Being a great content writer comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are many hats you need to wear to finish the job. Apart from having great writing skills, your knowledge must be sound enough to make an impact. Silly typing mistakes, grammatical errors, wrong punctuation marks, etc, may damage your articles and reputation. With such type of errors, well written English sentences, filled with interesting facts may become ordinary. That’s a serious problem for content writers, bloggers, book-writers, business writers. That’s where editing & proofreading comes into the picture. There are many free tools, which you may use to proofread your writings.

Best free tools for Proofreading

Thanks to technological advancements, the hectic and labourious job of proofreader could be done in seconds with the help of smart tools.

1. Grammarly

Create your account and download Grammarly for Windows. Once you are done with it, Grammarly is ready to help you in online or offline writing. It suggest you the correction for grammatical and vocabulary errors.

2. Hemingwayapp

Hemmingway not only work to proofread the writing for grammar & vocabulary but also for readability. This is one of the supreme tool for English writers.

3. Ginger

Ginger is more than an editor, grammar checker & proofreading helper. Instead, it is one of the finest tool to make you better in English writing. It can read text for you and even personally train you in improving English.

4. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a free tool for smart and busy writers. It checks grammar and works as a style editor, and writing mentor for writers. You need to download the Chrome extension, which provides summary report of key areas of improvement. Free version can provide 19 writing reports and can edit 500 words at a time.

Online correction finds the basic grammatical, stylish and spelling errors and

5. Grammark

Grammark is useful in improving writing style and grammar. This software has set more than 7,060 rules for grammar. There are very few tools, which uses such advanced grammar algorithms. It checks for passive voice, wordiness, sentence lenth, transitions, academic style and nominalizations.

6. Slickwrite

Slickwrite helps in taking a deep dive in effective English writing. For online writers Slickwrite is an effective tool, as it also helps you to write SEO content.

7. Proofreading Tool

It is an intelligent tool, which not only provides the feedback on your writing but also fixes them.

8. Scribens

Scribens is a power tool to check grammar & sentence effectiveness. Scribens is agreat tool to make your writing more effective. It says about the repitition of words, words & phrases, subjectivity, comma overuse. If you use this regularly, it may help you in iproving your writing skills.

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

It is a multi tasking tool on a single platform for writers. You can check number of words, grammatical errors, vocabulary etc. for your writing work and proofreading. It identifies the errors and shown by colour coding for different type of errors.

10. Grammarcheck

Check your text with reports on english writing and fix it accordingly.

11. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is a great tool to check contextual spelling, advanced style checking and very effective grammar checking.

12. Onlinecorrection

A good too,which not only detects different types of errors, but offers one or more suggestions to correct it.

13. Typely

It’s another free online tool for advanced writing, blogging etc. Typely has got huge influence on its software from some famous English writers.

14. Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot is an intelligent tool, which gets the feedback from system and automatically corrects itself. It suggests for grammar, style and other writing issues.

15. Sentence checker

An open source English grammar and other type of errors checker and accordingly suggests edits or changes.