Powerful alternative & competitors of Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a brilliant tool to analyse the website data and suggest the keywords to be targeted, popularity of content, trending keywords etc. If you target the right keywords, it may change your fortunes. Buzzsumo help businesses in plan the content strategy in right direction. Similarly, there are some other top-class tools, which can help you as Buzzsumo does. Check leading alternative & competitors of Buzzsumo below. None of the free alternative is as robust as Buzzsumo, hence all paid competitors are being mentioned here.

Businesses, startups and websites are always in desperate need of a super effective content marketing solution. Content discovery is one of the most crucial aspect of online marketing strategy. Finalising the target keyword require top-notch online tool/s. If you chose the appropriate one, it may prove a goldmine for your business. Hence carefully finalise it.

Most of the businesses are already using various types of online marketing tools. One thing must be clear to everybody that do not rigidly look only for a similar tool as Buzzsumo. Follow below steps before finalising a tool:

  • Signup for free account, if available.
  • Check & test its features for couple of days.
  • Then finalise anyone or couple of tools.

Buzzsumo: Powerful alternative & competitors

Content plan

  1. SEMrush
  2. ahrefs
  3. Content Studio
  4. Brand 24

1. SEMrush

  • One of the application for keyword discovery, organic research, display advertising, traffic analytics.
  • It suggest you keyword with less competition & difficulty.
  • Keyword magic tool, which suggest over 2 million content ideas.
  • Easy to understand visibility indicators & reports.
  • CPC map for geography target campaigns & marketing.
  • Writing assistant, project tracking, site audio, brand monitoring and much more useful features.

2. ahrefs

Powerful force of content analysis. Deliver the juice of thousands of fruits on your table. Learn why your website/business/keyword competitors are at top. It provide you the analysis from over a billion web-pages over the internet.

3. Content Studio

Great tool for content discovery & research, insights, publishing automation and social media analytics.

4. Brand 24

  • Excellent tool for monitoring brand and social media marketing.
  • Detailed marketing analytics.
  • Mention analytics.
  • Discussion analysis of social media discussions.

List is not over yet, you may suggest any other other tool, which can immensely benefit businesses.

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