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Trustpilot Alternatives & Competitors | rating & review sites

Ratings & review sites are not only useful for consumers, but also for businesses and startups. Trustpilot is the first name, which comes to everybody’s mind as a top-rated review site. However, TrustPilot is not the only big player, there are many alternatives and competitors, whom you can rely on your business & also to make a buying decision.

These days, before buying or using a product, service, or website, consumers first want to visit a rating & review site. Before taking a call on finalizing anything, we all want to crosscheck about it. Obviously, we can not buy anything blindly. A very common solution is, just to visit famous rating & review sites for the category. For instance, Trustpilot is globally acknowledged as the top-most rating & review site for almost every category.

Trustpilot is an online review commune that connects consumers and businesses through legitimate feedback from customers about their service and purchasing experiences. Trustpilot was started in 2007, and its objective has always been to assist people. As an open and free review platform, they work to build up trust between businesses and consumers.

Being an option to Trustpilot is not an easy feat to achieve. Trustpilot rating & review system is being used by more than 270K businesses globally with over 64 million reviews. Trustpilot gets over 3 billion review impressions & 400+ million Google impressions every month.

It’s not the only famous player. There are many other alternatives & competitors of Trustpilot, we are going to discuss them here.

Why are customer reviews important these days?

A good online review always brings new customers. Review sites could boost up a company’s reach as well.  If you put reviews on your own site, hardly anyone trusts it. Hence, reviews on a checked, independent and controlled site rather than non-independent reviews on your site indicate savvy people can’t be skewed as deftly. This way, reviews are seen as way more trustworthy and transparent.

  • For Customers

People look for online reviews of businesses frequently to check their legitimacy, trustworthiness, and customer service levels. By reading out other’s experiences, people can easily assess whether that business suits them well.

  • For Businesses

Promoting an online review site or engaging with it, your business becomes open to the truth it is bad or good. As a benefit, your business gets a decent brand image as it is recognized as being transparent, even though it has some negative reviews.

Consumers expectation from ratings & review sites:

  • Reliable & real reviews;
  • Familiar layout & interface;
  • Easy to understand;
  • Covers vast range of products and services.

Benefits for businesses

  • Esay to integrate.
  • Which helps in improving the sales conversion ratio.
  • Engaging.
  • Great brand impression on consumer.

There are many rating and review sites, we all regularly visit before buying. For instance, before buying books, most of us visit Amazon & Goodreads.

How do review websites work?

Consumers are given typical guidelines for reviews and asked to allot a star rating for the service or product reviewed. These online sites then utilize an algorithm (i.e., mathematical formula) to ferret out any reviews that they presume are automatically generated or false. Then the remaining reviews are posted on a page.

Generally, reviews appear in date order, however, they could be searched by the star rating and are sporadically re-ordered at the discretion of that site. Reviewers who usually post tons of reviews get a better status, and their reviews are given more standing. Most of the general review sites also permit businesses to requisition their business page and ‘join’ that site as a member. 

  1. Google My Business Ratings & Reviews
  2. & Amazon sites for different countries
  3. Facebook ratings & reviews

#1. Google My Business Ratings & Reviews

This special tool, known as Google My Business Ratings & Reviews is designed for marketing professionals, agencies, and also businesses having some specific teams for managing the SEO campaigns to streamline review management.

Features and advantages

  • It has negative feedback management.
  • It offers better response management.
  • It is very easy to use and good for any business.
  • Google is the world’s largest search engine.

For consumers

You can get an accurate idea about any business, as this does not delete the negative reviews.

For businesses

  • With the help of this tool, promoting a brand can be very easy and fun.
  • It is a great solution for review management with various locations.

#2. Amazon

This special tool provides valuable feedback or reviews of the customers regarding any kind of business. Through this, the companies can know about which of the products are becoming more and more popular.

Features and advantages

  • Amazon is best for any type of e-commerce related business.
  • It has very good traffic.

For consumers

  • The consumers can easily give honest review regarding any product.
  • It is one of the most popular resources for consumers who are looking to make some informed purchase decisions.

For businesses

  • It has a large range of users where the companies can sell their products.
  • Amazon helps in their profits regarding e-commerce business.

#3. Facebook Ratings & Reviews

Facebook Star Ratings and Reviews is a special kind of tool, Facebook can set up star ratings to encourage more and more customers to review the local businesses. Through this special rating system, customers can be able to rate your store on a  special scale from 1 to 5 stars, with the average score showing on your Facebook page.

Features and advantages

  • It can bring more number of customers for any business.
  • As Facebook is a very popular site, hence, its reviews have plenty of weight.
  • It is good for any business and offers better communication.

For consumers

An attractive review on Facebook can easily help other users to make a more informed decision about a specific business.

For business

Having some great reviews on Facebook will automatically increase your chances of getting some new customers as online reviews can easily build trust.

Similarly, for different categories, we visit different types of sites along with Trustpilot.

Top Rating & Review sites – Trustpilot Alternatives & Competitors

#1. G2 Crowd

G2Crowd is one of the biggest competitors & alternatives of Trustpilot. G2 Crowd provides an opportunity to compare software and services on the basis of user ratings, reviews, and social data. Users can sign in with their Linkedin account.

Features & Advantages:

  • Great ratings and review site for getting authentic reiews on software ptoducts and services.
  • G2 Grid report is distantly similar to Gartner magic quadrant.

For consumers:

  • Probably the best platform for software reviews from buyers.
  • G2 Grid report is quite helpful in developing the satellite view of all major players for a niche.

For business:

  • Number of reviews and more completed & comprehensive reviews add more weightage to your product.
  • Grid report may not be available for every category, as it requires minimun 6 products + 10+ reviews in the category & 150+ overall reviews in the category.
  • Scores are relative in each Grid.

#2. Capterra

What if someone says that Gartner is going to launch its own platform for customer ratings & reviews?

Well, Capterra is owned by Gartner!

Founded in 1999 by a software enthuciast, Capterra started Software reviewing in 2008. It was first business software site to offer reviews. In 2015, it was acquired by Gartner.

Millions of users on Capterra, reviews softwares. Capterra has developed itself as one of the best ratings & review platform for Softwares.

If you are a Software providing company, get listed here.

Features & Advantages:

  • 700+ products categories.
  • Over a million reviews from varified users.
  • Top 20 list report to identify the major players.

For consumers:

  • Pricing guide is of great help to customers, which provides the information about availability of free version, free trial and payment cycle.
  • Compare products.
  • Detailed reports.
  • List of 20 most popular products.

For business:

  • Businesses may list here for free.
  • Get around 3x exposure on the Gartner Digital Markets network.
  • Join community of 35K+ software companies.
  • Visibility to serious software buyers.
  • Influence the buyers.

#3. Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo is truly designed for Brands to win over customers. It helps brands to get more and more positive feedback, rating and reviews and leverages their social media presence. It uses powerful tools to convert customer’s content into sales.

Yotpo is a package of various bundled software tools, which helps brands to implement tools on their own website and social media to get ratings/reviews, implement loyalty & referral programs, and getting consumer insights.

Features & Advantages:

  • Content generation for brands.
  • Reviews & ratings system, which work best for both consumers & businesses.

For consumers:

  • Yotpo works at the backend in order to enable the websites for ratings & reviews submission.

For businesses:

  • Yotpo can be easily integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and also supports API integration.
  • Integrable with all major marketing tools.
  • Plans starts from $29/month, you may customize the plan specifically for your business and numbers of orders received in a month.

#4. Sitejabber

Sitejabber is a very special web-based platform for consumers to find out online businesses that are trustworthy and can avoid scams. Consumers can create Sitejabber accounts to easily rate and review online businesses.

Feature and advantages

  • Sitejabber publishes a blog that contains the scam alerts and also the consumer tips on the basis of Sitejabber reviews.
  • Consumers can rate on the basis of service, shipping, value, returns and quality.

For consumer

  • The consumers can be able to find the trustworthy online businesses.
  • You can browse reviews from a wide range of reviews.

For business

  • The companies can easily find out the growing business that is growing online.
  • You can get to see what the customers are saying about individual businesses.
  • One can proactively collect the reviews from his/her customers.

#5. Nicejob

NiceJob is a special reputation management tool that is designed to help businesses get a positive review from their target market building trust amongst their potential and existing customers, and also improving their rankings on search engines.

Features and advantages

  • The setup is really quick and very easy to handle.
  • Offers much higher conversion rate.
  • Offers email review and SMS review invites.

For consumers

Consumers can access this tool easily and save time.

For business

  • Businesses can rank higher with the help of this tool.
  • It can easily aggregate all the new reviews for the business and alerts them when the new reviews come in. In this way they can answer all the reviews in a timely manner.
  • Through this you can prevent the negative reviews and increase the positive ones.


Its purpose is to provide you better and reliable information about local businesses. Yelp is useful for many basic needs like a doctor, bakery, hairstylist, etc.

Yelp can develop, host, and also market the website and also the Yelp mobile app, which can easily publish some crowd-sourced reviews about any business. It also can easily operate the Yelp Reservations that is a special table reservation service.

Features and advantages

  • It is a special crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site.
  • The site has some pages devoted to many individual locations, like the restaurants or schools using a scale of five-star rating.
  • The searches can be done on a mobile site.
  • It is a free review site.

For consumers

Allows the customers to look for the black-owned businesses that they want to support.

For businesses

Business owners can have the ability to respond to reviews both privately and publicly.

#7. BBB (Better Business Bureau)

The BBB or Better Business Bureau is an ethical marketplace where the sellers and buyers can completely trust each other. Through BBB, you can easily find many trustworthy businesses in various popular categories.

Features and advantages

  • Increases the visibility of a brand.
  • The rating system of BBB relies on an A+ through the F letter-grade scale.
  • The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the specified business is operating in a trustworthy way.

For consumers

Offers information to help the consumers about a specific company.

For business

Helps the business persons to resolve any kind of customer concerns that have been filed with BBB.

#8. Yellow Pages

The Yellow pages are the telephone directories of various businesses that are organized mainly by category rather than alphabetically by the name of the businesses. It has very powerful traffic.

Features and advantages

  • It offers best reviews for any kind of business.
  • Yellowpages is one kind of local search directory which can provide the content with the extra ability to refine the search to search the service that is needed.
  • This search engine easily prioritizes the local businesses in its results.

For consumers

It is a frictionless site to offer honest reviews.

For business

Through this special tool can help the companies or businesses to see which products or services they should be boasting and which needs some improvement.

#9. Software Advise

This special review site known as Software Advice offers one-on-one help and also some personalized recommendations, and through this, they can guide you to your top software options.

Features and advantages

  • It can help you to simplify your search only by narrowing down the software options in just a few minutes.
  • Offers best reviews regarding software.

For consumers

  • The consumer can easily make the right choice while choosing specific software with the help of Software Advice.
  • You can easily chat with a software advisor and simplify your search.

For business

Advertise your software before a large number of consumers with ease.

#10. GetApp

It is the best site to grow your business as it offers some helpful recommendations.

Features and advantages

  • It has billing and invoicing software.
  • It has business management and e-mail management software.

For consumers

It is special software to help the customers to make the right choice.

For business

  • You can explore reviews from the real app users as this software offers hundreds of reviews from the verified and trusted customers.
  • One can read one specific app or can easily compare the reviews of multiple apps as well.

#11. Trust Radius

TrustRadius is a worldwide online review site for software businesses. Reviewers on this site are authenticated through LinkedIn to ensure they’re users, which allows the users to see what their connections of LinkedIn are saying about particular pieces of software on TrustRadius.

Feature and advantages

  • This site does not sell the leads or ad placement. This keeps unbiased reviews and vendors can’t skew the results.
  • Offers more in-depth reviews.
  • Reviews are properly evaluated.

For consumers

One can easily use the site to browse various reviews of individual companies or can compare two companies side-by-side to compare their five-star ratings, pricing details, and also the user comments from reviewers.

For business

  • A very powerful online review site for businesses.
  • You can get better and unbiased reviews.

#12. Bazaar Voice

This special site or platform gives you complete control to display, collect and distribute UGC at a global scale. It also inspires confident purchases with the help of authentic ratings & reviews, Visual& Social content, and also questions and answers.

Features and advantages

  • Connects more than 10,000 leading brands and retailers with the potential customers.
  • Offers ways that are much more impactful.

For consumers

Helps you to become confident shoppers.

For business

  • The product pages become engaging and thus help in accelerating the rate of Conversion.
  • Use the voice of the customers to attract more traffic.
  • Offers easy-to-digest insights that can help the business to improve their products and also in upgrading their marketing.

#13. Reseller Ratings

This is a special review site that is powered by a large number of real shoppers, and thus helps in discovering and comparing the perfect places to shop online.

Features and advantages

  • Better option in resolving various types of product related issues.
  • Can compare a wide range of brands to help you in making the right choice.

For consumers

  • The reviews of the customers can get syndicated to the most powerful search and also the social media platforms.
  • Compare a large number of brands before shopping.

For business

  • One can easily acquire leads and also can decrease CPC for ads in popular search engines.
  • Helps in increasing customer conversions.

#14. Stamped

Stamped is mainly designed to present accurate testimonials of your products to convince the visitors about the quality of the product and can ultimately increase your conversion rate to a great extent. 

Features and advantages

  • In this site you can easily limit the maximum number of words for the body of the review.
  • One can easily randomize the review results.
  • It offers effortless building tool.

For consumers

Stamped is built around the main focus of collecting product reviews from customers.

For business

  • If your business needs collection of site reviews or you sell one-of-a-kind products then it’s the best option for you.
  • One can also use this guide to set up the review request emails message to get the site reviews.

#15. Power Reviews

It is a very powerful site in driving business growth by increasing conversion and sales to their maximum.  It also helps in increasing the confidence level of any buyer.

Feature and advantages

  • Generates fast and fresh review contents.
  • Captures and showcases more UGC.
  • Offers in-depth training and attractive pricing.
  • Completely flexible, can be integrated with any e-commerce platform.

For consumer

  • Helps the consumers to take the right decision regarding what to buy.
  • Helps in influencing the customer behavior.

For business

  • Very flexible and can be integrated with various types of e-commerce platforms.
  • Helps in driving the sales and increasing conversion.
  • Offers the actionable intelligence that can influence the behavior of the consumers.

#16. Trustspot

This unique site is best for automating the capture of both the company and product reviews to showcase on your website and also social profiles in order to increase sales.

Features and advantages

  • It offers user generated contents.
  • Helps in using social proof to drive sales.

For consumer

  • The consumers can post photos with their reviews.
  • Customers can get attractive coupons.

For business

  • The business person can reach their customers via SMS messaging and thus can increase the review capture rate.
  • You can easily collect the reviews from your customers and then easily display them on your site.
  • With TrustSpot you can bring your site to life with some authentic photos and videos.


Online reviews have become the front of the digital reputation of any business or product nowadays. Reviews help to get the intended reputation of your product and also improving the search engine rankings. So, all of the above-mentioned sites can be really useful in increasing the conversion rate of any business and building a strong bond between the business and the customers.

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