Often we have heard – content is the king, which means your pitch has to be a hot selling cake in the market. Do you know how professional writing agencies, seasoned writers and even newbies can curate top-ranking content in search engines? Various elements combine to create an excellent piece of writing and Content Optimization tools are surely among such crucial elements.

Content optimization tools in 2021

This article offers an in-depth analysis of why content optimization tools are such so useful and how does it differ from other content writing tools. As we commence this exciting journey of understanding new-age content writing, we have concluded by listing the best content optimization tools in 2021.

Find below the glimpse of our list of top 15 content optimization tools.

Top 15 Content Optimization tools in 2021

Frase.ioUnited StatesYes$45.00/month
MarketMuseUnited StatesYes$79.00/month
SimilarContentUnited States7-Day trial at $1$9.99/month
SEO PowerSuiteUnited StatesFree version$699.00/month
ContentStudioSweden14-day trial$49.00/month
SearchMetricsUnited StatesYes$397.00/month
Hemingway EditorUnited StatesDesktop app is free$19.99/month
SEMrushUnited StatesYes$119.95/month
SEOScoutUnited Kingdom7-Day trial$49.00/month
PageOptimizerProSri LankaNo$20.00/month
Squirrly SEOUnited KingdomNo$20.99/month
AhrefsSingapore7-Day trial at $7$99.00/month
CopywritelyUkraine14-Day trial$18.00/month
DashwordFranceFree account$99.00/month

Scroll down below to read all 15 contenders in details, their notable features, why to pick them, where they are lacking and for whome they are best fitted.

Table of Content:

  1. What is a Content Optimization Tool?    
  2.  Content Optimization – The Starting Line   
  3.  Content optimization VS SEO      
  4.  List of best content optimization tools in 2021  

Content Optimization Tool – What, Why and How?

The bars touching the skylines at the launch of your content look awesome, but as it starts to flatten with time, optimization becomes critical. ‘Refresh Content’ has become a key component of every content strategy for organic search. It’s a structured process that ensures content is written and built technically so that it reaches wider audience. Various factors play a decisive role in this process – CTAs, keywords, Meta tags, links, headers, on-site speed and more.

There are approx 70 million blogs that are posted monthly on WordPress alone! Furthermore, the average time spent on a single blog is only 16 seconds, and this data sums up the need as to why optimization is the need of the hour. Few more reasons that answers ‘WHY’ you need to optimize your contents:

  • Gaining maximum visitors
  • Rank on SERPs
  • Maximize organic lead generation
  • Increase top of the funnel leads

Before you start enriching your content, having a goal alongside identifying the resources to reach your goal is a must. Remember – optimization tools work effectively only if your content is quality- researched content. The tools sum up to make changes in your copy, structure and metadata to make it search-friendly content. 

Content Optimization – The Starting Line

Keyword selection for an Entire Page: An engaging content is not about dumping a bounty of information or talking about too many things on a single page. LSI (latent semantic indexing) and secondary keywords are important; however, the content should be clear enough to showcase the objective of the page. Be it a blog or a website content, stay close to the subject and focus on an individual keyword. A Long-tail keyword is trending nowadays, so ensure your keyword selection hits the bull’s eye! 

Improve the Pages: Once your website is live, the only thing that takes time is enhancement. Ideally, equal weightage is given to all the pages but focussing on the page that is nearest to the ranking is a smart move. 

This trick works when you want to see a tangible ranking improvement. For example, on a particular keyword, your webpage is ranking on the 12th page of SERPs. Therefore, you just need to give a little push and jump it to page one, wherein the click rate is 90%. So be it for a new brand or a seasoned player, use your optimization tools effectively. 

Take Advantage of Personalization: Personalization not only helps to enhance the overall experience, but it also ensures to convert few visitors into customers as well. Especially for an eCommerce website, embedding personalization in your content and offers gives you brownie points.

Different optimization tools help you to monitor browsing history, social media presence, past purchases of customers. These insights go a long way in curating tailor-made solutions that maximizes conversion. We need to understand that personalization is a human-centric approach and adapting to change is how the market grows. Embrace technology to the core and find the best optimization tools that suit your business. 

The Power of Grammar & Stylistics: No matter how much proficient you are, we still tend to do some mistakes that can scale down my SERP rankings. If you are unsure about why grammar and stylistics matter, exploring the concepts of SEO is essential for you.

It’s all about putting up easy content for search engines to understand and rank them as per relevance. Spare a few minutes to review the content that helps to rectify the errors. Online grammar tools are a massive hit in the market that takes care of spelling, stylistics, grammar, punctuations and more. The most popular web-based tool is Grammarly, but there are many other quality tools available.

Call to Action & Landing Page: Even though a visitor likes your services and is likely to make a purchase, he is not sure of the next step. This is where a CTA or a Landing Page makes a huge difference in your website. These tools guide a visitor to leave their contact details or hit the ‘purchase’ button. 

Even though you have an attractive Landing page, but there is always scope for improvement. Staying abreast, analyzing the traffic on the page and engaging the potential shoppers are where these tools prove beneficial. 

Content Optimization VS SEO

Content OPtimization tools vs seo

While keyword optimization comes under the framework of SEO, the task of remodelling your words, phrases, paragraphs, titles, sub-titles constitute content optimization. As we move towards the era of rich contents, the focus is on covering a topic rather than a keyword. 

To make it simpler, SEO is all about keywords while content optimization uses these keywords to rank the website on search engines. Therefore, while SEO keyword acts as a seed, content optimization plays the role of water and fertilizers. Nurturing the content with a perfect blend of these two related elements is how you get close to your objective. 

While SEO tools are suitable for optimization, they don’t provide a complete solution. They lack the semantic analysis to find the gaps in the content that Content optimization tools are much in demand as it offers a complete solution from conception to analyzing outcomes. 

If you are looking to optimize content, expand your horizon to get holistic solutions. However, not every solution is best suited for you as some are specifically designed for enterprises, mid and small-sized businesses. More than quick results adapt to building comprehensive content that stands the test of time. Keep the intent to boost topic optimization that helps search engine to interpret your content and rank them accordingly.

Best Content Optimization Tools 

By now, we have a fair idea about why content optimization is a buzzword in today’s digital world. As your content forms the base of your marketing activities, creating high-value and engaging content is a must for every business. We help you in your quest for creating flawless content by picking the top list of content optimization tools that are useful and trending in 2021.  

Best content optimization tools

Frase.io: Founded in 2016, Frase is a lesser-known AI-enabled tool that helps you to identify questions that your target audience is asking. It creates a holistic answer strategy by giving relevant content topic and sub-topics for the content. The content optimizer scans the top-ranked blogs and suggests ideas to improve your rankings. 

As one of the top AI-powered content optimization tool, it is ideal for agencies, digital and growth marketers. This tool is becoming very useful for creating a content brief and writing content and the company also offers SEO Add-on at an additional cost.  Starting at $45.00/month, it provides a free trial period. 

  • Notable Features: AI-powered content tool
  • Why to pick: Chatbot, Process/Workflow automation
  • What we miss: Multi-language support is not available, no free version
  • Best for: Teams and organizations

MarketMuse: A popular AI content intelligence & strategy platform, it assists to plan, research and curate flawless contents. The MarketMuse Suite is a handy tool to analyze countless articles on demand and gives feedback to craft quality contents. Founded in 2015, it offers workflows for the entire content life cycle.

With advanced personalized metrics, reliable guidance and repeatable KPIs, it helps to build a content landscape around a topic. While it offers a free version, the starting range is $79.00/month that includes a free trial as well. 

  • Notable Features: AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform
  • Why to pick: Audience Targeting, Campaign & SEO management 
  • What we miss: Price is on the higher side for starters
  • Best for: Enterprise and organizations

SimilarContent: Trusted by the writing community & SEO experts, SimilarContent helps to curate SEO optimized contents for SERPs. It allows users to measure the content relevance score with real-time web contents and LSI keyword research tools. 

It brings a 6-in-1 suite that offers measure difficulty, keywords, ranking data, readability, tf-tdf score and backlink count. Founded in 2018, SimilarContent is one of the cheapest content optimization tools on this list. Starting at $9.99/month, it also offers a 7-day trial at $1. 

  • Notable Features: AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform
  • Why to pick: Competitor Analysis, Keyword research, Auditing 
  • What we miss: Onboarding is a bit complicated 
  • Best for: Bloggers, writers, SBUs

SEO PowerSuite – Website Auditor: Rated amongst the best SEO software solutions, it offers 4 tools – Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant. As we talk about content optimization tools, Website Auditor offers comprehensive solutions and is a great tool to work with. Boosting site indexation and crawling, it removes keyword stuffing while highlighting the keywords. 

It also provides social metrics and accurate traffic stats for each of the site pages. You can buy the Website Auditor package separately at $125/year or buy the entire suite at $699/year.  You also get a free version of both tools.

  • Notable Features: Multi-lingual software, 4 effective tools
  • Why to pick: Dashboard, Auditing, Keyword rank tracking 
  • What we miss: All 4 tools are interrelated  
  • Best for: SEO newbies and experts

ContentStudio: Standing amongst ‘top 20 social media marketing software 2020‘ and rated as ‘best value social media analytics tools software 2020‘, ContentStudio is a top pick in this list. It’s a dominant content marketing and social media management for agencies, marketers, and brands.

Offering a 14-day free trial period, this multi-use platform provides products for content discovery, publishing, planning, analytics, and automation. With a competitive starting price of $49/month, it offers a plethora of services in the higher packages. 

  • Notable Features: Content Management, Automated Publishing, Reporting
  • Why to pick: 14-days free trial – No credit card required. Instant Setup
  • What we miss: Slow support services, automatic tools are a bit confusing  
  • Best for: SMBs, Enterprises, Bloggers, – businesses of all sizes

SearchMetrics: Aligning with global brands like Barclays, Siemens, eBay, the SearchMetrics suite tool offers world-class marketing & business solutions. The content consulting platform designs customized consulting solutions that enrich your content experience.  

Creating a user-centric strategy that caters to your target audience, the SearchMetrics suite is one of the global leaders in offering content marketing solutions. The pricing starts at a whopping $397.00/month wherein you also get a free version and a free trial. 

  • Notable Features: Enterprise-Class content optimization tool
  • Why to pick: the content consulting platform is a world-class tool
  • What we miss: Expensive for starters, need to buy the entire suite  
  • Best for: Large enterprises, Public administrations, Mid-size business 

Hemingway Editor: Hemingway Editor is an easy-to-use readability checker that gives an overall rating of your content. It highlights the complex words, sentences, presence of adverbs, passive words in different colours that help a user to identify the notifications. 

A simple yet effective word processor, the latest addition is the formatting features that assist writers to apply various font styles, add bullets and more. While the Hemingway editor 3 costs $19.99, the desktop app is free. 

  • Notable Features: Easy interface, online & desktop editions,
  • Why to pick: Easy integration with Medium and WordPress
  • What we miss: Limited scope, doesn’t provide in-depth grammar checks  
  • Best for: Newbies, bloggers, writers

SEMrush: As one of the market leaders in online visibility management platform, SEMrush offers a 3600 analysis of your competitor’s marketing strategies. Starting from content marketing, website traffic, SEO, social media presence, it covers everything! 

Introducing millions of local and national keywords, it runs full-scale SEO audits and tracks your SERP performance daily. One of the most pricey content optimization tools, the starting plan is at $119.95/month

  • Notable Features: Enterprise-Class content optimization tool
  • Why to pick: Has a free version and offers a free trial
  • What we miss: full-text search is missing, expensive   
  • Best for: SEO & PPC professionals, SMM managers, Enterprises

SEOScout: This software offers instant insights to grow organic traffic with the help of amazing power tools. Analyzing the niche in the SERPs, it compares your content with top performers and gives the report. It also performs a split test with page and keyword performance across your website. The tool offers a free NLP powered topic research report for the keywords you want to rank alongside taking the help of the questions pulled from Quora and Google suggest. A monthly subscription starts at $49/month along with a free 7-day trial.  

  • Notable Features: Offers NLP topic + entity research tool
  • Why to pick: Responsive dashboard with exhaustive details
  • What we miss: Costly  for freelancers and bootstrappers  
  • Best for: Agencies, medium-sized businesses

PageOptimizerPro: POP, as it’s called as is an on-page SEO tool that optimizes web pages efficiently and also assists you to fix the errors. It offers a chrome extension as well as a dashboard that provides comprehensive solutions to optimize content for SEO.

The dashboard offers an unmatched insight starting from creating a new project. The basic monthly plan starts at $20/month which makes it economical, however, to get the most of the tool; you have to opt for higher plans. 

  • Notable Features: Advanced on-page guidance and fixing of errors
  • Why to pick: Major global brands are using it
  • What we miss: The number of reports and services are limited in the basic plan  
  • Best for: Agencies, medium-sized businesses

Contenteum: Contenteum is the only content marketing software in this list that is developed in India. It offers to create all your WordPress contents, schedule, and publish through an all-in-one dashboard. 

You can get a first-hand report and status of every content as it integrates with different teams and collates the data in the dashboard. The good news is, it’s the only free content optimization tool on this list! Currently, you can use all the features and execute your content optimizer ideas alongside this tool. 

  • Notable Features: Responsive dashboard
  • Why to pick: Indian Company in Beta phase, new add-ons coming up
  • What we miss: full-text search is missing   
  • Best for: beginners, bloggers, startups, 

Squirrly SEO: Becoming a content expert is easy with Squirrly SEO. It offers flawless SEO articles, track search rankings, analyses organic traffic and boosts rankings. One of the most talked-about SEO content optimization tool in the market, it offers personalized routes to rank on the 1st page of search engines. 

The AI-enabled system has studied over 600,000 websites to give expert guidance that helps to stand ahead. The starting price is quite competitive – $20.99/ month which makes it a budget content optimization tool provider in the list. 

  • Notable Features: Tailored advice for ranking on 1st page
  • Why to pick: Keyword rank tracking, Google Analytics integration
  • What we miss: No free version, No trial period  
  • Best for: freelancers, business owners, agencies, content marketers

Ahrefs: One of the most trusted SEO content optimization tools worldwide, Ahrefs offers turnkey SEO solutions that are powered by industry-leading data. Accelerating the growth of organic traffic search through a wide range of in-built services, Ahrefs is quite a big hit as a content optimization tool.

As an all-in-one SEO toolset, it also offers free learning documents and dedicated support. The monthly plans start from $99 with a trial period of all the features for seven days at $7. 

  • Notable Features: Enterprise-Class content optimization tool
  • Why to pick: No need to be an SEO pro to use Ahrefs
  • What we miss: Expensive for starters  
  • Best for: Website owners, agencies, enterprises, marketing teams 

Copywritely: One of the best content optimization software for creating content that attracts organic traffic – both people and search engines. It offers a wide range of services that are immensely useful for bloggers, writers and agencies. 

With a proven methodology and well-known SEO-tool list alongside reporting issues, giving recommendations, and high-quality, polished and unique content, Copywritely is a handy tool. One of the cheapest content optimization tools, the monthly plan starts at $18/month while the yearly plan starts at $15/month

  • Notable Features: Content Management, Automated Publishing, Reporting
  • Why to pick: 14-days free trial – No credit card required. Instant Setup
  • What we miss: slow support services, automatic tools are a bit confusing  
  • Best for: SMBs, Enterprises, Bloggers, – businesses of all sizes

Dashword: The last content optimization tool that gets featured in this extensive list is Dashword. With an innovative dashboard that helps you to curate quality content for readers, it goes a long way in matching the ‘right’ keywords. 

Evaluating competitor’s content, discovering key topics, you get instant feedback against the top-ranking topics. It offers a single plan of $99.00/month alongside a free account wherein you get only 5 reports in a month.

  • Notable Features: Premium support, single dashboard
  • Why to pick: external writers can access the dashboard
  • What we miss: Premium price, could have packages at lower prices   
  • Best for: Agencies, enterprises, marketing teams

We have put forth some of the most widely used, renowned as well as lesser-known content optimization tools that are introducing innovative solutions for the users. This extensive guide is a perfect blend of unique tools that can scale up our content quality to new heights. While every tool is laden with features, we list down our choice of the top 3 content optimization tools from the list.

While the above data collates some of the best tools available across the globe, let’s drill down further. As Content writing and SEO are closely related, so are these tools. Designed to match and deliver the best possible results, each one of them offers multi services that are related. The below list highlights the primary services of these tools and determines their area of specialization.  

Frase.ioSecondaryPrimaryHolistic answer strategy
MarketMuseSecondaryPrimaryAI-powered Content Intelligence
SimilarContentPrimarySecondaryOptimized contents for SERPs
SEO PowerSuitePrimarySecondaryWebsite Auditor
ContentStudioPrimarySecondarySocial media analytics tool
SearchMetricsSecondaryPrimaryContent consulting platform
Hemingway EditorSecondaryPrimaryReadability checker
SEMrushPrimary SecondaryOnline visibility management
SEOScoutPrimarySecondaryNLP powered topic research
PageOptimizerProPrimarySecondaryOn-page SEO optimizer
ContenteumPrimarySecondaryScheduling & Publishing
Squirrly SEOPrimarySecondaryTailored advice for SERPs
AhrefsPrimarySecondaryAll-in-one SEO toolset
CopywritelySecondaryPrimaryReporting & recommendations
DashwordSecondaryPrimaryInnovative dashboard

If you have reached this section, you now have a comprehensive idea about why content optimization is so crucial in the digital world! Thanks to these top 15 Content Optimization tools in 2021, we are supported with web-based tools to enhance our content. Where you want to use or how you want to implement these tools is your choice but at least you have a platter of options in front of you.