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Ratings & review sites are not only useful for consumers, but also for businesses and startups. TrustPilot is the first name,which comes to everybody’s mind as a top rated review site. However, TrustPilot is not the only big player, there are many alternatives and competitors, whom you can rely for your business & also to make a buying decision.

These days, before buying or using a product, service or website, consumers first want to visit a rating & review site. Before taking a call on finalizing anything, we all want to crosscheck about it. Obviously, we can not buy anything blindly. A very common solution is, just to visit famous rating & review site for the category. For instance, Trustpilot is the globally acknowledged as top-most rating & review site for almost every category. It’s not the only player, there are many other alternatives & competitors of Trustpilot, we are going to discuss about them here.

Being an option to Trustpilot is not an easy feat to achieve. Trustpilot rating & review system is being used by more than 270K businesses globally with over 64 million reviews. Trustpilot gets over 3 billion review impressions & 400+ million Google impressions every month.

Consumers expectation from ratings & review sites:

  • Reliable & real reviews;
  • Familiar layout & interface;
  • Easy to understand;
  • Covers vast range of products and services.

Benefits for businesses

  • Esay to integrate.
  • Which helps in improving the sales conversion ratio.
  • Engaging.
  • Great brand impression on consumer.

There are many rating and review sites, we all regularly visit before buying. For instance, before buying books, most of us visit Amazon & Goodreads.

Leading Commonly used sites by everyone for ratings & reviews :

  1. Google Ratings & Reviews
  2. Facebook ratings & reviews
  3. & Amazon sites for different countries

Similarly, for different categories we visit different type of sites alongwith Trustpilot.

Top Rating & Review sites – Trustpilot Alternatives & Competitors

  1. G2 Crowd
  2. Capterra
  3. Yotpo Reviews
  4. Sitejabber
  5. Nicejob
  6. Yelp
  7. Bazaar Voice
  8. Reseller Ratings
  9. Stamped
  10. Smile
  11. Angies List
  12. Power Reviews
  13. Target Bay
  14. Trust Radius
  15. Reevoo Reviews
  16. Trustspot

1. G2 Crowd

G2Crowd is one of the biggest competitor & alternative of Trustpilot. G2 Crowd provides opportunity to compare software and services on the basis of user ratings, reviews and social data. Users can sign in with their Linkedin account.

Features & Advantages:

  • Great ratings and review site for getting authentic reiews on software ptoducts and services.
  • G2 Grid report is distantly similar to Gartner magic quadrant.

For consumers:

  • Probably the best platform for software reviews from buyers.
  • G2 Grid report is quite helpful in developing the satellite view of all major players for a niche.

For business:

  • Number of reviews and more completed & comprehensive reviews add more weightage to your product.
  • Grid report may not be available for every category, as it requires minimun 6 products + 10+ reviews in the category & 150+ overall reviews in the category.
  • Scores are relative in each Grid.

2. Capterra

What if someone says that Gartner is going to launch its own platform for customer ratings & reviews?

Well, Capterra is owned by Gartner!

Founded in 1999 by a software enthuciast, Capterra started Software reviewing in 2008. It was first business software site to offer reviews. In 2015, it was acquired by Gartner.

Millions of users on Capterra, reviews softwares. Capterra has developed itself as one of the best ratings & review platform for Softwares.

If you are a Software providing company, get listed here.

Features & Advantages:

  • 700+ products categories.
  • Over a million reviews from varified users.
  • Top 20 list report to identify the major players.

For consumers:

  • Pricing guide is of great help to customers, which provides the information about availability of free version, free trial and payment cycle.
  • Compare products.
  • Detailed reports.
  • List of 20 most popular products.

For business:

  • Businesses may list here for free.
  • Get around 3x exposure on the Gartner Digital Markets network.
  • Join community of 35K+ software companies.
  • Visibility to serious software buyers.
  • Influence the buyers.

3. Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo is truly designed for Brands to win over customers. It help brands to get more and more postive feedback, rating and reviews and leverages their social media presence. It uses powerful tools to convert customer’s content into sales.

Yotpo is a package of various bundled software tools, which helps brands to implement tools on their own website and social media to get ratings/reviews, implement loyalty & referral programs and getting the consumer insights.

Features & Advantages:

  • Content generation for brands.
  • Reviews & ratings system, which work best for both consumers & businesses.

For consumers:

  • Yotpo works at the backend in order to enable the websites for ratings & reviews submission.

For businesses:

  • Yotpo can be easily integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and also supports API integration.
  • Integrable with all major marketing tools.
  • Plans starts from $29/month, you may customize the plan specifically for your business and numbers of orders received in a month.

4. Sitejabber

5. Nicejob

6. Yelp

It’s purpose is to provide you better and reliable information of local businesses. Yelpis useful for many basic needs like doctor, backery, hair stylist etc.

Features & Advantages:

7. Bazaar Voice

7. Reseller Ratings

8. Stamped

9. Smile

10. Angies List

11. Power Reviews

12. Target Bay

13. Trust Radius

14. Reevoo Reviews

15. Trustspot

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