BEst & cheap cloud drive storage for individuals
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Best suitable & must have Cheap Cloud Drive Storage

Do you need hassle free cloud drive storage for you? Most probably, everyone’s answer will be yes! Most of us have a default cloud storage of 15 GB, which we have got with gmail account. 15GB is nothing, considering huge volume of images, files, audio and video files, which are increasing day by day. What next? We have brought the list of top 5 cloud drive for you to choose from.

You may get very disappointed if you lose you mobile or laptop due to emotional attachment for losing personal data, images, videos etc.

There are many criterea, we are taking into account in order to prepare this list.

We all know that Google Drive’s 15 GB is not sufficient for us.

There are a lot of things, for which, we must take auto backup somewhere from any of the leading cloud drive.

There are many cloud drives available online for you to choose from.

As a laymen or non-technical, there are three major aspects, users must take into consideration:

  1. Physical & web security of the data center of a cloud service provider. — Details available on cloud drive provider’s website.
  2. Affordability. — Check it’s plan/pricing model.
  3. Company’s ability to stay for long (Financial stability, professionally run company etc.). — Check the financial reports or company, user base, profitability etc.

Top 5 cloud drives

1. Pcloud

P cloud - best and cheap cloud drive storage for individuals personal use

Pcloud has more than 8 million users . It comes with 10GB free storage. Beyond this storage, by paying once you can get 500GB for $175 or 2TB for $375 and get lifetime access. In this lifetime access plan, you need not to pay even a single penny apart from mentioned pricing. In recurring plan, you can get 2TB in $7.99/month.

pCloud Premium

2 iDrive

iDrive - best and cheap cloud drive storage for individuals personal use

idrive proides 5GB free data and beyond that, you have to pay $52/2TB for first year and $104/2B for first two years. You will get your data secured in military grade 256-bit AES encryption on data back & storage. Also there is an option of taking the private encryption key, which will not be stored anywhere in iDrive data center.

Other notable features:

  • One can take backup of unlimited devices on a single account.
  • Option of taking private encryption key, known to you only. Not even to iDrive data center.
  • Comes with business compliance of certain regularory bodies.
IDrive Remote Backup

3. Google drive

Google Drive - best and cheap cloud drive storage for individuals personal use

Since, we have android phones and our complete data is automatically being stored in Google drive. After 15 GB, you have to pay as per the available plans. This is the most appropriate and hassle-free solution for most of us.

You can purchase the plan by going to your Google drive, and options are there to purchase the plan.

4. Microsoft One Drive

 Microsoft one Drive - best and cheap cloud drive storage for individuals personal use

Like Google drive, Microsoft One Drive is equally common and well known around the world. 5GB is free with every account. It offers one of the cheap plan for 1TB in 59.99 Pound per year, which is bundlled with Office 365 Personal . 100GB comes in 1.99 Pound per month, which is a great plan.

5. Sync

Sync - best and cheap cloud drive storage for individuals personal use

With, you will get 5GB storage free. Beyond that, if you go for 500GB storage, it will cost you $49 per year & $96/year for 2TB. Sync very securely keep your data private.

Get plan here.

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