LG G6 VS One Plus 5T
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Best Phone under $450/?35000 – LG G6 or One Plus 5T?

Pre-condition is your budget, it should be up to $499 for the US or under Rs. 35,000/- for India. So we need to find out the Best Mobile Phone under Rs 35000 or $450.

The best part is you need not require any further review after reading this. Lucky you, that we have done enough research in order to get the best suitable smartphone for you under Rs. 35,000/-.

We are not simply comparing LG G6 with One Plus 5T straightaway, but we will follow the path of the best available phone under $550/ ?35,000 for US and India respectively.

If you have this budget then the available mobile phones would be LG G6, One plus 5T, One plus 5, Samsung Galaxy S7Google Pixel, Nokia 8, Huawei Honor 8Pro, HTC U Ultra, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

This is really painful to be in the non-decisive state while choosing the best buy under this budget. Also what if your budget is up to Rs. 25,000/-!

Well, in that case, we suggest you to not compromise on the extraordinary features, which this price range phone can provide and not the below 30K phone. Those exclusive features are :

  • Best in class screen resolution, 2K visuals
  • Very best camera with wide angle/low-light photography & excellent video making features
  • Waterproof & dust-proof (IP68) body
  • Quick / dash / wireless charging
  • Heavy multi-tasking
  • Much required at least 64 GB internal storage for apps and other media files
  • Bezel-less design.
  • Regularly security updates

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So we suggest that if possible raise the budget by few thousand bucks and you will get the phone which managed to secure a place within the league of Best 10 mobile phone of all ranges or the league of Flagship phones, that too in the mid-tier price range. 

Though one thing should be understood that comparison of the mid-range phone with Samsung S8+ or iPhone X/8+ cannot be justified.

Out of above mentioned 9 devices, we are just cutting the competition between LG G6 & One Plus 5T, and the reason for remaining 7 mobile phones exit is as mentioned below :

Samsung Galaxy S7: Comparatively low 5.1″ screen size, Older version Android v6.0,  (Marshmallow), Launched in March 2016, which means in January 2018 psychologically this will be around two years older phone. These are the only drawbacks of this superb device, which is still able to beat both LG G6 and One Plus 5T on many benchmarks like

Google Pixel:
comparatively low 5″ screen, sub 3000mAh battery, single sim-slot, comparatively lesser pixel, no expandable memory.is the only drawback. Otherwise, S7 is a great device

Nokia 8: Most of the features are impressive but don’t just compare the specs on paper. IP45 or splash proof is not enough to save it from water – its just tick in the box, 5.3″ screen (good for small screen goers), on camera performance – LG G6 & One Plus 5T both are the far better choice. Though Nokia 8 is equipped with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM and many other impressive features.

On benchmarks like CPU Speed, Geekbench 3 Multithread Score, Gaming Speed, 3DMark Unlimited IceStorm Score, GFXBench Manhattan Off. (FPS), Battery Capacity (mAh)/Price, Battery Charge Speed – Nokia 8 is lagging by a considerable margin.

Huawei Honor 8Pro: In benchmark tests except for Battery capacity, Honor 8Pro is not able to secure a place to even fight LG G6 & One Plus 5T.

Remaining mobile phones are not eligible for comparison which includes HTC U Ultra, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. We are also keeping aside the One Plus 5 as newer version OPF-T is available now.

 Let’s have a head-on between LG G6 & One Plus 5T for the position of leader of mid-range price segment.

LG G6:

lg g6

Due to LG G6, LG joined back the elite league of flagship phones.

LG G6 was launched in Feb 2017 and priced at $650 to compete in the high-end phones like Samsung S8 which was available in $720. But frankly speaking, LG G6 was lagging behind S8 due to many superb & better features of S8 like – AMOLED Screen, new Snapdragon 835 processor, better camera and other performance features.

Lucky you that LG did the price correction and it was available in the US at $399 and in India @ ?37,000 (now available in around ? 33K), now this phone is competing with One Plus 5T, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google pixel and Nokia 8 mainly.


The most unique Flagship phone feature is being the waterproof & dust-proof body, which LG G6 comply impressively. Its camera is impressive too with super wide-angle photography, dual 13MP camera provide the great quality picture with image stabilization. One can take the picture in low-light with a great image output. The HDR video took this phone to be compared with the best available one. HDR offers the feeling of a real scene.

Great body with the metal-glass combination along with design, you will surely love but glass body seems to be a disappointment, as it makes G6 prone to scratches. LG was among firsts to offer minimal-bezel bigger 16:9 display, which would make the phone wider, LG is using a taller display—the aspect ratio is 18:9 (read it as 2:1), with the resolution of 2880×1440.

LG has done some other good innovations in this phone including the rear sensor with a power button, ultimate design, Dolby Vision / HDR 10 support.

As per their planning & strategy, LG differentiated on few important features for different geographies. LG made this decision based on a survey they conducted which shows the preferences of each region :

Storage: Internal storage 64GB is available for Korea & other Asian markets, but for US/UK 32GB storage will be there.

Audio quality: LG will be giving Hi-Fi DAC for high-quality audio only for Asian countries. This is a quad audio amp in the smartphone which outputs beautiful sound. LG decided to make it a selling point.

Wireless charging: Available only in the US, for rest of the countries wireless charging will not be there.

In addition to inbuilt storage, G6 offers 2TB expandable storage which is a plus.

Two major disappointments are old chip-set snapdragon 821, non-removable battery and glass-back which is prone to scratching.



Why buy


  • Water & dust proof body IP68 certified.
  • Superb slim-bezel design.
  • Wide-angle camera.
  • Quad DAC — an upgraded version of the audio feature and The display is also Dolby Vision and HDR10-ready.
  • Speedy performance
  • Unavailability of wireless charging out of US and unavailability of 64GB storage, Quad DAC audi in US/UK.
  • Non-removable battery.
  • Glass back prone to scratching

One Plus 5T:


One Plus 5 was launched in June 2017 and One Plus 5T is just an update of the same and should not be considered as a new product. One Plus 5T actually strikes the winning formula. Considering the all available specs the real win for One Plus 5T is its new tag as an affordably priced (at its launch) Flagship phone of the year.

Biggest change OnePus 5 does to become OnePus 5T is the display, with the handset with bigger 6.01-inch Full HD AMOLED panel with an 18:9 aspect ratio that follows the trend of major flagship phones.

Design of One Plus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus are strikingly similar and was projected the same way. Like Apple, One Plus 5 provides a great feature of face recognition and facial unlock system which is aimed at iPhone X. iPhone X provides fancy 3D face recognition system while One Plus 5 uses the front facing cameras and uses 100 facial points as an identifier to unlock the same. In unlocking the phone it doesn’t match iPhone X, as darkness may create an issue for OPFT.


Why One Plus 5T is an amazing phone is that it runs on powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, storage availability is up to 128 GB and RAM with 6GB/8GB options and great camera performance with – dual rear camera (16 & 20 Mega Pixel) and front facing camera with 16 Mega Pixels,  complete and perfect aluminium uni-body.

OPFT comes with dash charging with charging 58% in 30 minutes. Rather than the phone, its battery will heat up during the charging. Since the phone will not heat up so there will not be any effect on performance while charging.

AMOLED display ensures super color combination and experience. OPFT uses Samsung AMOLED display.

This is the best phone which could be called as made in China.


One Plus 5T

Why buy


  • Best value buy with major flagship features
  • The slim bezel design, on-screen buttons, Samsung OLED display.
  • Super camera feature, quad pixel for low light works great, face unlocks feature, 16 Mega Pixel front camera, Optical Zoom.
  • Superb finish metal body
  • Not water resistant
  • No micro SD card
  • Only ‘full HD’ resolution

LG G6 or One Plus 5T?

Though both devices have excelled the performance in their own way and there is not a single clear winner of this fight.

As per the D.V. (Discover Vibe) editor’s rating mechanism, we rate both flagship phones as per the below-mentioned table:

Performance Criteria

LG G6 Rating*

One Plus 5T Rating*

Software 8 8
Camera performance 9 8
Processor performance & Battery 8 9
Design 8 8
Display 9 8
Body finish & durability in various conditions (weather/dust) 9 7.5
Overall Rating Average 8.5 8.08

*Rating numbers out of 10 (10 is represented by best and 0 is worst).

US residents, please note that recently LG has launched LG G6 Plus, which comes with 128 GB Internal Storage hence it brings much more value for them, so LG G6 now offers the best LG G6 globally in the US, hence along with wireless charging, this phone is surely a bust-buy for them. If you are looking for a non-Chinese phone within the mentioned budget then literally you need not to take much time to take the decision.

Though One Plus 5T is a great powerful device, which ticks all the major boxes, G6 & OPFT are fighting neck to neck on most of the features, except one – being waterproof & dust-proof, which is the major differentiator between these two superb devices.

Giving the rating is not easy as it looks. Still, we vote for both excellent Smartphones and while choosing one from both, selection may depend upon your own requirement and which one fits the bill is totally dependent on you.

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