Who says that one can’t get a video editing software of great quality in $50. I have used many video editing software during my initial days of video upload on Youtube. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the right advice then. I wish, if I could have read the article like this around five years back, I wouldn’t have used an expensive(>$500/year) online editing software. Let’s check some brilliant & cheapest video editing software, online video editor for you under $50 and more.

Videos are the most effective marketing tool for businesses. These video editing software will help you design excellent videos for marketing & other purposes.

I have a piece of important advice, to all new YouTubers, small businesses, startups & bloggers. Advice is, that, do not buy the highly expensive software in your initial days, at the cost of your existence. However, if your pocket allows, you may choose any top-end beneficial tool.

Below mentioned video-editing software are powerful enough to create professional-quality videos.

Not to be surprised here, we found 10+ worthy Video Editing software / online editor, under or around $50.

Video editing tools/software under $50: A Comparative study

Sony Vegas movie studio 14Lifetime$494.5Slow rendering speedGreat to learn editing
InvideoLifetime$494.5Limited video durationBest for voice overs
VideoPadLifetime$394No cloud back-upEasy video stabilization
Powerdirector 3651 year$39.99/year4Difficult text effectsExcellent color manipulation
MovaviLifetime$39.99 4.5Blurring options can improve Precise color ma
ACDSee video suiteLifetime $394Ambiguous export process 
FilmoraLifetime$39.994.5No advanced featuresPC/mobile compatibility
Kinemaster1 Year$39.99/year5Lags with large filesSmooth chroma key
Magix movie edit pro 16Lifetime$34/year 3.5No tutorial360-degree VR editing
Pinnacle studio 20Lifetime$33/year4Large set-upSuperb masking 
Video Expressions Platinum 3 Lifetime$29.994.5Lags with wireless systemAdvanced sound editing
Corel videostudio proLifetime$59.995Needs heavy storageMultiformat editing

Best & Cheapest Video Editing Software under $50

Content plan

Best & Cheapest Video editing software with One-time cost under $50

  1. InVideo
  2. Filmora9
  3. Sony VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum
  4. Movavi Video Suite 18
  5. ACDSee Video Studio 4

Cheapest Video-editing software with Recurring charges

Best video-editing software under $70

Best under $100

Overall best

1. InVideo

Cost: Single code $49, One time, with Lifetime Access.

InVideo is on top for under $50 category. It comes with Lifetime access in $49.

InVideo is one of the finest tool, which lets videos create your impression of an expert video maker. You can use InVideo video templates and customize them for your use. You may add music, images, videos in your video. InVideo creates HD quality videos, with the help of images library & royalty-free videos. InVideo video editor is one of the most popular software of AppSumo.

AppSumo is known as a software selling platform, which is built for startups, who can’t spend much. It is a great platform for all your business needs, apart from InVideo, you may find other business tools as well.

Features & Advantages:

  • Online video editor.
  • Lifetime access to professional plan.
  • Enable you to create professional-quality HD videos.
  • Media Library with millions of images, music, and royalty-free videos.
  • Usable, pre-made video templates.
  • Covers most of the advanced editing features including trim video clips, crop frames, etc.
  • Reseller rights.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • 30 videos per month.
  • Useful for bloggers, startups, small businesses, marketing agencies & media companies.
  • Supports all languages.

2. Filmora 9

Cost: $39.99 per Annum recurring charges

Filmora - cheapest Video editing software under $50
Image source: Filmora/Wondershare website screenshot

This is the leading cheapest yet quality video-editing software, not only for beginners but also for intermediate level creators. Filmora 9 comes from the house of Wondershare. Filmora 9 is Power-packed with hundreds of effects, a much lesser learning curve, able to create professional-quality videos. Moreover, the latest software allows you to organize your videos in effective manner.

See in this video, that Filmora 9 is able to make normal videos look professional & cinematic.

Minimum System Requirements:

For Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.12 or Higher, Intel i5 or better CPU, 2GHz+, 8 GB RAM (12GB for HD/4K videos)
  • 10GB free Hard Disc space, ideally SSD storage.
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700, AMD Radeon R5. It also works well with later versions of all. 2 GB vRAM.

For Windows

  • Windows 7/8/10, Intel i5 or later, 2GHz+, 64 bit OS, 4 GB RAM (8GB for HD/4K videos)
  • 10GB free Hard Disc space, ideally SSD storage.
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700, AMD Radeon R5. It also works well with later versions of all.

Features & Advantages:

  • An amazing video editor that produces movie-quality video.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Excellent audio capability.
  • Easy to upload on social media platforms & video platforms like Youtube & Vimeo.
  • Produces videos with fast speed & minimizes the efforts.

3. VEGAS Movie Studio 16

Cost: $49.99 One Time

cheapest MAGIX Video editing software under $50
Image credit: MAGIX screenshot

Sony VEGAS is now owned by MAGIX. In May-2016, Sony sold its major brands VEGAS, SOUND FORGE and ACID to MAGIX Software. MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio 16 is the latest video editor of the Vegas Movie Studio series. This downloadable software could be used on Windows. It is great software with advanced features for beginners.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10/8/7
  • Processor: 64-bit
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: Minimum 1.5 GB available space

Features & Advantages:

  • Only Windows option.
  • Creates professional-level videos.
  • Power-user mode allows access of a complete set of professional tools including – powerful motion tracking, video stabilization with working at a faster pace.
  • Auto-save & backup after every edit.
  • User-friendly interface.

4. Movavi Video Suite 2021

Cost: $39 One Time.

Movavi Editor - Best & Cheapest Video Editor Software & online editor
Image credit: MOVAVI website screenshot

Movavi Video Suite is really an excellent video-editing software, which comes with many useful features. It provides many features, which are not available with other options such as Screen recording, digitization of old videos, conversion of media files, etc.

Minimum System Requirements:

For Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Higher
  • 256MB RAM
  • 800 MB for software + 500MB for operations.

For Windows

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • 512 MB for Windows XP & 2GB for others.
  • 830 MB for software & 2GB for operations.

Features & Advantages:

  • Supports both Windows & Mac.
  • Easy to use video making.
  • High-quality conversion of Media files to other formats supports 180+ formats.
  • Uses advanced features including cutting & merging clips, special effects.
  • Smooth Screen recording, highly useful in educational & learning video making.
  • Digitization of Videos from cassettes, VHS format.

5. ACDSee Video Studio 4

Cost: $39 for lifetime license & one-year free technical support and update. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Acdsee Video Suite Cheapest Video Editor
Screenshot – Acdsee Video Suite

ACDsee is one of the best and cheapest video editing software under $50, with powerful features. Though it can not be compared with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. However, it provides most of the comparable features. Hence, I can safely say that ACDsee is a powerful multi-utility tool for beginners & intermediate video makers.

ACDsee Video Studio 4 comes with an easy to use interface, which can be mastered in much lesser time than other equivalent video editing software.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • It works only with Microsoft Windows.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1)/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (64-bit editions only), Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & above, Microsoft DirectX 10 or higher, Microsoft .Net 4.0 or later version (included).
  • Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X2 ( 2GHz or faster)
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended)
  • Minimum 512 MB Video RAM (VRAM)
  • DirectX 10 compatible graphics adapter
  • 1024 x 768 display resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
  • Minimum 2GB of available hard disk space

Features & Advantages:

  • Video-editing & Video Recording.
  • Direct uploading to Youtuber and Vimeo.
  • Arrange, edit, split, trim, and merge audio and video recordings & still images.
  • ACDsee Video Studio 4 allows you to enrich video editing with captions, audio effects, watermarks, filters and make custom selections.
  • It can produce the 4K quality videos.
  • Social media sharing feature within the application.

6. Videopad: home edition

Videopad is an excellent choice for youtube creators trying to find a stable video editing software with easy export and conversion settings. You can create all sorts of videos using Videopad’s home edition including facecams, screen recordings, and GIFs. It supports upto 4k videos and is packed with features to create visually rich videos. I found its video editor a little slow but it anyway does the job. What stood out the most is the autostabaliser feature that eliminates the bumpy effect.

  • Advantages:
    • Auto video stabilization
    • Copy or burn videos into CDs
    • Free themes
  • Disadvantages:
    • Slow video conversion
    • No cloud support
  • Why to pick:

It’s a perfect video editing software under $50 for basic video editing and youtubing. The auto stabilizer, 360 editing, and brilliant quality adds more value to it.

  • Pricing: $39.99 one time

Learn more: //www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html?ref=capterra

7. Powerdirector 365 windows version:

Powerdirector 365 by cyberlink is an efficient video editing software that lets you access a gigantic stock library filled with pictures, videos, music, audios and more that you can use to professionally edit your videos. The videos edited on Powerdirector are glitch-free, dynamic, and eye-pleasing. You don’t need some special training, just spend a while using Powerdirector’s keyframes, audio-visuals, and overlay features and you’ll find yourself producing motion rich & smooth cinematic videos.

  • Advantages:
    • Advanced color manipulation and grading
    • Real time previews
  • Disadvantages:
    • Tricky title cards
    • Occasional watermark bug
  • Why to pick:

Most users of Powerdirector 365 report that it replaced most premium video editing and conversion tools for them, saving time, money, and effort.

  • Pricing: $39.99/year

Learn more: //www.cyberlink.com/stat/events/Student-Program/us/index.jsp

8. Kinemaster:

I’m gonna say it out loud, Kinemaster is the best video editing software for mobile and has very few competitors that even come close to the level of video editing Kinemaster has potential of. In my personal experience, I had the best chroma key experience with KInemaster. You can cut, split, trim the video clips and add Music/voice over/sound over them. Media including images, videos, stickers and animations can be flawlessly layered over each other giving rise to professional level video editing.

  • Advantages:
    • Premium asset store
    • Chroma key
    • Mobile & PC compatibility
  • Disadvantages:
    • No support staff
    • Can’t handle large files
  • Why to pick:

Kinemaster offers basic editing services plus chroma key free to use, you only have to pay when you have to use the premium asset store filled with everything from stock media to VFX.

  • Pricing:
    • Free
    • $39.99/year

Learn more: //www.kinemasterproforpcdownload.com/2020/09/kinemaster-for-pc-windows-download.html

9. Magix movie edit pro 16:

Now we’re talking futuristic, the Magix movie edit pro is a tough competitor of premium video editing software in some aspects. You wouldn’t find Multicam, advanced audio settings, 8k support, and motion tracking anywhere else in this budget. The entire control panel and option tabs are fully customizable and can be oriented any way you like to make you feel home. It accepts external plugins in case you require more features to build the masterpiece you’re working on. The areas where it needs work is that there are no tutorials or lessons to teach you how to operate and the import settings are highly complicated.

  • Advantage:
    • 360-degree video editing
    • Movie templates
    • Multiformat editing
  • Disadvantages:
    • Real time preview not available
    • No tutorials
  • Why to pick:

Despite having no tutorials to teach and a vaguely designed interface, Magix movie editor has everything a pro editor can dream of in this budget, all you need is a little experience.

  • Pricing: $34 one time (discounted)

Learn more: //www.magix.com/in/video/movie-edit-pro/

10. Pinnacle studio 20:

You can call Pinnacle studio a simpler version of final cut pro x build to fit in everyone’s budget. The interface of Pinnacle is clean, minimal, and contains very little on the main screen giving you a lot of extra space on the editing screen but that doesn’t mean it’s in any way short of features, its loaded with them, you just have to put some extra effort before you find Masking tools, multicam, color vetroscope, and hundreds of preloaded special effects. Its masking tools were found extremely useful in crafting realistic 2D & 3D special effects in my testing.

  • Advantages:
    • Easy import feature
    • Highly efficient masking
    • Fast rendering
  • Disadvantages:
    • Takes up too much storage
    • Unstable VR
  • Why to pick:

Pinnacle is a studio far ahead of its time and releases new updates frequently. With a little bit of practice, you can start building your own 3D and VR videos without spending much.

  • Pricing: $33 one time

Learn more: //www.pinnaclesys.com/en/landing/download/

11. Video Expressions Platinum 3:

Use Video Expressions Platinum 3 to make or edit awesome audio-visual content and post it directly on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform you’re active on.

Most elements are right on the dashboard and can be assembled using a simple drag and drop method. Editing sounds was never as easy as this (at least not in my experience).

  • Advantages:
    • Great sound editing feature
    • Direct uploads
  • Disadvantages:
    • Limited to basic features
    • Performance deficiency with wireless devices
  • Why to pick:

Most beginners prefer editing software with easy to use interface, rapid rendering, and light set up. Video Expressions Platinum offers a nice mix of all these factors at a price you can’t deny.

  • Pricing: $29.99 one time

Learn more:

12. Corel VideoStudio pro:

I know I’m going against my words by listing a video editing software that costs a little more than $50 but the irresistible array of features that Corel videostudio brings has earned its spot on this list. It supports 4k videos, 3D, and virtual video editing without any real bugs. Multicam and motion tracking permits you to control the pace of your video and helps you make more cinematic videos with any perspective you wish.

  • Advantages:
    • Fun and easy editing tools
    • Multiple formats supported
  • Disadvantages:
    • Includes heavy set-up
    • Hangs if operated with low storage
  • Why to pick:

If you have enough storage and are willing to spend a little over $50, Corel Videostudio will be the only editing companion you would ever need as it encompasses almost everything its other competitors offer.

  • Pricing: $59.99 one time

Learn more: //onthehub.com/download/software-discounts/corel-videostudio-pro

Wait, if your pocket allows, you might choose the best tools under given price range:

  • Cheapest Video-editing software with Recurring charges
  • Video editing software Under $70
  • Video editing software Under $100
  • Overall best video editing software

Cheapest Video-editing software with Recurring charges

Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Excellent video editing software from Adobe.
  • Works on PC & Mobile phone.
  • Subscription plan for individuals – $9.99/month


Its an SaaS based online video-editing tool. This powerful tool is packed with all features required for professional use videos.

  • Renderforest allows you to create videos for free. Paid Subscription plans starts from $15/month. Pay per use option available.
  • Super easy to create videos.
  • Perfect for individuals, small & medium businesses, startups.

Best under $70

Magix Movie Edit Pro

If you can stretch your budget from $50, then by putting in an additional $20, you can get a fast and straightforward Video Editing tool. Still, this is still one of the cheapest video editing software.

  • Cost – $69.99

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

  • Cost – $55, One time

Under $100

Filmora Pro

  • Two pricing options
  • $149.99 One time
  • $89.99/year

Overall best

Don’t expect the below-mentioned video-editing software to be in the range of cheapest tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is undisputed leader of the all video-editing software.

Single App – $20.99/month

  • Professional video and film editing software
  • Comes along with: Premiere Rush, 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Spark

Complete apps – $49.94/month

  • Complete apps of the Creative Cloud Suite. Provides the access of complete app, including 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps.

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