What if you are asked to follow the path, where you can earn $1000 per month within a year time frame? Well, there will be two types of reactions from majority of people. One type of reaction will be that it’s quite easy, even I am planning to earn $5000 a month. Another type of people will say that – are you kidding? it’s not a joke, you can not fool me! It’s not possible to earn $1000 in a month time, by just sitting at home. There are only a few people who think practically and use their own common sense & start working on a plan. You have to decide, which category you belong!

Do not think to become millionaire overnite, it’s not possible if you are not serious in putting 10 times of required efforts! Even luck to win a lottery ticket comes from your own inner force only!

Before you think to make millions, first take the challenge and plan to earn your first hundred bucks!

Wihtout a much ado, let’s start…

First, stop all your money leakages

how to earn money - $1000 per month within a year

Saving your money from being spent unneessarily is as important as earning. Write down your every single expense and see where you can stop the expenditure.

  • If possible, stop doing payments from your Credit Card. Call your Credit card provider Bank to disable the card. Having a credit card is risky business
  • Take cognigence of your all recurring due payments on credit or debit card, and check the

I. Plan to earn a bread for yourself – Earn First 100 bucks

how to earn money - $1000 per month within a year

Even if you are working somewhere, try to develop few parallel sources of income. Try to pay at least your grocery bill by alternative income. Secure your monthly income by doing some important payment or investment.

If you are an adult and have big responsibility on your shoulder, then you can not just stay at home and enjoy watching TV. At least, work enough to get your own share of breads. If you are not doing so, you are waiting for a disaster to happen.

You may start with very easy thing first, which is a low hanging fruit. If you ensure a recurring income of $50/month from automatic source then you have ensured your $600 in a year timeframe.

Low hanging fruits first!

how to earn money - $1000 per month within a year

Let’s start with the power of earning from your own resources:

1. Your own expertize or passion

Fortunately, in todays world, there are hundreds of opportunities available for you…Yes specifically for you!

Take pause & think for a minute about your expertize, what you can do very well that others can’t?

May be you are good at singing, or know a lot of things about quizzes or you are damn-good at gardening or serving to elderly people. Write down in the form of points and start working upon few of them.

Check below mentioned palces, where you can sell your stuff or use these platforms:

1. Sell your expertise on Fiverr:

2. Become Airbnb Host

Rent a room/house on AirBNB & earn huge monthly income

If you have unused property or rooms and you can make it a great and enjoyable place for visitors, then you must do it now. If you own a house or rooms, then give it a meaning. Let it help you to achieve your financial goals.

If you living in even a semi-urban place, then also your house has potential to give you $500 in a month.

Check some host profiles around your location, and learn from them how to make your home a great liveable place for others.

List your house as a Host on Air BnB

3. Rent your car

Owning a car is not a big deal. If you a car in good condition, you can apply to one of the prestigious agency locally or globally. It has already become quite popular to rent the idle car and earn decent recurring amount. You need to check with leading company like Uber at your own geography.

4. Buy & sell domains & websites

how to earn 1000 per day online- buy sell domain

Though most of us do visit sites,only a few among us own a blog or any sort of website. That means, these few people own domains too. If you spend few days of time in understanding that which domain has chances to work or not. So own some quality domains and sell them in hefty amount.

This is not for everyone & there is no surity of regular income.

But, if you have a good understanding of domains, which may work or not, then you may own and park a few website domains. If any domain clicks then it may fetch up to thousands or in you are lucky millions of dollars.

For instance, one brilliant Engineer guy from India sold the domain maxchanzuckerberg.org to Facebook. Before he came to know, that it was Facebook, it was too late, as he already agreed for $700. Though he could have fetched much more than this amount. But the more interesting part is the intelligence of this boy Augustine, who bought this domain, which is the short form of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter Maxime Chan Zuckerberg. Check this news.

Crux of the story is that, you must have understanding to foresee such trends.

How to get into domain buying or selling business?

  1. Most popular Domain auction sites are Afternic, Sedo and Flippa, where you can participate in bids to buy and sale domains. You need to create account with them and brows to understand the platform.
  2. You may also buy the interesting, trendy Domains, from Godaddy or Namecheap.
  3. In Sedo’s below mentioned search box, one can type the domain and search for it.
  • Do not just bid for it, if you are new to this field.
  • Oberve it forst then only get into buying and selling of domains.
  • Also check with WHOIS domain to know about the identity of the domain owner.

II Convert your skills into monetary value

1. Mind it!

A BIG & clear ‘NO’ to these money earning tools

how to earn 1000 per day online - dos & donts

Do you really want to make it Big with long term perspective?

Then it is advised that don’t let your energy to be soaked in by things which create only illusion & not benefiting you in real sense.

If you have decided to earn big amount, so that you can make decent living, then do not waste your valuable time in these money traps! Nobody has become rich by using these money tools.

Say a BIG ‘NO’ to them (as per my own experience)

  • Market Surveys: These are good time-pass tools, you may try them just for taking a taste. You need to dedicate average 20-30 minutes in return for $1-5 & you need to access hundreds of pages. If you are screened out, then you will get just a consolation. Average 10-15 monthly surveys will give you a maximum average of $50-$100 a month for a big chunk of time. But very soon you will be fed up with them. In my view, if you are dreaming of running your house, by surveys & click websites. Then my friend, probably you are wasting your precious time.

However, you may join a good market survey website just for learning purposes – to learn to survey, market survey, what questions to ask, etc.

  • Click websites: You need to sit in front of the screen for a long time. Per click hardly gives you $.005. Don’t do that. Y

2. Start your blog or website

start your blog - how to earn 1000 per day online

You may start your blog on any specific topic or your area of expertize. You can initiate a blog by turning into a member of a blogging website of your pick. Developing a blog isn’t rocket science, though it is going to require an important quantity of work. Once you set up a blog full of helpful information, then you can then begin promoting.

Domain name booking

First get the domain name from any of the leading Domain sellers – Godaddy or Namecheap.

You may pick anyone from these leading website builders:

If you are new to blog world or owning and managing a website, then it is advised that you should start with hassle free website builders, where you need not worry about hosting etc. Go with only leading website builders, which are designed for getting maximum benefits.

  1. WordPress.com – Most popular platform for blog creation. Don’t confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org. Both are different. WordPress.com is more suitable for you as it’s hassle-free and you need not to manage hosting, data back-up, etc. If you can afford, you should go for a business plan as you will get unparalleled services, plugins, 24-hour assistance for any issue which will be replied within few seconds. You can have long chats with them for all kind of support. You can have a one-to-one brief scheduled discussion regarding your site. Monetization starts from the Premium plan.
  2. Wix – Free option available, but you are advised to start with a suitable paid option. Latest SEO features available.
  3. Squarespace – plan starts from $12/month, free trial available.
  4. Hostgator Website Builder – One of the most affordable paid option
  5. Godaddy Website Builder – Get one month free.

Original/Unique Content & Royalty free digital assets

You must create the top quality content regularly on your portal. Be cautious about your frequency of article publishing, try to be punctual of time. For instance, if you are publishing two articles in every 3 or 7 days at 3PM, then be regular with your frequency and time both. Google algorithms detect it and respect your punctuality.

Similarly one should use only & only Royalty free images, music or videos from free or paid platforms.

Sources of top quality content

The biggest source should be you only. Content should be unique and original. Content with high level of plagiarism or duplicate content, punished heavily by Google and other search engines. If you are doing just a copy & paste activity, in that case you may also get into trouble.

You may also take help of only top three article generators, as other most of the article generators are not worthy. Top three article/content generators are Article Forge, Articoolo & Kontent Machine. With the help of article generators you can create the SEO content on any topic within a minute.

Always check your content for plagiarism on Plagiarisma, Copyscape etc.

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Once you have enough top quality content on your website, request for monetization on Google Asense, Media.net etc. But for comparatively new sits don’t get easy approvals. In that case you can apply to Infolinks, Propeller Ads which is a great option to Google Adsense for new bloggers. Infolinks approval is quite easy than Google Adsense.

If you are targetting Real & Big income or revenue, then you should definitely target the available marketing for your niche.

3. Use Fiverr to earn from your skill

Many people wonder, how to use fiverr to make money & how others earn money from it, what are the best fiverr gigs to make money?

What are Fiverr Gigs? Well, a micro-job or micro-skillset is known as gigs on Fiverr.

There are many fiver gigs, through which you can earn.

Register your account for free on Fiverr. Select all the gigs, create profile and start.

Popular Major categories are graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & Audio, programming & tech, business, lifestyle, gaming.

To know gigs, on which you can work upon, check the all gigs in a category and start working upon them.

For example, under Business category, you may register yourself as a freelance virtual assistant, which doesn’t require very specific technical skillset. Similarly you are good at photoshop, you may get the work related to that.

4. Become online tutor for whatever subject you like

5. Become virtual assistant

6. Earn regularly by proofreading

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