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NDTV Frauds – must read book, which unmasks it!

I must admit that NDTV Frauds is an explosive book  & There are convincing reasons to call it ‘explosive’. Its not easy to say something extremely factual and nab the powerful elites by taking their name. The powerful elites are well-known celebrities from politics, media, banking & finance sector, international links and many more relationships which clearly put a big question mark on journalism.

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When General V. K. Singh reiterated the term ‘presstitute’ which was originally coined by Gerald Celente, when he was referring to a certain US scenario, it is a portmanteau of press and prostitute. NDTV was most vocal then to General Singh, now after reading this book, one can easily get convinced about using this term for media companies probably like NDTV.

NDTV Frauds

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I know that many among us watch NDTV on regular basis irrespective of their liking to it. To understand the reasons and broadcast to majority Indian community at least you must read it and once you like it, you should recommend such excellent work to those who are always in denial mode about dangerous biases of media to break the Indian society and also weakening this holy country.

It is extremely important to encourage such works, as we have seen in previous UPA regime that Arun Shourie’s masterpieceEminent Historians was unofficially banned in UPA-2 regieme, I have personally experienced this that I couldn’t order this book on any online platform. This is the book which every Indian must read and understand that fraudulent “historians” who passed on complete lies to unsuspecting generations of Indians. Its unfortunate !

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The same fraudulent propaganda must stop. No further manipulation with news would be accepted.

Finally salute to this great work, I recommend it to everyone who want to understand the real face of corrupt media.

Lets be knowledgeable and have some courage to stood out for a noble cause to save India.

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