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Motion Elements Review: Pros, Cons & Alternative

Creators & designers always look for the latest and great platforms where the complete set of royalty-free digital assets could be found in one place. People don’t want to join one website for images & video, another one for music/audio templates, and similarly few more websites for other types of digital assets. Designers also want a premium quality collection, affordability, and easy to use. Motion Elements fits the bill. In our review of Motion Elements, we shall provide you the reasons to join it, its pros & cons, and leading alternatives & competitors.

Motion elements - alternate for envato elements

Motion Elements Review

MotionElements - Royalty-Free Marketplace For Stock Video, Music, After Effects Templates

1. What is Motion Elements?

Motion Elements is a leading Motion Graphics & other types of digital assets provider, having its HQ in Singapore. This marketplace for Video creators boasts having more than 3.5 million digital assets, which is really huge. Important to realize that, This is Asia’s biggest platform for digital assets. Motion Elements delivers rich content with its contributors from all over the world, including from Japan and Korea.

These could be very well used in all types of projects and very useful for designers, creators, webmasters, small businesses, and startups.

2. What you can get on Motion Elements?

Getting such a massive collection on any other platform is really tough. Motion Elements provides the following types of digital assets:

  • Video footage & templates (3 million +) – You won’t find such a huge collection easily.
  • Music files & audio effects (more than 500K)
  • Animations (more than 250K stock animations)
  • After effects templates – Useful in making catchy content.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro templates – Useful in creating professional intros & outros, animation, and slide presentations.
  • Apple Motion templates – Impressive motion5 & Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) templates
  • Da Vinci Resolve Templates
  • Images & animated GIFs – The image library is excellently designed to cater to your social media needs i.e. photos for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Highly suitable for work-related & professional projects.
  • 3D – 3D images give a real-world feeling to your content.
  • Lottie – Animations for Android, iOS, and web.

Motion Elements pricing plans Review

Motion Elements Unlimited Subscription plan
Source: Motion Elements

Motion Elements has created three categories for different plans:

  1. On-demand plan – Buy any of the digital assets, whenever you need them. No minimum payment is required.
  2. Credit Plan – Get a fixed credit plan with an applicable discount. You may also buy the customized credit you want.
  3. Unlimited Subscription Plan – Motion Elements has created the provision of three subscription plans for different digital assets. Check it in detail as mentioned below.

Unlimited Subscription Plan:

See how Motion Elements has become very aggressive to become BIG in this segment. You will understand this by seeing its plans just before the launch of the Unlimited subscription plan.

Not too long ago, there were three subscription plans as mentioned below:

1. Music + After Effects + Premiere Pro

Two options – starter & Pro

  • Starter plan – $29/month, 3 downloads
  • Professional plan – $89/month, 10 downloads

2. Video + Apple Motion

  • Starter plan – $75/month, 3 downloads.
  • Professional Plan – $249/month, 10 downloads.

3. Photo + Vector + GIF + Lottie

  • Starter plan – $9/month, 5 downloads
  • Team plan – $19/month, 50 downloads (Best offer)
  • Professional plan – $89/month, 200 downloads

Now, all of these Subscription plans are abolished

And substituted by one plan – Unlimited Subscription Plan:

Unlimited Subscription plan of Motion Elements
Motion Elements Screenshot

What you will get in the Unlimited subscription plan?


$198 Billed Anually

Unlimited downloads of subscription library

2 million+ essential stock elements for video editors & designers

Royalty-Free elements. Buy once for unlimited worldwide use – in unlimited projects.

 Images | HD Footage & Animations | Music | Sound Effects
Premiere Pro Templates & Apple Motion Templates 
 Photos |  Vectors |  GIFs |  Lottie
Addition of New Elements every day

Corporate Plan:

The following are the notable features of the corporate plan:

  • One central repository for the company: Keep the company’s purchase record at a central place. In effect, employees get easy access & avoid duplicate purchases.
  • Multi-Seat License
  • Access control for each team member
  • Budget management
  • Report generation & Billing

What is free with Motion Elements?

Motion Elements is quite useful if you are looking for free access plan. It has plenty to offer without paying anything. Let’s review the utility of the Motion Elements free plan.

This is all you get in free access:

1. Free downloads

Download 5 free elements every week from a huge collection of free elements/digital assets.

In order to download the free assets, signup for a free account.

The free collection constitutes 4000+ free video stock libraries, music/sound effects, After Effects templates, GIFs, Motion Templates, and Premiere pro templates.

5 digital assets/elements in a week, may simply be calculated as roughly 20-25 elements with the capping of a max of 5 in a week.

That is quite useful for creators/designers, I must admit!

2. Free Banner Generator

This is certainly a prize, only for those who signup early, as required by Motion Elements.

  • Banners can be generated in the top 20 pre-loaded banner ad template sizes.
  • Works in any of the native languages.
  • Not only banner, but you may start building your brand. You may upload your digital assets, logo and insert your company URL and create the banner template for your brand.
  • With the free plan, you may buy a Starter plan for just $9 in order to access the entire photo library, vectors, GIFs & Lottie. You will get 5 downloads/per month with this plan.

3. Free online video converter

Free online video converter, that converts videos into GIF images, MP4, and WebM. With HTML5, video popularity is increasing, which makes this tool useful for creators.

On a single platform, you are able to do a lot of things for free.

Pros & Cons

Advantages/benefits & weak areas of Motion Elements are mentioned below-


  • Use of ai powered modern tools like audio search for audio files, visual search, or audio & video files.
  • Huge collection of top-class videos.
  • The free plan itself is of great value as it offers free download, free banner generator, and a free video converter.
  • Professional quality videos are used by filmmakers, and marketing agencies.
  • Quality tutorials.


  • Unavailability of a complete package.

Motion Elements alternative & competitors

If you are looking for truly world-class resources, these players rule the segment of Images, Video footage, Music/Audio, Graphics, Editorial, etc. However, for established players, you have to pay a bit higher price.

  • Envato Elements: Envato Elements, first started the Unlimited Subscription plan at $16.5/month. Later, Motion Array and Motion Elements followed the same. It offers the widest collection with the Envato Elements subscription plan, which offers millions of digital assets, additional 50M+ stock photos, and Courses & tutorials. You can get an Envato Elements Unlimited subscription for $16.5/per month.

  • Motion Array: Motion Array also offers a similar kind of subscription plan for $249.99 per year & $29.99/per month.

  • Adobe Stock: I have always found Adobe Stock on top for unmatchable images for almost every category. For instance, they have one of the greatest collections of Technology related images. Adobe Stock provides a world-class collection of Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, Videos, Templates, 3D, Premium, and Editorial related digital assets.

  • Creative Market: Creative Market is the biggest marketplace of digital assets. It has 4million+ Products, 6 million+ Members, and 30K+ Shops. Items are being sold individually and you may buy the appropriate credit packs for your needs.

  • Shutterstock: Huge and top-class collection of images, video footage, music, and editorial.

  • iStock by Getty Images: Photos, Illustrations, Video, and Audio.

  • Deposit Photos: Deposit Photos is the most cost-effective digital assets provider in this league. It has more than 140 million high-quality royalty-free stock images, which is huge. Also, you get vectors, editorials, and videos.

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