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While applying for jobs, you must have seen at most of the job requirements, that “excellent communication skills / verbal & writing skills in English, is a must”. What does it mean, do they always get employees with excellent English communication & writing skills? The answer is no! There are majority of employees, who are not that good in English communications skills. There is a big gap in demand and actual supply. Due to this reason you must consider it as an opportunity & raise your level of English. Getting a formal course & certificate (online or offline) in English communication skills from leading global institute will provide you a great learning experience. It may help immensely in at least shortlisting your resume & facing the interview with improved English communication skills. Check some leading online business courses in English communication skills.

Best & powerful online courses to improve Business English communication skills

  1. English Communication Skills Specialization from Georgia Tech (on Coursera)
  2. Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization from Hongkong University (on Coursera)
  3. Business English Communication Skills Specialization from University of Washington (on Coursera)
  4. Upper-Intermediate English from Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Valencia (on edx)

1 . English Communication Skills from Georgia Tech (on Coursera)

This perfectly designed course will help you in improving

  1. English writing skills (professional email eriting, presentation writing etc.)
  2. English speaking skills (for meetings, interviews, giving presentation, expressing yourself etc.)

This is a beginner level course for professionals.

2. Business English for Non-Native Speakers from Hongkong University (on Coursera)

This is a fact that only non-native speakers are looking for ways to betterment of communication English. This is a Beginner level course and was a much needed one for non-native speakers.

With 4 hrs/week study pace, you may complete the course in around 10 months.

This course comprised of 5 sub-courses. It focuses on business communication & writing.

3 . Business English Communication Skills from University of Washington (on Coursera)

This is an intermediate level course and designed to help you in focussed English communication for business purpose. It includes business plan, English language learning for meeting/presentation etc. It includes English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking the English for business purpose.

Course duration is approx 7 months.

4. Upper-Intermediate English from Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Valencia (on edx)

This is specifically designed for upper-intermediate profeciency level of English.

It is a professional certificate program, which is a part of a series of career-oriented courses to develop in-demand skills.

You will learn below mentioned skills-

  • How to write a letter in English ( both official & personal)
  • Use of English verb tenses in specific context
  • English vocabulary and grammar
  • Listening and speaking in English
  • Planning for handling English interviews

With 4 hours per week,you can complete it in 4 weeks time.

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