Best courses on Copywriting & content creation like a Pro

Tight your seatbelt and get ready for this journey, we are taking you to some excellent courses on content creation. This is not a just 10-minute article reading journey, that is why I asked you to tight your seat-belt. I am pretty confident, that you will be with us for minimum 20 minutes. What I am telling you today, I know you will thank me for same, once you join these courses. Probably you will thank me for your life, that I am propelling your adrenaline level to the height that within next 20 minutes or more, you will opt for at least two courses from this list. I am taking you to some buttery courses, which you’ll finish just like watching a super-duper hit movie.

Let’s start this sweet journey, which could benefit you with any amount upto millions of dollars in next 1-5 years timeframe. Lets come to prerequisite of reading these lines.

Prerequisite of reading this post & get benefitted most:

I am also a content writer and operate 4 websites and many social platforms. I have a bit of clues on what it takes to become a truly successful writer of extraordinarily viral content. I also know, it took almost 5 years to understand the right approach and right direction in Blogging, website creation on many ideas/concepts.

Initially my blogging journey was based on getting information from google search for almost everything.

I did not opt for any course, thinking that hardly any Content expert could understand me and my aspirations. As a result, i have already lost many precious years mainly due to two reasons. One, I didn’t think that spending money online is right thing to do (5-6 years back). And I thought I can easily learn, what ‘those’ people will try to teach me. As I thought, its always better to I learn by mistakes & experience.

And I can openly accept that I was 100% wrong. Now I realize, time was much more precious than the money saved on right guidance or courses. Even, ‘saved money’ was a BIG price I had to pay!

So firstly keep aside your all doubts about what I am going to tell you, have faith in me. Though, in this post I have used couple of affiliate links and if any purchase will happen through those links, probably I may get a small fraction of it. But don’t think that these merely ‘ANY’ type of courses, but based on my own experience with these courses and a lot of research. So I assure you about the worthiness of these courses .

Moreover, you are a brainy & intelligent person, that’s why you want to be successful in this field. I am sure, by watching these course’s intro video, and by comparing them, you will immediately understand that how entertaining & exploratory journey this will be.

Secondly, Believe in these extraordinary trainers, courses and sources, who have got a real life experience with them. They know much better than you, that how to become successful in execution of delivering a successful content strategy.

Third and most important aspect is your self-belief on your limitless capability to learn new things by heart and soul & gradually become a master of these traits.

Finally, the most exciting reason to join these courses is, the UNBELIEVABLE earning potential of Copy-writing. To explain, a super-easy to understand, your ‘different from others’ writing skill work excellently. And in fact it is equivalent to the high-value pay-cheque in $.

Let’s have a look on some top-quality courses, that you should consider:

1 . American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI)

AWAI is truly a pioneer and very focussed in the copywriting training & offers courses and regular content.

These are top 2 courses from AWAI, we would like to recommend:

2 . Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content by University of Pennsylvania at Coursera

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