Top 10 super smooth Baby Cartoon Videos (HD)

This is quite debatable that what is the best age  for your baby to be exposed to cartoon world, but whenever you decide your baby to start watching it – you must be very careful about the choices.This list is prepared for babies upto 4 yrs of age, however couple of cartons are claimed to be watchable for under 2 year old too, but we recommend to more focus on physical activities.  

Learning through audio-visual & music is a great way to get pre-school kids spontaneous learning about numbers, letters, colors and language without even knowing they are learning i.e. effortless learning.Babies, like adults, do properly respond to music, and music seems to foster development and stress management. Smoothness in voice, modulation and Volume does have an impact on mindset of baby, so extremely loud music and noises and harsh sound vibration can be unsettling for baby.

Fluctuating kind of graphics with low resolution or pixel are a clear no-no to watch.Clear background, sharp , HD graphics, eye-friendly colour is one of the key criteria to shortlist the quality video.

We have carefully examined the cartoons, there are hundreds of good cartoons and this is really tough to select only ten !

Happy watching…..

1.Wheels on the Bus

2. Bob the train – Head Shoulder knees and toes

3. Bob the train Ten in the bed

4.   Super Simple Songs (Sweet Dreams + More | Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies )

5. If you’re happy

6. My Teddy Bear (+ More Rhymes | Super Simple Songs )

7. Funny Animals Cartoons Compilation Just for Kids To Roar with Laughter!!

8. Let’s Take A Picture + More | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

9. ABC Songs for Kids | A to Z (Uppercase) | Super Simple ABCs?

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