock is a better platform if you are looking for a richness of the collection.
Creative MarketNo subscription plan is available.
-Pricing for every individual or group collection created by the designer.
If there is any provider close to Envato Elements, it is Creative Market.
This is a great platform, where you can get a variety of collections designed all by creators.
Storyblock$29/month unlimited access, billed annuallyStoryblock is close to Envato Elements, in terms of pricing.
Still, there are many categories or products, where Storyblocks don’t operate.
Motion ElementsThree separate plans:
– On-demand
– Credit pack
– Unlimited download subscription plan for $198
Huge 3 million+ video footage/template collection.

Best Free plan by Motion Elements. Packed with a free banner maker & video converter.
Motion Array$16/month, if paid annually, else $29 for a monthly billing optionMuch less collection (360K+)
Many Envato Elements categories are missing like – stock images, WordPress themes, fonts, etc.
Pond5$199 monthly plan
$999 yearly plan
One of the most
premium collection
Gettyimages$249- monthly subscription-
25 downloads/day or
750 downloads/ month
a separate plan of music downloads

8. A few more reasons to get its Subscription

  • Seeing is believing, you must first browse the library free of charge, in order to understand it.
  • None of the many other players has such a comprehensive collection, Envato Elements offers unique. Great tool for webmasters, bloggers, and businesses.
  • Another fantastic reason to look at joining Envato Element is that it is possible to cancel your subscription at any moment and still retain the right to use any items which you downloaded and registered during your time as a subscriber.
  • Check out its great collection of WordPress themes. Envato Elements might have done something great with its designers/developers. There are many top-class developers, working with Envato Elements and creating the best WordPress theme collection.
  • Its collection is being updated and further increased by Envato Elements regularly. For instance, in the ongoing week, more than 10K assets were included by Envato. More and more choices for you.

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