best premium elementor addons

Best Premium ELEMENTOR Addons for Excellent Visuals

Elementor builder is one of the best website page builders, as it is integrable with most of the themes & comes with super-rich features. But if you want to add some extra & creative features, you have the option to choose Elementor addons. Many third-party Premium Elementor addons extend the core functionality even more and make the website look more appealing and attractive.

These third-party addons add some unique & specific features and widgets to use in your design. Moreover, new functions and designs can also optimize your website. 

Let’s begin with the basics about Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor is a WordPress Page builder, just like WP Page Builder. (P.S., if you have used WordPress, you would know about` WP Page Builder). It provides unique web designing offers to enhance your website user experience. You need to drop & drag cool elements and create an amazing website in just a few minutes. 

Although Elementor Page Builder provides amazing ready-made templates for users, it gives freedom to personalize features as per your styling capabilities. 

Why Use Elementor Addon?

It’s never easy to customize a website to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Although Elementor provides 80+ unique elements, you may look for something more unique & rich feature. That’s why a third-party addon can be the right choice for your website. 

Right now, there are many Elementor add-ons available in the marketplace. These add-ons provide rich and unique features to strengthen your website with amazing features & layouts. 

Here is the list of the best Elementor addon you need to have a look at to enhance your page-building experience. 

Name Price Remark
Elementor Pro $49 Unique features in Pro Version
Widget Kit $39 Best for LMS websites
Essential Addon $39.97 Help to level up your game with templates & widgets
Premium Addon Free Extend your design capabilities with Animation Lottie
Power Pack Free Great features, widgets & templates
Live Mesh Addon Free Huge collection of premium features
HT Mega Addon Free Unlimited & endless features
Element Plus Free Easy-to-use for beginners to Gurus
Droit Addon Free Templates with Animated text
Ultimate Addon $55 Take your design to the next level
Master Addon Free Free & Paid widgets to customize your website
Stratum Free Free version also provides a premium feel
Prime Slider Free Modern & trendy features
Move Addon Free Impressive tools, features & elements
Tool Kit Addon $49 Powerful admin panel with rich features
Jet Element Free Full access package is more economic to buy
Happy Addon $39 Easy to use for any level of user
Mighty Addon Free Proven track records of performance
Crocoblock Free Bundle of all Jetplugins
Anywhere Addon Free Global templates with unique features

#1. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro provides more features to build your website with ease using unique and rich features. It helps you to customize your website with 50+ Pro widgets, visual form builder & Popular marketing integrations, Woo Commerce Builder & 15+ shop widgets, Premium & VIP support, etc. 

Its Pro features help you to design a professional-looking website with ease. It gives you the power to change the header, footer, WooCommerce, blogs, and all other dynamic pages. Other than that, if you are into coding, adding custom CSS from the Elementor dashboard is easy. 

It comes with a Global widget feature, save your templates & you can use it again any time for your future dynamic pages. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Custom CSS
  • WooCommerce Builder with 15+ shop widgets
  • Motion effects, Incl. parallax & mouse effects
  • Premium & VIP support
  • Visual form builder
  • Popular marketing integrations


  • Forced styling by default
  • Lack of some marketing-oriented features
  • Fewer templates compared to competitors
  • Global Vs static templates can confuse

Reasons to use Elementor Pro

Now, as we covered all the features and cons of Elementor pro, it will not be the perfect choice for everyone. It’s active on 5+ million WordPress sites making it the Most popular page builder. 

It helps with the easy drag & drop option to design & customize your website without any coding language. Overall, if you want a WordPress page builder, Elementor Pro can be one of the best choices.

Prices USD 49/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Elementor Pro

#2. Widget Kit

Widget Kit is one of the powerful add-ons for your Elementor Plugin to enhance your website looks by adding more elements and layouts to it. The Widget kit comes with powerful elements that allow you to customize your website making complex layouts work simple instantly. 

The widget kit helps you to build professional websites and customize them in minutes. It is packed with premade layouts to save your time and build a complete website instantly. 

Build any website on WordPress with 27+ Pro Elements, 20+ Instant templates, unlimited Lottie animations, and many more. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Layouts are entirely responsive.
  • Fast loading and developer-friendly with no complexity.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and LMS
  • 20+ Instant layouts to build your website
  • Translation ready and dedicated support team


  • Improve documentation
  • Demo missing for some widgets

Reasons to use Widget kit Elementor Addon:

Widget kit makes it easier to build any kind of WordPress website or LMS within minutes with its pre-loaded layouts & templates. It is an ultimate solution with a powerful collection of layouts, templates, & elements. 

It helps you to customize complex layouts simply & instantly. The Learn Dash templates are the most popular templates from Widget Kit; if you are looking to build a Learn Course website, it is the perfect one to go. 

Prices USD 39/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Widget Kit

#3. Essential Add-ons

The essential addon is one of the popular elements libraries for Elementor with 1+ million users. With easy-to-use creative elements, add powers to your page builder, making your WordPress site look more amazing and prettier.

Customize every element in your website just the way you want your brand to be recognized. With 1000+ ready-to-go templates and build your website instantly. It provides free & paid essential elements to build your creative website with Elementor.

Features & Advantages:

  • Testimonial Slider
  • Simple Menu
  • Event Calendar
  • Sticky Video
  • Off canvas
  • Content Timeline
  • Advanced data table, pricing table, and price menu
  • Login register form
  • Woo Product Slider, Product Carousel, Product compare, etc.


  • Not compatible with WPML

Reasons to use Essential Addon?

Essential Add-ons provides lots of elements to build your website look prettier and amazing. With lots of features, both free & premium ones help you level up your game.

With so many widgets, ready-to-use templates, and elements, you’ll never want to look for any other alternative.

Prices USD 39.97/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Essential Addon

#4. Premium Add-ons

Premium add-ons are one of the popular plugins to build an amazing WordPress website using Elementor. 

With the addition of Lottie animations and freehand design experience, Premium addon made it easier to design amazing layouts instantly. With 400,00+ active installations, the Premium addon has become one of the most popular add-ons used with Elementor. 

It provides 270+ pre-made layouts and 55+ highly customizable widgets to build a complex website with no effort. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Lottie Animations Integrated
  • Premium Templates
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Cross-domain copy-paste option
  • Bullet list, Image button, Video box, Google Maps, and many more
  • Content Switcher, Image layers, Tables, Trustpilot reviews, etc.


Reasons to use Premium Addons?

The premium add-on adds a bunch of great widgets and plugins to your WordPress website and extends your designing capabilities. The additions of new widgets are of great extend to make your WordPress website look more interesting and amazing. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Premium Addon

#5. Power Pack

Built by idea Box Creations, the Power Pack addon for Elementor brings along a great experience of building pages for your website, making Power Pack a reliable and popular Elementor addon. Power Pack brings 70+ different widgets to make your website look amazing and more beautiful. 

It has helped many developers & designers to move page builders to the next level with its simplicity & nature. Power Pack comes with two versions Free/lite Version & Pro Version to add more elements & widgets as per your needs. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Countdown Timer
  • Dual heading
  • Image Slider
  • Image Hotspots
  • Magazine Slider
  • White Labelling features
  • Translation & WPML ready


  • Cannot access setting page on WordPress multisite

Reasons to use PowerPack Elementor Addons?

There is no doubt that Power Pack provides great widgets, features, functionality, and code quality to make your website look astonishing. Using Power Pack addon with Elementor adds a whole new dimension of design capabilities to your building process. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Power Pack

#6. Live Mesh Addon

Live Mesh Addon is bundled with elegant style premium extensions that can be used with the Elementor plugin. It’s a free & paid add-on to use. 

The add-on provides widgets about everything you need to create a professional & astonish looking website without any developer’s need. The addon comes with widgets & elements like services, team profiles, counters, bar charts, pie charts, testimonials, and much more in the Pro Version. 

Elementor plugin needs to be activated to use Live Mesh addon. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Post/Portfolio Grid 
  • Dark Version
  • Grid with AJAX Pagination
  • Advanced grid with lazy load
  • Light box support
  • Animations
  • Advanced image slider
  • Mobile optimized & fast loading


  • Need to buy a premium version to get all widgets
  • Unlock additional features like Image & Video Integration with the premium version

Reasons to use Live Mesh Addons for Elementor

It has a huge collection of premium features and highly functional capabilities to make your website look elegant, modern, and fully customizable. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Live Mesh

#7. HT Mega

HT Mega comes with 80+ elements & 360 blocks with unlimited variations to bring limitless possibilities to build your website with simple drag & drop. It helps you to build a website that is modern and elegant at the same time. 

It provides 91+ Page templates, responsive layouts, three amazing portfolio layouts, 4+ blog layouts, 800+ Google font supported, and many more. Build any type of website that suits your business. With 30,000+ clients using HT Mega makes it one of the popular addons for Elementor. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Sales Notification for an ecommerce site
  • 360 Elementor blocks & 90+ ready to use templates
  • Banner & Block quote
  • Dual buttons, Image Justify, Image magnifier, 
  • Panel slider, Popovers, Post carousels,
  • Pricing list view, pricing table, progress bar, and many more.


  • Performance lag
  • Server requests without using the plugin
  • Some documents missing

Reasons to use HT Mega Elementor Addons

The unlimited and endless features make it is one of the popular addon use with Elementor to build your website modern, elegant, and amazing. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy HT Mega

#8. The Plus Addon

The plus addon helps to supercharge your Elementor with 120+ powerful widgets, 300+ UI blocks, and amazing listing builders. The plus provides the largest collection of quality & premium Elementor tools with ready-to-use page templates. 

The addon is crafted to help beginners to Gurus build a professional website without any prior knowledge. You get an additional tab of setting to make any changes in The Plus addon. The setting is divided into many types to make it easier to go and change without searching for one. 

It comes in free and paid versions. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Advance text blocks, chart, age gate, audio player, and many more
  • Carousels, design styles, lazy load, 
  • Fb and Google event tracker, Magic scroll Integration, On scroll animation content
  • 18+ Page Templates, 300+ UI blocks, Live copy feature


Reasons to use The Plus Addons for Elementor:

It is made by experienced developers keeping in mind all the users from beginners to Gurus. It is completely responsive, easy to use, and provides tons of additional features to makes your website look professional. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy The Plus

#9. Droit Addons

Droit add-ons provide an extension to your Elementor Page Builder Plugin to build your website with ease. It comes with resourceful features, on-demand loading, widgets, and layouts to make it look professional.

Droit is loaded with 40+ highly flexible widgets & 150+ ready-to-use templates making it an excellent plugin for increasing the functionality of the Elementor page builder. 

It is easy to kick-start your website with its free version, ready templates, and widgets make it easy to use with amazing offers. 

Features & Advantages:

  • 40+ Widgets & 150+ ready to use layouts
  • Cards
  • Contact Forms
  • Icon Box, Image Carousel
  • Info Box, Process box
  • Animated text & banner


Reasons to use Droit Elementor Addons

The unique features & ready-to-use templates make it easier to build any type of website for your business. It comes with Animated text making it a unique feature to attract your customer. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Droit Theme

#10. Ultimate Add-ons 

The ultimate add-on provides a bundle of widgets, templates, and block all-in-one in one place. With 40+ widgets & extensions, 100+ website templates, and 200+ section blocks, make it the most popular and the only Elementor addon you will ever need!

It provides creative & unique Elementor widgets to design your website irrespective of you’re a professional designer or a newcomer. Choose from 100+ professionally designed websites to build in less than an hour. 

It also supports copy of Elementor design from one domain to another saving, a lot of time by simply reusing the design.

Features & Advantages:

  • Form Style Widgets, Mega Menu Widgets, WooCommerce Widgets, log-in form widgets, and many more.
  • Info Box, Modal Popup, Dual-core heading,
  • Advance heading, Multi buttons, fancy heading, content toggle
  • Price list, business hours, price box, timeline
  • Table of contents, Off-Canvas, Contact form 7 styler


  • Fewer WooCommerce Widgets
  • limitations on starter plans

Reasons to use Ultimate Addons for Elementor:

It is one of the best Elementor add-ons to take your design to the next level. With excellent design options and modules, enhance the capability of your website. 

It makes it easier to build a website within hours. 

Prices USD 55/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Ultimate Addon

#11. Master Add-ons

Master addon offer unique and rich features with widgets to enhance your website’s professional look. It provides a unique library and features included for free. It provides free and paid versions.

You can use them to integrate image galleries, animated headlines, news tickers, and blog posts. Some unique features like flip boxes, hotspots, creative links, and tooltips can add advantages to your website.

It adds advantage by enhancing your website with custom elements, specifically from Ninja forms, WP forms, Contact form 7, and Caldera forms.

Features & Advantages:

  • Header, footer, and comment builder
  • Custom breakpoints, Custom CSS,
  • Ready landing pages
  • Mega Menu, Template library
  • Pricing table, Gravity forms
  • Image filter gallery, Dynamic tags, gallery slider


  • Free trial is often tough to get
  • 14-days money-back guarantee is under-circumstances

Reasons to use Ultimate Addon for Elementor

It is a valuable addon with various free & paid widgets. Ultimate addons help to design easily and make it look professional. It provides 30 different blocks in a free version and more features in the premium one.

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Master Addon

#12. Stratum

Stratum is a collection of high-quality widgets and addons for Elementor. It provides advanced Elementor widgets, unique styling options, and many more features to build your WordPress website. 

Stratum enhances the capabilities of Elementor even further with better performance and improved features. It provides 20+ premium widgets and powerful visuals to give you a fresh & creative look to your website.

Features & Advantages:

  • Visual Banners
  • Image hotspot
  • Price list, Price Menu, Price table
  • Advanced Google Maps, Advanced Posts, Advanced Slider, 
  • Testimonial Carousel, Flip Box
  • Content Switcher, Lottie Animations


  • Pro version doesn’t add any value4

Reasons to use Stratum Addon for Elementor

It’s a free extension for the Elementor plugin adding unique functionality & features. It provides free access to premium features that are paid ones in other popular plugins. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Stratum

#13. Prime Slider

Prime Slider includes a title and hero section, which contains many advanced features that allow you to complete your work in a few minutes. Install, replace the content with pre-made templates, and start!

The Prime slider evolves with the latest trends like the social share button and provides options like title, sub-title, and change background on Prime Slider. It is user-friendly and simple to use, edit the design, and go!

Compatible with every device and dedicated with a strong developer team to make it work efficiently. 

Features & Advantages:

  • General Slider, Meteor skin, Crelly skin, Slide skin
  • WooCommerce Base for cool-looking WooCommerce website
  • Custom slider, Fluent slider, Flexure-base


Reasons to use Prime Slider Elementor Addon

It comes with modern & trendy features and ready to go design. It is fully responsive with all devices and evolves with trendy design. Provide social media publishing buttons, titles, subtitles, and background functions to make your website look more professional.

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Prime Slider

#14. Move addon

Move addon is a complete Elementor toolkit to simplify your complex website design. It provides 80+ Elementor widgets, compatibility with any WP theme, flexibility, and creativity to build an impactful website.

Move add-on helps to simplify your website building structure with its rich features to save time and improve efficiency. Integrated with the copy/paste design function makes it easier to transfer the design from one domain to another. 

A growing library that includes ready-to-use and 100% customizable templates helps to build your website within few minutes.

Features & Advantages:

  • Pixel Perfect Designs
  • Optimized Performance
  • Translation Ready
  • Comparison Table, Product Category, Product Carousel, Mini-Cart 
  • Pricing List, Pricing table, Flip Carousel, Protected content


Reasons to use Move Addon for Elementor

Move addon comes with some impressive tools & features to customize your website using Elementor. It is simple to use and add widgets to build a professional-looking website. 

It provides a personal touch with premium & free widgets. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Move Addon

#15. Toolkit addon

The toolkit provides twenty performance tweaks, a powerful admin panel, and amazing support to build your website with ease. It helps to optimize your website with Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals. 

The powerful admins help to enhance productivity by reducing the need to install other widgets or plugins. It is one of powerful plugin specially designed for Elementor and constantly improvises with Elementors update to adapt and provide the best experience. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Recommended by Elementor
  • Improves Core Web Vitals
  • Easy template sharing
  • Secure WP login
  • Customize WP Admin
  • Database Cleaner
  • WP Core Manager


Reasons to use Toolkit Addon for Elementor

The toolkit comes with powerful admin and features to help you improvise the Core Web Vitals, improving your SEO ranking on search engines. The rich feature is specially designed for Elementor and highly recommended by Elementor. 

Price $49/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy ToolKit

#16. Jet Elements

Jet element is a premium plugin for Elementor that includes 40+ fantastic elements. It helps to create high-end design faster and easier with a variety of widgets to make it look professional and beautiful. 

Design an amazing high-quality website & gallery using its unique elements. It offers tons of user-friendly options for improving your website pages. The easy drag-n-drop option, eCommerce options, and customization are extremely good prices. 

We can purchase it for individuals, but the economic package is getting full package access. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Lottie Files
  • Countdown time widget
  • Bar chart, Contact form 7 widget
  • Featured Product widget, Subscription form widget
  • Animated text widget, pie chart widget, progress bar widget
  • Inline SVG, Scroll navigation
  • Horizontal and Vertical timeline


  • The loading speed of the page increases
  • Interferes with other plugins and cause errors

Reasons to use Jet element Addon for Elementor

The jet plugin offers tons of options for improving your WordPress Elementor pages. With tons of customization options, drag-n-drop options, and many more, make it the best option to build your website. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Jet Elements

#17. Happy Addon

Happy Addon is developed by the weDevs team and is a reliable choice for customizing and improving website pages. The 90+ free & pro widgets and 20+ problem-solving Elementor features make it is one of the best addon to be used with Elementor.

Happy addon provides extraordinary features, making it easier for any level of user from beginner to gurus. 400+ beautiful ready-to-use blocks make your website live a new life. It’s a substantial addition to your Elementor. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Info Box & Icon Box
  • Skill bar, Image Compare, Gradient heading
  • Advance heading, flip box, 
  • Pricing table, Advanced tab, Advanced accordion
  • Hover box, Animated text, Countdown


  • Prices are higher than other
  • Need more advanced widgets

Reasons to use Happy Addon

With tons of widgets and lots of extensions, make it simple to use for any level of user. It comes with a demo page for each widget and feature, making it easier to understand. 

Prices USD 39/ year
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Happy Addon

#18. Mighty Addon

The mighty addon is a collection of premium quality features & widgets for the Elementor page builder. With 35+ Widgets, 25+ template kits, and 150+ blocks help to design the most complex layouts with ease. 

It helps you to convert any section in the Elementor page builder into a highly responsive slider. The free version includes Elementor blocks, Contact form 7 integration, flip boxes, MailChimp integration, Custom CSS, and a unique copy-paste feature.

Upgrading to the pro version includes 25+ widgets, 20+ templates, 200+ Elementor blocks, and of course premium support from the developer. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Add multi-layered shadows
  • Control Content visibility
  • Cross-domain copy & paste feature
  • Pixabay & Unsplash Integration
  • Multi-location Google map & open-street map
  • Style forms
  • Image Hotspot widget
  • WhatsApp Call & Click to chat feature
  • Restaurant website with relevant widgets


Reasons to use Mighty Addon

The mighty addon has a proven track record for its performance. The unique features & widgets are best to meet your website requirements. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Mighty Addon

#19. Crocoblock

Crocoblock comes with all the Jetplugins bundle packs and offers premium pre-made templates. It also helps to customize and design your website as per your requirement.

You can also personalize elements such as WooCommerce, pop-up, Blog posts, and 235+ other features. It’s the combination of all the jet plugins to design any website. 

With 5k+ reviews and a 5-star rating makes it is one of the popular addon for Elementor users. The real-time support with Zoom calls & text chats makes it a better option to try. 

Features & Advantages:

  • Combination of Jet Plugins
  • Dynamic Features like query loop, custom product query, query builder, and many more. 
  • Integrated with Gutenberg Editor, Jet form builder, Multi-step forms


  • Some templates require installing other plugins to work
  • Templates are hard to design
  • Prices may be high

Reasons to use Crocoblock Addon

It includes a highly customizable set of tools, widgets, and templates that can help you customize any website. The extra Elementor modules from the Crocoblock add a powerful visual page and help to build any website with ease. 

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy CrocoBlock

#20. Anywhere Elementor

Anywhere addon supercharges dynamic content capabilities in Elementor Page builder. It helps to customize any type of website and adds more power to the page builder. 

It fully supports WooCommerce, including single product, category archives, and shop layouts. With lots of dynamic widgets and design, make it is one of the popular add-ons for Elementor. 

It offers unique features like multiple layout modes, skin builder, versatile and dynamic post widget, powerful query control, and many more.

Features & Advantages:

  • Post/Archive title
  • Post content
  • Post info
  • Post image
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Search form
  • Custom fields
  • Read more button
  • Post author, Post comment, and Post blocks


Reasons to use Anywhere Addon

Anywhere add-on allows you to insert page library, templates, and global templates anywhere using shortcodes. It provides unique features to customize your website and make it look unique from your competitor.  

Prices Free
Is it dedicated Elementor Addon Yes
Link to Buy Anywhere

On the Final Note:

So, have you decided which addon suits best for you to customize and build your website along with the Elementor plugin? Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’re still confused about which is the best one. Of course, you need the best one to complete your website or the next project.

Every customer has different reviews and ratings for different plugins and add-ons. If you don’t like anything, you sure have an option to replace it and try which one suits best for you.

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