HOW TO GET A HIGH salary PAYING JOB RIGHT AFTER COLLEGE DEGREE, Btech, mBA, engineering, graduation

How to get a high paying job right after college, Btech/MBA

As an undergraduate student, do you really worry about your future & need a damn good job? If yes, then you need to become damn good in things, which matters. It’s not only about bookish knowledge but about the skill set, which is in high demand and much needed by industry. Be learned about the latest trends of industry & trends of previous 12 month’s campus selection & companies. Once you do this reverse calculation, you will come to know by yourself that what skill set to be learned. We have identified few things, undergraduate students must do, in order to get the high salary paying job just after the completion of college degree, engineering (BE/Btech), MBA etc.

How to get a high paying job just after the college degree, Btech/MBA

We are enlisting here key courses, websites and other resources. This will help students immensely in shaping their career & professional growth.

1. Gain excellent communication skills

how to get a high salary paying job after college degree btech mba
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Communication skills help you to express youself and articulate well. Your attitude reflects in your communication skills too, hence be focussed & stay positive. Read books on attitude & body language and understand the power of your positive attitude and body language.

Your positive and friendly body language has power to create an impactful impression on recruiting staff. Not only interviewers, but in general, if people find your great postures, they will start admiring you.

Moreover, to express the message you should have right words in your kitty and use them with flawless grammar. It’s not an easy task.

Add dozens of words in your vocabulary on daily basis. Build your English vocabulary by reading books, periodicals and get a certificate in English language proficiency. You may get certificate either by clearing a certification exam like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE.

Else, join a course on platforms Coursera or edx. Check some prestigious Business English communication courses.

Also check these sources for English language proficiency (reading, writing, spoken & listening).

Now on wards mind your posture, body language, etiquette and use of words.

Therefore, half of the job is done, with your excellent communication skills only.

2. Learn core technical skills

how to get a high salary paying job after college degree btech mba
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Learn the technical skills. Keep yourself updated with industry trends and get the training from online or offline sources.

Signup on these websites for excellent courses/training of technical skills:

a. Treehouse

Best platform to earn core technical skills like coding, web-designing, business etc. If your pocket allows, take the courses for various technical skills.

Once you signup, you have to provide card details. Be learned that once you complete the desired training, cancel the plan and remove the card details else, billing will be continued. You may also take the free trial of 7 days.

Get 4 month Off learning on Treehouse, which is available for limited time only. 4 Months Off will be applicable on Treehouse Basic Annual Plan ($100 Value) For A Limited Time!

b. Udemy

Get trained from experts. Low cost courses. Check here.

If you want to get certified, go for some reputed universities on Coursera, edx or Simplilearn.

c. Simpli Learn

Simplilearn is one of the leading platform to learn technical skills. Select from shown courses and start. Before starting in any program, see the ratings and reviews.

3. Hands-on with Industry & corporate world (Internship & summer training )

how to get a high salary paying job after college degree btech mba

Take it seriously!

Try to understand your passion and try to find out, what kind of job you’ll love. Be aware of your strong areas & weaknesses, accordingly choose the field of your future job. Get feedback from your teachers, trainers, classmates,friends & family. Many times other may also provide us valuable feedback.

Try to join the summer training and internship from second year of your graduation/engineering. This will provide you valuable insights and exposure of corporate world.

There is a Chinese proverb, ‘seeing is believing’. Similarly seeing and getting the hands-on experience has power to shape your skills accordingly. It helps in developing right set of hard and soft skills.

4. Take part in extra-curricular activities & leadership/team role

how to get a high salary paying job after college degree btech mba
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Do not be sleepy & idle in your college days and be active in class-room. If you are introvert, overcome your fear of facing the crowd & group-interaction. Do so by motivating yourself and be frank in expressing yourself.

Once these days be over, you will always remember them.

Gel with other batches students and do as much networking you can and have some purpose in dealing with them. This will help you in developing your own art of handling people well in order to get the job done.

5. Be careful, while writing on Social Media

Before recruitment confirmation, most of the leading companies used to visit your social media profiles. If they find something very objectionable, they take a note of it, and take it seriously.

Would you like to lose a prestigious job, just because of your some extreme views?

Therefore, be careful with the handling of social media.

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