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Poll: Your favorite News Channel, App & Portal

Till 90’s news media was a synonym of print media and radio, in the early 2000’s scenario changed and electronic media – TV news channels became equally important and from 2008-9 we have seen the rise of news websites and social media like Facebook. Social media and news websites combined together were the biggest paradigm shift in history in terms of control over media. Before the evolution of social media thoughts/news were being imposed by selective powerful houses/governments but social media broke the jinx and everybody became a reporter and in the 2014 & 2019 elections, this was the biggest decisive factor. Here in this Poll, our questions are related to your favorite news channel media and why?

Now, along with portals, the mobile app has become another tool. So in the era of multiple effective choices, this is very important to know which direction we are moving as far as the effectiveness of media is concerned.

In India, as per grapevine and by various information sources, it is quite evident that most of the media is owned by either the Congress party or the left. However, few news establishments, that are recently grown-up, support the Nationalist approach and hence keep a soft corner for BJP.

Let’s participate in this Poll and share it with others to involve the larger audience.

what is your favourite news channel media and why
Favourite News Media Poll

Pls note all of these polls are closed now. Pls find below the final responses received.

POLL – 1

Poll 1 result

POLL – 2

poll 2 result

POLL – 3

poll 3 result

POLL – 4

poll number 4

POLL – 5

poll no 6

Now, see by yourself, which is the most used and effective media.

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