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Incredibly Powerful alternative & competitors of Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a brilliant tool to analyze the website/social site data and suggest the keywords to be targeted, the popularity of the content, trending keywords, etc. If you target the right keywords, it may change your fortunes. Buzzsumo helps businesses to plan the content strategy in the right direction. Similarly, there are some other top-class tools, which can help you as Buzzsumo does. Check the leading alternative & competitors of Buzzsumo below. None of the free alternatives is as robust as Buzzsumo, hence all paid competitors are being mentioned here.

What Buzzsumo does?

Never forget that the ultimate target of Buzzsumo is not just the content research/discovery, but to help Website owners & businesses plan the optimum content marketing strategy in delivering the most impactful content that can engage the audience. Such engagement is powerful enough to strike a chord with the audience. Consequently, it shakes and moves the audience for a positive reaction to your content.

Further, a reaction may convert into more & more website traffic or purchase of your product. Hence, incredibly powerful tools like Buzzsumo can help you to dramatically increase your brand recognition.

Moreover, Buzzsumo also finds the key social media influencers who are followed by your target audience. You may follow key industry influencers and find, what kind of content is shared by them, that also connects your customers. Again, Buzzsumo comes into the picture. It helps you by providing the list of key relevant influencers for the niche and channel to establish a connection & collaborate with them.

One of the biggest concerns for users is its quite high pricing. Due to this bloggers, startups, small businesses, and website owners keenly search for a good Buzzsumo alternative.

Businesses, startups, and websites are always in desperate need of a super effective content marketing solution. Content discovery is one of the most crucial aspects of an online marketing strategy. Finalizing the target keyword requires a top-notch online tool/s. If you chose the appropriate one, it may prove a goldmine for your business. Hence carefully finalize it.

Most businesses are already using various types of online marketing tools. One thing must be clear to everybody that does not rigidly look only for a similar tool as Buzzsumo. Find below some powerful alternatives to Buzzsumo.

Follow below steps to check a tool:

  • Signup for free account/trial, if available.
  • Check & test its features for a couple of days.
  • Then finalize any one or a couple of tools.

Buzzsumo: Powerful alternative & competitors

Content plan

Top 15 Buzzsumo alternative

  1. Social Animal
  2. Content Studio
  3. Zoho Social
  4. Ninja Outreach
  5. ahrefs
  6. SEMrush
  7. Awario
  8. Social Searcher
  9. Right Relevance
  10. Brand Mention
  11. Mention
  12. Sprout Social
  13. Feedly
  14. Shareit & Social Pilot
  15. Hootsuite
  16. Coschedule
  17. Brand 24
  18. Outgrow
  19. Agorapulse

Free of cost, Buzzsumo alternative

  1. Zoho Social
  2. Social Searcher
  3. Right Relevance
  4. Shareit by Social Pilot
  5. All top
  6. Twitter Search
  7. Google Trends

Handpicked related posts

1. Social Animal

Social Animal an alternative to Buzzsumo
Homepage screenshot of Social Animal

Social Animal, a Buzzsumo alternative, is a great platform for strategizing the content marketing of social media marketers & businesses of all sizes. Indeed, it is truly a Swiss Army knife for content marketers, as termed by Social Animal itself.

Social Animal uses natural language processing techniques and machine learning to do the data research of articles and social posts. As a result, you will get ideas for better content creation & content marketing.

Features & Advantages of Social Animal

  • Excellent tool for content research & insights.
  • Content Research: Rich, detailed research and deeper insights, Article comparison and headline analyzer.
  • Content Curation: Filters the articles and social media content, in order to present the best and most appropriate & relevant content. Keyword centric design, latest trending content.
  • Influencer search: Helps you to identify the most relevant influencers, who are among the most effective for the chosen field/category. It sends you the latest & trending influencer’s information in your mailbox.
  • Facebook search: Social Animal knows when to post the content for optimum results. Helps you build the Facebook strategy and give content suggestion. It searches across Facebook and finds the pages & content related to your keywords.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Check the dashboard for a better idea about the competition. Daily feed/email with insights on chosen keywords, latest trending content ideas, and competitor mention.


  • Plans start from $49.00/month
  • Blogger – $49
  • Agency – $199
  • Enterprise – $499

Pros & Cons of Social Animal:


Why Social Animal can be a worthy alternative & competitor to Buzzsumo

  • For content research, Social Animal is the nearest competitor of Buzzsumo.
  • No other software/online tool is so close alternative to Buzzsumo as Social Animal.
  • Organizations can’t spend on tools without thinking about ROI. Social Animal is quite affordable in comparison with Buzzsumo.
  • To date, Social Animal has used over 250 million articles & 350 million Facebook posts for content research & insights.
  • You need to spend $299/month (Large plan, as it comes with Facebook & Youtube analyzer) with Buzzsumo, while equivalent plan with Social Animal cost you $199/month. However, you may start at $49/month with Social Animal, which is quite affordable.

Social Animal Free trial availability:

  • Free account: No provision for free account.
  • Free Trial: Yes, available with a 14-days risk-free trial. Check here.

2. Content Studio

Homepage screenshot – Content Studio

Content Studio makes it easier for businesses of all sizes, website owners, startups to handle content marketing & social media management in an effective manner. Great tool for content discovery & research, content curation, insights, publishing automation, and social media analytics.

Features & Advantages of Content Studio

Content Discovery:
  • Get top-notch content for a specific keyword or industry.
  • Smart query builder allows you to search by keywords, hashtags, authors, and domains.
  • Get top trending content with a trending score.
  • AI-powered tool curates and generate the powerful and human-readable content for your social media posts.
  • Full content preview & multilingual support.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
Influencer Discovery:
  • Influencer discovery available for Twitter, Youtuber, and Instagram, as of now.
  • Excellent search engine for influencers.
  • Platforms help to find, analyze and reach out to influencers.
  • Get the contact info and cost estimation for influencers.
RSS feeds & Content Insights:

It allows you to follow and monitor your favorite feeds. Also, it lets you easily access the content by choosing from feed topics.

Important to realize that it is the only tool, that allows you to directly share the Facebook feed content on social media. Moreover, by adding personalized touch on curated content you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Pros & Cons of Content Studio:

  • Automation is impressive.
  • You can save a big amount of time in content discovery & research.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Easily generate the content & from this single tool, share the same on all of your social media channels including Linkedin Groups and Medium.
  • Comparatively higher learning cure for non-tech professionals. Even if you are a tech-professional, it may take a comparatively longer time to unleash the full potential of Content Studio.
  • Many of the great features may go unused & unutilized.
  • Discovery could have been a bit improved for a few languages.


  • Pro plan for Solo marketers – $39/month with annual billing. It comes with access to single workspace.
  • Small ($79/month), Medium ($159/month) & Large ($239/month) plan for Businesses & Agencies
  • Small, Medium & Large plans allow the access to 5, 10 & 20 workspaces respectively.

Why Content Studio can be a worthy alternative & competitor to Buzzsumo

  • All-in-one platform for your Social Media strategy.
  • Content Studio is a good alternative not only for Buzzsumo but also for Hootsuite and Buffer.
  • The level of Automation it uses to publish & manage the social media postings.

Content Studio Free trial availability:

  • Free account: No provision for free account.
  • Free Trial: Yes, available with a 14-days risk-free trial. Check here.
  • Check this limited period offer: Get exclusive lifetime offer on Content Studio, due to COVID-19 crisis. Get lifetime access to the Starter plan by just paying $69 once. This plan usually comes in $25/month. Check the limited period offer here.

3. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach as Buzzsumo Alternative
Homepage screenshot Ninja Outreach

As its name suggests, Ninja Outreach is truly made for making outstanding outreach with influencers.

I can go a step further here and make a bold statement that it is not only a good alternative but better than Buzzsumo in order to establish a connection with influencers. It is truly an asset to your brand & organization.

Features & Advantages of Ninja Outreach

  • Lead Generation: In particular, the processing of lead is quicker and more accurate, thanks to the integrated email finder.
  • Find Instagram and Twitter influencers: Another key point about Ninja outreach is that as it can even search for the influencers of a specific geography. Moreover, it gives some helpful influencer insights, including budget and audience engagement ratings. Also, it tracks outreach messages sent to target Twitter Influencers.
  • All-In-One Link Building Software Build Backlinks: Great source of getting high-quality backlinks.
  • Influencer CRM for contact relationship management: It not only helps you to reach keyword specific, millions of influencers, but also smoothly manage them. Furthermore, it can do wonders by getting business leads with desired DA, PA, Moz & Alexa rank, backlinks, number of visits & shares.
  • Influencer & Blogger Outreach Tool: This tool allows you to automate e-mail campaigns with a choice of personalized template. Moreover, it helps you to get hold of email conversations through in-app management.


  • Flex plan is $49/month with yearly billing – useful for bloggers, website owners, businesses of all sizes.
  • Pro plan is $149/month with yearly billing – useful for pros and agencies.

Pros & Cons of Ninja Outreach:

  • Among the best available tools for strategizing & speedup of the influencer outreach.
  • Manageable in CRM with the feature of making the direct outreach from there.
  • Equally useful & efficient tool for setting up the mass outreach.
  • This is a great Buzzsumo alternative for influencer marketing.
  • The interface is not very flexible.
  • Monthly payment plans are not affordable, to clarify, charges for a month are around 2.5 times more costly in monthly plan than the yearly plan.
  • Not able to match the other features offered by Buzzsumo. Hence not a good Buzzsumo alternative, while we consider the overall picture.

Why Ninja Outreach can be a worthy alternative & competitor to Buzzsumo

  • When it comes to making an influencer outreach, there is no match to NinjaOutreach. To establish an effective connection and reaching the best influencers, Ninja Outreach better Buzzsumo. Hence, Ninja Outreach is surely a worthy alternative to Buzzsumo.
  • It provides, access to more than 78 million social media & blogger influencers.
  • It saves precious time in searching & managing the influencers & business lead generation.

Ninja Outreach Free account & Free trial availability:

  • Free account: No provision for free account.
  • Free Trial: Yes, available with a 7-days risk-free trial. Check here.


5. ahrefs

Powerful force of content analysis. Deliver the juice of thousands of fruits on your table. Learn why your website/business/keyword competitors are at top. It provide you the analysis from over a billion web-pages over the internet.

Features & Advantages of Ahrefs:


6. SEMrush

SEMrush screenshot

It is one of the biggest alternatives & competitors of Buzzsumo, due to its combination of excellent tools.

Features & Advantages of SEMrush

  • One of the applications for keyword discovery, organic research, display advertising, traffic analytics.
  • It suggests a keyword with less competition & difficulty.
  • Keyword magic tool, which suggests over 2 million content ideas.
  • Easy to understand visibility indicators & reports.
  • CPC map for geography target campaigns & marketing.
  • Writing assistant, project tracking, site audit, brand monitoring, and much more useful features.


Three paid plans

  • Pro – $83.28 per month
  • Guru – $166.62 per month
  • Business – $333.28 per month
  • Enterprise plan available
  • Free access also available with very limited resources.

Why SEMrush is a worthy alternative to Buzzsumo

  • The best tool to manage multiple websites & multiple social accounts from one place.
  • Hassle-free tool that saves a lot of time of webmasters & website owners.
  • Get access of 20 SEO tools & reports.
  • Get control over the performance of your website/s.

7. Zoho Social


4. Shareit by Social Pilot

Shareit by Social Pilot
Homepage Screenshot – Shareit by Social Pilot

8. Coschedule


9. Brand 24

  • Excellent tool for monitoring brand and social media marketing.
  • Detailed marketing analytics.
  • Mention analytics.
  • Discussion analysis of social media discussions.

List is not over yet, you may suggest another worthy Buzzsumo alternative, which can immensely benefit businesses.

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