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Know your Social Media News Anchors ? Forget Arnab,Rajdeep,Barkha !

The year 2011-12 witnessed turbulence in Indian Politics and this period was the beginning of the Great Battlefield of 2014 election. Young generation could have imagined & realized that how Indians had fought for independence 65 years back as this period had witnessed biggest agitation by masses after 1947 in whole country. Leading/established news media houses be it print or electronic , couldn’t express the public viewpoint and there was an unrest among masses.This was the period when people started spreading news & viewpoints to maximum people.

These Social Media Anchors started from social media and not the part of any leading news channel & posting multiple times daily hence they are dedicated & extremely active social media workers.People are more than eager to share the content of these icons, these icons started sharing the content around 2-3 years back and developed the fan following since then.Everyone of them has his own inspiring story.

S. No. Social Media Anchors  Facebook                   Followers  Twitter         Followers Total FB+Twitter
1 Vivek Shetty 138838 3413 142251
2 Shefali Vaidya 46609 14102 60711
3 Guru Prasad 21434 3777 25211
4 Sandeep Deo 9252 2292 11544
5 Sumedha Sarvdaman 13030 2042 15072
6 Suresh Chiplunkar 34018   34018
7 Jitendra Pratap Singh 29240   29240
8 Hardik Savani (Third Eye) 43521   43521

Facebook Profiles

  1. Vivek Shetty
  2. Shefali Vaidya
  3. Guru Prasad 
  4. Sandeep Deo
  5. Sumedha Sarvdaman
  6. Suresh Chiplunkar
  7. Hardik Savani (Third Eye)


If your liked Social Media News Icon is not listed here, please comment below. We will check if he/she is the potential candidate, we will enter the profile here.

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