Social Media News Icon Poll - 2016

Social Media News Icon Poll – 2016

We have TRP’s for Tv news channels & anchors, circulation numbers for print media like newspapers, magazines , but till now there is no such wide coverage given to Indian Social News Media Icons.

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Discover Vibe is now measuring the popularity of our not-so-famous Social Media Anchors.

These anchors started from social media and not the part of any specific news channel & posting multiple times daily hence they are dedicated & extremely active social media workers.People are more than eager to share the content of these icons, these icons started sharing the content around 3-4 years back and developed the fan following since then.Everyone of them has his own inspiring story.

Check the profile of below mentioned social media icons here.

Poll :

Pls note, this poll is closed now

It is also please be noted here that this is not a competition between these social media icons, they all have reached to the point in their life that they influence altogether at least 50 million population of India through their thoughts directly or indirectly.They all are among around 10,000 people of country who influence such massive strength. So respect them for their thoughts.

This is our small effort to highlight the power of our true icons who are more patriot than many news traders . Most of them are working so hard without getting paid by anyone for this wonderful job.We had certain no of following & other important criteria for them to be shortlisted in this list.Based on input received in comment box, we will update the list with couple of additions.

Primarily we would like to add 5 names from our end and giving liberty to viewers to comment their favourite name (which we couldn’t include ) in our comment box, we will add those name in this poll.

If social media news anchor which you like most is not mentioned here, please comment with name in comment box, we would check if it fulfil eligibility criteria & publish it and inform you.

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